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Old Orleans, New Trouble: A Fallout Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master SinBlade06

Old Orleans is in need of heros. Is this you? A campaign based off of Fallout 3.

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Here you may discuss the game, the play system, your dogs, whatever.

Good luck!

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

"My dog and I were playing fetch with a stick of Dynamite."

M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)

"you all get eaten by a deathclaw, /reroll"

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

My new character shall be Crispier Frank.

Male Human Paladin 4

[Racist Indiana Jones]"Ghouls....why'd it have to be ghouls..."[/Racist Indiana Jones]

Just kidding, "Boom" Brothers.

Looking forward to this game, can't wait to see the chaos.

PS, my replacement character is probably a Wastelander Sniper (Trapper Ranger) if it comes to that.

M Human

Yeah my next will be a super mutant gun tank, I'm calling dibs on it now hahaha

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

Crispy will survive. You can count on that.

Male Human 1 Cleric (Merciful Healer)

Boom! No body dies on my watch even if you look like you have, chum.

Male Human 1 Cleric (Merciful Healer)

Edward, I am going to hitch up with you. Ready to support, haha.

M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)

I wonder what these vaultie softskins are gonna think of the Bomb Brothers heh heh heh



Going back into the shadows to lurk now, bye bye [/handwave]

Human Alchemist 4|Init +1|HP 39/39|Fort 5|Ref 4|Will 4|AC 15

This should be much fun.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Female Human 3rd Barbarian

I see you fancy looking at your feet Brother Edward...tell me do they show any signs of evil?

Also my replacement character would be a mysterious Stranger gunslinger archetype. Should we die

Male Human 1 Cleric (Merciful Healer)

I need to choose a second language,any suggestions?

Male Human 1 Cleric (Merciful Healer)

I also need to add armor and weapons to my profile today after work.

Human Alchemist 4|Init +1|HP 39/39|Fort 5|Ref 4|Will 4|AC 15

I'd go for Chinese or Trader Cant.

You said that you have a .44 magnum. Is it scoped or unscoped? And will this be your free weapon or do you want to take a Martial weapon for free?

As a Cleric, you may take Martial Weapon Proficiency at 1st lvl as a bonus feat, since you don't have a Deity.

If you wish, you may use a faction as a Deity, and have these feats instead. All of them will have the Healing domain, so as to avoid confusion:

Brotherhood of Steel (LG): Laser Rifle
Enclave (LN): Plasma Rifle
Wastes (TN): Assault Rifle
Communistic China (LE): Chinese Assault Rifle
Super Mutants (CN): Hunting Rifle
Talon Company (NE): Combat Shotgun

As for armor, I'd recommend a suit of Combat Armor and a Combat Helmet, found here. Very strong, easy to find, and in Operation Anchorage, Field Medics wore these with the medical cross on them, so it would fit in the Marshes perfectly.

Again, this is just my idea.

Brotherhood as Diety, Combat Armor and Helmet it is. Thanks for thinking that up. Marcel, Chinese is a great idea. Chinese will be my second language. I'll get a Laser Rifle later since I have already gone with the .44 Mag. It is unscoped.

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

My first character in Fallout:3 died because there were too many radroaches. Seriously, 5-6 of the things at low levels with no real weapon makes for a tough fight.

M Ghoul Engineer 4 (HP 19/27)


Picked up Fallout 3 and New Vegas the other day for some research. I think I like the roleplaying version we have going here better than the video game, lol. And the games are damned fun. To me, that is really saying something.

M Human

I didnt like new vegas. i felt the story was garbage compared to fallout 3. in 3, you are following the trail of your lost father, whereas in New Vegas, its just "sum1 shot me so im mad lolz grrr"

Female Human 3rd Barbarian

I do like 3 better. I have GOTY edition on my PC right now. I spoke with the Gm and anything that involves a survival to normally look for stuff in rooms etc., I can use a Profession instead which is pretty kick ass for lv 1.

M Human

yeah he said scavenge could be profession or survival, i used survival since i had it as a skill.

Male Human Paladin 4

Not like New Vegas? Sacrilege !

I love every single one, from 1 on up to Vegas!

M Human

as much as i try to give old games a chance, i couldnt get into the old fallouts. i didnt have a computer back then so i had played F3 first, and i liked the first player nature of it. plus if i remember correctly the first ones were hard for no reason (as games often were back then)

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

I've done Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I prefered New Vegas over 3 because the whole game was just simply brighter, the story moved faster, in my opinion, and the other characters didn't seem like they were cut from cardboard. Granted, the whole game series doesn't feel like that, but 3's characters just seemed a little cliche'd to me by comparison.

