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PF Hunger Games PBP (Inactive)

Game Master Freddy Honeycutt

Pathfinder version of Hunger games tournament....

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If nobody shows up reasonably soon* I say we just do it with 11 people. :)

Lantern Lodge

Sry i havent been in awhile forget to bookmark in my active threads folder.(fixed btw)

Is a lack of knowledge of hunger games lore going to be a problem? I know the basic concept of the series but havent read or watched yet.(I will see the movie on monday if its still out.)

We have should just be doing the combat part so the lore should not be an issue.

ive never done a pbp. anything i should know before we get started?

Have your character in a format that is easy to read for the GM. If you don't have herolab I would suggest something breaking down the numbers.

This is an example.

Know how to roll dice. The code is at the bottom of the page under "How to format your text".

I would also try to get at least one post in daily if needed.

This maybe one of those things, I say we start with a lower number, 11

Right now my list looks like this

Mr. Swagger - Calius
LastNameon Earth
Mark Sweetman
Sinvel Mentor
Runner 188 -- Jhorryn
Jarred Henninger -Egric
Jestem – Eolas
David James Olsen

Are there more character sheets coming my way?

I'll see about something soon.

I appreciate everyone working on their characters.

I did give you a collective trainer....

I admit stealing your trainer from the movies Fight Club as well as several of his quotes also come from the movie...

See game thread for that info. It does not matter if you do not know any-thing about hunger-games or fight club or even the earlier movies, like running man or surviving the game....

The point is to have fun and kill each other!

I couldn't find the exact rules: can we be characters that aren't human? What level are we starting?

Current rules:
Talking about pure melee classes
Barbarian, Fighters, Rangers, monks, Rogue, Cavalier (no mount)
2nd level to start, Max HP every lvl. Multiclass is fine!
No equipment
....initial equipment given in a backpack (each player rolls 1d6)
....minor gifts air-dropped from sponsors (result from RPed pleas

No traits

Humans Only!

25 point Buy, only 1 score below 10, and nothing below an 8.

Those surviving will level on a regular basis!

Game will pause for leveling to occur....

Over-view and specific fight Maps will be provided and location/movement sent to DM Via private message.....

Starting Gold Is zero
Starting gear is zero

Short Background on your training, Short description, and Quote is all that is needed Fluff Wise.

For every three kills, you earn a level. plus any gear the Fallen
tribute had. This gear can be kept, cached, destroyed, etc.

Charisma may get you sponsor help if using bluff and diplomacy. Other ways to influence sponsors have not been verified.

All right, I finished my character. Where should I post it?

Also, how do I find a picture for my character? The portraits I see all have the same style. They clearly aren't randomly picked from the internet.

The Albatross wrote:
Also, how do I find a picture for my character? The portraits I see all have the same style. They clearly aren't randomly picked from the internet.

You can only use images provided by the site. Once you create a new profile there should be a button allowing you to choose an avatar. If you have trouble locating it post here or shoot me a PM.

People are still getting themselves together....

Only do an extensive back-story if you want to or if it helps you play your character well!

Fluff wise a quote or general outlook on life is enough beyond the crunch.

I have not heard from several people. I assume they got bogged down in the holiday...

Still here. Was wondering if there was going to be any feedback on the character I sent you.

Still around.

Azten...Pm sent

Glad to see others still around......

Wow I say we make it a go tomorrow and if people no show they die!

That sounds good to me.

Still around, liking the idea of people who dont turn up dying instantly. Been wondering when the game is going to start properly



Dark Archive

still here

I'll make an alias later tonight or in the morning tomorrow, and then I'll be ready.

Shadow Lodge

Azten here. The surname may be subject to change.

Still here

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