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Night of the Werewolf (Inactive)

Game Master Kinetic_cards

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There is nothing out-of-the-ordinary about the tunnel. You do notice some of Hergelund's traps laying deactivated and inert. Even though he gave you his word, the dwarf can be somewhat addle-headed at times. Best to step lightly.

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

Oh, beat me...

Under shadow of Sewer:
Perception 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (1) + 10 = 11, +6 if hidden, +8 if trap
Stealth 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (8) + 15 = 23


@Sandru, Ianez:
You both also see some of Hergelund's deactivated traps.

Human Archaeologist Bard/4; Init: +3; Perc: +10; HP 27/27, F: +2/R: +7/W: +4 ***INACTIVE***

"Hergelund is a busy fellow, isn't he?"

Knowledge (nature): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8


@La Siréene, Sandru, Ianez:
While La Siréene thinks Ah, a blue-ringed octopus!, Sandru and Ianez aren't familiar enough with such a creature to identify what it is exactly before the oceaney-squid-looking-thingamabober...whatever it was...disappears into the compartment in the manservant...

Ianez thinks he might have seen something like it...somewhere...

@La Siréene - I figure since everyone can probably tell it was some sort of cephalopod, your knowledge about the particular species fits since you are a druid therefore pretty conversant with animal species anyways.

Male Half-Elf Zen Archer Monk 8 / Mage 1
HP:49/80, AC:26, Saves F+11, R+11, W:+18, Speed:50, Perc:+20

Should have done this before

Quinn stops and moves back to the group and points at La Siréene. He whispers a couple of arcane words while pointing to her. He whispers to the group, "My cantrip will not last very long. I will move up ahead. I am in communication with Lady La Siréene. I will tell her when it's alright to proceed to the stop."

Casting Message on La Siréene

The monk moves ahead of the group, enough that he does not go beyond the range of the spell. He communicates the locations of Hergelund's deactivated traps and to avoid them. At the stop he will extinguish the light spell and recon the area.

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

I try to become part of the darkness, even as I watch for dangers behind us.

@La Siréene... a nigh inaudible Whisper:
I am trying to be unseen. Still behind you, but not so close.


You step silently, blending with shadows. You slip quietly into darkness and let it close over your head, like cold water. As before you were a creature of fiery rage, now you're a creature who is one with the night.

Human Inquisitor 9 | HP 51/64 (fast heal 5) | add'l +3 att +8 dmg | AC 24 [16t 21f] | Saves F+10 R+9 W+13 -- Left: 4/6xLv1, 5/5xLv2, 2/3xLvl3, 5/9r bane, 1/3 Judgments (0/1 surge), 9/9r detect lies -- Init +5 Perc +14 Sensemotive +15

Sorry for radio silence - I have been away from the computer all day

Pressure breeds synergy, doctor, like making a diamond. Necessity and danger make close friends quickly, I should say.
knowledge(nature): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13
Did that woman just become an...octopus? This is a strange place indeed.
Blackacre stays at the front of the main group while Quinn scouts ahead. He casts Light when needed (i.e., if Q is out of range) to allow them to see a short distance ahead and to spot Hergelund's traps where pointed out.


You observed that the creature was indeed an octopus.

Your party reaches the end of the sewer where it empties into train station: Lamp Stop. This location is the same as Fenrir Stop structurally, with slight variation in minor details of style. The metal grate that covers the exit to the sewer is intact, but loose on its moorings. Here too, gaslight on the walls flickers a weird fiery red-orange.


During your scouting, you see that there is a crashed train car in the station. Through the windows you can see passengers...a limp arm, a crushed black velvet hat, blanched faces with open mouths and staring dead eyes... They are all dead.

The stench in the place is getting stronger.

Male Half-Elf Zen Archer Monk 8 / Mage 1
HP:49/80, AC:26, Saves F+11, R+11, W:+18, Speed:50, Perc:+20

Quinn whispers to Lady La Siréene using the Message spell.

