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Nightflier's Blackdogs in Absalom

Game Master nightflier

Dark Archive

Here it is.

Male Hobgoblin Samurai 1

Saltuk is here first, and stakes out the best spot with the most shade, a cool breeze, and an unobstructed view of the girls dormitory.

Arrived here too.

Male Human Hedgewitch 1

Checking in as well. I'm excited to get this going and would like to thank Nightflier for taking me in.

It'll be interesting to play a good character alongside so many evil/neutral characters. I'm a bit curious about the Black Company and its goals. Until I know more, I'm not sure I can make a satisfying tie-in with my character beyond "displaced directionless traveling cleric finds a group of mercenaries to travel with".

As far as the other characters go, it sounds like all 3 drow and Dorn are in it for power/wealth/etc. Saltuk is seeking a community to belong to/make his own (Order of the Dragon). Donato is displaced after being discharged and is looking for a new start. If I've got these base characterizations wrong let me know. The line I mentioned above probably works fine for Vali as well, but there may be more we can do with that. That's up to you Night. :)

As far as combat goes, it looks like a whole heaping lot of smack-down and a touch of ranged glass cannon. So I can play enabler (freedom of movement/anti-debuff), buffer, healer and sometimes melee. Works for me. I'm also a fan of summoning spells, I'm just not sure if they fit the "feel" of my character.

Well Elaugvyr has been trained by her mother to rule the House one day and increase it's dominance in the city and possibly further. All males are supposed to be used to gain greater power.

M Tiefling Rogue 6

Gorn checking in.

As far as his motivations, he is not really sure what to make of this yet. I guess he is hoping the Blackdogs can teach him some things but right now he is kind of homeless and directionless so he guesses it is for the money or power....

Gorn sits down and puts on his best "don't mess with me" look... :)

Male Ironborn Fighter 1

I'm imagining my character entrance looking very reminiscent of the opening scene from Terminator 2.

Ronin, Monkeygod and myself agreed that Elaugvyr and Kalmafein have been on the run for 20 years already.

They joined Blackdogs as a means of earning funds, and to move about easier on the surface.

Conviction, you definitely get raised eyebrows, though more of an analytical observing than attacking or diving behind tables. I think Ironborns are rare in this region of the world.

Male Drow Scion Rogue14/Alchemist14/Investigator14 (Tristalt)

Kal leans up against a wall, watching everybody. When the waitress walks by he orders drinks for all.

Cuz I'm cool that way, lol.

Kal is going to be melee focused, but I plan to pick up some ranged options for him as well when and where possible. There's a couple of psionic feats that wil aid in this, along with a Blade Skill or two.

Goals are to further the goals of the church of Asmodeus, watch over his sister and eventually try and establish a safe haven, hidden away from all.

Depending on how political Night plans to allow us to take this, I have other, later goals as well.

Elaugvyr, sits at the table with Kal standing to her side. She plays her flute while she watches everyone else in the room.

Currently, her goal is to find a way to reverse the effect of the disease. Though she does think about returning home powerful enough to take her place as the head of the House. Be able to force her will onto her mother, that Kal not exiled any more and be at home with her. Yet after many adventuring years, she might settle for a seclude area where she can freely go about what she wants to do.

Dark Archive

Guys, I have a lot of work right now. The game will proceed, but with a slight delay. I'm very sorry about this.

Male Ironborn Fighter 1

*excited face*

Dark Archive

Guys, I have to go on a business trip that will last till the end of the week. I will try to find the time to post, though, but not today.

Dark Archive

Guys, the game will start tomorrow evening, my time. I haven't had the time to check your characters, so I'll trust you for now. If I find anything that bugs me later in the game, I will ask you to change it. Is that OK with you?

Male Human Hedgewitch 1

Sounds good! I'm excited to get this game going.

M Tiefling Rogue 6

Ready to go!!!

Let the adventure begin...

