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Old Debts Repaid: A Carrion Crown Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master PirateDevon

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Male Human (Ustalav) Holy Gun/Mysterious Stranger 1

"I could have a look, but I bet the other doors are locked as fast as that. Xaeken, you check the right side, I'll have a look down the left."

Adimov walks as far as the corner of the building, and looks to see if there's another door visible, then strolls back to where Lorrent is waiting.

Perception => 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

Xaeken walks around the other side and looks around.

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8Nice!

Seeing nothing of note he returns.

A moment passes and then a few more as Lorrent stands at the doors and the other two look around but notice little. After 3 or 4 minutes there is the distinct sound of the bar being removed from the door.

An elderly man pokes his head out the door and you recognize him to be Father Grimburrow from the service the day before. He appears to have been roused from bed and as he looks at the three of you he nods slowly. There is whispering behind him and gives an annoyed look at the source but then turns his eyes back to you.

Good morning gentleman, I did not think to see you here so close to the rising hour. How can I help you?

The man remains mostly covered by the door but his tone is neither confrontational nor fearful.

M Human Cleric 1/Sin Eater 1

Lorrent relaxes the tension in his jaw and gently nods at the elderly man.
Apologies for rousing you so early. Please be assured that I would not have done so if I didn't feel it urgent.
Lorrent glances at the closed door.
My we come in out of this morning cold. Our visit for now will likely be short but these are things best not spoken of in the open.

Grimburrow looks over the group again and it is plain that he is flexing his jaw as he looks the lot of you over. For a moment it seems he might say no before he opens the door wide and waves you in to follow.

Guiding you into the main room the church is a dark room with stained glass and sconced lanterns that flicker upon the blacks, blues and purple of Pharasma's church. The floor and furniture is simple wood but the dias at the front features a set of elaborate tapestries, silver floor set candlabras and a silver and steel statue of sorts that appears to be a book pedestal with a metal book upon it.

There are a series of arches and portals that speak to side rooms and so on (the church from what you can tell is perhaps one of the largest buildings in the town) but the symmetry of stark to grand only seems to amplify the cold and constrict the room.

Grimburrow, wearing a simple robe much like the acolyte waves the men to follow as he walks the main row between the simple hewn pews, It is always cold in here, as I'm sure you can imagine sir...what was your name...and your title? He does not look over his shoulder but it is plain that he addresses Lorrent.

M Human Cleric 1/Sin Eater 1

I am Lorrent Baldin an Inquisitor of Pharasma and old friend of proffesor Lorrimor. It is on such business that we come seeking your aid. We are investigating some suspicions around his death and continuing to follow leads that he left behind regarding a possible cult of necromancers.

The cleric stops for a moment but does not say anything as he waves you forward through the chapel to a room through a side door. Through the door is an office. The space is large and features a few bookshelves, a stone hearth with fire and a few basic wooden chairs set around a table. To the side a small writing desk and chair feature an ongoing illumination left out to be resumed at some future moment.

Grimburrow waves at the table. It is not often I have a seeker such as yourself come, Lorrent Baladin. The church here has been it focus and has not always seen fit to recognize the more...esoteric notions of the faith.

Grimburrow sits a moment and looks the lot of you over then resumes, You have had quite the arrival in town with a less than warm welcome. Lorrimor was not the most devout but he was respectful. He deserved better. But your insinuation...about...a...cult was it? Forgive me if they seem a little outlandish.

The man looks at the lot of you.

Male Human (Ustalav) Holy Gun/Mysterious Stranger 1

"Evil, when left to fester, will flourish in even the tiniest niche," says Adimov, glowering at the priest. "I've seen things you wouldn't believe, Father. Acts too unspeakable to even describe in this holy place. If Lorrimor was right, a great darkness is coming—one that will consume this town in blood, and death. We aim to stop that from happening, and we need your help."

Diplomacy => 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

M Human Cleric 1/Sin Eater 1

Lorrent nods at what Adimov has to say then turns back to the priest.
Let us hope that it is outlandish, but Lorrimor was not often wrong. Even if there is a remote possibility, then I would like to at least investigate further.

So be it. You are a fellow cleric of Her faith and I will not ignore your concerns, regardless of my skepticism. Tell me what I and my brothers and sisters of Ravengro might help...

Go ahead and roll Diplomacy (Or Intimidate or Bluff depending on your general tone/tack. Also let him know what you want.