@La Siréene:

"Lady La Siréene, inform the others that there are bodies around the station....area of devastation...we need to be on our guard. Approach with caution. Going to need detection like last time."

Quinns does not get onto the station. He waits for the others to approach, with bow and arrow at thwe ready

Human Archaeologist Bard/4; Init: +3; Perc: +10; HP 27/27, F: +2/R: +7/W: +4 ***INACTIVE***

Ianez follows along, moving quietly and keeping his eyes moving from place to place. "Allies, at least. We know we have to depend on each other and ourselves, if we have any hope of surviving." Much less of being revenged on the authors of this obscenity.

As the group approaches, La Siréene relays Quinn's message.

"We have reached the station. Area devastated. Bodies scattered about. Proceed with caution."

Then, she responds to Ianez's musings.

"Indeed. As a group, our ability to survive is increased, but becomes dependent on our ability to trust each other. Pardon me a moment."

As the group catches up to Quinn, La Siréene changes shape again, this time into a well-dressed, red-haired Halfling.

How oddly large everything has become. And ugh, what a stench. Now, let’s see if we can find out anything about the platform or the "bodies" by smell.

Perception check, checking for irregularities, suspicious shapes and strange scents: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (14) + 16 = 30

Male Half-Elf Zen Archer Monk 8 / Mage 1
HP:49/80, AC:26, Saves F+11, R+11, W:+18, Speed:50, Perc:+20

Quinn does a double-take at the halfling not realizing who it is.
"Now where did you come from?"

The shape of Nameless makes a deep bow, smiling a wry smile.

"From the mind of La Siréene Dorée, mister Quinn. She is a capable Shape shifter, after all."


You see that the train is a single car with filigree detailing that looks like a cross between a charcoal gray bullet train and a green, red, and gold trolley. The train is crunched up like an accordion; it must have been traveling at high speed when it entered the station because it smashed through the bumper post and into the far wall. The windows are smashed, with broken glass lying about. The doors were folded in by the impact leaving the interior of the train open and accessible.

Inside the train, there are 54 bodies. The unfortunates look like they came mostly from the middle and lower classes, but there are some well-dressed ones among them. The corpses are thrown around like rag dolls. Some were tossed forward and are piled on top of each other. Some were jettisoned from the wreckage completely and lay on the platform nearby.

Down the tunnel with the tracks leading into the station*, there are ghosts skimming through the air, faint white and gray humanoid figures, with expressions of fright or anger on their faces, flickering in and out of a visual. A reasonable conjecture would be that it was these spirits that surprised the engineer and caused him to crash the train.

* This is a different tunnel than the one your party just came through. You passed through the sewer conduit, whereas the train stops also have a separate tunnel for the route of the trains.

Male Half-Elf Zen Archer Monk 8 / Mage 1
HP:49/80, AC:26, Saves F+11, R+11, W:+18, Speed:50, Perc:+20

Whispering to La Siréene, "Well...can I still call you La Siréene or does each form have a different name?"

Are the Ghosts in our path? What knowledge check would they require?

"There is a crashed train car ahead. 54 dead. Looks like Ghosts caused the crash, down the train tunnel."

Kwanjan Quinn(DC25):
"I quite liked Lady La Siréene, thank you. La Siréene is an identity, a personality. This shape is merely a thought, nothing substantial. "

Male Half-Elf Zen Archer Monk 8 / Mage 1
HP:49/80, AC:26, Saves F+11, R+11, W:+18, Speed:50, Perc:+20

Quinn whispers again at the druidess in new form and maintains eye contact on the train and ghosts up ahead.
"Do you think you can think of yourself as a dragon and breathe fire? Or maybe a lemur so you can be carried."


The ghosts fly along the train tracks. They are not directly in your path, per se; sometimes they appear farther along down the tunnel. More like an intermittent gust of souls. They require a knowledge (religion) or knowledge (arcana) check.

