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On Abadar's Secret Service (Inactive)

Game Master James Martin

A game of colonization and exploration in a new land with new dangers and threats.

Dramatis personæ:

Sister Mara - Nun and dedicated follower of Abadar
Tiana - woodcrafter and amateur herbalist

The Others
Tarquin - a talking badger, emissary of the People to the Colonists, namely Songan
Surrek - a talking weasel, spy and potential Ambassador from the Colonists to the People

Uriah Parker, the late discoverer of the island of Abadaria

Colonist Make-up
"The makeup of the colonists is as follows:
60 men, 40 women plus the group in here.
Of these 100, the breakdown is:
30 farmers and cultivators
20 herders and experts in animal husbandry
15 specialized craftsmen, including carpenters and wheelwrights
10 smiths, including one master smith, 3 journeymen and 6 apprentices
10 healers and herbalists
10 administrative personnel, including the replacement Mayor, Brother Josiah Green of Abadar, a brewer who will operate the inn/public house, his family, and Sister Mara, a militant nun of our order
5 former military officers, all set up to train the population as a militia"

GM Cheatsheet:

Initiative: Assuming Catila uses her ability
Catila [dice]1d20+3[/dice]
Gellius Krupt [dice]1d20+3[/dice]
Songan [dice]1d20+4[/dice]
Lena [dice]1d20+5[/dice]
Leralt [dice]1d20+4[/dice]

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