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Navior's Jade Regent (Inactive)

Game Master Navior

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Awww - I prefer prior Ameiko picture

"Bawdy? Man's girth?" For a moment Melon is puzzled, then she bursts out laughing. "Oh! nonononohahaha - a whopper is a type of fish. The Korvosan has oversized and unusual gear, but he does get the biggest fish with them. I did lose the bet I had with him - I was sure my training had been sufficient, chalk that one up for experience triumphing over theory - well, I had to be a bit more accommodating with him than normal." She looks up, catching the trailing end of Aago's inquiry. "Right! Right, I'm good with my hands. Not like that! I mean I fight. Without weapons. Been traveling through a lot of Varisia learning the mystical ways, but turns out I mostly learned how to hit real hard and not so much when to let go of a bad idea." She grins.

"Oh! Corinna?" She adds, "Don't think of it too serious. There's nothing really out there. Maybe we scare off two or three goblins. But really, it's just a way for us to have a party. I'll certainly bring along a bottle of Ameiko's finest or affordablest. "

"I am far tougher than any of the men you have lain with you near human oaf." Malan stands as he speaks in the unfamiliar tongue. "I do not know if you have a problem with all elves or just with me, but if we are to slay goblins together, we should work out our differences. We can do so with blades, in which case you would lose, or with witty banter, in which case you would lose. The option I suggest is for you to direct your aggression elsewhere. The choice is yours."

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

Corinna cringes, as she pulls her goblet of wine closer to her, ready to dive under the table in case there is about to be a brawl.

Aago favors the elf with a look of amused astonishment. "A fight? I'd never get in a fight with a man when he's got a drink in front of him, especially when I offered the drink. I have no swords nor any need to prove anything to you. I'm content in just learning more about the men and women I might be fighting alongside so that we can work together in...harmony."

He lifts his wine to his lips with a smile. "Now drink and put yourself at ease."

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

Suddenly, the sound of a braying donkey comes from one corner near the back of the common room. Anyone near the bar may havenoticed the small gnome muttering into his wine a few moments prior and waving about a paintbrush in a seemingly random fashion.

Shalelu spins around in alarm. Ameiko is momentarily startled, but she then notices Gilfroy and starts to chuckle. "That's enough of that, I think," she says.

Shalelu relaxes.

Malan glances at the back of the bar at the sound of the donkey and sees nothing. Then, having made his point, Malan sits down and continues to sip his drink. He gives Shalelu a dubious look before turning his attention to his burgeoning group. "Yes, my name is Malan." He responds to Melon. "I am sure we will all distinguish ourselves with our deeds. There is nothing for you to worry about." Malan does not seem to understand the inuendos.

After the donkey "incident", you settle back to enjoy your drinks. Shalelu starts gathering her things from her table, about to leave, when you all start to hear voices from outside. A bit of a commotion seems to be taking place, although nothing alarming.

Just then, the door opens and a middle-aged woman comes rushing in. Many of you recognize her as Hayliss Korvaski, who runs the Sandpoint Boutique across the street from the Rusty Dragon. You catch a glimpse of several other people on the street outside talking animatedly before the door closes.

"Ameiko!" Hayliss says, hurrying across the room. "There's been an attack on the Valdemar and Scarnetti manors! Goblins they're saying. The Scarnettis deserve it, I say, but not the Valdemars. Poor Ethram Valdemar has been so ill recently."

Shalelu rushes out the door in a flash.

Aago puts his wine cup on the table and follows after Shalelu, not even bothering to pick up the backpack he left next to the bar.

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

"C'mon, everyone. Aago's going to show off his big muscles for Shalelu. We can't miss this!"

He hops down off his stool and makes for the door. His shadow, which the morning light had been casting, doesn't seem to want to leave its perch. The stool drags behind him for half the common room. Gilfroy annoyedly casts a spell, not really even looking, and the stool flies back to its former position, his shadow returned to its normal configuration.