Male Half-Elf Zen Archer Monk 8 / Mage 1
HP:49/80, AC:26, Saves F+11, R+11, W:+18, Speed:50, Perc:+20

Knowledge (Religion) Roll: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

The shape of Nameless, too, observes the ghosts.

"I am not yet capable of either, Mister Quinn. I was refering to the difference between this hafling and La Siréene Dorée."


Many of these ghosts in life were followers of Pharasma. They seem confused at their current state of being and disgusted with themselves that they exist as undead.

You get the sense that they are strongly anchored to this location.

Human Inquisitor 9 | HP 51/64 (fast heal 5) | add'l +3 att +8 dmg | AC 24 [16t 21f] | Saves F+10 R+9 W+13 -- Left: 4/6xLv1, 5/5xLv2, 2/3xLvl3, 5/9r bane, 1/3 Judgments (0/1 surge), 9/9r detect lies -- Init +5 Perc +14 Sensemotive +15

knowledge(religion: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (2) + 9 = 11
knowledge(arcana): 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (18) + 6 = 24


The stuff of these ghosts is thin on this plane, even for creatures intrinsically incorporeal. They waver in and out of existence. Their anger is compounded at finding themselves ghostly undead and at being in some other odd way displaced. The engineer probably had no warning when one materialized out of the gloom and he and the specter startled each other.

You get the sense that they are tenuously anchored to this location.

Male Human Wizard 9 (Teleport) Perception +8

Knowledge Arcana 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (3) + 15 = 18

STATUE:?? BODY: 16/20 HP HP Per +11

Knowledge: Arcana 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

Male Human Wizard 9 (Teleport) Perception +8

"Does anyone know a lot about ghosts? The ones on the rooftop were the first ones I've encountered." whispers the Earl

1 person marked this as a favorite.
HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

I stay in the shadows, one with the darkness... I have seen ghosts when I walk the night. But, I did not study them. If I did, I would forget soon after.

The fish was the girl... now the little person. I like being me.

They talk too much. The more people, the more talking, talking, talking... I like to spend time alone.

Human Inquisitor 9 | HP 51/64 (fast heal 5) | add'l +3 att +8 dmg | AC 24 [16t 21f] | Saves F+10 R+9 W+13 -- Left: 4/6xLv1, 5/5xLv2, 2/3xLvl3, 5/9r bane, 1/3 Judgments (0/1 surge), 9/9r detect lies -- Init +5 Perc +14 Sensemotive +15

These ghosts have only a tenuous grip on this world. They seem...displaced from somewhere.


Elspeth sees that the ghosts have a neutral aura.

The substance of the ghosts is faint and watery as they drift through the arcane ether. Apparitions composed of tiny gray dots unfocus and disappear, then reappear, like a trick to the eyes.

A ghost materializes right in front of Caromarc and passes through him.

A large chill shoots through you. You feel faint, like you're collapsing and feverish. The world around you fades to white and gray.

There is a well-dressed man in a top hat and tails, with mutton chops, waiting on the train platform. There is a governess with a child. An aged banker. A student. A pair of young lovers. You feel a surge of anger towards them. WHO ARE YOU TO BE STANDING HERE IN MY VICINITY? WHAT ARE YOU TO BE SO-BEHIND-A-SCREEN AND...


The same scene, after the passage of time. Other people...a halfling, a half-elf... You've forgotten...and the questions have become WHO? and WHEN? And most scary of all...


You charge towards the halfling and half-elf, and pass through them.

@La Siréene, Quinn:
You feel a large chill shoot right through you.

Caromarc throws his arms out to the sides. His whole body is wracked with shudders. You see a ragged specter tear itself away from him and fly down the tunnel. A short ways down the path it blinks out of existence and disappears. Caromarc, La Siréene, and Quinn all faint and collapse to the floor unconscious.

One of the corpses in the train starts to twitch.

Per +11

"Sir? asks The Manservant, successfully counterfeiting concern as he kneels down by the master's supine body.

STATUE:?? BODY: 16/20 HP HP Per +11

Elspeth thrashes momentarily as she sees Caromarc fall, then concentrates on their bond.

