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Welcome to the Flaxseed On Deck Discussion thread! This is the best place to post your questions, comments, or suggestions on how to run PACGuild games through online media. For the time being, this lodge is supporting only limited forms of online play (namely, play-by-post over the Paizo forums) but we will be working diligently over the next several months to make other platforms available for official organized play games.

For the most up-to-date information on running or playing in games as part of this lodge, please go check out our Campaign Info page.

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Awesome to see PACG Online Play being so actively supported! A couple of questions.

1. Is there a limit to how many tables a single player is allowed to join at once?

1.1. As a related question, I presume that you can not (or at least should not) ever use the same character (from a reporting perspective) in two simultaneous games, even if you give them separate deck handlers (reward tracking would be a nightmare)?

2. Reward tracking and reporting for Organised Play. Is this ultimately the responsibility of the GM/BR or the individual players, and how frequently should these be tracked (per scenario, per adventure/tier, per "however-long-the-forum-thread-goes-for")? Are there specific actions to undertake to ensure that you attain and track recieved rewards (such as the use of specific characters in OP)?

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1. No limits imposed!
1.1. correct, you can't use one character in more than one simultaneous games including both online and in real life.
2. The BRs will be in charge of reporting any games not run as part of a game day or other online "convention".

To add,
2. I'd say per adventure (so typically 4-6 scenarios) or until end of thread (whichever comes first) is a good rule of thumb for these. I'd just shoot the BR a message if you haven't received them a week after completing an adventure. You can also always ask your BR what they will be doing. For example, If I had a player leave before the end of an adventure I would still make sure they would get their chronicle sheet and their info reported. Otherwise, my players will get their sheets at end of adventure.

I've been distributing PDF chronicle sheets at the end of each adventure, usually within a couple days of finishing. Although, I generally prioritize my time to keep the game moving first, so sometimes the chronicle sheets get delayed a little.

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@redeux and Mork: Good call. I agree that it can be a little tedious to have to report after every single scenario played, since you're going to be editing the same chronicle sheet for each one. I prefer to make chronicle sheets and report after a full adventure.

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Ooh! Deal me in!

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thunderspirit wrote:
Ooh! Deal me in!

Step on over to the Recruitment thread!

dotty dotty dot dot dot

Eventually I might be up to run a box as well, but not sure how much time I have to commit right now. Any idea on the average amount of time needed by the GM/Box Runner to keep the game up and moving? I would imagine it's somewhat dependent on the group and how frequently people are posting...but it might be helpful to have an idea for those that are interested in coordinating the game.

Would you need to have a copy of the various scenarios? Or do the tools for creating the post have that information?

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It definitely depends on the group. On weekdays, I generally update maybe once per hour if there have been turns taken, but to do an update usually takes me no more than 5 minutes. You could easily devote a maximum of 20-30 minutes a day and keep the game going at a reasonable pace.

In order to run the game for credit, we do require that the person running the box own the scenarios. If you ran the box as part of one of our events, like the kickoff event that I'm planning for mid-June, the PDFs would be sent to you for free.

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I'd agree that it depends on the group and also the scenario. Active groups will require more time as you're going through cards and scenarios quicker. Some scenarios are more confusing either due to the rules or because it is limited to one location. Those scenarios tend to need a little extra time to make more frequent post-updates so that everyone has a clear understanding of the game state.

As far as time, I'm currently running two tables and they tend to take 2-3 turns per day with 5/6 players at each table. I would say I probably don't spend more than 5-10 minutes per table most days, though helping new players out takes more time. For instance I'm still helping one of my players learn so that tends to be an extra 10-20 minutes walking them through their turn via Google Hangouts. At the end of a scenario it takes probably another 10-30 minutes to get the Development posted and start prepping for the next scenario. A fairly straight-forward scenario takes much less time to set-up. This past Friday/Saturday i set up two new scenarios for my tables and don't think I spent more than 30 minutes between the two of them.

For copies of scenarios, these are provided for events, otherwise you would need to own them. If you're looking at purchasing them they are sold by Adventure deck and tend to cost $1 per scenario. So for most Adventure Decks you're looking at $4-6 and for a whole campaign it shouldn't be more than $36.

Currently the tool we're using is through MS Access so a computer with MS access is needed to make the updates. This will change eventually.

If I can, I generally try to post game updates every 3 turns, or as soon as I can after a location was shuffled or closed. I find that generally that keeps everyone clear on the state of the game. So, probably a couple posts per day, at about five minutes each. Plus there's some extra time just answering questions (and chatting) in the chat group. So, 30 minutes a day is a pretty good estimate for me for most days.

In addition to that, setting up new scenarios probably takes me about 20 minutes (more for a couple of the crazier scenarios) every 5-7 days, and filling in Chronicle Sheets and reporting games takes me about 30-45 minutes every few weeks.

That's with a bit of experience, so you could probably count on a little bit longer times for your first few scenarios, but it won't take long to get the hang of it.

Excellent, thanks for the info!

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I'm still a newbie, don't laugh too hard.

...but I did just pre-order a Monk Deck since it's on sale for ordering when Darklands map goes live...

Seriously, if someone had mentioned that there was a tengu in the Monk deck sooner I would have gotten off my butt sooner :P

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So I've never actually played the card game before, would it be hard to start on pbp?

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With a card handler it hasn't been TOO difficult to pick up, but definitely let folks know you're new.

Well, as soon as someone starts an adventure for new players/decks, I'm down to play. Can't let the decks and such I recently bought sit idoly by.

Possibly a dumb question but am I supposed to own the cards to play this on PbP? They made one of the goals on a PFS faction card be play the card game so I thought I would check.

You will need to own a class deck (or a character deck or Ultimate Add-On deck, all of which are basically the same thing), but that's all!

Box Runner


Yes, as Yewstance stated you would need the Class/Character deck you intend to use, and/or the Ultimate deck you intend to use. We are verifying ownership prior to a game starting.

The Box Runner will then provide the gamestate info including any card text for cards you would encounter at your location. Much like how I could go to my local group without bringing a box, since they already have a box there. I just need to bring my class deck

PS, if you haven't checked it out already, there is a sale of card game stuff through the end of the month! Including several class decks (Scroll to bottom)

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