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Of Battle, Wolves and Winter.

Game Master GM Drachenfels

A grim world of perilous adventure.

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The Great Enchanter

PINVENDOR: Ah, congratulations to Steinmann! I updated his rank. And indeed, Aimes is over his post limit but I'm not too worried about it. If Aimes does indeed survive the dangerous path he's walking, I can always make a new Avatar for him.

The Great Enchanter


Flitting towards you, moving from one broken building to the next, you can see the hulking form of Lackey Guntermann inching ever closer to the shattered manor you find yourselves in. Watching the man, it's easy to see why his skills are so coveted on the Snotball Fields of the Empire. Lackey is huge, but as fast as a jungle cat! In mere moments he's gone from sight, and then, quite suddenly, you hear his voice behind you!

"Joo ready to kick sum Chaos ass?" the behemoth of a man chuckles, "I gots some big booms ere, ready to rumble!"

You can see Guntermann has carried an impossibly large sack filled with explosive Snotballs along with him. They clank to the floor ominously as the brute laughs.

The Great Enchanter


One by one you watch as your men filter back into the tunnel, pushing into the hidden passage, dragging Kurgan bodies behind them. You can feel that time is running out.

"That's the last of them, sir." Sergeant Steinmann says, watching Aimes and Roteshemd clear the rubble and vanish into the darkness. "I'll take up the rear. You first, Captain."

The world around you grows claustrophobic once again as you shamble into the tight confines of the half collapsed tunnel, marching deeper down the steep decline and into the waters beyond: SPLASH! Ahead, several soldiers are pulling the now mostly empty dingy along with them.

"Ewwww, I can still smell it!" Aimes complains, "You don't think the thing came back do you?"

"Private, focus on what you're doing and try not to think too much!" Sergeant Steinmann calls ahead from the back of the rank and file mesh of men. "Let's get to that breach and into the river."

Just then, quite suddenly, everything is noise and sound and screams of terror...

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The Great Enchanter


From where you find yourselves, both in the tunnel and hidden outside in the ruined buildings of Wolfenburg, the initial sound of the cannonade firing is a distant thunderous blast: BOOM, BOOOOM, BOOOOOM! And then, after long worry filled moments, the dreaded whistle of incoming artillery fire reaches your ears!

A shrill shriek fills the air like the howling of a hundred banshees, the huge explosive shells tear through the night, a threat of impending doom!

There are three cannons opening fire on the location of the flare that Albrecht sent skyward. I'll be rolling Ballistic checks for each cannon. A success will indicate the cannon has found the flare and thus slam into the ranks of the incoming Khorne daemons. A miss will indicate that the blast lands elsewhere. A double or fumble will mean a direct hit to the tower or the manor home:

Imperial Cannon Revenge: 1d100 ⇒ 97 vs 45: FUMBLE!

Imperial Cannon Doomhammer: 1d100 ⇒ 99 vs 45: EPIC FUMBLE!

Imperial Cannon Foecrusher: 1d100 ⇒ 77 vs 45: EPIC SUPERNATURAL SUCCESS!

HOW ARE RESULTS LIKE THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?! That being said, I'll let you all mull over the possible consequences of those fumbles and the epic nature of that 77 for a bit before I continue this update...

Master Burner

Albrecht follows his... well he doesn't know what to call Lutke just yet. His once comrade? Surely. His ally? Possibly. Friend? Albrecht never had many of those. What was for certain was their Fates had been twined together for awhile now, and it seemed unlikely that they would spiral apart anytime soon. He sticks with him.

"Lutke, let's get down in those tunnels."

The Great Enchanter

Now that we've seen the results from the Imperial attack, we'll need to decide where the two respective fumbles land. I'll do this with a standard 50/50 roll: 01-50 is the Tower, 51 to 100 is the Manor.

Imperial Cannon Revenge: 1d100 ⇒ 97 vs 45: FUMBLE!

1d100 ⇒ 22: TOWER HIT!

Imperial Cannon Doomhammer: 1d100 ⇒ 99 vs 45: EPIC FUMBLE!


Excellent, *rubs hands together*. Now that we know the results of those impacts, I'll prepare to write up the fallout from those awe inspired fumbles.