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

This thing ate my post!
This thing ate my post TWICE!

Just gonna type it out plainly.

Sandru looks for a defensible position to stash the bodies.
Sandru reach for the fire breath potion.
Wondering if the roof is off the wreckage, if provides higher ground and if it diminishes the area of the breath weapon.
Sandru's speed is 40.
Also wondering if the twitching is a sign of life or unlife.

Perception 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (3) + 10 = 13 defensible position
Climb 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26 if needed, and advantageous
Perception 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (3) + 10 = 13 life or unlife

My previous two posts were much more eloquent, please forgive me I've een at it for about 30 minutes.


Your search reveals that there aren't much places to hide your companions that would be effective against zombies. Some options may provide slight complication, stave them off for a little but: under a bench, inside a storage barrel, maybe on top of the train. You might also try to exit the train stop. There are stairs leading up out of the station into the street.

The roof of the train car is uneven but intact. You scan the side of the train; it has runners, railings, and knobs such that it would be possible for you to climb it and reach the roof.

As you search for signs of life or unlife, the corpses remain a mystery, but you notice some rats scurrying among them.


Hareton notices Sandru looking around and sizing up their options. He turns to Blackacre. "Gaston, see if you can rouse our friends." He hands him a couple of vials filled with scented gray crystals. "Take this. Ammonium carbonate. Smelling salts. Hold it near our friends' faces and have them inhale. It might wake them."

He turns to Ianez. "Archaeologist, while the others are occupied, I am interested in examining the bodies. If what Blackacre says about the ghosts is true, it raises some questions worth investigating."

"I was thinking similarly," Ianez replies. "Between my knowledge of the long dead and yours of the recently departed, we might discover something of use." In his characteristic manner, he twitches his coat away from his hip and draws his longsword.

Hareton approaches the train car apprehensively. The archaeologist keeps at his back, proceeding with the same confidence as if he were exploring a pyramid or spelunking an ancient long-lost cavern. Hareton steps carefully and quietly, his body leaning away from the corpses as if he fears at any moment one of them might jump up and attack.

The two men reach the train car. Ianez steps forward, extends one leg, and gingerly prods one of the corpses with his foot. There is no response. He whispers to the doctor, "Go ahead."

It is a breathless moment as Hareton crouches down and fumbles with his diagnostic supplies. He freezes in place. Nothing. Hareton examines the nearest corpse, a middle-aged fellow with a neatly-trimmed beard and a shattered monocle. He pokes at it in several places. He looks at the pallor and bruising of the skin. He pries open an eyelid, examines the eye, opens the mouth and looks inside.

The corpse moans and jerks its head. Hareton leaps backwards and bumps into Ianez. Ianez catches himself and points his sword. They wait. Nothing. Hareton reapproaches the body and resumes his examination. He completes it, and afterwards, there is a long silence. Then, Hareton speaks. "It is nothing, Ianez. Just the settling of gas and some fluids. These people have not long been deceased."

Hareton and Ianez return to the group. Dr. Grey puts a hand on Sandru's shoulder. "Sandru, thank you for your preparation and vigilance. But it looks like this time we are in the clear. I don't think those corpses in the train include any zombies."

"Blackacre, you said that the ghosts have a tenuous grip on the world. The passengers on the train are recently deceased. Once we revive our companions, I would like to figure out what befell them so we can compare notes on this phenomena. It may provide an important clue."

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6
Dr. Hareton Grey wrote:
...Dr. Grey puts a hand on Sandru's shoulder. "Sandru, thank you for your preparation and vigilance. But it looks like this time we are in the clear. I don't think those corpses in the train include any zombies."...

The rats already come... You know better than me.

I place the dragon-breath into one of my pockets and relax only a fraction... moving to pick up the girl, now in some smaller red-headed form. Propping her against the wall, in as comfortable a position as possible...

Machine-man, come bring the smelly salts and, Caromarc. Gaston can wake the policeman.