Malan's eyes light up in comprehension. That is why that human was so rude to me? He wants to bed Shalelu. Without a word, Malan goes to see what the show is.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

"The what?" Corinne cries in distress. "Goblins? Is Grandfather all right?" She runs to the door, leaving her wine behind on the table.

A small crowd has gathered noisily outside the inn, chattering back and forth at one another nervously. Sir Jasper Korvaski is in the middle of them, trying to keep them calm.

"No, no, no one has been hurt to the best of my knowledge," he says. "Sheriff Hemlock is--"

"I heard they carried off the women and children!" a woman cries. "They'll be coming for us next!"

The noise level of the crowd escalates as people begin to panic. "No," Sir Jasper says loudly, trying to be heard over the crowd, "they just took off with some dogs and headed south back towards the marsh. There's no reason to think they'll be coming this way any time soon."

Shalelu pushes her way up to Jasper. "Don't be ridiculous," she says. "Goblins don't carry off dogs. They kill them."

"I'm just reporting what--" Sir Jasper tries to say, but Shalelu cuts him off.

"Fighting one unfounded rumour with another unfounded rumour accomplishes nothing," she says.

"But..." Sir Jasper is starting to look overwhelmed.

"Is Sheriff Hemlock at the scene?" Shalelu asks.

Sir Jasper nods. "He's at the Valdemar estate."

Shalelu turns away from him and begins heading along the road out of town towards the Valdemar estate.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

Corinna runs to catch up with the elf. "I'm sorry. We don't know each other," she pants. "That is, of course, I know you; everyone does, but there's no reason you should know me. I'm Corinna Valdemar; it's my family's house they're saying...." She stops, unable to go on.

Aago strides alongside Shalelu, clenching and unclenching his fists.

"Don't worry, Lady Valdemar; we'll take care of these goblins. If it is indeed goblins who've caused the trouble. Either way, it'll get sorted out."

Melon grabs Corinna under the shoulder, supporting some of her weight. "I think I know the way, just shout and point when I'm going off-course." She hustles as best she can after Aago and Shalelu. "You don't spend much time outside, do you? All skin and bones. Come! Faster! Make those legs work for their supper! And don't mind the skin-n-bones bit, I'm dumb as they come. Don't know a lot, but I know what's right. Let's go! Faster!"

Shalelu pauses and turns to Corinna. Placing a hand gently on her shoulder, she says, "Don't worry. I'm sure Sir Jasper was right about no one being hurt. I'll--" She glances at Aago and Melon. "We'll find out what's going on."

Malan simply moves to Shalelu's side and keeps pace with her. He has seen Shalelu at work only once, long ago.

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

The frail gnome hurries along as fast as he can, running to keep up. He carries his paintbrush in one hand like a weapon, his crossbow bounces along on his back.

"The goblins will probably be gone by the time we get there, won't they?" he asks nobody in particular.

Haven't heard from Blue Rajah yet, but I'll assume he's following along with the rest of you.

The Valdemar manor is located south of the town, directly across from the Sandpoint Harbour. It's a bit of a roundabout journey to get there by foot. You leave town by crossing the bridge over the Turandarok River just down the street from the Rusty Dragon. You then follow the Schooner Gulch Road south and then west along the river, across the bridge over the Boggy Creek, and then through the woods before finally emerging at your destination. Shalelu keeps up a quick pace all the way, and poor Gilfroy finds himself slipping farther and farther behind.

Valdemar Manor is a large building situation just a short distance back from the cliff and offering a breathtaking view of Sandpoint and the harbour. The road leads up to the a gate that has been clearly burned and heavily damaged. A group of people stand just inside the gate. Some of them are clearly town guards while the others appear to be household servants. Amongst them, you can see Sheriff Belor Hemlock talking to a grey-haired woman in household livery. Shalelu heads directly for them.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

Corinna gasps in dismay at seeing the damage and heads for the nearest family member or highest-ranking household servant in sight.

