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A game of colonization and exploration in a new land with new dangers and threats.

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Catfolk and Nagaji are fine. Just keep in mind that you may be the only member of your race anyone in Absalom has seen and may be treated differently because of it.

Doesn't bother me at all. I was in a 3.5 game once as a half-drow paladin just for the role playing opportunities regarding the stigma surface races had against drow. Unfortunately, the DM I had at the time didn't really do anything to take advantage of that, even after I said that I wanted to play off of that stigma.

Would you object to my having two traits from the same category? I'd like to take Charming and Poverty-Stricken, but the normal rules for traits wouldn't allow me to do so since they're both from the Social tree.

Evellyn was standing in a stern white-and-blue dress with Abadar's golden key embroidered on the right arm. She was looking straight at the archcanon with her blue eyes, arms hanging at the side, feet aligned. She waited for a moment after the bishop sit down to see if anyone would speak. She decided everyone else had more to ponder than her, and spoke first. --- "Your reverence, thank you for trusting me with these matters. If you and our lord think this is the best use of me, I will do as you will. As usual, my terms are to serve dutifully to the extent of my abilities."

Character background:
Second Wealday of Calistril, 4709, Absalom.

Valeria was a paladin of Abadar. A woman that would yield our god's sword for the betterment of this world. Valeria lost our god's gifts on the Winter of 4688. She told me that our god left her side jealous of the men she loved. She left her church duties to live with her love. During the Fall of 4689, she came to one of our temples looking for help, bleeding and in pain, to give birth to Evellyn.

Priest Forgath told me our god worked a miracle through him to bring the child into this world. Forgath also told me our god said the child was ours and the church should bring her up.

Evellyn has confided in me she dreams of our lord every day, and that she does not understand why her mother left the church to live with her father. She was very emotional while speaking of our lord and I feel she has her dearest feelings for him. I was surprised to hear her confidence, as it was unlike her omnipresent austere behavior.

I write this measuring my thoughts and my words to avoid offending my lord. May he calm my heart as to the meaning of these bonds.

--- In the private diaries of high priest Eraviel Savie

Player and character notes:
My name is Italo and even though I'm new to the boards I've played role-playing games for more than 10 years (tabletop GURPS mostly).

Evellyn is a law-based paladin; changed aura of good, detect evil and smite evil for aura of law, detect chaos, and smite chaos. I believe this is an OK trade, as detect and smite evil are more useful than detect and smite chaos. I've had her concept on the drawer for a few years, and this campaign seems like a good match: Abadar is the right deity and the fact that I won't need deep knowledge of Golarion is a plus. Let me know if you have comments on the sheet.

Character sheet:

Evellyn Cerv
Female Human Paladin of Abadar 3
Blonde, blue eyes, 173cm, 56kg

Str 18, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 9, Cha 15
HP 28
Initiative +3
Speed 30ft (armor 20ft)

Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +4
AC 20 (flat 19, touch 11, check -5, maxdex +1)
CMD 18

Melee +7, CMB +7, Ranged +4
Greatsword +9 (2d6+6 S 19/x2)
Dagger +7 (1d4+4 S/P 19/x2)
Comp longbow +4 (1d8+4 P 20/x3)

Aura of law
Detect chaos
Smite chaos 1/day (+2 to hit, AC, and dmg, no DR)
Divine grace +2
Lay on hands 3/day (1d6, not fatigued)
Aura of courage (immune to fear, +4 to allies 10ft)
Divine health

Power attack
Weapon focus (greatsword)
Step up

Reactionary [+2 initiative]
Charming [+1 diplomacy, +1 bluff, +1 DC of spells with voice]

SKILLS [armor check penalty -5] 9
+1 Acrobatics (Dex)
+0 Appraise (Int)
+3 Bluff (Cha) (+1 from charming)
+4 Climb (Str)
+0 Craft (Int) #
+9 Diplomacy (Cha) # 3 (+1 from charming)
+2 Disguise (Cha)
+1 Escape Artist (Dex)
+1 Fly (Dex)
-1 Heal (Wis) #
+2 Intimidate (Cha)
+4 Knowledge (nobility) (Int) #* 1
+4 Knowledge (religion) (Int) #* 1
-1 Perception (Wis)
+2 Perform (Cha)
+5 Ride (Dex) #
+5 Sense Motive (Wis) # 3
+4 Spellcraft (Int) #* 1
+1 Stealth (Dex)
-1 Survival (Wis)
+4 Swim (Str)

