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Night of the Werewolf (Inactive)

Game Master Kinetic_cards

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Once upon the roof, Hareton, La Sirénee, and Ianez look ahead and see a cityscape of sloping rooftops, rain-slicked eaves, and parapets. The way forward.

To safety...

Below them is a clear view of the city streets. It is as the Nurse of Pharasma had warned! There are all the creatures she named and more. Death and destruction! Larger than life! Bone dragons...He-wolves...Shadows...creature of nightmares. The city is alight in curious flames. (The raging fires here and there are magic...inexplicable...given the torrential downpour of rain.)

Above is a black and glowering sky. Purple energy streaks and burns through the heavens. Weird and warping energies that tear the sky asunder, unleashing spectres, harpies, and glowing disembodied chattering skulls that swoop through the clouds.

Up ahead, there are pale ghosts floating in a circle, like sentinels watching over a crumbling rooftop.

Obstacle #3

You can make a check of Acrobatics 20 to step carefully across the crumbling rooftop;


You can make a Will save 15 to steady your nerves and sneak past the ghosts.

In the alternative, you can attempt both checks, or you can just choose to attack a zombie (if one is in your area.)


Hareton, La Sirénee, Ianez, and Mechanical Manservant can attempt Obstacle #3. There is currently Zombie 2 and Zombie 5 on the roof with them.

Darious, Blackacre, and Caromarc can attempt Obstacle #2. There is currently no zombie in the alley with them.

Sandru can move to the alley. There is currently Zombie 3 in the hospital with him.


Hareton closes his eyes and tries to sneak past the ghosts, disbelieving that they are real. He is unsuccessful. He stops and shivers in fear.

1d20 + 14 ⇒ (3) + 14 = 17 Will Save to gather courage.

How odd. It is almost as if some existence has created a path, and only one path, leading to an unknown destination. This would imply that there is an existence under the belief that it is capable of toying with me. The manifestation of Nameless smiles a manic smile. Oh, the joy that there exist beings so deluded. How I look forward to this confrontation!

The gaze of the manifestation of Nameless falls on the ghosts before her. She almost laughs out loud. Ha! Spirits of the damned! Beings so fettered by their own existence they are held in its chains after their existence is no more are attempting to challenge MY willpower? Ah, comedy.

Staring down the ghosts with a confidence fit a god, no, two gods, she fights of the vile effect and turns to Hareton, taking his fingers in hers and starting to move forward, as if to show him her courage, slithering before him until their arms form a horizontal line and turning her smiling face to speak, in as close a tone as she can come to a kind voice;

"See, Doctor. Nothing to fear, but fear itself. We must move forward, Doctor. There are lives to be saved. Lives to be saved!" With this, she turns away from him again and draws him gently with her past the ghosts.

Move: Gathering courage and moving past the zombies. Standard: Roleplayed attempt at helping the Doctor past.

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

This Zombie is an issue... part of me wishes he would go away! But, I have to make him go away and hope to not get sick.


Attack Zombie 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (6) + 12 = 18, 2-Handed
Damage Zombie 1d6 + 10 ⇒ (1) + 10 = 11, 2-Handed


Hareton stares ahead with a fixed expression. He seems to withdraw into himself a little. "Lives to be saved...", he says under his breath and follows his mysterious friend.


Sandru makes quick work of the zombie. It goes kablooey! He is thoroughly covered in zombie yuck.

@Sandru - roll a Fortitude save.

Human Inquisitor 9 | HP 51/64 (fast heal 5) | add'l +3 att +8 dmg | AC 24 [16t 21f] | Saves F+10 R+9 W+13 -- Left: 4/6xLv1, 5/5xLv2, 2/3xLvl3, 5/9r bane, 1/3 Judgments (0/1 surge), 9/9r detect lies -- Init +5 Perc +14 Sensemotive +15

Blackacre starts to shimmy up the pipe...