Male Human Warpriest 4

Bringing up the rear and just happening to overhear the gnome, "Let us hope so, my friend. Let us hope so. I think the last thing we need at this point is bloodshed. Especially for the Valdemar woman. She seems like such a pleasant woman. And between you and me, Gil my good gnome, a bit more ladylike than our current Melon. But only a bit." Rajah having to really bite his tongue on that comparison, smiles and shrugs as if asking, 'What?' Rajah keeps pace with Gil so he won't be left behind. Figuring if there is trouble, Shalelu and the tree of a man Aago can handle it.

Malan stays close to Shalelu. He steps between her and anyone coming too close to her (at least until she warns him back).

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

"Oh, bother my short legs!" he exclaims through sucking air, and with no further ado, slips around behind Rajah and leaps up onto his back!! All in all, he weighs about as much as a heavy pack.

"Onwards!!" he shouts, pointing his paintbrush forwards, not unlike a cavalryman's 'charge' signal.

Aago keeps with Shalelu as well, walking on the opposite side of her from Malan. He eyes the burnt gates and almost stops there but decides to keep up with the others as they approach the sheriff.

"Greetings, Sheriff," he says as they come within easy earshot. "We came as soon as we heard. What can we do to help?"

Male Human Warpriest 4

Rajah, catching himself before he hits the ground from the unexpected added weight, chuckles at the gnome. "Alright my diminutive friend. Hang on!" Rajah then gets up to "normal" speed, catching up to the others.

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

As The Blue Rajah and his passenger arrive on the scene, onlookers could swear that the cleric's footfalls made the sound of horseshoes ringing off cobblestones.

Male Human Warpriest 4
Gilfroy Fezziwig wrote:
As The Blue Rajah and his passenger arrive on the scene, onlookers could swear that the cleric's footfalls made the sound of horseshoes ringing off cobblestones.

This is also funny.

Rajah looks around for the horse as they catch up with the others. Not seeing one nearby, he shrugs it off. "Well, what has been learned of the situation?" He asks anyone willing to answer. "And I need to know if anyone has been hurt. It is imperative we see to them immediately, if so."

Corinna Valdemar wrote:
Corinna gasps in dismay at seeing the damage and heads for the nearest family member or highest-ranking household servant in sight.

There are no family members by the gate. Presumably, they're inside the manner. The highest-ranking household servant is Mrs Hasmel, the grey-haired lady with the sheriff. "Corinna, my dear," she says. "I'm glad you're here."

Aago Belwas wrote:

Aago keeps with Shalelu as well, walking on the opposite side of her from Malan. He eyes the burnt gates and almost stops there but decides to keep up with the others as they approach the sheriff.

"Greetings, Sheriff," he says as they come within easy earshot. "We came as soon as we heard. What can we do to help?"

Sheriff Belor Hemlock looks over at him. "Not much, unless you want to chase after the goblins back to the swamp. They left here in a hurry."

He notices Shalelu and visibly relaxes. "Am I glad to see you," he says to her. "The goblins are getting bold."

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

"Oh, Mrs. Hasmel," gasps Corinna, "is everyone all right? What happened?"

Mrs Hasmel nods. "One of the stable boys, young Marzin, hurt his leg, but he's being tended to and should be all right. Your family is fine. The goblins never went to the house. They went straight for the dogs."

"That's typical," Shalelu intrudes. "Goblins will kill dogs and horses first before going for their main target. Something must have frightened them off. Did--"

"Oh no!" Mrs Hasmel says. "They didn't kill the dogs. Well, not all of them, anyway. A few put up a fight and got killed. But most of them, they just wrapped in nets and carried them off. They were here and gone so fast, no one had a chance to do anything. We heard the explosion at the gates. The men ran to grab weapons and by the time they got there, the goblins were already running off."

"They took the dogs alive?" Shalelu says.

"Oh yes," Mrs Hasmel replies.

Shalelu simply stands there, her mouth agape.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

"All the dogs?" Corinna falters, thinking of the favorite companion of her girlhood, now gray-muzzled and feeble. "Lady? Did they take her, or is she...?"