I'll handle the result of the 77 and the effect it has on the Chaos forces in a separate post. I see we have a lot of interesting ideas on what could happen floating around the discussion thread, heh.

The Trapmaster

Lutke nods. "Aye, Albrecht. I agree that Captain Biedelmann's suggestion seems to be a wise decision considering..." Lutke casts a significant glance at the astounding devastation created by one snotbomb.

"These things should definitely be able to take down that accursed daemonic weapon."

Lutke hefts the bomb he had acquired from one of the downed soldiers. He would have to think carefully before he used this.

Lutke follows Albrecht into the tunnel, Captain Biedelmann and the-now-Sergeant Steinmann right behind. Several soldiers had been waiting for their entry and immediately moved some tower rubble that had been propping up against the entry way. Hopefully, this would make this door look like just another closet that collapsed.

As the last piece fell into place, the cramped feel of the stone and the darkness not illuminated by the thin light of storm lanterns made the shadows seem darker, and an ill feeling swept its way past Lutke. He shuddered and hoped they hadn't just made a mistake returning to this damp and dark place.

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Male Dwarf

Krak hears the whine of incomming artillary.

"Ah good, seems like our boys are bringin dah heat on dah baddies"

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male Dwarf

Looking up, Boom removes his mask.

....."ummmmm, Krak. I think ve might have a problem"

The Great Enchanter


It's nearly impossible to describe the cacophony of chaos that explodes around you as the Imperial artillery hits what once was East Tower. The blast is deafening, a bone shattering, teeth cracking impact that lurches you off your feet and slams you into the timbers above!

You see several Wolfenburg Warriors fly into the air, suspended in space and time for a moment, as the secret passage beneath the bridge seems to twist and buckle, the waters that had pocketed the base of the tunnel spray this way and that. You can't help but feel like fish in a barrel, being tossed about by some massive giant.

From the Eye of the Raven, a huge plume of dust and fire arcs into the night sky, burning rubble and debris fly hundreds of feet into the air, spinning into the burning streets of Wolfenburg and splashing down into the frozen river below!

This was not a "direct" hit on the party, but the blast is substantial and the tunnel is collapsing. Everyone in the tunnel must now make a Fortune Test +20% (Fate Points x 10 +20%). If you fail the roll, immediately make a check against your Toughness. Either way, let me know the results and we'll carry on from there.

Master Burner

Fortune Roll: 1d100 ⇒ 58 vs 40 Failure

Toughness: 1d100 ⇒ 70 vs 30 Double Failure

The shockwave rumbles through tower's floor into the tunnels. Those thrice damned Imperials! They hit the tower! Had his signal not been clear?! Albrecht's patience was waning with these men, they did everything in their power to shoot themselves in the blasted foot.

He fumed for a moment, a burning in his chest being fed by the stones soft thrum.

Male Human Captain

Lucas finds himself thrown from his feet as the rubble behind him pushes him like a giant hand of dirt. Shallyah preserve us! Lucas prays.

FP=2, Fate Roll 20+20=40 v. 1d100 ⇒ 29 = Success

Dazed, Lucas coughs as the tunnel fills with dust and a cacophony of noise.

"What in the bloody--AIEEEEEEEEE!"

1d100 ⇒ 79 vs 50 (Fate +20%): FAILED!

1d100 ⇒ 91 vs 35 (Toughness): FAILED!

Heh, poor Private Aimes.

As one of the last men to enter the tunnel, Aimes is also closest to the blast radius. One moment he's there, the next the passage above him explodes and collapses, two tons of brick and wood fall in on the man, crushing him to a bloody pulp in a moment!

The last thought that races through the mind of the young Private is the cool uncaring face of the Gravin staring down at him in disapproval.

"You've failed me, Lukas," she seemed to say. "I'm very disappointed in you."

Lukas Aimes, Private in the Wolfenburg Army, and enthralled lover to the Lady Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Liebewitz of Ambosstein, died then and there.

There would be no funeral.

The Great Enchanter

ALBRECHT: I would advise spending a Fortune Point to re-roll your failed attempt. It might save your life!

