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Nightflier's Advanced Races Playtest (Inactive)

Game Master nightflier

Dark Archive

I've just downloaded Advanced Races playtest document and I find it rather interesting. So, I'm thinking of running a pbp set in my homebrew setting, but using the rules from Advanced Races playtest.

I am looking for 6-8 characters. All Paizo material is allowed. And only Paizo-published material.

Characters should be created using 30-point buy for stats and 20 point buy for racial stuff. The idea is to try to create unique and individual characters.

Starting level is 1st, gold is max.

Setting info:


Kaledun is a crumbling, sprawling, decadent, corrupt city, with history that stretches thousands of years - a city that outlived several empires which ruled it, and continues to exist in some kind of urban unlife. This is a dark place. Some of the city's most interesting locations are: Night Market, where you can haggle with Hags and deal with the Devils; Old Court, where vampires dance to the silent music and trade in blood and dreams; Slaveport, located at the confluence of two great rivers, where barges bearing fresh slave-meat from East and West unload their cargo; Nightingale Street, where you can find any and all pleasures known to man or dragon; Old Dungeon, located beneath ruins of Constabulary, filled with corpses when the Great Plague struck the city two hundred years ago; Troll Bridge, built by Trolls at the bequest of Lord Mayor hundred years ago, and in return they got the toll rights and land to build their slums across the Grat River; Lord's Castle, overlooking the rivers, but without any lord living in it for the last 90 years...

...The city is called Kaledun, and both legends and history claim that it has arisen from it's ashes 39 times. One of the city's nicknames is "Crossroads of Worlds". That is true both literally and metaphorically. At the streets of Kaledun you can encounter an Blood Elf from the far-away Crimson Empire, Dwarf from the fabled Orinor, devil-binder from the world of Golarion or Red Wizard from Toril. People come to Kaledun seeking all kinds of things: wealth, fame, drugs, sex, magic weapons, slaves, love potions... You can by anything and everything at one of the Kaledun's markets - if you're willing to pay the price. Empire after empire struggled to conquer the city, but all the empires which held it came to ruin in but few short centuries. Kaledun is now a free city, ruled by the Mayor and City Council...

...The large part of city's population is planetouched in some way. Half-fiends are numerous, as well as hagspawn. Half-vampires are less numerous away from the Vampire Court, but there are some, especially among halflings, who are favorite slave race for the city's upper class. Several dragons live in the city (in the human guise), so there are half-dragons as well...

...all of the five Elder Gods have their temples in the city, but Luna is most revered as the patron goddess of Kaledun... They are Elder Gods. They are tied to planet itself and they are not dependent on worshipers for power. They tend to appear in many guises and differently to different civilizations. There are many other distinct gods, but they are the gods of humanoids, Elves, Dwarfs etc. Some humans worship one of the myriad of "small gods". Those are gods of dell and glen, of forests and springs. For instance, there is a god of River Grath. He is known as Grath Wetbeard. On the surface of the river he is greater god, but his power is almost nonexistent at the distance of 5 miles from the river coast.

...there's a prominent Hag in the community, sort of unofficial leader of Hag Market, called Baba Svetlana. She's 900 years old and rather uninterested in good or evil. She trades equally with heaven and hell and nobility often buys from her. She sells, among other things, used wishes, one night stand frog princes, slightly rotten pumpkin coaches and awakened mice bodyguards...

...There are several "subraces" of Mice: Field Mice, they are mostly fighters; White Mice, mostly wizards; Forest Mice, rangers and Church Mice, clerics - obviously. In addition to awakened mice Svetlana awoke some hamsters as well, but it turned out that hamsters for some reason prefer to become paladins. The Hag forgot about her creations one time several hundreds of years ago, so there's a numerous community of small awakened animals in the city...