Unfamiliar to other than the basics of the faith and not interested in promoting any further concerns or distrust Xaeken stays to the back of the trio and relatively quiet, nodding or moving to accept his seat but offering little vocalization at this point.

M Human Cleric 1/Sin Eater 1

For the time being, all we ask is permission to enter the crypts. We believe there may be something of interest down there. Other than that, if we can leave you and your followers out of the troubles, we will.
Lets try diplomacy first: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (15) + 1 = 16

As the conversation rolls on, Lorrent uses the time to get a better sense of the priest.
Senze Motive: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (15) + 10 = 25

Grimburrow sets his jaw as Lorrent talks and it is obvious that he is sour on the notion of the group entering the crypts. There doesn't seem to be a malice at play more a simple issue of "impropriety".

I appreciate your stated goal but I simply cannot see the value in disturbing the honored and rested dead looking for "something of interest". If you had some evidence that might aid your assertions about necromancy or some other, more specific, case to make I would certainly offer you the courtesy your title affords you...but at the moment I cannot let your whimsy suffice.

Male Human (Ustalav) Holy Gun/Mysterious Stranger 1

"The things we seek are tools to ward off evil spirits, hidden in a false crypt by your predecessors, likely because they knew what pigheaded fools were likely to take their places. I'm surprised they even trust you with sharp objects."

Adimov bangs his fist on the table for effect, and sticks a finger right in the old preist's face. "If you have an iota of sense, you'll let us into that crypt. Otherwise, the blood of every person in this town will be on your hands."

Intimidate => 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11

GM Screen:

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

Grimburrow frowns deeply and crimson flushes his pale skin. Moving to stand he gestures to the door, his jaw flexing and his tone wavering. I have no need to suffer such abuse. You will leave.

M Human Cleric 1/Sin Eater 1

Lorrent takes a sharp, deep breath and nods at the door for the others to leave. As he rises, he turns a sharp eye back to the priest.
I apologize for the gunslinger. We are all tired after traveling a long way to bury a friend and our reception in this town has been less than cordial. The doors of my own church were even initially shut in my face. I did not give specifics of the situation out of disrespect but simply because I would prefer to leave you and yours out of the trouble. You ask for more evidence? I believe you have already seen it. Professor Lorrimor did not die of an accident, he was murdered. His face was smashed to the point that attempts to speak with his spirit are all but impossible, then staged to look like an accidental fall. Tell me priest, how many people have you seen fall and not attempt to save themselves with their hands? Were his face that broken, then his hands and arms should have been as well. I understand your concerns for respecting the dead. I am Her servant after all, and I would no more disturb the dead than I would defile my own ancestors. I simply ask for a little trust amongst those her follow Her teachings. Perhaps we could try again sometime and find it with each other. That would be preferable to the alternative but if the alternative is the only option, then I will still do what is necessary.
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5 Hell yeah I'm awesome ;p

Male Human (Ustalav) Holy Gun/Mysterious Stranger 1

Adimov narrows his eyes at the blustering priest, but takes the que from Lorrent. He turns on his heel and storms out.

Xaeken follows the others out. After leaving the building the Tengu will turn to the other two, Well now that we are sure they will not be offering aid, what do we do next?

M Human Cleric 1/Sin Eater 1

Where is the false crypt in relation to the church?

North of the vhurch in the graveyard

M Human Cleric 1/Sin Eater 1

Lorrent keeps his voice low as he speaks to the others.
I'm afriad we may now wish to wait until nightfall to enter the crypt unless we also wish to deal with the local authorities. In the meantime, we may as well get to know the town better. Unless you two have other ideas?

Male Human (Ustalav) Holy Gun/Mysterious Stranger 1

"Nightfall will likely be the best time. Let us go and see what this town has to offer."

Look over the map on the campaign tab and let me know where you want to go first.

Male Human (Ustalav) Holy Gun/Mysterious Stranger 1

It would help if we had a key for the map.

You don't have a key because you don't know what things are. O:)

Male Human (Ustalav) Holy Gun/Mysterious Stranger 1

Okay so where are we even on the map, Mr. smart-GM?

i suppose we should go to that cluster of buildings on the right side of the map.

OOhhh yyeeaaahhh. You are at E. N is the Lorrimor house. Let me know which direction you want to approach town from (N/S)

M Human Cleric 1/Sin Eater 1

Lorrent suggests that the group approach the town center from the north since the party hasn't really seen that part of town yet.

Male Human (Ustalav) Holy Gun/Mysterious Stranger 1

"Suits me well enough. Lead the way."

