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Navior's Serpent's Skull

Game Master Navior

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"I'm not sure we'll really be here all that long," Jask says. "The place is large, but not so large that it'll take more than a few hours to explore, especially if much of it is inaccessible, like the stairs here. The snake person we're looking for is presumably in one of the accessible areas, so shouldn't be too hard to find. By the time we get a base camp set up, the exploration will probably be done."

Male Half-Orc Barbarian(Totem Warrior/Invulnerable Rager) : 2 Druid(Wolf Shaman) : 4

"Is there anyway we can get a signal to come back to the camp if something happens? I don't want to come back and find something has gone wrong."

Female Gnome Cleric 4/ Rogue (burglar) 2

"I can keep a whisper-line open, as long as we don't get too far away," Douena offers.

Message goes 160 feet, as long as there's an open path between us.

"A few hours, yes," Mahjik nods to Jask, "but look, it's not morning anymore. We've already seen that this place is somewhat inhabited, or perhaps I should say infested. There's a reasonable chance that we'll come out of exploration a bit worse-for-wear; I figured it would make sense to prepare to spend the night to nurse ourselves and recover some of our expended energies."

Jask shrugs, then nods. "That's a fair point. All right then. Let's do it."

"How shall we split things up then?" Sasha asks. "Same way we used to on the island?"

"Seems appropriate," Jask replies.

Ishirou is already heading back the way you came in, pulling camping supplies from his pack as he goes.

Sorcerer (Draconic) 6; AC 14 (18), FF 12 (16) T 12; HP 45/47;Perception +6; Spells Lvl 3: 2/4; Lvl 2: 5/6; Lvl 1: 2/7; Cantrip: at will

"Like back on the island." Urza repeats. He gets quiet while the island is in mind. The island and the companions who didn't make it off that island.

Unusually emphatic, Mahjik puts his arm around Urza's shoulder to help console him.

8,551 to 8,557 of 8,557 << first < prev | 162 | 163 | 164 | 165 | 166 | 167 | 168 | 169 | 170 | 171 | 172 | next > last >>
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