...Hag Market is one of five markets in the part of Kaledun called the Old City. The others are: Peasant Market, near the Sunrise Gate (which looks to the south, in fact, not east); Slave Market, near the port; Castle Market (defunct), near the Lord's Castle and Cattle Market, near the Sunset Gate (which looks to the north, obviously). If you need to buy flower, eggs or jam, you go to the Peasant Market; if you want to buy a broken dream, discarded wish, magic sword or slightly-used soul, you go to the Hag Market. Not every seller there is Hag; there are angels down on their luck, selling their feathers one by one and looking for a quick fix, dwarfs selling and buying weapons, members of Golem Syndicate looking for work... anyway, Svetlana is little above it all. She's old enough not to have to work and equally old to acquire a cynical view on both good and evil, so she drifted towards neutrality. If she's the owner of your character's contract, she would use him mostly as a messenger or a spy. These days Svetlana mostly trades in information, but she's always interested in some new magic item (or old and powerful), piece of property in the city or on some plane - and her not so secret passion is collecting (and reading) love novels.
There are other possibilities as well. Several elder fay have their stalls at the market or shops around the market square, as well as alu-fiend twins, Mayala and Nayala. These sorceresses mostly deal in poisons and potions...

In this campaign monks are found only in the East, in the subjugated nations of the Sultanate of Tamur. In the West, monks are cloistered clerics, specialized in different aspects of clerical life, so there are military orders, healing orders, fiend-fighting orders...

Languages: There are 27 human ethnic groups living in Kaledun District (territory controlled by the city; in earlier times it was called Kaledun Principality), and all of them speak their own language. In city itself almost everyone speak Trader's Tongue, my world's version of Common, as well as languages of Overduchy of Hohenbaurg and Sultanate of Tamur - most powerful neighbors, who in one time or the other controlled Kaledun. Before humans settled in what is now Kaledun District, local population consisted of tribes of Lizardfolk and Lupins, so their languages can be heard in the streets of Kaledun. Lizardfolk's language is most spoken near the harbor, where city's lizardfolk mostly dwell and work, and the language of lupin's is most spoken in the vicinity of Peasant and Cattle markets. Enslaved and abused Halflings of Kaledun speak their own language and some of them speak Old Tongue as well, the language of their vampiric masters.

Think of Hohenburg as Germany meets Netherlands and Sultanate as Turkey meets Persia meets Arabia.

There's a region in Hohenburg where Ghost Elves might live. Misty Forest, surrounding Black Mountains. Black Mountains are major dwarf stronghold in this part of the continent and they are autonomous from the Overduchy of Hohenburg, although they have longstanding business relationship with it. They provide mercenaries equipped with firearms, banking services and stonemasons for most of the countries in the region.

Hmm, sounds interesting, although I'm a bit wary of playing such powerful characters at level one - I wonder if combat and non-combat challenges will be balanced for different characters.

Would it be a problem to "adapt" an existing race such as elf, gnome, or lizardfolk with added bonuses and templates?

Dark Archive

Not a problem. Especially lizardfolk, since they are significant part of Kaledun's population.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I'm interested in getting in on the playtest. I'll download the doc tonight and give you a character concept. Will probably build Friday night, with approval.

I wonder how templates can be represented here, btw. They have something on half-constructs and half-undead, but mostly due to racial trait reasons and not attribute adjustments, abilities etc.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I was leaning toward Bugbear ranger or a Dark Creeper as a rogue or sorcerer. Any preference?

Dark Archive

The idea of this game is to create new and interesting characters, using new rules for race creations. So, go for it.

I have several ideas - so far the main one is a lizardfolk sorcerer, exploring his race's draconic roots. BTW, would natural armor or resistance from the race stack with those from sorcerer levels? I think it makes sense since it augments one's natural abilities, but I'm not sure if the rules actually state it.

This seems like a cool idea. I have an elf race from a game I use to play that I did my best to re-make with the guide. The race of elves are not really archers that use arcane magic. They are more of swordsmen that use diving magic. The character would be either a paladin or a inquisitor based on this. I think though the inquisitor would fit better.

Sovereign Court

Still room in this motley crew? I just picked up the playtest doc today. I was thinking of converting an old planescape monster the Reave. Reave are planar mercenaries and shock troops. Having four arms, two sets joined at the shoulders they are fearsome warriors capable of wielding a pair of heavy weapons or a pair of shields. They typically wear heavy armors with full face helms or cloaks with voluminous hoods to hide their four eyed faces. It's taboo for any creature to look upon a Reave's face, even others of their kind.

I would totally play the character with a Monty Python Black Knight vibe, probably a Cavalier (Order of the Seal).