Climb check with +6 for expeditious retreat: 1d20 + 7 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 7 + 6 = 17

...but in his haste, he misses a handhold and stumbles back into the alley. He eyes his hands quizzically.

Damn it man, pull yourself together - There are not THAT many zombies!

If he can, Blackacre will look for another means of getting up to the roof 1d20 + 11 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 11 + 6 = 29 ...and will spot the basket if his speed bonus applies.


The zombies appear not to register the ghosts at all.

Zombie 2 howls in frustration and continues to pursue Hareton and Nameless.

Zombie 5 tails right behind.

Blackacre successfully locates the fire escape basket and makes it onto the roof.

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

Sorry, missed that in my haste... rather surprised I popped the critter!

Fort Save 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (17) + 11 = 28, Raging!

My strike is sloppy, but enough to destroy the creature... I know it will explode, so I hold my breath. Turning, I cover my face with my arm and head after the others.


Sandru resists the zombie rot!

Remaining turns for this round:

Darious (fortitude save and obstacle #2), Ianez (obstacle #3), Mechanical (#3), Caromarc (#2).

Male Elf Ranger 6

Save & Obsticle:
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 231d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18


Darious avoids the contagion. He struggles a little bit getting up the drain pipe, but finally manages to flip onto the roof.

@Darious - Your save roll of Fort 6 is fine. The skill check required either Climb (2) or Perception (11). The second roll wouldn't have made it, but I decided to apply the first roll (17) to the skill check and the second roll to the save so that you could move forward.


Crouching low and calling on his luck again, Ianez essays the rooftop, but is unable to navigate the slippery tiles.

DC 20 Acrobatics check: 1d20 + 6 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 6 + 2 = 15

Per +11

The Manservant chooses to go around the ghosts. A crumbling roof is little concern for the manservant, who is bobbing across the rooftops, more pushing himself along than walking.
Move: move through card. Standard: Exit Card. Acrobatics (0) +10 (levitate) -2 (50 ft move) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (15) + 8 = 23

Male Human Wizard 9 (Teleport) Perception +8

As the ball of light manifests near Caromarc he instructs it in Celestial


Help us Servant of the Light! Get us all to safety! Monsters are ahead of us!

The Archon blinks in acknowledgement, then zips towards the zombies
Full action to move three cards and cut off zombies. +10 flight, +6 60ft move. Climb 1d20 - 4 + 16 ⇒ (9) - 4 + 16 = 21 Perception 1d20 + 4 + 16 ⇒ (9) + 4 + 16 = 29

Caromarc ascends much more slowly - but steadily - up the wall, hoping Sandru is behind him.
Standard action: Climb. Assume Spider climb negates need to roll as per spell? Move action to cross next card.


With two zombies left, the pursuit looks like it's going to endgame.

Hareton and Nameless fly to the edge of the roof only to see a wide gap and a higher rooftop ahead. There is a rickety rope bridge spanning the divide. Off to one side, there is a building with open windows, and higher up on its face is a stone balcony.

Obstacle #4

You can make a Reflex save of 15 to walk across the rickety rope bridge;


You can make a Stealth check of 20 to climb silently up the windows to the balcony;

**or**...(special "3rd option" round!)

You can make an Intimidate check of 20 to enter one of the windows and trespass through the property (much to the surprise and chagrin of the scared occupants of the house!)

In the alternative, you can attempt two (of the three) checks, or you can just choose to attack a zombie (if one is in your area.)


Lantern Archon is one "card" beyond Obstacle #4 (at Obstacle #5.) (@Caromarc - if you want the description for Obstacle #5, let me know. Or the lantern archon can move freely backwards along cards if necessary.)

Hareton, La Sirénee, and Mechanical Manservant can attempt Obstacle #4. There is currently Zombie 2 and Zombie 5 on the roof with them.

Darious, Blackacre, Ianez, and Caromarc can attempt Obstacle #3. There is currently no zombie in their area.

Sandru can attempt Obstacle #2. There is currently no zombie in his area.