Male Human Private

The world around Herr Roteshemd comes crashing down!

1d100 ⇒ 21 vs 50 (Fate +20%): SUCCESS!

And yet, he'd always been a lucky man, escaping the clutches of Morr on more than one occasion. It would seem his cat like streak of good fortune continues.

Glancing back as the world shatters, Herr Roteshemd watches as the tunnel consumes Private Aimes with a final horrific crash!

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The Trapmaster

Suddenly, Lutke sees a virtual explosion of lines and vectors. Impossible quick calculations of distance and force rapidly enter and exit his mind as he sees the soldiers of the Hellcannon mission thrown around the small tunnel as the earth shakes and rolls.

FP=3, Fate Roll 30+20=50 v. 1d100 ⇒ 8 = Very good Success

It's as if all the physics of the chaotic tumbling make sense, and Lutke is simply able to step, jump, push a hand off the wall here or there, oy! maybe he misread that a little, but it only jostled him a tiny bit.

Let's see how the Wolfenburg Warriors fair. This will be a general indication of how the unnamed NPC's handle the collapse:

1d100 ⇒ 4 vs 50 (Fate +20%): EXCELLENT SUCCESS!

Howls of dismay fill the tunnel as men are blown this way and that, smashing into rafters or skidding at impossible angles into the waters below! And yet, fortune smiles and casualties appear to be minimal.

Male Human Sergeant


It takes you a moment to realize the shove you felt from behind wasn't just from the force of the blast, it was from the hands of Sergeant Steinmann! A moment later the tunnel where you had been explodes downwards in a rain of stone and timber!

As for Kurdt Steinmann himself, let's see how things unfold:

1d100 ⇒ 29 vs 50 (Fate +20%): SUCCESS!

You see your Sergeant go down beneath the debris, his storm lantern flashes this way and that then goes dark! But fate is with Steinmann this day as he rolls free from the rubble, clutching at what may be a broken rib, coughing and spitting dust.

The old grizzled veteran just saved your life!

I'm trying to build on the relationship between Lucas and Steinmann. I'd like to see the two of them work together more, and if I resume the role as a player I'll probably take over as the Sergeant.

Snotball God

lackey hearing the incoming death from above tackles the 2 dwarves covering them with his massive body.
1d100 ⇒ 71 vs agi 23 fail.

Missed the tackle, slamming into the dirt. Lackey instinctively covers and gets into a fetal position.
Ravens eye view hes even sucking his thumb.

Awaiting the carnage to come.

Female Wraith Witch

Pleased as punch Albrecht was moving into the tunnel, Gespana whirled around him trying to whisper of the incoming danger. She could feel the change in the aether as the daemons approached, their vile thirst for blood sickening her. She knew they wouldn't hesitate to consume her since after all, she would reek of magic to their senses.

They were inside. The other soldiers worked to cover their tracks. It didn't matter to Gespana of course. They could all die. It would server her Albrecht better that way. If only he had time to read the book! So much could be accomplished. With time and the right materials, Albrecht would be able to make any of these soldiers into wights or revenants to serve him. Gespana cackled in glee at the thought. Why if only-

The world shook. Gespana watches in horror as, in painful slow motion, Albrecht is engulfed by earth and stone.


Gespana sensing something in that moment between minutes, turns and sees the light of that strange "sight" that her Rabbit had been gifted by the Champion of Tzeentch shining brightly in his eyes.

You! Save him. Her rabbit's head snaps around. The sound of the wraith drawing his attention like a moth to a flame. I know you can see a path!

GM Drachenfels:
Any chance you would allow me to assist Albrecht in some way? I am willing to spend a fortune point for some kind of roll. You can impose whatever penalties or conditions you would like of course.

The Great Enchanter


Both Krak and Boom stand on their tiptoes as they peer up and over the ruined wall of the mansion, looking out into the darkness as the screaming sound of incoming artillery fire draws closer.

Behind them, Lackey Guntermann leaps through the air in an attempt to cover the Dwarves with his own body. Missing the tackle, Lackey lands hard, looking on with horror as his eyes fall on the massive bag of explosives on the floor in front of him.