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Well, since the Shaman is leaning toward a sorcerer, I'll go with the Dark Creeper rogue.

A small subtle shadow peels off away from the wall sliding a short sword out of it's belt. "That would be me," comes the whisper of a voice.

Here is Balasiel the paladin. I am thinking of going either Oath of Vengeance or Oath against Fiends leaning more towards Vengeance. If you do not wish for a paladin I will write up the Inquisitor.

Back Story:

Balasiel was born to a minor noble house. His family line was known as fierce warriors. His family's military history was well known but what made them special was they all were soldiers of the Church of Light. They were all part of the order known as Templar the men and women who defend the faithful from any enemy who would harm them. His destiny was clear since he was young, Balasiel was to be a Templar like his forefathers. His father trained him in the way of the sword since he was old enough to lift them. Along with this sword training he was taught the tenets of the faith that he will protect in the future.

This training went on until Balasiel was ten years old. At this time he was allowed to take the test to become a Templar. The test had another purpose it was to be used to sort new members into the three orders of Templar. These three orders were Templar of the Vigil, Templar of the Lance and finally the Templar of Faith. The Templar of the Vigil protected the cities and worshipers of the faith. Templar of the Lance went out on missions against those who would attack the faith. Finally the Templar of Faith were the finest warriors of the church. They channeled the power of the Light to fight the darkest of foes. This order while highly respected but many did not wish to join the order. The reason for this is because these warriors would never see their family again or would be lost to the darkness. Balasiel hoped to be placed in Templar of the Lance as his forefathers have been. It was than that Balasiel passed his test and waited for which order he would join. He was called to hear his order and was told that he would be joining the Templar of Faith.

Balasiel was shocked by this he thought he would be in the Templar of the Lance. Feeling down about this he heard a voice that said softly and warm ”It is okay Balasiel. You will one of the finest warrior that I will need. Do not worry you shall see your family again.” Hearing this he felt better about himself and that he was blessed by the light itself. He than took to his training with all his might he could. Within a few years he became one of the finest warriors that the order had ever seen. It seemed to all his teachers and trainers that he was blessed more by the light than any other Templar before him. Knowing that the Light did indeed bless him Balasiel did the best he could to live up to that exception of him. After his training was complete finally went out on missions for the Light.

Here is the race for him they are based on elves from a MMO I used to play. The designers based the elves more on Norse elves which is the reason for the name. The race are known for their swordsmanship and faith. They are very strong and have common sense but are very arrogant. I think I did race correctly if I did not please tell me.


Humanoid (0 RP): Elven
Medium (0 RP)
Normal Speed (0 RP):
Standard Modifiers (0 RP): +2str +2 wis -2chr
Standard Array (1 RP): Common,Elven, Orc,Giant,Draconic, Celestial, Iguan, Sylvan, Terran
Eternal Hope (2 RP):
Ancient Foe (3 RP): Outsider (chaotic)
Elf Immunities (2 RP):
Stubborn (1 RP):
Elven Magic (2 RP):
Lightbringer (2 RP):
Sprinter (1 RP):
Hatred (1 RP): Outsider(chaotic)
Relentless (1 RP):
Weapon Familiarity (1 RP): Long sword, Elven Weapons.
Low-Light Vision (1 RP):
Skill Bonus (2 RP): Perception


Base Stats before Racial Modifiers:
Str: 16 (10)
Dex: 14(5)
Con: 14 (5)
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 16 (10)

After Racial Modifiers:
Str: 18
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 12
Cha: 14

Dark Archive

This looks like a really interesting game. I'm working on my submission, but here's an outline with a few questions.


I was thinking Mandragora druid (Bestiary 2, pg 185) but from an angel instead of being tied to a demon.

He'd be 3' tall, and slightly more humanoid looking than his evil counterparts. A fallen angel was left bleeding near a mandrake root, and from it was birthed my character (still working on a name).

My RP would be distributed like this:
Plant traits 8
Toxic 1
Treespeech 2
camouflage 1
Elemental resist 3 (acid, electric, cold)
Natural armor 1
Improved natural 1
Linguistic Array 2
Normal speed 0
small size 0
Standard Modifiers 0
Bite 1
Total : 20
The only thing that isn't standard is 'toxic' - isn't currently allowed by plants, but I think it would be an interesting addition to the character, and consistent with a mandragora. What do you think?
Who is the nature deity in your setting and do they differ from the pathfinder core?

