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PF Hunger Games PBP (Inactive)

Game Master Freddy Honeycutt

Pathfinder version of Hunger games tournament....

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M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

So this is the OOC thread.

So let's start OOC'in!

Male Human Berbarian/2

do we get to pick what district we come from? can i be from 6?

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Sure lets have an auction!

6 going once, going twice, sold to Egric!

Can I get a bid for a new district?

Male Human Monk/2

bidding for district 7

Dang... I was gonna pick 6.

i can reflavor Nik as whatever, I guess. Though it can't be one of the Districts that produce Careers.

Male Human Berbarian/2

Awesome! Haven't even started yet and i'm already winning!

Edit: you can still get 5

I wanted the district made to produce Transportation.

if you want that, then I'll just pick another one that's not one of the Capitol's pet districts.

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ,8 ,9, 10, 11, 12

Eben do I hear a 5?

I will take 5.

edit:I really want a district that would fit my background. I just saw the auction and jumped in. :)

HP 60/60 :: AC 16 T 13 FF 13 :: Fort +7 Ref +9 Will +8 :: Per -1 Init +13

<--- Eben theQuiet

I could take 11. That works fine.

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

1,2,3,4,....8,9, 10, 12

Official game start date 4/2.....

HP 60/60 :: AC 16 T 13 FF 13 :: Fort +7 Ref +9 Will +8 :: Per -1 Init +13

Ha! I'll be out of town, but I'll do my best to be able to post some.

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

We will spend a bit of time in training so you will be in town when the action starts....

bid on district 4

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

District 4 sold!

1,2,3,....8,9,10,12 still open

I hate to do this, but when i take a look at what all I have going on on the boards and in life, I can't in good conscious join another game.

So sorry for dropping this point. nothing agains the DM, the game, or the players.

Im just a little stretched thin online already, and have some pretty big life changes coming up.

Hope the game goes well, but pull me from the list.

Sorry, all.

I'll take whichever is least liked / wanted as I've not read the books and therefore have no idea...

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

looks like we need to either push back a start date or recruit another player.....

Haven't settled on a name or a profile yet; but here's the gist. (I don't mind nosey people looking if they want to...

Mark's Tribute:
1st level at the moment; but I'll bump him up tomorrer.

Str: 14; Dex: 18; Con: 12; Int: 12; Wis: 14; Cha: 11

Hit Points: 9 (8 +1 Con)
AC: 14 / 14 / 10 (+4 Dex)
Fort: +1 (0 +1 Con)
Ref: +6 (2 +4 Dex)
Will: +2 (0 +2 Wis)

Melee: +2 (0 +2 Str)
Ranged: +4 (0 +4 Dex)

Racial Traits:
Skilled: extra skill point.
Bonus Feat:

Acrobatics (Dex); Bluff (Cha); Climb (Str); Craft (Trap-Int); Disable Device (Dex); Perception (Wis); Sense Motive (Wis); Survival (Wis); Stealth (Dex); Swim (Str)

Alertness: +2 on Perception and Sense Motive checks
Skill Focus (Stealth): +3 on Stealth checks

Class Abilities:
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: all simple weapons, plus hand crossbow, rapier, sap, shortbow and short sword. Proficient with light armor but not shields.
Sneak Attack: 1d6
Trapfinding: add ½ level on Perception to find traps and on Disable Device. Can use Disable Device to disarm magic traps.


10 Board Lurker/10 Nice Guy/

We are allowing casters? That is not a complaint, just an observation. I am curious as to how that works out at level 2. :)

Not in use

Apologies for any confusion - Zadlu is not a caster. I just hadn't gotten around to re-jigging the profile.

He is a rogue.

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

I am still missing more PCs than I have!

10 Board Lurker/10 Nice Guy/

I would PM people so they can get their characters in. If they have bowed out then at least you know what you are working with.

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

I got the PMs sent!

