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PF Hunger Games PBP (Inactive)

Game Master Freddy Honeycutt

Pathfinder version of Hunger games tournament....

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Anyone interested in a "hunger games" type pathfinder play-by-post where all the characters kill each other within a large arena?

Maybe.... >.>

Arena games draw participants here, but if you don't have the rules in place people lose interest quickly.

I would post the rules, and keep it at level 8 or lower so the casters don't get too much of an advantage. If you are not allowing casters(full casters) then post your idea and see what people have to say about it.

Easy enough then....

Talking about pure melee classes


15 point buy

2nd level to start

No equipment
....initial equipments strewn at start
....minor gifts air-dropped from sponsors

No traits

Those surviving will level on a regular basis!
Game will pause for leveling to occur....

Over-view and specific fight Maps will be provided and location/movement sent to DM Via private message.....

No rogue or barbarian? Based on just two characters from the first book, those classes would fit too.

That was off the top of my head! I just really wondered if anyone was interested!

I would not limit melee classes if it is melee only to only 3 classes.
What is strewn?
I have not seen the movie yet, but I will later today. :)

If equipment can't be chosen the monk might have a leg up on everyone. It will also make it hard to pick feats like weapon focus(X).

What sources we are allowed to use should also be posted.

This is a good example of rules format from another arena contest I was in.

I know I am in depending on what the rules are.

@Mr. Swagger
I've only read the first book, but if you impressed the judges with a weapon when they judged you privately, there was a chance it would be somewhere in the arena.

Weaponmaster Monk or Zen Archer could be a way to limit the advantage monk's have in item-less games.

Or we could just play NPC classes and have to get creative in our killings! ;)

I did not know it was a book. I only know the movie is out, which I will have to see tomorrow instead of today.

I've been thinking about doing one of these myself; the task looks daunting though. Not saying it isn't possible, just daunting.
So,.....I'm interested in watching, from a researchy angle at least.

One thought was to save myself some trouble and use say a section of the KM area as the arena.

Change the encounters a bit here and there.

So likely many contestants will not be able to join into a combat as it occurs, because they will be too far away, maybe even too distant to hear it.

....logistically it presents some issues. But only the DM will know where the other characters are!

I also kindof see this as a human game.....

Are you using sponsors? I kinda don't see how to dole out goodies like that and maintain a fair game; I'm assuming that it will be a free for all with the pc's all going after each other?...

Oh yes!

I just saw the movie. Whether you plan to do this as a complete adventure or just a free for all should also be noted.

I was thinking it was one on one, but having seen the movie if it is a free for all casters might not be so bad. They would have to be careful with spell use. I do think it should be low level(6 or below), but that is up to you(GM).

I am willing to try it though.

Lantern Lodge

I would like to see a mid-lvl(8-12) version though. low-lvl doesnt have enough endurance, I could go for high lvl but not sure about balance.

I think the casters would be too good in a high level game. The chances of any noncaster not winning are not good. It would not matter if everyone went in with no magical gear or if we were geared up.

I guess 8th level might work. You do have enough HP to survive a full attack from another full BAB character.

Lantern Lodge

HP isn't the only endurance, how often you can cast spells regardless of their power is a very limiting factor and gives non-casters advantage in extended combat because nobody else has a limited number of times to use primary atk.

any number that accumulates during combat is part of endurance.(any "per day" abilities, dmg, spells cast,alchemist bombs, gunslinger ammo, etc.)

in a high lvl version of this casters might dominate at first but once they run out of spells they become the fodder for everyone else unless they multi-classed significantly which wouldn't be as bad to begin with.

also, everyone should start with basic equipment or casters and monks will have opening advantage, instead have the weapons on field be magical improved weapons.

Caster can use one or two spells to take out several people. I doubt any casters in this match will have a lot of single target spells.
Drop Black Tentacles and Stinking Cloud and you might not have to do anything else. Getting your spell list to last throughout the day is not that hard. Some people would be killed by other people. Take out those you consider a threat, combined with a decent portion of hiding out, makes things a lot easier.

I'm interested. I'll play a Suli Ranger, if Suli are allowed.

I am in!

Saw the film yesterday and enjoyed it.

Really would enjoy something like this!

I think I 'd be in as well, depending on the ground rules and the intended length of the campaign/tournament.

Lantern Lodge

Black tentacles is not an powerful spell any full bab character has a 50%+ chance of ignoring its effects or escaping and no pc is going to enter once cast and not likely to get more then two people in of they would likely be fighting each other which makes this a waste in such an instance. There is plenty of chance to leave the area once cast and even if they get stuck for a couple of rnds the dmg is not great compared to what anyone else will be dealing.

Stinking cloud simply denies actions. together could be problematic but black tentacles would be cast 2 to 4 times before appropriate slots are gone as it takes 4th lvl slots to cast which just become available at 7th or 8th lvl. and takes to rnds to set up combo which is enough for people to get out so successfully killing two people with it would be unlikely.

you have to remember that this is a fight between PCs not stupid monsters.

I understand, and that is why casters would preserve spells. They know that once they run out of spells things get bad for them. Of course this also depends on how many people are accepted. The less people the easier it is.

Of course our discussion may not even matter depending on what the GM does.

I see spellcasting as belonging to the judges that are above and watching all the action....

The PCs would all be tributes from the different districts and those would be low level 1st of 2nd level characters.....

It is a "fight" to the death not so much a "magic" to the death type of thing....

If anyone has any other ideas on how this could operate I am interested in hearing.

Lantern Lodge

could always say no more then 1/2 lvls as full casters is allowed.

Logistically this thing could be a nightmare, and right now I feel the casters just add another layer.....

