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Navior's Jade Regent (Inactive)

Game Master Navior

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Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

"Oh!" Corinna replies. "I'll try. Um...." She approaches the pony skittishly, darting in to grab at its lead at a speed and angle virtually guaranteed to startle it. "Nice horse," she tells it nervously, tugging at the rope half-heartedly. "You want to go home, don't you? I'm sorry," she tells the Small riders. "I'm not used to animals that aren't summoned."

Handle Animal 1d20 ⇒ 3 I'll assume that even with that abysmal roll, the pony will know what to do even if Corinna doesn't. ;)

"Nice! Maybe Ameiko has something at the Rusty Dragon for us;" she tells Walthus, "I think you have a good chance to find a free bed at her inn - she loves to hear stories; and from what I've seen here, I think you have quite a one to tell."

"Thank you," Walthus says. "Thank you all." He hand the house key to Corinna, who locks up. Then you set out back along the trail the way you already came.

Aago Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (14) + 6 = 20
Blue Rajah Perception: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14
Corinna Perception: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (13) + 1 = 14
Gilfroy Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14
Malan Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
Melon Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

As is often the way with these things, going back feels shorter (although it really takes virtually the same amount of time). Walthus dozes most of the time and has to be watched to make sure he doesn't fall off the pony.

You pass over two of the bridges and are nearing the third, the one where the goblins ambushed you on your way in, when notice a freshly killed marsh rabbit lying on the trail in plain view. The body has been torn apart.

To the west, at the extent of your vision, you catch a glimpse of a humanoid figure silhouetted by the setting sun. It turns and disappears into the brush, heading away from the party.

Aago moves to the front as they finally make their way back to Sandpoint, though he isn't looking forward to returning to Ameiko's without any significance accomplishments. As he sees the rabbit, he frowns and moves forward to take a closer look.

Perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

"Oh! The poor bunny!" Corinna murmurs.

Aago Belwas wrote:

Aago moves to the front as they finally make their way back to Sandpoint, though he isn't looking forward to returning to Ameiko's without any significance accomplishments. As he sees the rabbit, he frowns and moves forward to take a closer look.

Perception: 1d20 + 6

The rabbit is in multiple pieces, but still identifiable as a rabbit. No parts of it appear to have been eaten; instead, something has simply torn it apart and dropped it on the trail.

"Whatever did this wasn't hunting for food. This is an act of cruelty." Aago looks away from the rabbit. "Are any of you skilled in the study of tracks?"

"I am," Walthus says, feebly raising his arm. "I don't think now's a good time to follow them though. It could be a trap. We should keep moving."

"I was actually thinking more along the line of finding out what kind of creature did this. Goblins would certainly fit but I'd prefer to be sure it was them rather than something else entirely."

Aago shrugs. "Either way, it's a warning to be watchful."

Walthus nods. "A good point. I'll see what I can figure out. Can somebody help me down?" Assuming somebody does, he gets down off the pony and begins carefully going over the ground around the dead rabbit, peering at blades of grass and examining the wet dirt.

Walthus Survival: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23
I have just discovered, to my surprise, that Walthus does not have any ranks in Survival. He only has his Wisdom bonus, ranger bonus, and favoured terrain bonus. For someone who lives in a dangerous swamp, acts as its warden, and offers services as a guide, this seems like a strange oversight. I may choose to revise his skills. For the moment though, at least he got lucky on the roll. :)

After a few moments, he stands back up. "Well, it definitely wasn't goblins. However, it was humanoid and barefoot with three toes on each foot. Roughly the size of you big folk. It went off to the west."

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

"Three toes?" Corinna asks in surprise. "Like a bird?" Knowledge (local) to identify what could make such tracks? 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17 Are we waiting on Melon to tell us what she noticed that the rest of us didn't, or is it not important enough for us not to move on? LoreKeeper wasn't around all weekend, apparently.

EDIT: Ah, just read the Serpent's Skull thread. Still, I've been holding off wondering if Melon was about to tell us something important before we stepped in to a trap. Are we okay to go forward?

Corinna Valdemar wrote:

"Three toes?" Corinna asks in surprise. "Like a bird?" Knowledge (local) to identify what could make such tracks? 1d20+8 Are we waiting on Melon to tell us what she noticed that the rest of us didn't, or is it not important enough for us not to move on? LoreKeeper wasn't around all weekend, apparently.

EDIT: Ah, just read the Serpent's Skull thread. Still, I've been holding off wondering if Melon was about to tell us something important before we stepped in to a trap. Are we okay to go forward?

Yes, we certainly are ready. I haven't actually been waiting for anyone specific. I've just been really busy as well, so haven't had a chance to move things forward much. :) If Melon wants to comment on what she saw, she is welcome to do so retroactively; it's not likely to change your decision to press on.

Walthus points out the footprints to Corinna so she can get a better idea of what the foot looks like. It's a long, thin foot, with three long toes. Alas, she's not aware of any creatures that would fit.

Walthus climbs back up onto the pony. "Whatever it was, it's gone now. We should get going."

The remainder of the journey out of the swamp is uneventful. It's a relief to be back on solid ground again. The oppressiveness of the swamp seems to melt away as soon as you step onto the Lost Coast Road. Your vision seems less hazy, the temperature seems more comfortable, and there are a lot fewer insects buzzing around. Apart from the insects, you're pretty sure those are just products of your imagination, but it feels nice nonetheless.