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Azten --- Rowan ----District 11
Mr. Swagger - Calius -District 5
Darklight..Pmed and pending
Albatros Pmed and pending
darkestHeart -----Varik
LastNameon Earth Pmed and pending
Mark Sweetman --- Zadluzeny
Sinvel Mentor (Other)

Runner 188 -- Jhorryn - District 4
Jarred Henninger -Egric District 6
Jestem – Eolas - District 7
David James Olsen --- Senniki

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

I am saying crank the game-play thread up!

Also if you want a trait send me a PM...
I will 1) approve it and 2) incorporate it into your training

Plan to start the actual combat mode monday morning.

10 Board Lurker/10 Nice Guy/

I will look over the traits and get back to you.

HP 53/53 | AC 19 (T 15, FF 16) | CMD 23 | F +9 | R +6 | W +6 | Init +3 | Per +10

Lastnameonearth checking in with Rotann, candidate from district 10.

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Great another player!

Get on over to the gameplay thread and PM (private message) me your character information.

Not in use

Probably an appropriate juncture to do a cross-post to all my more active PbPs about an interruption to my posting schedule that is imminent.

My wife is about 37 weeks pregnant, which basically means that the bun is fully cooked and ready to pop at any time. This means that at some point in the next 1 day to 4 weeks I will suddenly and without notice disappear completely from the interwebs. I can't say when or for how long, but it will probably knock me out for up to a week or so before my wife and I get back on our feet and I'm of somewhat sound and untired enough mind to jump back online.

So if I do vanish, please don't fret as I shall return :) I would just ask for some leeway on posting frequency for a while as we adjust to the new baby floating around.

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

How will I track you?

We will be using two references both from the center of the field of battle.

One will be an azmith from the center....
the other will be a distance (from the center).


Lets try an example using the gamemap and the azmith information!

The northern point of the frozen lake would be what?
The center of the fissure would be what?

Male Human Berbarian/2

is that right?

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Those should be close enough!

I will say that if you and another person are within 5 degrees and about the same distance from the center that stealth and perception rolls will be asked for.

But DM that is not how I got there!
Yes it is possible you traveled north for 8 hours and then East for 8 hours.....
How you get to the final point is important.
If you only send the place azmith and distance, I will assume a straight line is how you got there....

If not tell me how you got there when you send the final destination!

Not in use

After some further considerations on schedule and trying to get my head wrapped around the game - I'm going to have to pull out.

Apologies to all, but figure it's best I step out now before the release than realise it a bit further down the track and cause more inconvenience.

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Ouch! my game seems to be falling apart!

Who is left?

I am still here. I had internet issue. I am trying to make the rounds with all the pbp games I am in. If I don't post before I leave for work. I will post something when I get home tonight.

HP 53/53 | AC 19 (T 15, FF 16) | CMD 23 | F +9 | R +6 | W +6 | Init +3 | Per +10

Still here.

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Good it should be a good run, even without 24 players! ;)

Male Human Monk/2



M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Actually the other NPC's will be dying shortly...

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Still a few people who need to check in in the game thread!

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Ok is everyone happy with what was in their bags?

Has everyone done everything they wanted to do for day 1?

Did anyone decide to keep his 20 pound rock? ;)
*****In game posts, rants, cussing would be enjoyable!******

Has everyone sent day 2 actions/destinations?

Male Elf Ranger 4

I am unlikely to be keeping hold of the rock, and am not over the moon with the weapon i got in the bag, would have preferred something I can flurry with. On the other hand.... I suppose I could kill someone for their weapon

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Luck of the draw!

Are we still on day 2?

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

Oh yes day 2 and the wolves are howling in the distance!

HP 53/53 | AC 19 (T 15, FF 16) | CMD 23 | F +9 | R +6 | W +6 | Init +3 | Per +10

You've left me out of your last few summaries...

M somewhat akin to a kender Y / MA

My bad!

Shadow Lodge

Sorry, KK, I'm gonna have to drop this game. Time restraints are a bummer.

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