EQUIPMENT (107.5lbs, 2193.23gp)
Masterwork greatsword 350gp 8lbs
Dagger 2gp 1lb
Composite longbow (Str +4) 100gp 3lbs
Masterwork full plate 1650gp 50lbs
Holy symbol 25gp 1lbs

Backpack 2gp 2lbs
Bedroll 0.1gp 5lbs
Crowbar (+2 Str to open door or chest) 2gp 5lbs
Flask (empty) 1.5lbs 0.03gp
Flint and steel 0lbs 1gp
Ink and pen 0lbs 8.1gp
Paper 0lbs 0.4gp
Oil (10 pints) 1lbs 0.1gp
Courtier's outfit 6lbs 30gp
Explorer's outfit 8lbs 10gp
Rope (50ft) 10lbs 1gp
Waterskin 0lbs 1gp
Lantern (Hooded) 2lbs 7gp
Parchment (10) 0lbs 0.2gp

Thinking on a...

Human Summoner, with a double dip in Fighter (Unbreakable).

NG Summoner 1/Fighter 2

12, 18, 11, 12, 10, 14

Feats: Spell Focus (Conjuration), Augement Summoning, Endurance, Die Hard, Weapon Finesse, TBD (Char level 3 Feat).

Caught stealing from a shrine of Abadar, to feed his family... Marek was able to convince a Priest of Abadar that he was much more valuable alive. He agreed to be an agent of Abadar, if they would spare his life and... promise to feed his family.

It is years later, and the young teen has turned into a strong young man. Offically, and adult... he can now take the church up on these "away missions".

Although not a worshiper of Abadar, he holds the church in high esteem and regrets nothing... feeling fate sent him to that temple on that day for some higher purpose.

I would like to submit Rory, a human Master Summoner. Once in an adventuring party along with his wife, they got in over their heads, most of the party died and his wife contracted mummy rot. By the time he got her to a temple for help, she was almost gone. The priests of Abadar agreed to cleanse her, for the usual fees per spell, but their magic wouldn't take. Soon, he was out of money and his wife was still sick, so he agreed to indent himself to the church, details to be arranged later as his wife had literally moments left. Three different priests were unable to remove the disease and his wife died, after he amassed a "bill" for several thousand gold pieces, a sum he couldn't come even close to paying. The priests expressed their sympathies in one breath, and demanded their payment the next.

Rory gave himself over for servitude to the temple, and remains bitter towards the faith and its clergy. He would jump at a chance to sail away and finally earn his freedom.

How should we determine hit points?

Please read the note inside and give me your thoughts on this. if you give me the go ahead I will get to work right away on this character.

My submition - Big OM

Dot for interest. It would be cool playing with you again after our successful and enjoyable Star Wars game.

Lot of casters all of a sudden.


Would it make you feel better if I said... a Fighter, with a dip in Summoner?


Hassan Ahmed wrote:


Would it make you feel better if I said... a Fighter, with a dip in Summoner?


I don't mind. I just notice that it was all fighters then BAM all casters.

Hey I was a caster from the start. So meh. XP

Can anyone direct me to a simple program for char sheets? I've been playing PbP for over 10 years, just not here.


Marek isn't much of a caster, yet!

@ Hassan: I'll be using Hero Lab. It makes it much easier to make a character for this very complicated game.

Hero Lab is indeed an exceptional program for this. The statblock for Songan on page 1 was HeroLab output in BBCode.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscriber

I'm gonna withdraw from this, there are plenty of folks to choose from.

And my HeroLab doesn't support Nagaji

I'd like to submit a halfling ranger, info and character background under my profile.