Final question: this one might be a stretch. Could I have a plant animal companion? I would love a young assassin vine that rides along with me in a dirt filled satchel, and curls around my neck like a snake. Obviously it would be smaller version, and not have the entangle ability.

Sovereign Court

All in all a Reave is mainly a combat role monster, with all round vision and four arms that can either wield a pair of shields, pair of two handed weapons, or one of each.

So the only problems I run into are due to only having the advanced race options the Reave can't get All-Round Vision. Also there's no option for extra limbs, though I could say I have a pair of arms that are pretty much just flavor.

Type: outsider native 2RP
Size: Medium 0RP
Speed: Normal 0RP
Ability: Advanced 4RP (physical +2, Wis +4, Chr -2 )
Lang: Standard 1RP (Infernal, common, abyssal, celestial, draconic, aklo, ignan, terran, ?)

Racial Abilities
Defensive training, greater 3RP (simulate extra advantage of 2 shields)
Natural Armor 2RP
Imp Nat Armor 1RP
Fearless 1RP

Gatecrasher 2RP (these simulate having 4 arms in combat)
Relentless 1RP

Darkvision 60 ft. 2RP
Stalker 1RP

I am Jangol Soot, Knight of the Seal. My Order orginated in far Tamur but my kind were Called from somewhere in the Great Beyond. Our edicts and prophecies have brought us far to the west since the Calling, to once mighty Kaledun. In this wasted crossroad city it is said that an Ancient Secret will be found and it is the destiny of the Reave to keep it from being revealed to this world.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Actually, if you are a native outsider, don't you get darkvision 60 as part of the package?

Lantern Lodge

The game sounds like a lot of fun.

My idea would be for an Oracle, probably Nature, Lore or Heavens from a race that's basically like grippli/boggard on steroids. Which in this case doesn't large size, but burly. The race would be more interested in philosophy and art than brutish fighting. Fighting in their society mainly takes place in the form of ceremonial duals. Wars are rare between the people, and are more often ended through assassination, a more "civil" approach, than open warfare.

Write up to follow soon.

Dark Archive

I am glad that this has generated interest. This game will mostly be for playtest reasons, so experiment away with your racial builds.

Sovereign Court

The Shaman wrote:
Actually, if you are a native outsider, don't you get darkvision 60 as part of the package?

Good call... Hmm? Well I have 2 extra points to burn. Quick Reactions will do...

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm going to jump in on this one too, I've been looking for a chance to try out the rules. I'm looking to build something along the lines of a Yeti, probably a Ranger. Going with the "lives in the forests/mountains, wise, close to nature" concept more than the "lives on freezing mountains fighting horrors too horrific to be named" concept in the Bestiary.

Dark Archive

I would like to ask just one thing: Keep in mind the specifics of the setting. If you wish to create certain type of character (such as yeti) that doesn't seem logical for the setting, ask for additional info and explanations as to how the character could gotten to Kaledun. For instance, a yeti could have escaped from a traveling circus or a freak show.

Kaledun and environments are something like our world's Balkans and Eastern Europe.

I got that feeling, thus my Camel Drakhma!

Ok here's the write up of the Reave Exile race (with your setting in mind).

Reave Exiles
Nearly two and a half centuries have gone by since the Oath of the Seal was made in Far Tamur. The Oracles of Prohphecy Called to this world a race of soldiers & mercenaries from the infernal City of Dis in order to safeguard a terrible Secret. Since the Calling no sign of that terrible Secret has come to light. The Order of the Seal, tasked with protecting it, has slowly disolved into roving knight-errants seeking omens and portents.

Reave Exiles stand roughly as tall as humans, though they tend to be slightly shorter. They are however nearly as broad as dwarves in the chest. Their wiry, conjoined arms split just below the shoulder, one in front of the other and end in three fingered hands. Their short legs are thin and knobby contrasting greatly with their thick torsos. Four eyes are spaced evenly across their faces and instead of hair, boney ridges adorn their skulls, unique to each Reave Exile. All Reave Exiles wear armor and full face helms or voluminous cloaks with deep, shadowed hoods to conceal their alien visages. It is taboo, even amongst their own kind, to reveal their faces.