Sorry will have this up later today. Lost a post to the ether and it sorta chagrined me.

Pick a letter, any letter. Key is up on campaign page.

Male Human (Ustalav) Holy Gun/Mysterious Stranger 1

As the trio marches their way to the northern bridge Adimov says little, mulling over in his head the encounter with the preist. With such ignorant and self-serving clergy, is it any wonder that darkness has been allowed to fester in the heart of this town? It is burns in Adimov's heart that he must go behind the Father's back, but this is why he has sworn himself to this path. He must protect the innocent, even if it means bending the rules.

When the reach the town square he looks about at the signs outside the buildings, and at the townspeople attending to their early morning business. "The Laughing Demon, The Silk Purse... ill names. Perhaps we should each explore on our own for a bit, lest we startle these people. I don't think they're accustomed to strangers tarrying in their midst overly long," he says.

"I think I'll have a look at the Unfurled Scroll, and then perhaps the Apothecary. If anyone tries to kill you, just yell."

Considering my appearance I believe it would be best if I at least stayed with one of you. Xaeken tilts his head to Lorrent, Perhaps as Adimov looks to explore you and I might strike out to investigate whatever piques your interest?

M Human Cleric 1/Sin Eater 1

Lorrent gives Adimov a wry grin and nods at Xaeken.
Perhaps that would be best.
Lorrent glances toward town with a thoughtful expression.
In a small town such as this, there are two places where gossip flows. Taverns and general stores. As the former are likely not providing much service at this hour, I think I'll start at the store. I would also like to pay a visit to our gunshot patient this morning as well.

Adimov Approaching he Unfurled Scroll the gunslinger sees an odd sight; children idling in front. Upon approach the children look to be anywhere from 7 to 12 and each of them has, either on their person or near them, a book or two bundled with random sheafs of paper.

The building itself seems like a classic piece of Ustalavian architecture, storefront on the bottom floor featuring tall windows while the top looks to be a peaked thatch and shingle roofed apartment so that the ever wary shopkeep need not stray far from his storefront.

Inside, an older man dressed in vintage robes mutters to himself as he throws his hands about with articulated gestures. Small objects fly to and fro while a series of desks and a chalkboard on wheeled legs move themselves into position.

The kids sullenly look after Lorrent but offer no commentary. The half stair that leads to the door of the shop remains unobstructed though the door itself is closed.

Lorrent and Xaeken
The General Store is brightly lit and well organized with rows and shelves featuring a variety of common goods and supplies. Transitioning from pots and pans, seed sacks and plow tools the more "exotic fare" such as skill kits and standard adventuring fare like torches and lockpicks are featured on waist high benches easily viewed from the master counter that runs parallel to the store's back wall.

Behind the counter a tall suit of finely crafted plate armor menaces the store as a silent guardian. Next to it, studying a book furtively, sits a man in his mid fifties with a thin build and wispy hair. He seems to have not noticed the entrance of either the cleric or the samurai despite the loud bell that jangled upon your entrance to the store.

Male Human (Ustalav) Holy Gun/Mysterious Stranger 1

Adimov strides up to the door and taps lightly twice, before letting himself inside.

"Pardon me," he says, "I took this for a shop, but it looks more a classroom. I hope I am not intruding."

"I'm new in town, and unfortunately I feel I may have made a poor introduction of myself yesterday. I'm hoping to change that today." He extends his hand to robed man.

Diplomacy => 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25

The elder wizard looks right ready for a sneer and a rude word but the regale bearing and proper accounting of person that Adimov presents seems to set the man at ease. Taking the extended hand the wizard nods slightly before returning to his flitting about.

Alendru Ghoroven. Forgive me as I continue my work as we share our introduction. He continues to direct the unseen forces to move things about and the room continue to turn itself into a classroom. Quite right that I intend the space as a mercantile exercise to reap profit from my expertise and keep the passerby magically prepared. Sadly the good folk of Ravengro are woefully illiterate in such matters and are in a desperate need of education. I suppose in a way I am hoping that if enough of these simpering brats get educated they may one day be worthy of procuring my wares...Alendru punctuates his statement with a wave of his hand sending a mass of books flying off the shelves into a stack at the front of the class space.

And you were looking for what Mr...?

M Human Cleric 1/Sin Eater 1

Lorrent briefly mills about the store looking at the wares on display until he nears the counter. There he makes a point of admiring the armor.
Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17

That's a fine piece of work. Was that made by someone here in town?