Okay, these are the submissions I see thus far that are completed:
Daisy Greenways (Hafling Ranger 3)
Rory (Human Summoner)
Hassan Ahmed's Unnamed Summoner (Summoner 1/Fighter 2)
Evellyn (Paladin of Abadar)
Pasara Foucault (Sage Sorcerer)
Jardlon Riverside (Risen Alchemist/Assassin)
Songan (Catfolk Bard 3)
Marius Hektor Voralo III (Fighter 3)
Gellius Krupt (Alchemist 3)
Flori the Fabulous (Half-Orc Sorcerer 3)
Leralt Littlehorn (Wizard 3)
Roscoe "Quick-Stick" Oldfur (Piper Rogue 3)
Orin Oakhammer (Dwarf Druid)
Lena Relani (Abadarian Inquisitor)
Dark Netwerk's Unnamed Monk (Monk/Magus)
Tazidir (Tengu Fighter)

If I missed you, let me know. I'll probably close submissions in about six hours. 2 pm Central Time US.

I'm not going to be able to submit one in time, then.

Don't forget me (Wolfwaker from page 1). I hope this is sufficient:

Sharos Swiftblade (as he likes to call himself) is an elf magus of the kensai archetype. He inherited his mother's magical talents but was always interested in swordplay. Naturally restless, he left his seaside home and came to the city to train as a swordsman. He has learned the Dervish Dance style to take advantage of his quickness and agility.

After being repeatedly insulted by an influential noble's son, Sharos challenged him to a duel and gave him a nice scar on the face. The noble pulled some strings and the young elf ended up with an overly harsh jail sentence. Now the prelate is offering to get the charges dropped if he is willing to go on this dangerous mission.

He is brave (some would say reckless) and is eager to show (and improve) his prowess with the blade, using his magical abilities to enhance his fighting. From his maritime heritage he knows how to use a net, which is a useful option when not casting spells with his off-hand.


Male Elf Magus (Kensai) 3
Alignment: Neutral Good


STR 7 (-2) who needs armor?
DEX 18 (+4)
CON 10 (0)
INT 18 (+4)
WIS 12 (+1)
CHA 10 (+0)
Light load: 23 lbs.

Deity: Desna
Race: +2 INT/DEX,-2 CON
Race: Low-light vision (See twice as far in dim light)
Race: Elven Immunities (Immune to sleep effects and +2 saves vs Enchantment spells and effects)
Race: Keen senses (+2 Perception)
Race: Spirit of the Waters (+4 Swim (can always take 10), proficiencies, Aquan)
Trait: Focused Mind (+2 Concentration)
Trait: Warrior of Old (+2 Initiative)
Feat (level 1): Weapon Finesse
Feat (level 3): Dervish Dance
Feat: Weapon Focus (scimitar) (bonus feat from Kensai archetype)

Class: Arcane Pool (5 points) (1: +1 weapon for 1 minute)
Class: Spell Combat (fight and cast spell in same round at -2)
Class: Spellstrike (deliver touch attack with weapon)
Class(Kensai): Canny Defense: INT to AC (up to level)
Class(Arcana): Pool Strike (2d6 energy damage with touch or spellstrike)

Proficiencies: Longspear, Net, Trident

Will finish out all the skills if selected.

Rushed concept: I was considering a half-orc paladin or fighter-cleric (probably building to Holy Vindicator either way). He's a true believer in Abadar because a cleric of Abadar purchased him as a slave and gave him a path to earn his own freedom. His new owner has been utterly fair with him and doesn't treat him as a slave in any way, though he is technically still owned by him. He would function as a watchful eye on more wayward members of the party to ensure that Abadar's tenets were being followed. He is gruff and firm in his beliefs, though he is not a zealot about them.

How about this for some thing off the wall, a lady who loves jobs like this, and A party may need her skilled touch in a new land

I'm sorry, but I am not a big fan of psionics. I've had bad experiences with them in the past and I can't allow them in my games without seriously studying the new rules. My apologies.

I, sir, am a paladin, warrior of holy light, servant of the Goddess Sarenrae, no mere fighter.

That's fine I am use to rejection, some DMs I know have difficulty with them in a typical game, if not up to speed on the new rules, I take no offence, thank you for being clear on the matter and all the best with the game.

The Exchange

"An opportunity to repay my debt? I get a choice? I accept. Afterwards, I can resume my service to Gozreh. Please let me read the my release conditions."
Yuuwa unrolls the scrolled summons. Her face pales, hands tremble, "Please, I just got back to civilized port. A little more time, perhaps another mission. I'd rather circumnavigate the maelstrom."