Reave Exiles are famed for their lack of fear and relentless style of combat, full of shield bashing, weapon sundering, bull rushes, ovverruns, and glorious charges. In the past this hellborn race was known to be able to wield a pair of shields, polearms, or heavy blades but in the centuries since coming to this world their might has dwindled. Now a Reave Exile must use both conjoined arms to wield their mighty implements of war. Ironically this atrophe has increased the deftness of their hands and many Reave Exiles have traded arms and armor for cloak and dagger.

Advanced Race Guide build:
Reave Exile 20 RP
Type: outsider native 2 RP
Size: Medium 0 RP
Speed: Normal 0 RP
Ability: Advanced 4 RP (physical)
Lang: Standard 1 RP (Infernal, common, abyssal, celestial, draconic, tamur, hohenbaurg, old language)
Racial Abilities
Defensive training, greater 3 RP
Natural Armor 2 RP
Imp Nat Armor 1 RP
Fearless 1 RP
Gatecrasher 2 RP
Relentless 1 RP
Quick Reactions 2 RP
stalker 1 RP

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Hmmm...good point. Scratching the Yeti idea, the amount of Hags in the city has me thinking about being a native Changeling (not the Eberron kind, the more mythological one, but Change Shape is definitely an ability I'll be adding to it). Right now I'm thinking more of a spy concept, probably a Bard of sorts.

Lantern Lodge

I do already find myself colliding with the limits of the system.

For instance, I shifted my idea to a race based on newts/salamanders and wanted to play off their legendary connection to fire by giving them fire resistance, which would be the result of their slimy, clammy skin. But you need to be an outsider to get those resistances, which makes sense most of the time, but not always. Personally I think those prerequisites should become guidelines and not demands, but that's another discussion.

In the mean time I'll figure something out.

Cuàn wrote:

I do already find myself colliding with the limits of the system.

For instance, I shifted my idea to a race based on newts/salamanders and wanted to play off their legendary connection to fire by giving them fire resistance, which would be the result of their slimy, clammy skin.

I'm actually having to handwave some things in my own interpretation of the system - I want to try a lizardfolk with a stronger draconic connection, but a lot of thing you need to handwave. The race becomes a native outsider, for example. Here's what I have so far.


Basic lizardman traits - 10 RP
- native outsider - 2 RP
- +2 Charisma - 4 RP (draconic majesty)
- standard language array (I imagine those lizards are a bit more integrated) - 1 rp
- swim - 1 rp (if water-based, this may be flexible)
- elemental affinity (this may need to be slightly reworked as draconic affinity)
- stubborn / hardy - 1 rp (to play on the draconic resiliency or mental fortitude aspect)

Alternatively I may drop the charisma bonus for elven immunities (immunity to sleep and resistance to enchantment sounds quite good on a draconic creature), +1 NA and elemental resistance 5 to one element (cold by default for water lizardmen)

Idea for stats if going sorcerer (or something close enough, like oracle:

Str 14 (5) +2
Dex 14 (5)
Con 14 (5) +2
Int 12 (2)
Wis 10 (0)
Cha 17 (13) +2?

I was trying to fit more, but it's quite hard. I find myself gravitating towards the 4 RP stat array (+4, -2, +2/+2/+2), it is ironic that it's cheaper than +2/+2 and buying another +2.

Ideally, there needs to be a way to integrate the draconic bloodline natural weapons and natural armor and the lizardfolk ones. Considering that natural weapons aren't ZOMGAWESOME on a sorcerer, I'm hoping for a way to just get the sorcerer "enhancements" on them full time.

I had a similar problem when I was trying to re-create the race. I wanted to add another +2 to strength but the extra cost seemed out there for me. Also some of the abilities fit so it was either make them stronger or give them more abilities to fit their fluff.

Dark Archive

I'll be out of town tomorrow, so I'll not be able to post much, but I'm gonna check out your builds come Monday.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I've had similar issues with giving the race I'm working on DR /Cold Iron, which requires Fey. And none of the 3 core Hags are fey, but Night Hag has DR 10/Cold Iron and Magic.