Looking up, Boom removes his mask.

....."ummmmm, Krak. I think ve might have a problem."

In unison, both the Dwarves blink.

From the Eye of the Raven, as it spirals skyward, there is a moments pause and then--

A massive mushroom cloud fills the night sky as the manor and two adjacent city blocks simply cease to exist! Secondary explosions from the incendiary snotbombs punctuate the devestating blast. The Raven shakes in the heavens as the corona finally reaches it, the thunderous shockwave shatters the view from above as the world spins into darkness!

Haha, ouch! Well, chances of survival here are pretty grim, but there is always a chance. For anyone in the Manor, make a Fortune Check with a -20%. If this takes you to a 0% chance, I'll allow a base roll of 10%. If you PASS, then immediately make a Toughness check. Both rolls will need to be passed in order to survive this bombardment.

The Great Enchanter

GESPANA: In regards to Albrecht, I'm giving him a shot at using a Fortune Point. Something I'd highly recommend. We'll see if he takes the opportunity and then go from there.

The Great Enchanter

LUTKE: Nothing from Albrecht so it appears he's content with his fate. Still, if you (or Gespana) want a chance at saving him, please do so! Go ahead and describe the situation and how you go about trying to save Albrecht from the collapse. Once you've done that, go ahead and make whatever roll(s) you deem necessary, I trust you. I await the results!

As far as the result of the 77 goes, I'll write that update a bit later tonight. Still awaiting survival results from Krak, Boom and Lackey as well.

Master Burner


Rerollin': 1d100 ⇒ 67 vs 40 ohh.....maybe not...

Toughness!!!!: 1d100 ⇒ 23 vs 30!


The Great Enchanter


You're battered badly, knocked this way and that in the wreckage of wood and mortar, but by the luck of Ranald you manage to survive. Your ears ring from the shell-shock, your eyes water from the dust and debris. From the collapsed rubble you can see the outstretched hand of Private Aimes. Alas, the poor soldier wasn't as lucky as you.

The Great Enchanter

As for that epic 77 from the muzzle of Foecrusher:

Harrgroth the Bloodied One sniffed the air, his massive nostrils flaring wide, his huge bull horned head cocked to the side. For years, Harrgroth had waged harrowing battles in the name of Khorne, leading his war-band of savage Beastmen from one victory to the next. His merciless campaigns had lead him here, to Wolfenburg, where he rallied side by side with countless other champions and their marauders, gathered with the single purpose to bring the city (and the Empire) to its knees. There would be plenty of time to destroy the other war-bands and the infidel followers of Tzeentch soon enough.

Encircling Harrgroth is a band of his faithful demonic Bloodletters, their beastial snarls filling the night air. They had been gifts to him, from the Blood God, and he'd used them to ferret out and destroy any who dared hide from their fate. Slowly, he and his pack of demonic hunters moved forward through the fallen rubble of Wolfenburg. There had been an explosion, and Harrgroth was intent on investigating the reason why. Whoever was responsible would add their skulls to the great pile at the feet of Khorne.

"Khaaa'zall'guuul, thaaa' raak!" Harrgroth ordered, extending his talon like finger towards the rubble of the fallen tower. "Maaauuu'lll drak' tuuul!"

The Bloodletters obeyed, leaping forward with a murderous howl of unimaginable rage and fury. But then, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, Harrgroth observed a strange sight. A tiny orange flare of light shot into the air, hovered for a moment, and then landed at the feet of the Chaos Champion. Harrgroth stared down and pondered. Was this some sorcery of Tzeentch or trickery of Slannesh? And then, quite suddenly, it happened--


The ruined tower and the surrounding rubble explode outward at supersonic speeds, the bodies of the advancing Bloodletters blown hundreds of feet into the air, shrieking and howling in pain and agony!


Several city blocks vanish in a gray vapor as a huge glowing cloud of death billows upwards into the heavens!


Harrgroth and his assembled demons never hear the blast. They are at ground zero. The impact is so devastating, it completely erases Horrgroth and his deeds from the pages of history! This final shell had been tipped with depleted Warpstone, captured from enemy hands and re-forged, the explosive detonation brings about utter destruction and ruin!