Nothing much jumps out at Lorrent but there are plenty of standard fare items that might be useful if you were looking to head into the wilderness for any extended period.

Making his way to the counter the cleric notes the armor, That's a fine piece of work. Was that made by someone here in town?

Shocked by the voice, the man jumps from his chair but makes to smooth his hair then his shirt as he reaches for a pair of worn spectacles and pushes them onto his face as he addresses the new patron, Ah no...I mean yes, that is to say it was made in town many many years ago but the maker has long since past. Wife's father's father ya see.

Male Human (Ustalav) Holy Gun/Mysterious Stranger 1

"I gave up my name some years ago. Those with reason to know me call me Adimov."

"Unfortunately I'm no arcanist, or I suspect I'd quickly become your best customer. Though if events develop as they often do for me, I may yet find myself in the market for your wares. Rumor has it that there are ghosts in this area, particularly around the old prison north of town."

That means you talk next Lorrent ;-p son of a b#&&! I lost my response to Admiov...GGggggrrrr

The elderly wizard looks askance at Admiov and stops his preparation. I've no cause to look after stories of hauntings and normally I consider most stories of such to be superstitious clap trap. Mathematically, occurrences of such phenomenon is exceptionally rare. That said, you seem to be of good breeding so perhaps something of the sort is going on. Return this afternoon, we can look through my wares then.

Seemingly more an order than a recommendation, Ghoroven finishes his work and returns to his desk, picking up a small bell and ringing it. The students begin to shuffle into the room and take their spaces.

M Human Cleric 1/Sin Eater 1

Sorry about the very late response, had a really long week at work.

Lorrent smiles at the elderly man.
Proves there is more to this town than a weary traveler might first notice. I'm new here and was wondering if you could help me get my bearings. I often find that general stores are a sort of town hub as to the comings and goings.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10

Male Human (Ustalav) Holy Gun/Mysterious Stranger 1

"I'll not keep you from your lessons." Adimov bows genteelly and steps out, shutting the door behind him. Not seeing Lorrent or Xaeken on the street, he heads to his next destination, the Apothecary shop.

The man looks past Lorrent at Xaeken but then back over to Lorrent, I suppose that is true in some places, not sure it is true here...but that said whatcha trying to find?


Adimov moves across the square to the apothecary, a few morning travelers and the like over a lingering gaze or two but nothing too controversial. Stepping through the door of the shop the room smells of a myriad of potions, powders, salves and supplies. The overall effect is somewhat close to cedar or clove but is rudely interrupted by less favorable wafts of various items.

The store, or so it would appear, is empty save for its wares.

M Human Cleric 1/Sin Eater 1

For now, just our way around. In my experience, smaller towns can often be weary of outsiders and as you can see, we are a bit... Lorrent gestures at Xaeken...Eccentric.
Other's have already tried to create problems with us and we'd like to avoid more if possible. It would be kind if you could recommend people, or places, we should avoid. And of course, those we might find helpful.

As the conversation carries on, Lorrent studies the man, his general person, responses to his questions, as well as why he didn't hear them enter.
Sense Motive: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (2) + 10 = 12
Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22

Sorry Owen was ill and its played have with my schedule.

The owner of the general store nods on as Lorrent speaks and Lorrent gets the impression that while he has no LOVE of strangers he seems to care about his shop and not too much else. Not a threat.

Oh most folks might bluster but all the shopkeeps are right to do by, they love the coin after all. I'd steer clear more the political types, councilmen of some stripes are liable to be elitist as is their way...and of course the laborers and more mundane folks of the town...the sorts that aren't used to doing business with the passersby. No strong recommendations or warning just...know that is the lay of things.

Adimov doing anything in the empty store?

M Human Cleric 1/Sin Eater 1

Lorrent nods to the elderly clerk.
Thank you for the input. On a slightly different matter, we've been hearing unsavory rumors about the old Harrowstone prison. Do you know anything about the place, or perhaps someone else who would?
Sense Motive1d20 + 10 ⇒ (18) + 10 = 28

Male Human (Ustalav) Holy Gun/Mysterious Stranger 1

"Hello?" calls Adimov. "The shop door was open. Is anyone about?"

Lorrent - The man looks at Lorrent with an expression that seems surprised, more so from the directness of the topic than anything else, it may be a fairly taboo topic in town...Oh there are stories you know, kids try to touch the walls then run that sort of thing...then of course there's the Professor...and whatever he was up to...

Adimov The room is quiet and there is no response.

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