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NeoExodus: A Pound of Flesh (Inactive)

Game Master Tark the Ork

Waking up on a beach of corpses a group of five individuals must explore a strange world to find out their past and in the process perhaps uncover a terrible conspiracy that can shatter the foundations of the Imperial Alliance.

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Male Human Summoner 1

Lionel smiles slyly. Well it would be easy to steal something with such security. Then again I guess it is because owner feels there is nothing worth stealing or he trusts people around town.

Lionel gives Mint a slight tap on the head, she looks up at him and growls. Lionel shrugs;

"You are plenty louder than me, go on, wake up the sleeping man"

Mint stares at Lionel for a few seconds before exhaling, she then reluctantly barks loudly trying to wake up the store owner.

Male Orc Expert 5

The girl thinks on this for a moment and shakes her hed. "We've got a store, a church, and a blacksmiths. Um, but that's it really. There's lots of caves that me and the boys like to go in and see neat things like crabs and snakes, and giant turtles! You should go see it it's great!"

Outside of the church eveyrone hears a large bang come from the general store and the girl frowns. "I think old man Olvensky's shooting at crows again."

Lionel finds himself ducking as the old man springs to life pointing a pistol in his direction. However his midlean stance on the chair propels him backwards and with a curse he pulls the trigger sending the shot to the roof and the man on his back.

Male Human Summoner 1

Lionel gets up from ducking position very slowly and cautiously.

"Oh, hello there, I hope I wasn't disturbing ... too much? Did I startle you? I'm sorry my manners forsake me, my name is Lionel Dauphin. I am new in town and, I realize I should probably help you up." Lionel walks over and outstretches his hand in a friendly manner. "Here let me, what is your name good sir?"

Inside the church Emil seems intrigue by the noise for a couple of seconds, than he turn to his companions.
Hmm, maybe we should visit the blacksmith then.

male Human

As Drett totally failed to recognized the sheriff weapon, he probably doesn't recognize the noise too.

Drett jump when hearing the loud noise. He looks inquiringly to Aliwah and Emil and he is rather impressed by Emil's imperturbability. "Visit the blacksmith? ... Oh ! Yes. Sure. But ... what was that noise?"

He turns to the girl:"What was that? Who's that Olvensky? Did he make that noise?"

Female Gevet Bard 1

"Giant turtles!" Aliwah exclaims, sharing the girl's delight. "So, what's your name? Mine's Aliwah."

At the noise she'll turn to look out the church door, glancing back at the girl, reassured by her apparent calm. "Olvensky does that a lot, does he?"

Male Orc Expert 5

The girl nods her head at Drett as if he asked whether the sky was blue or water wet.

"Yeah turtles! They're really big and they go roooooo!" The little acolyte girl throws her arms wide as she spins and makes the noise as if to emphasize the massiveness of the creature. "Oh and my names Alexia and the turtle eats big crabs and lobsters which are the only things we can catch here as daddy says but he tolds me to stay away from the turtles or they'll eat my head but I don't listen to him because I'm a big girl and I'm not stupid!"

male Human

As nobody seems to be upset by the strange noise, Drett feels a little stupid and let the subject drop.

Of course you are darling, but you should not give your parents reason to worry, they get sad.
Diplomacy: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11
Got to talk to this girls parents

male Human

A smile appears on Drett's face when he answers to Emil: "Turtles can't be that dangerous. At least no turtle that I ever see. They are rather slow and I'm sure a girl that smart and bold can deal with that."
Reminds me when I was this age.
"And we could use some food. We could go with her. To try to catch some of those big crabs. That way she will be in no danger. Besides, I am curious to see a turtle of that size. What do you think, Aliwah?"

He then turns to the girl: "We have some people to see in town first. What if we come back later. And you show us those caves? What's the best time to see your turtle?"

Male Orc Expert 5

The girl shrugs off the inquisitor's concern.

"Sure!" The girl says to drett smiling. "Um, tonight?"

@Lionel the man grumbles incoherently as you help him get back up in his chair his weapon discharged and at least for now relatively harmless. He looks at you bleary eyed and prods you in the chest with his smoking pistol. "EH! WHO'RE YOU!"

Female Gevet Bard 1

"Alexia? That's a lovely name," Aliwah smiles at the girl. "I'd love to see your turtles, especially the ones that go 'rooooooo'," she mimics the girl's turtle call.