Here's what I ended up with:
+4 STR, -2 CON, +2 INT, +2 WIS, +4 CHA
Low-light Vision
2 1d4 Claws
Change Shape (As Alter Self)
DR 5/Cold Iron
Speaks: Trader's Tongue. Bonus: Tamur, Hohenbarug, Lupin, Old Tongue

RP Breakdown:

Fey - 1 RP
Medium - 0 RP
Normal Speed - 0 RP
Advanced Modifiers (+2 Mental, +4 STR, -2 CON) - 4 RP
Xenophobic Array (Speaks: Trader's Tongue. Bonus: Tamur, Hohenbarug, Lupin, Old Tongue) - 0 RP
Advanced Charisma - 4 RP
Fey Damage Resistance - 3 RP
Change Shape - 6 RP
Claws - 2 RP

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Here's my interpretation for a Dark Creeper:

RP Breakdown:


Humanoid (Dark Folk) 0 pts
Size: Small 0 pts
Base Speed: 30 0 pts
Ability Score: Paragon Mods -2 pts
Languages: Standard 1 pt
Racial Ability (Dex) 4 pts
Poison Use 1 pt
Skill Bonus: Sneak 2 pts
Skill Bonus: Perception 2 pts
Skill Bonus: Climb 2 pts
See in the Dark 4 pts
Light Blindness -2 pts
Spell Like Ability: Darknessx2 4 pts
Spell Like Ability: Detect Magic x2 2 pts
Nimble Attacks 2 pts
20 pts

Traits unaddressed by the point system:
Racial ability to make Sneak Attack +1d6 (nothing really covers this in the RAW)
Rag Armor: Dark Creepers treat their rags as leather armor (This could be hand-waved away or could deduct the cost of leather armor from starting gold.)
Death Throws: When a Dark Creeper dies, it combusts in a bright flash of white light. All creatures within 10' burst must make a DC13 Fort Save or be blinded for 1d6 rounds. (Since this is an absolutely terminal power, it's not something that really comes into play during the character's career. I would hand wave it and say that it's just what happens when he's beyond caring about anything else.)

Sovereign Court

Gavgoyle wrote:

Here's my interpretation for a Dark Creeper:

RP Breakdown:
** spoiler omitted **

Death throws is basically the flare burst spell from the APG. Remember a Dark Creeper is a 3HD creature. We're starting at 1st level so some things might just be easier to do with class levels. Balancing a free +1d6 sneak attack is tough for PC races. Monsters are a challenge for 4 PC's and aren't expected to last more than one encounter. A PC race has to have a lower power curve because heroes are defined by their class not their innate abilities.

Lantern Lodge

So here is the final version of my race, the Atran

Atran are a relatively young race, said to have originated from a single Salamander who sought to redeem himself from the evil of his brethren, something he only partially succeeded at. As while Atran are not malevolent they also lost the gift for metalworking while keeping the love of fire. Another, unfortunate side effect is the flighty nature of their personality, making it hard for most Atran to focus on single tasks for long periods of time.

Atran are almost completely black with a red belly. Some individuals have red blotches on their skin, something seen as a sign of great possibilities. Atran are just slightly taller than Dwarves, with females being slighty taller than males, while not nearly as broad. They have a long tail which is about as long as two-thirds of their bodies. Their toes are completely webbed while their fingers are only partially webbed. Male Atran have a sack attached to their lower jaw which they can inflate with air. Unlike frogs they do not use this to croak, but simply as a display of power.

The Atran are mountain dwellers, preferring valleys surrounded by high mountains. Within the rock of these regions they build large stone chamber with large, water-filled basins that function as spawning pools for their young who have to go through the same stages as a newt before they emerge fully grown. Part of this process is a transformation from a waterbound creature to a land based creature. This process includes the loss of gills while gaining limbs. The only things that remain from their juvenile stage are their powerful tail, which serves as both a weapon and an aid when swimming, and their slimy skin.