Male Human Paladin 4

I cut my teeth on Fallout, so "hard just because" seemed pretty normal to me.

Made it easier when I started playing D&D too...scavenge everything, trust none, etc.

I've played both Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and I personally prefer 3 just because of the cliches in it. Sure I don't mind having an ammo reloading station that lets me make MFC out of anything else, but I enjoy looking around the ruins of what was Washington DC. Vegas just doesn't appeal as much to me. I'd totally get NV if I could, don't get me wrong.

M Human

Not sure how we are doing looting but I've been trying to take a roughly fair share

Female Human 3rd Barbarian

I am guessing it is just take what we think we need or want and that is about the extent of it. If there is a disagreement on something like I wanted [Insert item here] We can negotiate something with that.

So, due to unforeseen circumstances, my computer is gonna be in the shop for about 2-3 weeks. Don't worry, I'll still be able to post as often as I can.

When I was done typing that last line in the gameplay thread, there was a clap of thunder outside. Freaky!

M Human

ah i love fallout PbP so much i wish i was playing in two of them right now hahahaha

so many ideas.

on that note, i am in the extremely early stages of looking at possibly running an Exodus campaign (by Glutton Creeper Games). Note all the non-definitive statements in there) I have the books on pdf and some adventures, just trying to internalize the information for a better gaming experience.

FYI: Exodus was supposed to be fallout pen and paper but they got slapped with a cease and desist from Bethesda while they were about to release fallout 3. it seems like an older system, lacking polish, but still very cool. if/when i decide to do it i will let you all know.

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

Sounds like a plan, also:

"For the last time, guys, the Buffout is so that I'll be high enough to shoot the locks!"

"Then why do you need Blamo Mac and Cheese?"


That reminds me so much of Dr. Weird...anyone?

Female Human 3rd Barbarian

Sounds like what happened with the original Elder Scrolls online. Bethesda told them to stop with Oblivion online. I have a feeling that is gonna happen to the current Elder Scrolls online as well.

M Human

As far as i know, Bethesda is co-producing ESO.

The Exchange

Male Human? Shirker/3

Prepare to fight!

Goes last in the Initiative collumn.



1 person marked this as a favorite.
Male Cuddly L'il Fuzzy Hamster Psion (Telepath) 20

Perhaps brother Edward's battle cry should be "Wait, what?"

Male Human 1 Cleric (Merciful Healer)

So with combat helmet and armor how should my DR/AC look? I am just a little confused as to how we ended up on that front.

M Human

you add the DR from your armor and helmet together. so for me that was 18+5=23.

but dont get too confident, radiation i think bypasses that, plus rogue sneak attacks and things of large size or larger (or maybe it was huge)

Your Combat Armor is a 32, and your helmet is a 5.

The AC is whatever you think is an appropriate substitute from the list Bilbo (you) gave us for ACs from Pathfinder Modern.

By the way, you're up. Good luck :)

Female Human 3rd Barbarian

A zero...your helmet must be on backwards today too. Ah well, one of these days you will out shine us all :3

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Human Alchemist 4|Init +1|HP 39/39|Fort 5|Ref 4|Will 4|AC 15

He's got DR 48! Don't think of him as our radar, more as a portable tower shield. That's how I'm planning on using him until I can get Weapon Finesse.

Male Human Paladin 4

My shoes are very shiny.

Just wait til I can vital strike + deadly aim with my 3d10 laser rifle...


Human Alchemist 4|Init +1|HP 39/39|Fort 5|Ref 4|Will 4|AC 15

GM, how do you handle posting and initiative order? Do we post whenever and you post a summary? Do we wait for our specific turn and then act? Does the group before the enemy act, then the enemy, then the remaining group acts?

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

A "Wise" Question.


In the past I have always found it works best for the GM to post the summary and resolution. Moves things a long a little faster in PbP.

Human Alchemist 4|Init +1|HP 39/39|Fort 5|Ref 4|Will 4|AC 15

Going as initiative in a group though prevents issues with the enemies' actions upsetting posts by people lower down in the initiative order.

Real-game example: Everyone posted, then the enemy- who was mid-way in the init order, used his Sea Serpent powers to grapple half of us. Much confusion.

Male Ghoul Alchemist 3

One of the games I'm GMing had a player who was going last said "I'm going to wait for everybody else to go so as to avoid confusion."

If I'm going after the enemies, then I'll wait for the enemies post.

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