She turns to Drett: "We might as well: it could be fun.," she holds a hand to her stomach, "Food sounds good too. Work, food, then turtles?"

male Human

"Good for me, Aliwah. Lets' talk to the blacksmith first. Or maybe see if Lionel has found some work for us. Then we come back tonight for the turtle."

Drett nears Emil and whispers to him: "Don't worry, Emil, we will be there to protect her. And if there is any real danger we'll send her back home."

Drett moves to the door and waits for the others to join before going to the smithy. "See you tonight, Alexia."

Female Gevet Bard 1

Aliwah waves goodbye to Alexia, following Drett and Emil out the building and across to the smithy. She looks at her arms, and mimes swinging a hammer, then shakes her head. "I don't think I'd be a very good blacksmith."

As with most things in life its more about skill then brute force. Looking at the girl's skinny arms. But you may want to put more meat in your diet if you decide to pursue this line of work. It can be very exhausting.

As they enter the enter the blacksmith's shop Emil calls.
Hello? Anyone?

Male Orc Expert 5

The girl waves at you as you head out of the church and cross the way to the blacksmith. Inside you hear that ringing of steel hammering iron. The blacksmiths, like all blacksmiths, is a relatively open building to allow the heat from the forge to escape and keep the building as cool as feasible. This of course does not stop the inside from being stifling hot.

As you enter you see piles of coal here and about intermixed with sacks of ore. Numerous completed projects and future ones litter the tables and hanging walls including shovels, hammers and other assorted farming implements.

The blacksmith himself is the priest. Though shed of his ceremonial robes he is clad in a leather apron and wears a pair of heavy leather gloves. His armrs are quite large, a feature that was well hidden in the robes when last you met. He easily lifts his large hammer and his beating away at what you believe to be the blade of a plow. He does not appear to spot you at first until you get closer when a sharp intake of breath and a lifting of the hammer in self defense signals his awareness. As he sees you he sighs with relief and exhaustion as he puts the hammer down.

"Good morning! I see you're in much better condition today!" HE seems to be in a better, less uncomfortable mood today though he continues to look upon the Gevet with apprehension and seems a touch uneasy around Emil.

Male Human Summoner 1

Lionel chuckles nervously. "Hi there again, I'm Lionel Dauphin like I just said. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Is this .. er, your humble little shop, good sir?"

Female Gevet Bard 1

Aliwah smiles broadly at the hammer-wielding priest. "Thank-you. So are you. I think the smithy suits you more than the church, though the church is very pretty. And you have a very smart girl in that Alexia."

She looks around the smithy, and shifts over to stand - what would normally be - uncomfortably close to its furnace, an expression of contentment at the heat clear on her face.

It is good to see you father. Yes we are better, thank you.
My friend is right, you have a very nice shop. I am sure Svarog is proud.
Emil says with a smile while looking around the shop.

And after a couple of seconds.
We are finally well enough to try our luck into the world, I would say. And we did not want to impose even more on Vladmir's generosity. So we have come to seek our destiny. We are looking for jobs father, I have hope you could help us.

Male Orc Expert 5

"Eh!?!? I don't know any Lionel! And this is my shop, yes, MY shop. You want to buy something!" The old man yells at Lionel cocking an ear to one side towards him like a parrot attempting to stare.

@The Blacksmiths:

"Ah, yes, Alexia is a very intelligent young girl. It's a fact not really appreciated in young women around here particularly when paired with her rambunctiousness. But, Svarog willing, she may find a home with the church." Putting down his hammer and dousing the metal he was working on in an already prepared bucket he calls over the hissing of cooling metal and boiling water. "So what can I help you with?"

Male Human Summoner 1

"Errr... well no sir, I have no real funds to speak of. I'm just trying to see if I can be a hand anywhere, to hopefully alleviate this said lack of funds. Or is there anyone you do know that would like an extra set of hands?" Lionel pauses "Do you mostly get aggressive people that enter your shop? Any reason for the gun?"

Rolling diplomacy if needed: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (18) + 8 = 26

male Human

"Father, we are strangers here. We don't own anything. Besides what we borrowed to Vladimir. We don't know yet if we will stay or leave, but first, we need some work to make a living, buy food, equipment, everything we'll need to live here ... or to travel."

"For me, I am rather strong and I know how to use a weapon." Drett looks at the hammer. "I could help at the blacksmith or go hunting, or anything."

"You know this place. You know who, here, could be in need of a strong arm, a skilled hand, a new idea or a good advice. Could you introduce us to people you think could have some work for us ?"