Lantern Lodge

Male Human Lvl 12 American Hero

Dresen isn't really in it for fame and glory, so much as mastering his own ability (so I guess power could be said). He follows Kal and Ela because he plans to help them hone their own abilities and, in return, have some sort of direction for himself other than a return to Blackstrand.

Male Ironborn Fighter 1


M Tiefling Rogue 6

Gorns new statement going forward is going to be...send the construct in, we can search through the pieces afterwards....

Dark Archive

The game is up.

Just a reminder, we still need heroic paths.

Lantern Lodge

Male Human Lvl 12 American Hero

To the Drow:

I'll PM both of you with an idea as soon as I get back to a computer. Posting from my iPhone right now.

Lantern Lodge

Male Human Lvl 12 American Hero

Disregard last, fellow Drow.

Dark Archive

Your Heroic Paths will activate at appropriate time in the game. :)

One thing, I will expect daily posting, but weekends are off.

No weekends....

Lantern Lodge

Male Human Lvl 12 American Hero

I can give daily posting a shot, but I generally work weekdays. I have the weekend off, so save for rocking it on my weekend, I'd be able to post more on the weekend. Just as a note.

Male Weremonkey Rogue/Ranger/Trickster

I can post every day, but there's currently nothing much to post or respond to.

Dark Archive

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure if there's Drow language in Golarion. I tend to think that dark elves use standard Elvish.

But, you can have Drow Sign Language, specific to your house/faction as bonus language.

Male Noble Drow Bladebound-Kensai

Undercommon is an official Golarion language that was created by the Drow from bits and pieces of Elvish mixed with Orvian.

Dark Archive

Then you can use both Undercommon and Sign Language. Sign Language has both "common" variant and "House specific" dialects.

So definitely elven then, with house drow sign language.

Lantern Lodge

Male Human Lvl 12 American Hero

You're more likely to have Undercommon than Elven.

Male Ironborn Fighter 1

Sorry about the late posting, sick day. :(

Kalmafein still needs his learnt languages.

Dark Archive

Sorry for my absence, guys. I'm afraid that my health has deteriorated and I'll have to undergo a minor surgical procedure. It's nothing life-threatening, or even painful (at least that's what the doctors are telling me), but necessary preparations and tests are taking almost all of my time, and bureaucratic nonsense that I have to go through before I even reach the doctors is mind-staggering. So, I'm sorry to say that I'll not be able to run the game for a month at least (it will take me two weeks to get to the procedure, and about ten days for the recovery). I will be present on the boards and I fully intend to get back to my games after I recover, but I will not be able to give the game the full attention it deserves. So, sorry once again.

Male Ironborn Fighter 1


Best of luck with the procedure!

Lantern Lodge

Male Human Lvl 12 American Hero

Don't apologize. I think I speak for all of us when I say we'll send good vibes your way.

Thanx for informing us of your absence.

Male Drow Scion Rogue14/Alchemist14/Investigator14 (Tristalt)

May Asmodeus grant you a swift and safe surgery and speedy recovery :)

Male Daytona 500 DM / 12

I've got a trade show all this week. Will probably be able to post most evenings after the show, but don't let me slow things down. Post for me when necessary or convenient.

Dark Archive

Dear friends and fellow gamers,

I just wanted to let you know how I fare in Real Life, since I feel obligated to somehow make it up to you for my abandonment of this game.

My health is better, but I am still far from surgery which will completely eliminate my illness. Now I need to change the doctors, do several rounds of tests and more medical stuff.

Also, I've started to work on another job, since I haven't been able to work due to illness, so my savings evaporated, so I am effectively working double shifts.

I will be able to increase my presence on the boards, starting Monday, but I seriously doubt that I'll be able to run the games again. Between my two jobs and health-related issues, I barely have time to sleep. So, for the time being, the game is still on hold.

Take care all.

Sorry to hear of the tough situation you are currently in in real life. Good luck in getting well quickly so that normality can return.

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