Yuuwa (cleric/3 of Gozreh) was in another PBP which dissolved. The last encounter: her and the other survivors just cleared out a family of wights in a cave before being pigeonholed by the cannibals. Her much delayed rescue seemed an appropriate scenario for the incurred debt.

Not that it matters:

Marek shall be his name and they shall call him Marek ibn Sabbah (son of the dawn).

I know it's an early "double-dip", but going forward... 94% will be Summoner levels. And, all Ability increases (via level) will be Con @ 4 and Cha therafter.

Fighter/Unbreakable is an awesome multi-class as it prevents going unconcious, which banishes a summoner's eidolon.

His skills will be Diplomacy based (thru trait) and knowledges regarding spreading civilization as per the Church of Abadar. His own diety, is Seranrae.

He's not a kiss-ass, just appreciative and has become (if permissable), the "goto guy".

Okay, I'm going to close the submissions now. I'd like to take a little while to think before I make the final choice. Thanks to everyone who submitted!

Take your time benefactor. Waiting is the hardest part. XD

First off: I'd like to thank all the submitters who posted. There were a lot of really well-crafted characters to choose from, which is both hard and wonderful. I wish I could take everyone, but that way lies PbP madness. So, after pondering potential combinations of parties, this is the line-up I've chosen. If for whatever reason a player cannot play, I will keep all submitters in mind as alternates.

DM Barcas (Half-orc Paladin)
Orin Oakhammer (Dwarf Druid)
Songan (Catfolk Bard 3)
Gellius Krupt (Alchemist 3)
Daisy Greenways (Hafling Ranger 3)
Lena Relani (Abadarian Inquisitor)
Leralt Littlehorn (Tiefling Wizard 3)

Once again, thank you everyone!

If those chosen would go ahead and post in the Discussion thread, I would appreciate it!

Congrats to the finalists. It looks to be a fun crew :)

Congratulations to those that made it! Enjoy the game!

I think I'm going to finish making the character anyhow as I like the concept. :)

Games do open all the time, so keep your eyes open and watch the Recruitment thread!

woop! thanks for the selection :D

The Exchange

Congrats! Hold the line and don't let the MAN keep you down.

Gratz everyone, have fun.

Congratulations guys - hope it goes really well :)

Dangit, didn't have time to build my character after getting the concept approved. Bah.

Hey OMB! You said submissions were gonna close June the 5th! Today!

But no worries, I see you had a bunch of great submissions anyway, and seems you've picked a great bunch (I happen to know your Paladin is a fantastic gamer-And DM! ; )

However, even though you've already chosen the lucky few, I'd like to make a submission anyway (as I know from long experience that Players often drop out). Plus, as everyone knows, EIGHT is a much better party size number than the unlucky seven. And, most importantly, you don't want any trouble from the 'Gnomish Board of Equal Rights for Persons Smaller Than Humans but Bigger Than Hobbits', believe me!

So, should you find need of her expertise, I humbly present:

Dr. Catilla Eyesquint, Detective Extraordiaire!

"So! A mystery you say! Missing colonists is it? Hmm, yes, well, very interesting, very interesting indeed! Yes, I can see where my expertise would be essential to solving this riddle. Now I...what's that? Why, Sir! I am offended! I believe I have more than adequately explained that the business with the Crown Jewels going missing was none of my fault whatsoever! How was I to know that...Pardon me? Well I never! Yes, Sir, you are correct I am a detective, but I have never claimed to be a psychic! Now..no no! No more interruptions from you Sir Hausivius! Prelate or not I shall speak my peace! Now, as you well know, I have agreed to pay back half the value of the missing jewels. But only to ensure my professional reputation remains intact mind you! My doing so is by no means an admission of culpability in the matter! So, yes...doing a quick calculation here, I believe a year more of service shall more than sufficiently cover my remaining amount due. Excellent! And, now that we have settled that matter, when do we leave?!"

PS Catilla is currently at 2nd level, but if you should decide to bring her along, I can easily rework her to first in a snap.

PSS I know you've already got a bard, but as she uses the Detective Archtype, she gives a different set of bonus' than the typical Bard does, so shouldn't be a problem with redundancy.

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