The previous explosions had been small in comparison, this final sub-atomic plume of fire is hot enough to incinerate flesh and melt stone! An unholy burning wind slams into the awaiting ranks of the Chaos armies near the bridge, searing them with bone charring heat and reckless energy. A shocked cheer of joy arises from the Imperial troops who begin to surge forward, taking advantage of the sudden reversal of fortune, but as the wave of radioactive heat surges across the bridge, they fall back, howling in terror.

Elsewhere, near the cannon emplacements, Gunnery Sergeant Alard Schubert drops his jaw in astonishment.

"That wasn't the special round we just fired was it?!" he shouted in alarm, his head on a pivot searching the faces of his assembled men who appeared as awe struck as their commander. "Who's the last person that loaded that cannon?!"

"Uh, that would be the Dwarves, sir. The engineers Commander Nulner had sent to make repairs, they uh--"

The Gunnery Sergeant slaps the palm of his gloved hand to his face and moans.

The Great Enchanter

Slight edit. The original paragraph used some very repetitive language. These things drive me crazy if I don't fix them...


The Bloodletters obeyed, leaping forward with a murderous howl of unimaginable rage and fury. Turning his gaze, Harrgroth observed a strange sight. A tiny orange flare of light shot into the air, hovered for a moment, and then landed at the feet of the Chaos Champion. Harrgroth stared down and pondered. Was this some sorcery of Tzeentch or trickery of Slannesh? And then, quite suddenly, it happened--

The Great Enchanter

REMINDER: Need survival checks for Krak, Boom and Lackey. Feel free to use a Fortune Point to attempt a re-roll if things don't work out the first time. Just make sure you keep track of how many Fortune Points you have on your character sheet.

Roleplay and interaction at this point is encouraged. The story should start moving rapidly forward now. Things are getting pretty wild!

sigh....but whatever, I wont complain about it

Krak fate with a measly 10% chance: 1d100 ⇒ 73
Boom fate with a measly 10% chance: 1d100 ⇒ 19

No fortune roll, I'll go ahead an wipe out a FP for each.

Since most of their equipment is probably gone as well, the dwarves will abandon the Hell cannon mission and try to make their way back to friendly lines.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
The Trapmaster

Lutke could see the the ghostly hag screaming at him pointing at Albrecht as the wizard was tossed around by the rumbling of the earth. Two massive explosions, one nearer than the rest, caused the world to shake violently. Lutke's human reactions wouldn't allow him to move any faster despite his mind being able to quickly see the vectors and angles the force and movement was generating. The beautiful spirit was quite clearly distraught urging him to save the mage from death. Based on Lutke's mental calculations while Albrecht would certainly be feeling bruised once this was over, he should live. Perhaps, Lutke could soften this last fall...but then the "sight" went wild and Lutke's senses were overwhelmed.

Through the small hill of dirt and stone, Lutke could suddenly see a light that began to increase in size seemingly both agonizingly slow and yet lightning fast. Lutke could see the shape of a horrible being surrounded by some of its lesser kin and they all seemed to be frozen as the light increased, its intensity threatening to strip Lutke's mind bare. The rising crescendo of luminescence vaporized the outlines of those daemonic beings as the ball of energy detonated in an explosion ten times more magnificent than what had come before. A wave of pure magic rushed from the center of the explosion, pushing all magical energy away creating a magicless void of space. Lutke felt it rush past him and through him. As he watched, Albrecht became transfixed. The power surrounding the mage and filling him, his magical well overfilled. The spectral witch had a look of pure awe on her face which Lutke realized was no longer translucent but made solid by the overwhelming magical rush being forced, pressed outward. Lutke knew that only the strength of the earth and stone was keeping the small band from being obliterated by the force of magic.

If Lutke had ever seen the thin rubber-like membrane dwarven engineers sometimes filled with gases lighter than air to amuse their children, Lutke would probably have described this as such. It was as if the void was pushing and straining to keep the winds of magic out. But of course this couldn't remain. It was unnatural and the energy maintaining this void was soon expended. The winds of magic shifted and bucked wildly, rushing back into the magic vacuum that had been created, desperate to refill the space. A small maelstrom of magic whirled and crashed. Manifestations of bizarre things appeared on the magic blasted streets before the bridge, affecting the few survivors in sometimes good and amazing ways but more often hideously warping fashions.