Under the protective watch of Merperson, Hareton navigates the rickety rope bridge and crosses to the far rooftop.

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

Did Sandru see anyone use the basket?


Although his attention was divided fighting the zombies, sure he noticed others using the basket.

With a +16 bonus to Perception, Nameless has heard pretty much everything that has happened during the chase- the sounds of each attack, the sounds of people moving and talking, the sounds of zombies exploding.

That muffled, explosive sound- the third terminated undead, no doubt. That make these two undead the only ones still in pursuit. And dear Caromarc repaid the favor by sending this celestial to help. Excellent.

The manifestation of Nameless crosses the rickety bridge calmly behind Hareton, keeping a careful eye on him all the time, and casts Longstrider as she slithers gracefully through the air.

DC:15 Reflex Save1d20 + 15 ⇒ (3) + 15 = 18

Once across, she turns to Caromarc’s creature and speaks to it in the familiar language of Celestial;

प्रकाश की नमस्ते, नौकर.आपकी सहायता की सराहना की है.मरे नष्ट.

Celestial to common:
Greetings, Servant of light. Your assistance is appreciated. Destroy the undead.

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

Round 3 for Sandru

No zombies left near me... alone. I calm myself, letting go of the anger.

Something is there in the alley, in the darkness. My eyes cut through the darkness and see it. Others used this... "basket". I will use this basket and not climb.

I am tired. Caromarc calls it fatigue. It will pass soon. I hurry, the others will need me soon.


With jerky preternatural movements, Zombie 5 crawls on its belly along the rope bridge.

Zombie 2 picks up the scent of the archaeologist and doubles back, returning to the roof where the ghosts are circling. It heads straight for Ianez and jumps through the air, pouncing on him!

The dead milky eyes, the pustulent forehead, the cankerous jaw... This is...was...Iozef!

Its teeth carve into Ianez. It tries to grab his ankle, throw him off balance, drag him and make him fall from the side of the roof. But this does not succeed.

@Ianez - take 6 damage and roll a Fortitude save.

Human Inquisitor 9 | HP 51/64 (fast heal 5) | add'l +3 att +8 dmg | AC 24 [16t 21f] | Saves F+10 R+9 W+13 -- Left: 4/6xLv1, 5/5xLv2, 2/3xLvl3, 5/9r bane, 1/3 Judgments (0/1 surge), 9/9r detect lies -- Init +5 Perc +14 Sensemotive +15

Does this mean that zombie 2 is back on our card -- in other words, I can take it out?



Human Inquisitor 9 | HP 51/64 (fast heal 5) | add'l +3 att +8 dmg | AC 24 [16t 21f] | Saves F+10 R+9 W+13 -- Left: 4/6xLv1, 5/5xLv2, 2/3xLvl3, 5/9r bane, 1/3 Judgments (0/1 surge), 9/9r detect lies -- Init +5 Perc +14 Sensemotive +15

Blackacre, seeing the zombie come back for Ianez, decides to come for it.

swift action to imbue his sword with Bane (undead), then we'll take a mighty two-handed swing with a standard action

Away, filth!

Attack: 1d20 + 7 + 1 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 7 + 1 + 2 = 28
Damage: 1d10 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 2d6 ⇒ (7) + 4 + 1 + 2 + (1, 6) = 21


Aiiieee! Bane!

And goodnight dear Iozef!

The zombie bursts, splattering innards all over the Inspector.

@Blackacre - roll a Fortitude save.

Human Inquisitor 9 | HP 51/64 (fast heal 5) | add'l +3 att +8 dmg | AC 24 [16t 21f] | Saves F+10 R+9 W+13 -- Left: 4/6xLv1, 5/5xLv2, 2/3xLvl3, 5/9r bane, 1/3 Judgments (0/1 surge), 9/9r detect lies -- Init +5 Perc +14 Sensemotive +15

WooHoo blood and gore and bits!!

Fort save: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

That damage roll is how I usually lose at Blackjack!


