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Old Orleans, New Trouble: A Fallout Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master SinBlade06

Old Orleans is in need of heros. Is this you? A campaign based off of Fallout 3.

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2 traits. flaws, i dont recall seeing those under PF rules. as far as i know, lv1. that is the level everyone else has made their characters (as far as i know).

i bought some food (like 4 days worth) and a canteen (waterskin) for myself, figured thatd be important.

The Exchange

I haven't purchased anything for myself yet. Although, Dynamite is definately on my list.

As Tenro said, Lvl 1, up to two traits, and no flaws.

Dynamite....this is gonna be a fun campaign.

aint no party like an alchemist party!

Okay, thanks.

Still not clear on the armour rules, but i've got pretty much everything else updated in profile.

Might as well as my armour questions-

-Bilbo's armour; are those stacking? Can we have multiple?
-Are we taking the stats from Bilbo's armour and choosing an armour from the fallout wiki too?
-Do we still take the DT of the chosen fallout wiki armour and convert it into DR? Does this clash, override or merge with our Biblo armour? Or is it just flavour?
-Any objection to us gaining skill rather than SPECIAL bonuses from our fallout wiki armour? Referring to the bonuses from Recon Armour and the Stormchaser hat for example. They don't seem too unbalanced.

this is from a PM from the GM regarding the same question you asked that i asked him:

"When I said "Bilbo's Armor" I meant you'll be using the stats of the armor he provided to determine your AC(Defense), Check Penalties, and movement. You can decide for yourself what armor from Bilbo's list best fits the Raider Throwdown Armor."

so use the DR listed in the fallout wiki (this will seem quite high, but damage is also quite high). That bit about Raider Throwdown Armor there is because thats the armor i picked.

DR comes from fallout wiki
AC/Defense Score comes from the list posted by Bilbo
Armor Check Penalties come from Bilbo's list
modified movement comes from Bilbo's list

also, helmet DR stacks with armor DR (for instance, my armor gives DR 18 and my helmet gives DR 5 so my total DR is 23. The armor gives me a 4 to my defense score.

I see, I see...
So can I get multiple armours from Bilbo's list and stack their bonuses? IE getting say Leather Jacket and a light undershirt, and ending with DR3, 6lb weight, 0 penalty etc?
And, finally, are we still using that rule whereby if an armour is < 20lb from the Wiki it is light etc? And, stemming from that, is it =< or <?

not really sure. i picked a 15lb armor since most of the 20s i saw that i liked were unique.

and as far as multiple armors, i dont know. i didnt do it.

The Exchange

You could follow the rule of "Armored Kilt" where if they stack, they count as one level higher than normal.

What Tirq said. (so glad I was ninja'd there) Multiple armors will stack in all the wrong ways. Your movement will slow, you DR will only work with one DR, and your penelties will skyrocket.

In short, don't do it.

Yes, armor from the Wiki that weighs 20 lbs or less is considered Light armor. 21 lbs and heavier are considered Medium, with Power Armors being the Heavy Armor.

You can only choose Power Armor as a set of armor if you are in the company of the Brotherhood of Steel, and only if you are trained. Fighters can choose to have Power Armor, but they have to include where they got it.

And in case I didn't answer your previous question Marcel, armor can look like whatever, but it must have a base item.

For example, you can have the ammo bandoliers of a Merc Troublemaker Outfit on Combat Armor, but the Combat Armor must be the base of your stats.

Hope that helps.

Nearly all questions have been answered, thanks for being patient with me, one more question-

-Where in Bilbo's list does it state the AC for each equipment? The section where it states DR?

Your AC is 10 + Dex mod + Armor + Shield + Deflection.

The AC bonus is the DR bonus. If it gives you a DR/5 the bonus to AC (defense) is +5.

Also, I looked over your character sheet, and Ghouls don't have their own language. They speak English (our resident Ghouls speak more than that, but that's beside the point).

You can add any other language on Earth, including Raider Cant and Trader Cant, which is more like an accent and slang than anything.

If that's all your questions, we may be able to begin soon.

Almost forgot. Shields are almost nonexistent, but since the Nightkin from New Vegas have Stop Signs as bucklers, why can't we?

The following list is a good representation of what you can use for a shield:

Buckler: Hub cap
Light Wooden: Cabinet door
Light Steel: Stop sign
Heavy Wooden: Coffee table
Heavy Steel: Car door
Tower: House door

If you have ideas yourself, let me know in a PM or here. The Shield Defense bonus is the same as an AC bonus, and the DR they provide is the same as their AC bonus. AC Penalties still apply.

If you wish to make changes, let me know before we start play. Hopefully we can start sometime within the week.

The final stretch! Here we go guys!!

I more meant the language of feral ghouls (there is evidence to suggest that Glowing Ones retain their former intelligence) but if they don't speak a language, no problem. I'll change to trader cant.

Looking forward to this!

"I accept your command Elder, and the responsibility to care for and carry these weapons and armor with respect. I will travel into the wastelands as you order, bring justice to the land, and obtain the knowledge you seek."

Very serious and stern-faced, young Edward dons his helmet and locks the seals in place. Checking the charge on his newly issued AER9 laser rifle and the power levels in his armor, he steps out into the wasteland on his own for the very first time.

Realizing very quickly he must not rely overly much on his limited ammunition, he fashions a crude, but serviceable quarterstaff from some nearby debris. Out into the sun and radiation baked world he strides.

I am leaving LOTS of leeway for the reasons behind Edward's "quest," so Nameless can hang any/all plot hooks squarely on his big dumb ears. Very basic premise: the BoS told him to go, so he went. He will probably die from starvation or dehydration in his current state, but hopefully that can be rectified fairly quickly.

"You forgot the part where we blow sh*t up."

"If you set that off next to me you will be a little squishy on the side of the road."

Gameplay and Discussion threads are up! Get to it!


Whenever there is an opening, I would love to join, character already made.

Good character design, good build, and a clever concept.

After the team returns to Old Orleans, you may enter.


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