The "sight" faded then, Lutke's exhaustion at this ordeal taking it's toll. He saw the wraith's form linger slightly before she too faded from view, the magic making her corporeal dissipating. Lutke slumped to the ground next to Albrecht senselessly and soon a dreamless sleep took him.

The Great Enchanter

DAGON: I certainly don't want you to feel picked on. I had no problem with the path you were taking. The dice rolls slid very unfavorably against you. First we had two fumbles, and I rolled to see where those fumbles would strike. They could have both easily have hit the tower. Then the most severe fumble (the 99) was destined to hit the manor house. On top of that, Lackey had brought a huge batch of explosives with him, and your Dwarves themselves also had unknown amounts of ordinance. You add all that up and it's a pretty grim situation. Had the dice come up in different ways, we'd be writing a totally different story at this point.

If you want, wipe out 1 Fate Point from either Krak or Boom and perhaps describe what that particular character does to save the life of the other. I'm willing to be flexible. I think both characters losing a Fate Point in the same instance is a bit harsh. Up to you though.

as you said...pretty grim. I dont see any way out of it. Got hit with a stray arty shell and I had a 10% chance to escape death. No go. Everything blowing up will result in the dwarves flying through the sky like rag dolls to awake some time later in the rubble with nothing but shredded clothes and smokijng hair amazed that they are still "alive". They pick what's left of themselves up and decide that that's it. They're done. No point now stripped of everything. They try and make it back to their own lines. For the future though, I would advise that perhaps you think carefully about how perilous you want the situation to be. For me, I see this one as a "no chance" situation. Dagon out.

The Great Enchanter

LUTKE: I like your added description, +10 XP!

The Great Enchanter

DAGON: Well, there could be that or you could use a Fate Point and describe that as the artillery is coming in, Krak or Boom discover a basement door and throw themselves into it. The results of your Fate Point are up to you. You're deciding to obliterate yourselves. So we're both to blame here.

On top of this, you really offered me no interaction. You just took the rolls and ran with it. There was no, "I want to make a perception check to find cover" or "We use Lackey as a human shield". I play off what you guys give me and what the dice say.

But it is what it is. Onwards...

Two weeks later...

"Still no word from Captain Biedelmann's patrol, sir." Lieutenant Erasmus reported. He was a young eager officer, ready to please.

"Very well," Commander Nulner replied after a long pause, sizing up the soldier before him with slow ponderous eyes. If Captain Biedelmann and his men had failed, another patrol would have to be sent out. The Hellcannon was wreaking untold destruction on the Imperial forces. "Lieutenant Erasmus, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain. Assemble your men and prepare to undertake the mission to destroy that infernal Hellcannon once and for all."

"Sir, yes sir!"

Commander Nulner watched the now Captain Erasmus depart the room. This scene had played out time and again. How many more men would he have to send to their deaths? And how long until help finally arrived?

The fate of Wolfenburg, and our heroes, remains a mystery...

The Great Enchanter

We'll be pausing the story here. It seems a fitting time. With the overwhelming angst lately and lack of players, we'll take our leave of this adventure and let our collective imaginations finish the tale.

Pinvendor is working on a new PBP tale in the Pathfinder universe. We'll begin on that undertaking when he's ready. I'll let him explain what he has in mind.

All in all, I think this has been a fun and successful test using this forum for storytelling. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks to each of you who left such an awesome and epic imprint on our adventures!

Snotball God

I seem to remember is previous description that all snot-ballers were carrying snotbombs as well just making a point. 10% all around

1d100 ⇒ 91 vs a crappy 10 = Fail really who would have thought.

Following the dwarves out since this mission is a bust. Lackey thinks to himself "Bog squiddy, slannesh trap, blown to bits by own team, hmm lets go some wheres else this is a load of bantha poodoo".

The Great Enchanter

And so it is that Lackey Gunterman and the Dwarves set off for adventures unknown...

The Great Enchanter


Snotball God


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