Blackacre feels nauseated, but withstands the contamination.



HP: 32/38 AC: 18 Conditions: TBD

Fortitude save: 1d20 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 3 + 2 = 6



It is a dark day. The contagion has found the last of Therez's family.

Ianez feels an electric current beneath his skin. His body shudders.

So cold.

He is infected.

The future is uncertain.

@Ianez - take 2 Con damage. I will give you further instructions regarding this as we go.

Male Human Wizard 9 (Teleport) Perception +8

The Archon waits as the zombie approaches, then bathes it in holy light.
touch attack 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21 for 1d6 ⇒ 2 ignores DR. Second touch attack 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (9) + 3 = 12 for 1d6 ⇒ 5 ignores DR.

Per +11

It seems impossible that a flimsy rope bridge could support the Manservant as he pulls himself across handhold by handhold... yet the tension in the ropes belies any weight is being applied at all
Reflex Save +1 +10 Levitate -2 move 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (5) + 9 = 14


Male Human Wizard 9 (Teleport) Perception +8

Will +4 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9. Acrobatics +10 for swift teleport 15ft 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (2) + 12 = 14

Caromarc steels his will, realises his best bet is to advance quickly and walks towards the ghosts at a steady pace over the crumbling roof. Partway there his bravery and a chunk of masonry both give out and he ... flickers. Suddenly he is past the crumbling precipice, but drops to his hands and knees cold and shaking.

"My Anchor! I must have damaged it when I was thrown against the wall."

Caromarc grabs hold of the rooftop as if afraid he was about to be plucked into the sky by some giant avian monster.

Failed 2 obstacle checks, so am mired. Went with fear.


There is an incandescent flash. Then a pop! For a moment, the zombie is but a black shape, and the world a white scrim; it throws its hands up as if to ward off the attack. Then, everything resolves to normal. The creature loses its footing. It topples off the rope bridge into the darkness below. The monster disappears from view, but there is a loud slurp and a gulp from a much larger creature. Its ignominious end can be guessed at.

The band of survivors regroups and picks its way across the remaining rooftops. They navigate such feats as balancing to walk across a clothesline, discovering hidden shortcuts, and pushing on despite rat-infested walkways, until they find a place where they can descend into the streets. Even then, with all the monsters roaming about, it takes no small effort to dodge some flesh golems, sneak past a group of hell hounds, and gain the passage where they can finally drop into the sewers to its haven of relative safety.

The sewers are a network of tunnels connected at points by nodes. The entrance to the sewers is one of these nodes. It branches off into two tunnels forming a 'V'. The walls are lined with brick and mortar. It is moist and dimly lit, though it's possible to walk around and make one's way forward. The water level is just above your ankles.

Human Inquisitor 9 | HP 51/64 (fast heal 5) | add'l +3 att +8 dmg | AC 24 [16t 21f] | Saves F+10 R+9 W+13 -- Left: 4/6xLv1, 5/5xLv2, 2/3xLvl3, 5/9r bane, 1/3 Judgments (0/1 surge), 9/9r detect lies -- Init +5 Perc +14 Sensemotive +15

Great gods! What devilry is this! Zombies, golems, hell hounds? We have stumbled on a most macabre and diabolical event.

Something must be done, but what? How? And where can we possibly go from here?

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

Sorry, I slow down...


Hareton leans against a wall to catch his breath. He notes that the archaeologist does not look well.

"I have been advised to continue on," he says rather dramatically, with a wave of his hand at Nameless. "But what bitter path is this, now that..." His voice breaks. "Now that my poor sweet Olivia is dead? Oh, my heart!" He clutches his chest and falls wearily back against the sewer wall.

Male Human Wizard 9 (Teleport) Perception +8

Caromarc turns to Blackacre
"Just... just before it all happened, I opened my Eighth Sense. I saw - something - I'm not sure what. But it seemed powerful. Very... powerful."

