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Nightflier's Midnight Game Thread

Game Master nightflier

Set in the grim world of Aryth, Nightflier's Midnight is a game that speaks of almost futile hope that shines against the darkness.

Darren Ehlers

Hurin Sundershield SonOfHelgrud

Male Dwarf Fighter 7/Barbarian 2 AC29 HP128 F+14 W+6 R+6 Perception +14
(439 posts)



HP | AC (T , FF ) | CMD | F + | R + | W + | Init + | Per + |
(67 posts)



Female Erenlander Spiritual Chaneller 5
(560 posts)
Earth Elemental
Gilian's Pebble

Earth Elemental Familiar 5
(67 posts)
Alia WolfsdottirSarith

Mark Thomas 66

Mistress Kayltanya
Ilona Ebonblade

Female Human (Sarcosan) Fighter 2/ Chaneller 3
(774 posts)



AC 23/21/16 HP 45/45 F+2 R+10 W+5 Init+12 Per+12

(91 posts)

Patrick Bailey

Artemis Entreri

Male Half-Elf Expert Lvl2
(37 posts)
Eando Kline
Jean Whitemane

Male Human Ranger Lvl-5 HP: 36/43, AC.20, T.13,FF,17 F.+5,R.+7,W.+5, Init.+3
(293 posts)
Sorok Hamfael

Male Black Blood Dwarf Fighter 5
(400 posts)
Darren of House Redgard


Sky'tor Tu'kaleth

Male Erunsil (Snow Elf) Fighter 5
(163 posts)

Viscount K

Market Patron

Male Tiefling (Daemon-Spawn) Arcanist 1
(103 posts)

Previous Players

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