Very cool concept, and I think the no caster thing is a smart move (from a simplicity, thematic, and personal play style perspective). I'll watch the thread to see what comes of this, Kenderkin. :)

I am planning to give everyone a "mystery bag" to start and a crate to fight over at the begining area, it will be up to each person to either take their bag and run or stay and fight it out.

KenderKin, once (if) you finally decide to pull the trigger on this thing, you might want to set out a few more rules and whatnot. What races are available? What book sources can the players pull from? Any details about how leveling and general play would be nice.

I think the mystery bag and the crate are great ideas, but I think you need to increase the level. Level 2 would end too quickly.

Humans of course!

This is what I have so far:

Talking about pure melee classes
Barbarian, Fighters, Rangers, monks, Rogue, Cavalier (no mount)
2nd level to start, Max HP every lvl. Multiclass is fine!

No equipment

....initial equipment given in a backpack (each player rolls 1d6)
....minor gifts air-dropped from sponsors (result from RPed pleas

No traits

Humans Only!

25 point Buy, only 1 score below 10, and nothing below an 8.

Those surviving will level on a regular basis!

Game will pause for leveling to occur....

Over-view and specific fight Maps will be provided and location/movement sent to DM Via private message.....

Starting Gold Is zero
Starting gear is zero

Short Background on your training, Short description, and Quote is all that is needed Fluff Wise.

For every three kills, you earn a level. plus any gear the Fallen tribute had. This gear can be kept, cached, destroyed, etc.

Is this supposed to be a world "like Hunger Games"? or do we need to know from which District our submissions were pulled, etc?

And can i suggest all rangers have to take the Guide archetype?

Favored Enemy: Human is about to become CRAZY GOOD.

Darn it Eben, lol, I thought I had a market cornered with that ranger idea. I guess if two of us thought of it then so did everyone else. Ranger just became the defacto choice if everyone has to be human so I have to agree that making the guide variant the default is a good idea.

Sorry, I was in he middle of figuring out what to do with my Human hunting ranger when I realized I couldn't be the only one... not with you on the board, Swagger. :)

So here is the character I wish to put forward!

Let's say the Mutations of beasts "Mutts" that are known to be in the games fall under the "magical beasts" catergory including the insects.

Those insects were vicious. Even with magical beast around I am still going to go human with a ranger. :)

So the capital is several covens of witches and all tributes are marked with the scar hex before the games start....

Mutts occur through forced reincarnation, out of the tributes that are not just eaten after they die!

I'm intrigued enough :) - put me down for a Monk, probably Tetori style.

Will charisma or things like diplomacy or bluff have any effect on the RP pleas for sponsor support?

Yes those will work in game.

Sponsor support is kindof like a fervernt prayer asking a diety to help in some small way!

Sounds interesting, the only problem I see technical-wise would be that the individuals are not in a group, so a message board might be a hard way to keep people from knowing where others are. I guess there would be a lot of spoiler buttons.

This could work. The biggest problem with PbP IMO is that they are so slow and most adventures are too long, so people lose interest. This kind of thing wouldn't have that problem.

Yah, I think Swagger has a good idea there. Make it a Diplomacy check. Or -- to a lesser extent -- a Perform check of some kind (the more the sponsors like you the more likely they are to support you, right?). The level of success on the rolls dictates how much gp's worth of sponsor gift they can make. :)

Plus, how often can a character petition the sponsors for a gift? Once a day? Once a week? No limit? Given how powerful (and game-changing) sponsor gifts can be, I'd say there should be a limit of some sort.

Also, i had some other questions. You say leveling up will happen after three kills (or survival). How will that happen in regard to HP? Will the person just get the HP for the level up for free? Or will they have to "heal" the HP back up. The second feels more natural to me, and supports the "survivor" part of the theme of the Hunger Games better, IMO.

Are we allowing self-healing abilities? I'm not sure if the game will go to the required level, but the monk's Wholeness of Body class ability could be a game-changer. Not to mention the Barbarian's Renewed Vigor rage power chain.

Just food for thought.

lots of spoiler buttons, but also private messages to the DM.

Lots of abilities will not come into play that much

lets say that I keep things simple and do a run with 12 players
everyone comes in at level 2

12- level 2
09- level 3
06- level 4
03- level 5
00- level 6

As far as self-heal classes go....
...better not let them survive to that level....

Petition should be no more than once a day.

and also forget that eldritch bloodline feat!

When do you want submissions? What will be your selection criteria if you get more than 12 applicants?

ANd are we fine with everyone having access to everyone else's profile information? Seems like one of the elements of the Games in the book was the way they displayed or hid their actual skills and strengths before the games began.

Though that may be a level of complexity KenderKin doesn't want to deal with.

One interesting thing will be that players may be in the same squares with another player and have many stealth VS. stealth or stealth vs. perception things going on.

Only the DM will know where the PCs are...

When a fight breaks out among 2 or more PC's.

I will notify everyone individually...through spoilers
You hear distant screams and battle to your Northwest
So you might need a survival roll to determine how far away...then you could either go take a look/head the opposite way/hunker-down and stay hidden

you hear a nearby battle...
You pretty much know where, and can likely escape notice, you could join the battle in round 3.....

Two people are fighting right on top of you!
Good luck staying out of it

You hear and see nothing....
Nothing to do really

Please do not read other peoples profiles! honor system

I will be condensing the area a little bit but the map will show that just fine!

You know, people could just PM you their character sheets instead of keeping them in their profiles. You could put them in a Word document and open them when they are needed.

That is true as well....

Though logistics of the game is the worst part!

I guess speculation on what everyone is or does or can do, should be a part of the game, some time to size up the competition as well as the judges ratings that everyone will get when they show their stuff to the judges!

I am still nailing everything down!

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