At a lack to explain the visions that assaulted him, Caromarc trails off.

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

You, Grey. Can this help him?

I reach into my special bag, and show the doctor two of the medicine containers.

Delay Poison, Remove Curse

Per +11

"If I may sir, given the infectious nature of the corporeal undead I suspect that perhaps aid should be provided to those of your companions - and yourself - exposed to the plague." The manservant interjects diffidently to Caromarc.

[edit: Ninja'd by Sandru talking and the MM would never interrupt.]

Male Human Wizard 9 (Teleport) Perception +8

"Hellfire and Brimstone! Elspeth! She's back at the house!" Caromarc exclaims.

Male Human Wizard 9 (Teleport) Perception +8

Is there anything Caromarc, with his prodigious and eclectic education can think of too explain the events of the evening?


Caromarc has encountered ideas about the misuse of magic and arcane disturbances in the natural order of things. Also, his expertise in teleporting could clue him into something going on with unusual transits.


Hareton looks dolefully at the infusions. "I'm sorry old chap, I'm afraid those medicines aren't quite what he needs. Our friend requires a more powerful treatment."

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

Where do I find this... treatment?

Female Aasimar Urban Druid 9

Nameless, now returning to the well-dressed form of La Siréene Dorée, walks over to Hareton, places her hand on his shoulder, leans towards him and softly speaks Nameless's memories of La Siréene Dorée.

"It is a sad thing, to see the one you appreciate most go. Their remarkable traits gone from the world. Yet, life is meaning. We who are alive shape the world through the shape of ourselves, and our memories and experiences of others shape us. Your Olive will cause change through you, as my memories will through me. Olive may yet be your reason to live, Hareton."

He has such a narrow mind, this one, so singular in its focus, able to apply meaning and passion to a single thing only. Curious.

Human Inquisitor 9 | HP 51/64 (fast heal 5) | add'l +3 att +8 dmg | AC 24 [16t 21f] | Saves F+10 R+9 W+13 -- Left: 4/6xLv1, 5/5xLv2, 2/3xLvl3, 5/9r bane, 1/3 Judgments (0/1 surge), 9/9r detect lies -- Init +5 Perc +14 Sensemotive +15

Blackacre looks into the Earl's eyes. Once we are well, we must find a way to stop whatever it was you saw. Perhaps we can even find your Elspeth, if, eh...well, perhaps we can make her safe.


"I have no answer to that," Hareton replies to Sandru.

He hangs his head. From beneath his brow, he stares straight ahead at nothing. To La Siréene he says, "Your advice is always wise, my friend." A sigh. "It is also hard to take."

He rummages through his pockets. "I have some items...personal effects and such...that I would like to give you all for your help. I was surely done for had you not assisted me."

To Blackacre - "You seem like the type to wear hats well." He hands you a dashing leather top hat. (picture of hat)

To Darious - "And this might come in handy." He hands you a small robot hand pendant on a chain. (picture of pendant)

To Caromarc - "This was dropped at some point in the fight." He hands you a simple black robe.

When worn, the wearer can see embroidered upon it the figures of a human skeleton and a heavy horse skeleton.

To Ianez - "I found this too. It suits one so well-traveled as yourself." He hands you a set of pipes.

The pipes summon scarab beetles with a blue and gold exo-shell instead of rats.

To Sandru - "These are for you. A special item from my chemistry lab." He toasts you with a flask of bright orange liquid.

To La Siréene - "And for you...I have our rings and some other momentos. But I think Olivia would have wanted you to have this." He hands you an amulet shaped like a tiny clockwork heart.

The necklace is a Wondrous Item named "Olivia's heart." It functions as per the item you requested.

Hareton shrugs. "I suppose the only thing to do is put one foot in front of the other and see where these sewers go."


Shivering, Ianez accepts the pipes. I wonder how to play these...Amelie used to play, when we were children together. He's been in near-fugue for most of the escape, saying very little and frequently stopping for no apparent reason.

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