Emil looks at the priest with expectation awaiting for his answer.

Male Orc Expert 5

@Lionel: "Eh?!? Work!?!? Can you work a plow? Can you hunt?!?!"

The mans voice is loud made even worse by the fact that he continues to wildly gesticulate with his weapon. You deeply suspect that even if not for what seems to be an incredibly small village this mans business practices would be enough to keep the store empty.

The well muscled priest scratches at his sweaty stubble as he considers your question.

"There's really not much to do around here to be honest. I suppose if you're feeling brave you can make a living by hunting some of the dangerous beasts out in the forest. They mostly leave the village alone. Not enough livestock here for even a desperate predator to bother with as every villager here at least has a crossbow, and some of the old vets like old man Ruskavaya still have their guns" HE scratches some more before his eyebrows shoot up as an idea strikes him. "I do have one plot you may be able to help with. Lady Slavinka lives about seven miles north from here. She's an old widow who only has her dogs for company. She's been trying around the village for some help[ tending to her land but most of the supertitious folk here believe her to be a witch. At least the sheriff thinks so I think it's the inquisitor in him resurfacing." He speaks the last part of this with a hint of grumbling.

And she would probably hire us for help... Emil looks at his companions. I suppose it is worth a shot. he says to them with a shrug. And if she is a witch what better way to find out than working there... But why would her religion metter so much to me? But it does. he thinks to himself.

You mentioned the sheriff, did he use to work for the church also?

Male Human Summoner 1

"Hmm, I can't plow. I can probably give hunting a go. Though I think I can help you in something better. I can show you how to be a bit more diplomatic with customers and maybe get more people to visit your humble store?"

Lionel finishes happily

Diplomacy to convince him. 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18

Male Orc Expert 5

Bump. Anyone else?

The priest frowns and picks up his hammer resuming his work while talking to you. "Yes. He was an inquisitor or so I've been told...of the witch burning and woman torturing variety. I don't know why he retired here and became the town sheriff. We don't often see eye to eye."

The old man blinks in bewilderment at Lionel. "People visit my store!?! Why would I want that?!?! They buyin?!?! What game are you playing son!?!" The man waves his gun wildly in his shaky hand in your direction.

male Human

Hum ... That sheriff doesn't seem to like us. He fears we could make some trouble.
He was an inquisitor and he thinks Lady Slavinka is a witch ...
Well, if he ever learns that we are working for her ...

Drett smiles: "Let's see if this Lady has some work for us. I don't like the sheriff more than he likes us and I don't mind what he could think."

Male Human Summoner 1

Lionel seems a little put off by the gun but he continues with his idea anyway.

"They might, not everyone who comes will buy something. Though the more people who come the more likely that something will be bought." Lionel leans in a bit and feigns a whisper. "You don't have to like the people that visit, but tolerate them and be helpful, more will come and that will be more money in your pocket. I not amazing at plowing and the like, though I can show you how sell more like this." Lionel nods.

Male Orc Expert 5

Terribly sorry I've been a terrible GM. I'll try to update tomorrow.

Male Orc Expert 5

SOOOOOOOOO sorry I hope we\re all still along for the ride.

So what are drett and co. doing?

The old man's squinty eyes somehow manage to squint more. With several cracks and creaks from both man and chair he lifts himself from his seat and makes an exagerrated gesture with his pistol. "If you think your better at it son why don't you show me?"

male Human

Drett, not wanting to take this decision alone, turns to Aliwah and Emil: "What do you think? Are we going to see if this Lady has some work for us?"
Then to the priest: How long to get there, Father?

We must meet with the girl Alexia tonight to see those biiiig turtles and hunt some crabs. I promised her.

What time of day it is? Could we make the trip to and from Lady Slavinka's home before the night?

Male Orc Expert 5

The father shrugs. "About half a day to get there from here. She lives quite a ways out of the village proper. Probably why they're so scared of her."

male Human

"Hum ... We should wait tomorrow, then. And move on early in the morning. That way, we could be back to the village before the night if this Lady don't want our help."

Male Orc Expert 5

Anyone else?

Male Human Summoner 1

Sorry didn't see this, you might need to message the players as if someone didn't post in the thread for a week or more they lose the dots. Thus lose the thing showing that there is updates.

Lionel with a smile obliges and walks behind the stall. Looking to see what he has to work with for a pitch.

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