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Set in the grim world of Aryth, Nightflier's Midnight is a game that speaks of almost futile hope that shines against the darkness.

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Background completed.

I don't usually interfere with a DM's prerogative here but I will say if I had spent a bunch of my time creating a new character, only to see her die BEFORE I even got a chance to say hello to the other characters, I would be rather pissed.

Nightflier, you may want to fudge things here to keep Illiameyl alive.


Just finished her and she is already dead. Guess back to the drawing board for a new character. Wonder what I should create this time round? Any ideas?

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Yeah I hate to say it, but Nightfliers game has been very deadly so far. The fact that your character only had Leather armor did not help things there. If Illiameyl had cast blur maybe, or was fighting defensively, or fallen back since she seemed to be focusing on ranged attacks rather than stay to the front.

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Wait a moment. I have merged two rounds by mistake. And you just had colossally bad luck. You died by 1 point after 2 crits in one round. Don't make anything just yet - although you may want to invest in better armor.

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Oh yeah, and the big guy moved in and got a full round action too, that probably shouldn't have happened.

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That happened by my mistake. I've merged two rounds. He acted last on the end of the 1st round and then acted 1st at the beginning of the 2nd round. He's hasted.

Somebody check my rolls for criticals. I really don't want to kill the new player in the first round.

Although, DarkOne, why in the Nine Hells did you took the weakest armor in the game?

checked your crit rolls :D So eager to kill us off right away, ccc :D

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Aaaand... I've made another mistake. I've scored only one critical. My first roll was 11+19. She is alive after all. Just let me calculate total damage done to her.

oh well, she is my first fighter type character. Seems I not good at making melee type characters, trying to get a certain style of combat in where light armour is required to have maximum benefit from high dex bonus, and for certain feats to get the bonuses.

Well at least she still in game taking an unwanted snooze on the job.

Maybe I should relook at the feats and traits again, to build a different style combatant.

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Duncan, add this to your profile:


Devastating Swipe: Score two critical hits in a single round with the same weapon against different foes.

I am reading you Mythic Rules playtest and I may add some achievements to my houserules.


Is it fine if I relook at the feats and gear to improve her defence when I get back from work?

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You may apply the changes when the encounter ends. Not before that.

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Duncan, on your profile you have DR 4 +1/Magic so you should have taken 8 or 10 HP less i.e. 24-8 (or 10)=16 (or 14). With Gilian heal, you're back to full health.

For Sorok as he also has DR 4, damage will be 23-8=15.

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DarkOne, your character is at 1 hp, so she can take actions. She is next to Gilian.

I updated that, since nightflier removed the same effect for the shields from the armor training, so I have only for the armor.

Thanx, I won't update the profile until end of the combat with new feat choices and gear.

I been looking closely at the feats (already chosen for all 20 levels, except 19th level) I see the only feat that has a requirement for additional AC bonus when wearing light armour with 0 armour check penalty is Dodge feat (which is a class feat). I think for most situations the armour check penalty won't be too much a problem, and Dex modifier limit might be a problem if I go to heavy.

If I go for just heavier armour, would it be fine? Or must I try to change feats to get better defence, though I going for the hit and run style fighter, aiming to get Spring Attack feat?

I have been doing some calculations.

AC includes dodge bonus at 5th level, with Max dex restriction gives the following:
No armour 6 with -0 penalty
Leather 8 with -0 penalty
Studded 9 with -1 penalty
Leaf 9 with -0 penalty
Chain shirt 9 with -2 penalty
Hide 9 with -3 penalty
Scale mail 9 with -4 penalty
Breast plate (agile) 10 with -4 penalty (climb and jump at -1)

With the additional bonuses for wearing armour with -0 penalty
at 8th level leather AC 9 leaf AC 10
at 12th level leather AC 10 leaf AC 11
at 16th level leather AC 11 leaf AC 12
at 20th level leather AC 12 leaf AC 13

Increasing Dex by 2 or more only allows AC to increase by 1 for leather/leaf
Increasing Dex by 5 for no armour only gives a max of 12 at 20th level, 1 less than leather and leaf

Quilted cloth has 7, but at 20th level is the same leather and leaf at 13, so possible replacement are at 20th level to gain the extra DR 3/-

What should I choose: leaf or breast plate (agile)?

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You can not change your character in the middle of a fight. Therefore, your AC remains the same. I will make recommendations for your build when the encounter ends. Of course, your fellow players are more than free to so right now.

I have an idea of obtaining new armour once the battle is over and everyone has a change to look over the battle scene.

Just note that I won't be able to post while at work, and in the mornings before going to work. My posting times will be normally in the after and evening. Weekends posting times can be any time.

My timezone is GMT +2:00.

Is it possible to have everyone's GMT timezone (without daylight saving). Would help with response delays expectations.

PS: in previous post 'after' was supposed to be 'afternoon'.

AC 23/21/16 HP 45/45 F+2 R+10 W+5 Init+12 Per+12

I'm GMT-6. Most (non-weekend) posts will be in my evening. I also try to post on the train in the morning.

I am in PST (GMT - 8:00) which also happens to be Paizo' time zone.

I'm in CET (GMT+1) and so is nightflier.

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Same for me (GMT +1)

I looking for opportunities for Illiameyl to use her bow, while behind some cover. Is there any suitable cover areas, including up the stairs?

