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Old Orleans, New Trouble: A Fallout Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master SinBlade06

Old Orleans is in need of heros. Is this you? A campaign based off of Fallout 3.

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Male Human 1 Cleric (Merciful Healer)

Damn, Scab! Helluva roll.

"Poor bastards never had a chance.",Logan says as he passes by the remains.

M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)

Scab will look at the door marked storage to see if it appears locked. If so, he will attempt to unlock it.


Disable Device: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

Male Human Paladin 4

"Looks like we are on our own here. I concur, we should investigate the storage area before the Vault itself."

Edward toggles his helmet mounted light to test its functionality. He then attempts to transmit short-range direct to Logan.

"Let's go."

He sets off towards the "Storage" door.

Male Human 1 Cleric (Merciful Healer)

Logan nods and transmits back to Monroe,"Roger."

Human Alchemist 4|Init +1|HP 39/39|Fort 5|Ref 4|Will 4|AC 15

Marcel steps forward and raps the butt of his switchblade against the door sharply. "Anyone in there, we're coming in. We mean no harm."

Moving back, he gestures for the Knight to take point. "After you."

The door to the storage room was locked, but Scab was able to unlock it. Good roll.

With a hiss of pneumatic air, the door swings open to reveal a room about half the size of the Vault entrance. Radraoches skitter away from the light of Edward's lamp, seeking darkness to hide in. They rush past your feet towards the entrance.

Inside the room the lights turn on as the door opens. You see a few cabinets, metal boxes, and a table with various items placed on them, almost in pristine condition.

The table has on it two 10mil pistols, two clips of 10mil ammo (24 rounds) two Vault Security Helmets, and one Vault Security suit.

If you wish to look around for any additional items, it will take 20 minutes.

Human Alchemist 4|Init +1|HP 39/39|Fort 5|Ref 4|Will 4|AC 15

Marcel stabs two radroaches with his knives as they scuttle past him, kicking their corpses out of the way. He steps forward into the room and picks up one of the pistols, checking the barrel and cocking it, pulling the trigger to send the hammer slamming down on an empty round. "Well maintained... excellent." He slides a clip into the gun, slides the safety on and clips it to the back of his belt. He then proceeds to examine the rest of the room for items.

I'd like to take 20, in which case I get perception 25 to look for items, otherwise 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21.
Appraise checks to get the value of the vault suits and helmets:
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9

Male Human Paladin 4

"Is anyone not armed with a projectile weapon? If so, take the remaining pistol. Likewise, the armor."

Edward scans the room and stands ready to address any threats.

"Take caution, Marcel. We do not know if anything has been irradiated or trapped."

M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)

Scab will also look for other materials. He has plenty of ammo for his plasma pistol, so he will leave that one for someone else in favor of looking for something more of note. Scab will click on the weak headlamp on his helmet to amplify his low-light vision.

Taking 20 will give me a 24, otherwise survival: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6

looking primarily for locked compartments and vault floor plans/maps. after that next priority would be to access a computer terminal if one is available. (if he would know about such things, with his knowledge: engineering)

Female Human 3rd Barbarian

Lilith takes a look around the room with scabs looking for locked compartments or anything that would help the group navigate the vaults. If it is alright I would like one of the pistols, I do not favor them but just in case.

Taking 20 in profession scavenger, that gives me a 27, and rolling like the rest too. 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

I'm gone for 5 hours and look what happens!

"I'm not a big fan of guns. I'll take it anyway, though, since I don't really have one. I usually let Scab do all the little fights, anyway."

Female Human 3rd Barbarian

"Here ya go Crispy." Lilith says as she tosses it over to him not wanting any conflict when they would find more like it on guards or something probably.

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

Crispy is caught off guard by the woman throwing the gun at him, and almost drops it.

"Whoa whoa whoa!... Its alright, I got it. Don't throw guns at people! Why not just let me pick up the other gun?" Crispy says as he holsters the gun on his belt.

M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)

"Little fights? Paah!" Scab almost coughs out. "Remember that stupid robot you thought was deactivated?"

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

"Hey, I helped with that one! I still have scars from it, though..."

M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)

"mm-hmm" Scab grunts as he continues searching the room.

Female Human 3rd Barbarian

I was holding the other gun, Marcel already pocketed one

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

I see, thanks about that Lilith.

Male Human 1 Cleric (Merciful Healer)

Leary of what lurks in the Vault and of these new members of their expedition, Logan continues to monitor the bio and Rad-readings in his HUD.

Using Detect Poison to detect radiation.

