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PFS Silent Tide (Inactive)

Game Master Beckett

Summoned from the far corners of the world, the adventures meet a local PathFinder with a mission, find Yargos and the Codebook, before some great doom returns to the world.

Current Characters

Belkar Bitterleaf
Apoc Golem

Maaaaaale? Half-Sahuagin Writer 8/Saucy Tavern Wench 2/Tickle-Mimic 6/Game Master 20
(26 posts)
Troll King
Grand Lodge Ausk, the Orc-Kellid

Male Half-orc Invulnerable Rager 1
(67 posts)

(203 posts)
Silver Crusade Celestial Pegasus

(446 posts)
Bluespawn Stormlizard

simply M Draco Electricus author 2, herper 4, canine exerciser 9,
(4,578 posts)
Kaleb Hesse
Shadow Lodge "Devil's Advocate"

played by Beckett (1,455 posts)
Liberty's Edge Aram Barong

Male HP 10/10, Init +5, AC: 12, T: 12, FF: 10 F: +3, R: +3, W: +3 Perception -1 <Darkvision 60ft>, CMD: 10, Male Half-Orc Sorcerer 1

played by Barong (242 posts)
Wood Golem
Liberty's Edge Blood Eagle

17/17 HP // 16 AC, 12 T, 14 FF, CMD: 15 // F: +5, R: +2, W: +5 // Int: +2, Perception: +2 <Stonecunning> // +4 Att, 1d8+3 // LG Oread Cleric of Torag

played by Beckett (153 posts)
Gadka Burtannon
Grand Lodge Borador

Male Dwarf Alchemist 1

played by Apoc Golem (32 posts)
Warden Rogard Hammerfell
Sovereign Court Galdur XXI

dwarf summoner 10 AC 22 (24), perception +7 (+2, +4) F: +7, R: +2, W: +7 (+4 steel soul, +2 shield ally)

played by Curaigh (345 posts)
Sovereign Court Maximo Interresante

Human Gentleman | AC 20 FF 19 T 13 | HP 78/79 | F +15 R +13 W +13 | Init +1 | Perception +5

played by Kobash (1,072 posts)

Current NPCs

Lord Soth
Shadow Lodge Beckett

(4,826 posts)
Golden Orb
Shadow Lodge DM Beckett

|| Maelstrom Rift 2 || LoHG LOW || LoHG HIGH || Serpent's Skull ||

played by Beckett (9,000 posts)
Axe Lord
Silver Crusade Thor Odinson PFS

HP 79/79 (97/97 raging), Init +2, AC: 19 22, T: 12, FF: 19, CMD: 21 (-2 for Rage), F: +12, R: +5, W: +9, (+4 vs Wind, +2 vs Spells, Poison, +2 vs Party Spells, immune to fog/mist/smoke, Protect from Evil) Perception +10 <Darkvision 60ft, Heightened Continual Flame>, CG Asgardian (dwarf) Warpriest 6/Blood Rager 3 Avenger 9, Mjolnir: +8/+3, 2d6+12, Ranged: +11/+6, 2d6+7 (20/x2) B

played by Beckett (286 posts)

Previous Characters

The Sand Sage
Sovereign Court Kobash

(418 posts)

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