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You can always turn over one of the tables.

Why did I only think of this today? Well for next round she will turn over table near her and get behind it and ready her bow.

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In the next couple of days, I'm gonna review the Fate Point rules and add them to the document. I may include an option for you to buy mythic abilities from the new Paizo playtest document, so I suggest you download it and check it out.

Link to play test document please.

AC 23/21/16 HP 45/45 F+2 R+10 W+5 Init+12 Per+12

Mythic Playtest Doc

Thanx Crunk,

Looking at the encounter so far, I feel so terrible at not contributing much in dealing with the threat. I got a lot to learn on how to play with martial combatants.

Messing up with my armour choice did not help either. Hopefully after encounter we can sort out Illiameyl so she can be more active in the combat encounters.

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Hey, don't worry about it so much. It's all about learning and adapting. Your character is only 5th level, in an environment that likely supported a lot more intrigue and aristocratic back room dealings. You probably were a primary martial character right up until a large group of much more vicious, heavily armed and armored, war prone individuals barged in and got the drop on you.

Sorok, thanx for the kind words. I eagerly await for this major encounter to end, with everyone still alive.

A killer GM with a killer smile.

Greatings all. I've been invited to join the game, and asked to create a channeler to add to your team. My first concept was deemed impractical due to game format issues, so I am open to suggestions from the party. If you had another channeler, what type of magic would be the most useful to you?


Nightflier told me what class to take, then advised me on what variation of the class I should take. Though I still need to do some refining.

So I guess he do the same for you. See Solvi and Gilian for how to compliment them. Think we need some more with healing ability in the party.

Since Ilona seems to be a no-show, I would suggest a Charismatic Channeler. Solvi does have some healing but Gilian is the primary healer of the group.

Mythic playtest seems to be rather interesting.

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Rigor Rictus wrote:
Greatings all. I've been invited to join the game, and asked to create a channeler to add to your team. My first concept was deemed impractical due to game format issues, so I am open to suggestions from the party. If you had another channeler, what type of magic would be the most useful to you?

Hi, RR, and welcome to the game.

I like your idea for Druid-like Channeler. This would be completely new type of character and that way there would still be a place open for Ilona if she returns. But, whatever you wish to play it will be fine by me. Even if you want to play martial character after all.

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Hey there RR, welcome to the game. I do enjoy the idea of another Channeler joining our group and I think you should play our Evocation boom stick. That being said,I would like to see a Charismatic Channeler but understand if you want to be Spiritual or even Hermetic. I'd also be happy to help you with the build if you want.

A killer GM with a killer smile.

An unabashed direct damage dealer does have a certain appeal. I'm working on my druid, but I may whip up a charismatic evoker as well, and let the group decide which they like better.

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Take note of the Versatile Channeler talent, which allows you to replace your default casting stat with another one.

A killer GM with a killer smile.

I noticed that. In addition to the intelligence bonus, the bonus spell energy makes it hard to choose any race other than Elorg for a pure channeler.

HP 143/143 | AC 36 (T 26, FF 20) | CMD 36 | F +15 | R +26 | W + 13 | Init +14 | Per +21

RR here. My halfling druid is roughed out in this profile. Have a look and see what you think.

Male Black Blood Dwarf Fighter 5

Not a bad first draft. So it looks like you'll be something of a skirmishing, support character with the way you've got yourself set up so far. Couple of things. First, if you are planning on doing the beast rider combat I suggest your spellcasting schools be Transmutation and either Illusion or Abjuration.

If however you plan to be our direct damage dealer, I recommend that you change out your feats to be more focused magically. The Spell Focus feats to increase DC's of spells, opening up other schools of magic,the blood magic feat or meta magic feats. As for your bonus feat at 4th level, I recommend taking the Craft Spell Talisman feat as that will reduce spell costs. We already have a boatload of folks who are primarily combat oriented as is so you wouldn't really need to worry about that.

Been looking at the mythic stuff. Seems to me the paths are geared to very specific characters, and don't see a path that benefits ambushers, hit'n'run, types such as rangers, wildlanders, ninjas. For the rogue type the trickster seems rather boring, and not many features to choose from, compared to the other fighter types.

nightflier, if you decide to make use of mythic features, would you create some additional mythic paths?

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RR here again. This is the rough for a Elorg Hermetic Channeler, built as an evoker.

I looked at the Charasmatic caster and couldn't get into it. They are restricted to the Bard spell list, and have primarily Bard abilities as tradition gifts. I have never been able to get into bards, and am not fond of the class in general. In addition, the Hermetic Talents are far more advantageous for a blaster, and it allows him to go for Wizard PrC.

Elorg is a no brainer as they are so well suited to the task. The extra spell points alone make them better than any other race as a channeler, and then they get about 4 casting related bonus feats on top of that. In past experience, have they balanced well with other races? They seem much more powerful, though admittedly only if used within their particular role.

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Well considering the whole background of the Elorgs in the first place, they were pretty much built with the idea of becoming the most powerful of Channelers. It's their races niche, if you will.

They are far more powerful if they focus in that area, but it also gives them the ability to branch out and supplement their classes with other things and not lose too much in the way of spell prowess. A few levels in Channeler and multiclassing some Fighter, then going Warrior Arcanist the rest of the way would allow them to be a fairly terrifying melee combatant.

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