In total you find in the storage room:

Another 2 pistols
4 clips of 10mil ammo (48 rounds total)
2 Assault Rifles
2 Combat Shotguns
96 rounds of 5.56 ammo (4 clips for the Assault Rifles)
48 shotgun shells (4 clips for the Combat Shotguns)
4 Stimpaks
2 Salisbury Steaks
2 boxes of Sugar Bombs
4 boxes of Blamo Mac and Cheese
6 bottles of water (two clean, the other four dirty)
Spare parts and pieces of some large device (knowledge Engi)

There is one locker that is locked. Assuming you took the time to open it, you have 2 less bobby pins. You also find:

Locker Spoils:
2 bottles of Whiskey
2 Jet
1 Mentat
1 Buffout

Marcel is able to say that, since the items you found are in near perfect condition, they will be worth more than if they were found in the wastes, but he's not sure how much they'll go for.

There is no computer or a terminal in the storage room.

The only radiation is from the bottles of dirty water. Drinking them will require a fort save to keep from throwing up, but the DC is low. For now...Same concept as Chems, just with the water and food. Some food will not have Rads, others will have a ton of rads.

The storage room is all but empty now that the items it once held are gone.

Before you ask, there is a computer terminal next to the door that leads down into the Vault. The door is also locked. You could hack the computer or pick the door. A knowledge Engineering or Scavenger would help you determine which is easier.

M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)

engineering on the strange parts: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29
Scab will take a combat shotgun, 2clips for it and a stimpak. Also he will take 2 bottles of irradiated water. From the locker he will take a jet.

"I'll leave the clean stuff for you smoothskins, I don't want to slip in your puke.

Scab will also take any spare little pieces of metal to use in case he runs out of bobby pins. (improvised items are less of a penalty for him)

Female Human 3rd Barbarian

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (14) + 7 = 21 Scavenger my dear GM

Lilith will take the other shotgun and the other half of the clips for it. She will also take two of the boxes of the mac and cheese not touching the chems. "Who ever takes the chems be careful. I have seen what happens when you get addicted and it is not a pretty sight. Hell I saw a patient overdose after stealing super jet from mum's stash once."

M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)

engineering on door terminal: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (14) + 9 = 23

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

"Scab! They have Mac&Cheese! Man, I love that stuff. You want any, bro?"

Male Human Paladin 4

"This assault rifle will prove handy in conserving my energy cells. Does anyone need a sidearm?"

Edward will take an assault rifle and 2 magazines, as well as a bottle of clean water.

Assuming no-one takes the pistols, he will holster one and stash the other in his backpack, along with the 10mm magazines.

Proceeding to the doorway, "Still sealed up tight, eh? Let me know if you require my assistance, 'Scab'." Edward stands just beside the door, assault rifle at the ready.

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

"Don't worry, Scab's good at this. Hey, I was reading one of those old Pre-War books, and they mentioned the living dead in it. Called them Zombies. You don't think we'll see any of those in here, do you?"

M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)

"hell yeah, you know I love Mac n cheese! All I brought was dandy boy apples because I didn't wanna lug around cooking s*!+. "

Scab will attempt to take care of the door by way of engineering (roll above).

Oh man, I'm loving the interactions you guys have with each other

The parts you found (What a roll!!) belong to a nuclear fusion reactor. If you find one, you'll be able to fix it to working order if need be.

The door is locked, but the terminal is locked tighter. The door is harder to unlock than the storage door, but only a little.

To unlock the terminal, you may roll a Disable Device and add half your Know: Engi to it, or just a straight Knowledge Engineering.

Your current roll is not enough, and the terminal locks you out.

A Knowledge: Engineering, Craft Explosive, or Craft Alchemy will tell you how to make the door go away.

Female Human 3rd Barbarian

Lilith stands back from the door after giving it a once over, "This baby will take a whole ton beating before we can take her down, maybe one of you boys will be of more help then I am." She replies as she raps on the door listening to the loud metallic clang it makes.

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

Craft Alchemy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12


Crispy notices that the door is held into place by only two hinges, but they are pretty strong. A concentrated blast would take them off, and the door would just fall down.

Your Alchemy roll was not enough, and you'll be using more ingredients than you intended.

2 box of Blamo
1 Buffout
3 shotgun shells

This is gonna be loud...

Male Human 1 Cleric (Merciful Healer)

Snagging a Shotgun and shells, Logan says, "My readouts are indicating a trace amount of radiation in a couple of water bottles. The rest of this stuff seems to be uneffected."

M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)

Whoa, these are some good parts in the hands of someone who can use them. Luckily those hands are mine.

Seeing the look of destruction he knows so well on his brother's face, Scab interjects:

"whoa whoa whoa, before we use all our supplies to blast this thing, lemme give the terminal another shot. I know you love to blow things up, but you know im stingy with my shotgun shells."