Hareton looks on as Sandru, the Mechanical manservant, and Blackacre wake the others. When they come to, he is full of questions.

Quinn and Caromarc, you both were investigating the ghosts when you blacked out. Did you observe anything interesting?...

All three of you fainted. What did you experience?...

The passengers in the train aren't zombies, just corpses recently deceased. Do you think what you experienced has any connection?...

You can RP waking up or waking them up (as pertains to your character), and once you do, assume that Hareton has asked these questions.

Nameless's mind returns slowly to its current shape. Then, the shape of Nameless stirs and slowly opens her eyes, finding Sandru's eyes before hers.

A smile. Tired and faint, but somehow still very warm.

"Always... looking out for me... aren't you, Sandru?"

Such a caring, selfless construct...

A small hand grips Sandru's. She swallows, tries to speak clearly. Her tone breaks regardless.

"Thank… you."

In truth, a rarity.

She turns her head to Hareton, listening to his questions without moving until he finishes. Then, she speaks, tone steady now.

"Ragged, semi-transparent form appeared, entered Jornel, rippling reality. I felt. Cold. Exited him, he struck out his arms, shuddered. Form disappeared down the tunnel, shifting out of our existence. Consciousness lost."

The shape of Nameless takes her time considering the last one.

"Perhaps. The apparitions are not specifically hostile. Raging, passionate. About the situation. But not about bodies, not about us. Misaimed, mindless destruction."

The shape of Nameless rises, picking out her Tanglefoot Bag from her pouch. Offers it to Hareton.

"For defense. Not versus ghosts. But versus physical foes. This should slow them. Could make a difference. Please, take it."

Male Human Wizard 9 (Teleport) Perception +8

Caromarc is visibly shaken, sitting on the filthy ground as a child might, knees pressed against chest.
"What happened? Did anyone else have a vision of something seeing the people on the station? Where it was angry?"


Hareton takes the tanglefoot bag. "Thank you, druidess."

He turns to Caromarc, his brow knitted in puzzlement. "What? You had a vision of that? Can you explain further? You saw through something else's eyes? Who did it see? Why was it angry?" He adds, "It might help you to know a ghost invaded or merged with you...not sure what exactly. It's gone now."

"I wouldn't normally make preposterous conjectures, but lately we've seen things that defy belief. So I ask...perhaps you mingled your consciousnesses or something?"

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

I offer my water skin. The girl seemed thirsty.

This is where the club is... maybe the break-between-worlds is worse here.

Maybe this is the center... Caromarc, what are the words you use? Ground Zero?

That's all I have... I go check on the policeman.

The shape of Nameless graciously accepts the water skin, her throat sore. As always, she refills the water skin when she's finished.

"Could you have been." She swallows, massaging her throat before continuing. "momentarily possessed, Jornel?"

She offers Caromarc the water skin with a gesture.

Male Human Wizard 9 (Teleport) Perception +8

Caromarc takes the water skin with a shaking hand
"I... I suppose..."
he breathes in deeply with his eyes closed, and concentrates on clearing his mind as if casting a spell. When he breathes out he speaks quietly and dispassionately.
"There was a definite sharing of at least one memory. Possibly a merging of conciousness, but I can't guarantee it. Momentary spiritual possession sounds reasonable."
Looking at Sandru's retreating back
"Sandru's hypothesis is reasonable. It is also possible this was a singular ghost, and that the - let's use the word souls - of those killed have somehow formed additional ghosts. Viral spectres are not an unknown phenomenon."

Caromarc tips his head sideways

"Some of the concepts being thought don't seem to translate well. I suspect that the initial creature was angry at the living for their presence here. It didn't think like that though. There was no word... I can't describe it."

Caromarc pauses
"You know how sometimes in a dark room you can see through a thin curtain into the daylight? Like that. They were in the light, it was in the dark."

Caromarc stops
"No, that's not quite right either."

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

Looking up from the policeman's body beside Blackacre, I have an idea but find it hard to form the words.