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

Gilfroy climbs down off Rajah's back and approaches Shalelu and Mrs. Hasmel. "Given that you look like the sun just rose in the north, I'm guessing that this is puzzling behavior for goblins," Gil comments to the elf. Turning to the servant, he says, "I am Gilfroy Fezziwig and my noble steed is The Blue Rajah. Both of us are skilled on the magical healing arts. May either of us be assistance to your injured?"

Mrs. Hasmel lays a comforting hand on Corinna's shoulder. "I'm afraid they took her too, dear."

She turns to Gilfroy. "A young boy, Marzin, was injured. He was working near the dog pen when the goblins attacked. They cut him with one of their swords before he could get away. It's just a minor wound. We've sent for Father Zantus, but would be grateful for any help you can offer." She motions to a young man nearby. "Edmod here can show you the way."

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

Corinna covers her mouth with her hand for a moment and blinks back a few tears. "But why?" she asks when she's composed herself, encompassing everyone in her question. "Why would they come here and take our dogs? What do they want?"

Aago is equally mystified. "I've never heard of goblins stealing dogs. They just delight in killing them, don't they? This makes no sense. Is it possible that they, I don't know, pretended to be goblins?"

He turns to Shalelu. "Perhaps we should talk to this boy and see what he has to say."

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

Gilfroy will hurry after Edmod, and when he sees Marzin, says to him, "Don't you worry, my lad, we'll get you fixed up in no time."

He begins by waving the paintbrush over the wounded area and chants a few phrases, holding his belt in his other hand. Immediately, shadows fill the wound, quickly transforming into an illusion of perfectly healed flesh. As Gilfroy continues his spell, the illusion becomes reality, and the wound is healed.

Cure light wounds: 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (7) + 3 = 10

"There. Good as new."

"This makes no sense," Shalelu says. Beside her, Sheriff Hemlock nods his agreement. "Goblins don't kidnap dogs," she continues. "Some run away from dogs; others kill them. But they don't kidnap them."

She looks at Aago. "You're right. We should talk to the boy."

The young boy, Marzin, gazes in awe at his leg and then at the little gnome. "Thanks!" he says and touches the spot where the wound used to be experimentally. "I thought Father Zantus was the only cleric in town."

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2
Shalelu Andosana aka Navior wrote:

She looks at Aago. "You're right. We should talk to the boy."

"Please," she tells Shalelu, "do what you can. I need to check on my family. Come up to the house when you discover anything. I trust my uncle has things in hand, Mrs. Hasmel?" She heads toward the manor house to see if her relatives have any further information about what happened.

Male Human Warpriest 4

Rajah attempts to explain what Gil is talking about to Mrs. Hamsel, but then just shrugs and smiles. "He's right, you know. About my name anyway. A pleasure." He then sees Gil take off in a hurry. "Oh sure, now he can move quickly. I best follow. Excuse me, mylady." He gives a curt bow and moves to follow after him.

Catching up to Gil and seeing his handiwork on the boy's leg, "I say! It looks like you have a knack for a bit of everything, my good gnome!" He tells him, quite impressed.

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

He makes a dismissive gesture with his free hand. "Painting, illusions, healing magic, 'human-manship'...just some of many hats."

Male Human Warpriest 4

Rajah looks at him inquisitively. "'Human-manship'? Dare I ask what that means?"

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

Gil rolls his eyes.

"Human-manship...horsemanship...okay, not one of my stronger jokes, I'll admit."

Male Human Warpriest 4

Rajah laughs. "Don't worry, Gil my good gnome. You still have your paintings." He pats him on the back.

Then turning his attention to the young boy, "Good day to you, young man. Not sure if Gil here has introduced himself or not, so just in case; this here is Gilfroy Fezziwig. He is one of the finest painters, illusionists, healers, in all of Sandpoint." He lowers his voice and uses his hand to block his mouth to where only Marzin can see what he's saying. But he purposely makes sure Gil can still hear him. "Although, his jokes could use a bit of work." He winks. "I'm the Blue Rajah." He nods his head in greeting. "Can you tell us what happened here?"