Native Outsider(Fire)= 2 RP
Medium Size = 0 RP
Normal Speed = 0 RP
Advanced Modifiers (+2 Physical, +4 Cha, -2 Wis) = 4 rp
Standard Language Array(Atran+Common, Aquan, Draconic, Dwarven Ignan, Terran, Undercommon) = 1 RP
Poison Resistance = 1 RP (Combination of being hot blooded and regeneration)
Fire Resistance 15 = 2 RP (Slimy Skin)
Pyromaniac = 2 RP
Swim = 1 RP
Powerful Swimmer = 1 RP
Climb = 1 RP
Hold Breath = 1 RP
Natural Attack (Slam, using tail) = 1 RP
Spell-Like Ability: Grease 1/day (Self Only) = 1 RP
Spell-Like Ability: Lesser Restoration 1/day (Self Only) = 2 RP

Juveniles exchange Climb and Hold Breath for Amphibious and exchange Pyromaniac for another daily use of Grease and a second Powerful Swimmer

Dark Archive

Rootandry Tumbleleaf, Mandragora Druid


Background: The Hag garden that birthed Rooty typically raise mandragoras for use in divination and as minions for the witches and hags of the coven. Their evil drew attention from a small band of brave travelers from the heavens. During their raid, a trumpet archon was slain; his body fell among the mandrake roots. The blood nurtured and untwisted the evil root into the rare good mandagara. Sentient at birth, Rooty fled the coven, and found himself alone in the woods. From there, his salvation and his passion has always been to nurture other plants.

At 3' tall, his body is not nearly as twisted and gnarled as a normal mandragora, yet he still retains the rough bark-like skin. He typically wears long coats and a hat, doing his best to disguise his plant features. However, once someone has seen his crooked smile with sharp wooden teeth, and tendency to drool- he often has to wipe away the green sap that serves him as saliva. He wants to be refined and academic, yet his appearance closes off many potential experiences to him.

He belongs to a small druidic sect whose overt goal is to return civilization back to its natural state. Primarily, their work has consisted of re-seeding abandoned villages and other formerly inhabited humaniod structures. Each member carries a pouch full of seeds and plantings that can take root in uninhabitable locals. These vines and brush and other quickly growing plants will overtake and slowly decompose all but the sturdiest of structures. Recently their work has ventured into major cities, adding bits of green in the overlooked corners. Where you see a brick building covered half in ivy, you might be seeing their work.

As part of his druidic training he is sent out into the world and is not allowed to return until he's planted all of the seeds from his satchel and can return with 3 new species of plant for the garden.


Druid 1
Alignment: N
Size: Small
HP: 10
AC 18 (natural +2, Dex + 3, size+1, leather +2) With shield = 19. Flat footed 15, touch 13
Initiative: +3

Str 13 +1
Dex 16 +3
Con 14 +2
Int 12 +1
Wis 17 +7
Cha 12 +1
Race: (+2 dex + 2 con -2 int)

Saves 2 / 3 /5
Feat eschew materials
Skills 4 +1
Climb str 5
Handle animal cha 5
Heal wis 7
Knowledge nature int 5
Perception wis 7

base 0

CMB +0 -1 +1 = 0
CMD +10-1+3 = 12
spear thrown (20 yard) AT +3, 1d6
Spear (melee) AT +1, 1d6+1
bite +1, 1d2 + poison

Satchel of seeds and plant sprouts
Herbology diary

Gold: 68gp
Resist Acid, electric, cold 5 each
Add venom to weapon (swift) x 3/day dc 13, 1x/6rounds, 1d2dex, cure save
Spells (3/2)
lev 0: detect magic, light, mending
lev 1: entangle (dc 14), cure light wounds

Animal companion: Jr. Assassin Vine (or constrictor snake, depending on DM rule).

If selected, I'll make a character page for him.

Sovereign Court

Simondale Albus wrote:

Rootandry Tumbleleaf, Mandragora Druid

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **...

Nice a little Johhny Appleseed! You could always call the constrictor a sapling assassin vine as flavor.

So Nightlier what's the breakdown looking like (I keep getting lost looking at posters and aliases, lol) and when do we start this?

Dark Archive

Oh, I also forgot: due to his link to his angelic heritage, drinking holy water acts as an intoxicant.

Dark Archive

Okay, we have

King of Vrock
The Shaman
Simondale Albus

I'm gonna open Discussion Thread and link it with this one. Post your concepts there, under new profiles, please.

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