Unlock Terminal: 1d20 + 7 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 7 + 4 = 14

"Weeeelllp, hell. Looks like that door is gonna need some blastin'."

Alchemy: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (19) + 9 = 28 on the blastin'

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

"Alright guys, I have a plan. I'll need 2 boxes of Mac&Cheese, 1 Buffout, and 3 Shotgun Shells. I'll use the Buffout as a loading pin, the shells as a fuse, and... well... they don't call it Blamo for nothing. Let me know when you guys are ready for me to set off the explosion. There'll probably be some sort of... retaliation? Is that a good word? Anyway, there'll probably be something on the other side."

Such a waste of Mac&Cheese.


M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)
"Crispy" Frank wrote:

Such a waste of Mac&Cheese.


Female Human 3rd Barbarian

Lilith hands the two boxes of Blamo she had picked up along with 3 of her shotgun shells. "here ya are mate, I do not have the Buffout though.

Male Human 1 Cleric (Merciful Healer)

"Easy there, scaly. We still do not know if anyone is inside. At the very least we must getout of here."

Human Alchemist 4|Init +1|HP 39/39|Fort 5|Ref 4|Will 4|AC 15

While the others plan their pyrotechnics, Marcel quietly bends over and examines the door lock; he passes his hand over it, flutters his fingers and then steps back.

Disable Device:1d20 + 8 ⇒ (15) + 8 = 23

"Afraid I've never known your fascination with making things to 'boom'- out in the wasteland, loud is dead."

Male Human Paladin 4

"That may be true, Marcel. Luckily enough, we are not in the wasteland."

Human Alchemist 4|Init +1|HP 39/39|Fort 5|Ref 4|Will 4|AC 15

"True enough. And even when you're out there you always find the odd recalcitrant door or wall that just won't yield to a gentle touch. That's why I carry my special extra-large lockpick..."

Marcel reaches into his backpack and draws out the head and half the shaft of a large fire-axe, before stowing it back away.

"Sadly not quite as effective on metal- though metal always means more order and design than wood; which means the subtler methods work better at convincing a building you're meant to be here."

Male Human Paladin 4

"Very true, Marcel. I see how you obtained your surname. Are you proficient in that axe's use as a weapon as well?"

Female Human 3rd Barbarian

"Aye loud is bad, seen a many comrades go down like that when I was out in the wastes. Especially when escaping for F$%*ing slaver. They sometimes can hear the drop of a pin." She replies hoping that the door was unlocked twirling her axe in her hand in case something should attack.

M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)

"Sometimes you gotta crack eggs to make omelettes. Do you smoothskins even remember eggs or omelettes? Those were good times..."

I'm gonna assume Marcel did something to that door with his disable roll.

With an audible "click" the door opens, sliding smoothly on it's hinges to reveal a passage way that descends into the depths of the earth...or at least into the Vault.

The passageway is lit from the florescent lighting above. It continues down for a good distance, then turns to the left(north).

The passage opens to a large and open atrium with two floors. All the lights are on in the Atrium, except for a large round window that oversees the Atrium.

There is a staircase on the wall you came from, as well as two more sets of stairs on the opposite wall. On the west wall is a doorway with the words "Engineering" above it. Across the diner on the east wall is a room that is marked "Medical Bay."

On the second floor is a balcony with two doors on the west, two on the east. The doors on the east are marked "Diner" and "Lobby" while the west is marked "Dorms" and "Overseer."

I need Perception rolls from everyone.

Female Human 3rd Barbarian

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12 I think I see it and am screwed

Human Alchemist 4|Init +1|HP 39/39|Fort 5|Ref 4|Will 4|AC 15

Yeah sorry I was unlocking the door.
Marcel gives a tight smile as the door responds to his touch. "There we go... smooth as good old American napalm."

He sticks his head through the door and carefully examines the stairway and atrium.

"Annnndd..... no people. Or corpses. Or wreckage. Just a well-maintained vault. That is completely empty. Excellent."

Marcel draws two switchblades and flicks them open, pointing them at the ground as he warily looks around. "I say we go to the Overseer's office- from what I've heard about vaults like these, that's usually where all or most of the security cam feeds head to."

Perception:1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9

Male Human Paladin 4

"Agreed. Should there be anyone present, the leader is the one we should be speaking to."

Taking point, and turning off his headlamps, Edward cautiously heads for the passageway labeled "Overseer" with his new assault rifle readied.

Male Human Paladin 4

1d20 - 1 ⇒ (15) - 1 = 14 perception

M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)

perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13

"Well, i think engineering would be where i could do the most good... I say we go there second."

Female Human 3rd Barbarian

I agree as well, and then the medical facility. There is bound to be supplies there for later.

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