Diplomacy:(If necessary) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21

Melon returns from around the house, having sprinted around the manor in an attempt to see if any trouble was still lingering about.

Perception, in case there is a possibility of spotting trouble or its handiwork 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (13) + 6 = 19

"It was very quick," Marzin says to the Blue Rajah. "I was working by the dog pen, preparing food and water to feed them. Then there was this loud bang from the gate, followed by another loud bang. I looked over and saw fireworks going off in the gate. Then the goblins came rushing through. There were dozens of them! I ran, but one of them struck me with its sword, you know, one of those weird kinds with the holes in them. I fell over and the goblins kept going right past me to the dogs. I heard the dogs barking and howling and the goblins yelling, but I didn't look back at them. I got up and went to the house as quickly as I could to get help. When I got there, they were already coming out. They'd heard the fireworks too, right. But they were too late. The goblins were already carrying off the dogs in nets. That's all I know."


Melon finds no sign of remaining trouble in her sprint around the manor.


Corinna, Burnt Offerings only identifies two Valdemars by name that I can find, Ethram and his eldest son Belven. I'm not sure how exactly you'd like Corinna to be related to these two and where her uncle fits in. Feel free to fill in the details as you wish. I'll go with it and flesh things out as necessary.

Inside the manor, Corinna finds most of her family gathered near the entrance hall. Belven Valdemar is the first to notice her. "Corinna," he says. "No doubt you've heard. There's nothing to worry about. No one was hurt."

Shalelu turns to Malan, shock still prevalent on her face. "I think think this makes your trip into Brinestump Marsh even more imperative. Something very strange is going on. I can't imagine what would cause goblins to carry off dogs. I wish I could go with you, but I gave my word that I'd look into this dragon sighting. I should already be on my way there. It's probably nothing but..."

She glances at Aago standing nearby, then touches Malan's arm and leads him aside a little. She speaks softly to him in Elvish. She glances back at Aago briefly during the exchange. Aago is the only one close enough to potentially overhear, but he doesn't speak Elvish, so...

"If you're going to be working with the big man, you're going to need to get along." She glances back at Aago. "He's crude and a bit rude, but try to be patient with him. He's just a human, after all, but you'll need to rely on him in battle."

After speaking with Malan, Shalelu returns to Aago, Sheriff Belor and the crowd. "Sheriff, I have to be off," she says, "but these good people have volunteered to go to Brinestump to investigate the goblin activities. Please give them all the support you can." She turns to Aago. "Try to get along with Malan."

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2
Navior wrote:

Inside the manor, Corinna finds most of her family gathered near the entrance hall. Belven Valdemar is the first to notice her. "Corinna," he says. "No doubt you've heard. There's nothing to worry about. No one was hurt."

"Yes, uncle," Corinna says, folding her hands and lowering her head demurely. No matter how long she's been out on her own and how much success she has found in her line of work, walking back into this house always makes her feel like an ungainly child. But ... but what happened?" she dares to ask. "Shalelu Andosana is outside, and she seems astonished that goblins would do such a thing. And I heard they were at the Scarnetti house, too."

Corinna's uncle crosses his arms over his chest. "Yes, well, Shalelu is an expert in goblins. No one's discounting that. But that doesn't change what the goblins did. They came in, they took the dogs, they left. It may not be normal goblin behaviour, but it's the way they behaved today."

"I've always said we should have guards on the grounds," Alil, Beven's new and much younger wife, says. "They could have sounded the alarm well in advance."

"But guards can be bribed," Corinna's Aunt Verin, one of Beven's older sisters, interjects. "We tried it once before and one of them ended up spying for the Scarnetti's."

Beven holds up his hand. "That's not a discussion for right now," he says. He turns back to Corinna. "Corinna, could you please go outside and tell that elf to do her job and go hunt down these goblins, there's a good girl." Corinna gets the distinct impression he's trying to get rid of her.

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