Maybe they are not in our way. We cannot be so self... self-centered. We are in their away. When people die their souls go somewhere, right? Maybe this is the path they have to take.

Maybe now, our world is in their way... both sides are confused. Sand-men, bats and hell-dogs do not go together. I am trying to sense a pattern... it helps me think.

This is mixed up, no pattern... random.


"Mixed up, yes," Hareton says. "But not entirely random. I've treated half-elves as patients before, and as we saw against the sandmen, Quinn is immune to mind-effects. This leads me to think whatever knocked him out was on par with a stunning physical blow. Likewise, I've observed our druid friend is relatively resilient against mental enchantments and such. The fact that they were both so easily knocked out, it seems the exact opposite of what should have happened."

"What if what occurred wasn't some magical sleep or mind effect at all, but as Blackacre says instead a displacement. Maybe a temporal displacement. What if something tried to displace Quinn and the others, but couldn't, and as a result knocked them out? Causing a neural overload?"

Ianez clears his throat. "There is something like that. What is known in certain academic circles as "the reversal effect." Osirion archaeologists uncovered evidence in pyramids of rituals using threnodic spells, metamagic that converts mind-effecting spells into energy that is capable of influencing or controlling the undead. It was used in the hopes of resurrecting their pharoahs."

Hareton is excited by this news. "Exactly!" he says. "So, I'm trying to think this through logically. If Quinn is immune to mind-effecting spells, what if something like threnodic energy knocked him out? Which leads to the second person in question, Lord Caromarc. He isn't immune to mind-effecting spells, but we've seen twice now he's been the target of some type of unusual magical feedback. What if, due to his affinity with arcane energies and his specialization in teleporting...if you think about that at it's most basic level, it's moving objects from point A to point B...he is unwittingly serving as an antenna for the reversal effect? Differently put, the effect is traveling down arcane pathways from somewhere and Caromarc is a receptor or magnet?"

"This could account for the ghosts' displacement and why we're seeing the flood of undead onto our plane. Maybe the reversal effect, or some sort of temporal-spatial tear, is traveling down arcane pathways and causing all of these strange disturbances?" Reversal of death. Raising the dead in massive numbers?"

He finishes this train of thought, pleased with himself. Suddenly, he frowns. He turns to La Siréene. "That doesn't explain the third target, however. There must have been some reason it targeted her." He taps his finger to his chin, his eyes unthinkingly coming to rest on the Olivia's heart pendant.

It is glowing a bright blue.


Ianez considers Hareton's theory. "If these strange goings-on involve a temporal displacement, it might account for the energy of these ghosts. Doctor, you said the corpses in the train had recently passed away. But what if the ghosts are the spirits as they exist now, and also as they exist at some future time? And both states are here together...simultaneously?"

"Although Osirian priests didn't think of it this way themselves, scholars speculate that their rituals weren't actually aimed at resurrecting pharoahs, but as a way to access multiple universes. To go back in time to when the pharoah was alive, and bring him forward into the future, to a time when he was dead. Or to access an alternate universe where the dead king had never died in the first place, and bring that version of him back into their own universe."

"Whichever way you cut it, it added up to the same result. A new lease on life."

He raises an eyebrow, looks at Hareton skeptically. "By the way, Grey, how do you know so much about 'temporal displacement' and 'arcane pathways?' They do not seem like areas of expertise for someone in your discipline."

Hareton returns a blank, rather naïve look. "You know, I don't know. I'm not sure. It just came to me. I just knew."

HP 56/88 Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1/Unbreakable 2/Rogue 6

My head hurts... Too much talking, again.

I leave Blackacre and the policeman and move to the wreck and climb steadily taking my time. The dead are quiet, even today... and better company for me. When they do talk, it is slow and they usually stay on one subject.

Reaching the wrecked roof I sit on the edge, pulling one knee up to my chest and hugging it. I let the other leg hang over the edge.

I watch them talk about thing I don't understand... yet.

And, of course I watch and listen for approaching danger.

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