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[PFS][PBP Gameday VI] 3-21: The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment (1-5) (Inactive)

Game Master Dennis Muldoon

Subtier 1-2


[dice=Pa Us]1d20+2[/dice]

Grand Lodge

After a break from PbP Games for several months, I decided to offer a game or two for this Gameday.

Some information:
- GM is based in Europe
- please post at least once a day during combat, less on weekends
- GM will most likely post several times a day during working hours
- if you can't post for several days, please drop a note, your character will be 'botted'

This is a level 1-5 game. If you are interested in this session, please post a link to your character sheet (where I can see the character level etc.). It's first come - first served. New players are welcome! This game will not start before September 4!

Grand Lodge

Konnichwa, I am the honorable Samurai Rengu, it would be my pleasure to vouliteer for this assignment.

Scarab Sages

Howdy, and very welcome back.

Bulgo reporting for service.
And if we do this low tier, I can swap out for a lower level character to make it more fun for everyone

Liberty's Edge

I think Roldala would be a fun blend with a house of enlightenment.

Right now she's level 1, but she should be level 2 in a couple weeks.

Liberty's Edge

Hello all!
I would be very happy to join the expedition to this Temple!
I have a couple valid characters, the one that, reading the intro' blurb on Paizo for the 3-21 scenario, seems to fit the most would be:
Pa Us - a male Suli LG Silver Crusade monk, follower of Apsu
Unchained Monk (Scaled Fist - the Cha' based archetype) 1 - Sorcerer (Eldritch Scrapper) 1
Good gaming all!
(Note: I am based in Europe too - Paris, France)

Grand Lodge

Tellerin will also throw his hat in the ring. I've heard some great things about this scenario!

He'll be out of his current game sometime in August, and at that point he'll be level 2.

Grand Lodge

Recruitment closed!

- Sosuke Rengu (Sam Sturkie) - L3
- Bulgo Bluefoot (Aerondor) - L5
- Roldala Chainbiter (Cwerthan) - L2
- Pa Us (Eric Collins) - L2
- Tellerin Thrombast (Cellion) - L2

Current APL would be 2.8, which would mean subtier 1-2.

Please head to the discussion thread, I need some information from you :)

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

Are you happy for a sixth? I have run this so no worries if not! ^^

Grand Lodge

Sethran wrote:
Are you happy for a sixth? I have run this so no worries if not! ^^

Sure, take the last seat!

-Posted with Wayfinder

If anyone drops, I'll be your first alternate if that's okay.

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