The sun is low on the horizon when you draw close to Sandpoint and reach the trail that leads to the Valdemar manor.

Does Corinna wish to go to the manor, or are you all going to head straight back into town?

Minutes to late! Hah!

Melon nods, "Whatever it was, I think it left. There was a strange figure, about my size far to the west. Three toes. That's odd." She inadvertently looks down. "Toes are odd in themselves. I mean. Look at them. Do they serve any purpose really?"

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

Corinna hesitates at the fork in the road, glancing up the trail toward the Valdemar manor and at at the position of the sun in the sky. "Do you need me in Sandpoint tonight? I assume that the Rajah and Gilfroy can see the Warden safely to a healer, but someone needs to tell the Sheriff what happened -- about the faceless stalker." She clearly wants to be sure the message is delivered properly but is also leery of the thought of walking back from Sandpoint to the manor by herself after dark.

"I'll speak to the Sheriff while the others see about getting the Warden his healing." Aago promises.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

"Thank you ... Aago, was it?" Corinna replies warmly, offering her hand to the oversized man. "Buck up, Warden; you're almost there. Fare well, all." She watches them go a few more paces up the Lost Coast Road before turning and making her way quickly toward Valdemar Manor.

Male Human Warpriest 4

"Good day to you as well, Corinna." He nods in farewell.

"C'mon Gilfroy. Let us see the good Warden to Father Zantus."

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

"Right. We'll be by bright and early for you tomorrow, Corinna, have no fear. A good night of peaceful sleep to you."

Gilfroy takes up the reins and steers Umbral towards the cathedral.

Corinna turns down the trail to the Valdemar Manor while the remainder of the group continues on to Sandpoint. The road leads first past the Rusty Dragon as it enters the town.

Aago heads to see the sheriff, while the Blue Rajah and Gilfroy take Walthus to the cathedral (Aago can actually travel with them most of the way, since their destinations are fairly close together).

Where do Malan and Melon go? I'll wait a bit for the answers before detailing what happens at each location. And no, Melon can't be everywhere. :)

Malan goes with the Warden to see Father Zanthus.

Aago smiles and offers his hand to Corinna in return. "That's right. A good eve to you, lady."

He makes his way off to the Sheriff, already dreading such a lackluster report but determined to get it over with.

Aww - don't make me reveal that Melon is actually two! Twin sisters that like to mess with people :)

Melon breaks off from the group. "Okay, good luck Walthus. See you guys later, at the Rusty Dragon, okay?" She takes the latest possible turn to get to the inn without actually having to backtrack. "Tomorrow we go again!"

Corinna is the first to break away from the group as she heads to the Valdemar manor. Melon is the second; she heads into the Rusty Dragon as the group passes it. The others remain together as they cross the town. Then Aago splits off to visit the sheriff, and the remaining head to see Father Zantus.

Things seem to have calmed down somewhat when Corinna arrives at the manor grounds. The gate remains in its wrecked state, but there is a town guard now standing there and watching over it. He nods at Corinna as she passes.

She is met by Mrs Hasmel as she enters the manor. "Corinna, my dear," she says, taking Corinna's coat for her. "I'll let your uncle know you've returned. I trust you're all right?"

Mrs Hasmel doesn't give Corinna much chance to reply before heading off into the manor to find Corinna's uncle. He arrives shortly after, with her "Aunt" Alil following behind. He crosses his arms over his chest. "Well?" he asks in a tone that says, "Tell me how you screwed up."

The Rusty Dragon is doing fairly brisk business this evening. Virtually every table is occupied by people talking animatedly. There's too much chatter for Melon to tell the specifics of any one conversation, but it's clear everyone's talking about the same topic: the goblin attack on the Valdemar and Scarnetti manors.

Across the room, Ameiko waves to Melon as she heads behind the counter and into the kitchen.

"There's one of the ones who went after them!" someone calls out. Suddenly, all the faces turn to look at Melon expectantly. There's a very brief moment of silence before the noise erupts again, this time everyone trying to yell out questions at Melon:

"Did you catch the monsters?"
"Is it true they ate all the dogs in a vile ceremony?"
"I heard the goblins were transforming the dogs into giant monster dogs for an attack on Sandpoint! Did you stop them?"

And so on...

The Sandpoint Garrison is quiet when Aago arrives. There is only a single guard on duty at the entrance. "Sheriff Hemlock has gone off-duty for the evening," he tells Aago. "However, he'll want to hear what you have to say. I'll go get him." The guard hurries off, leaving Aago to wait in the entrance area.

Several minutes later, the guard returns with Sheriff Hemlock. "What's the news?" he asks.

Blue Rajah, Gilfroy, Malan:
The three of you arrive at the Sandpoint Cathedral with Walthus. You help the halfling down, then head inside. You are met almost immediately by an acolyte who takes you through the main building, past the shrines of the six gods, and to the residential and office buildings on the other side of the cathedral. He takes you to a small sitting room and bids you wait a moment.

Less than a minute later, Father Zantus arrives. "Greetings, my friends," he says. Before anyone can reply, he has already noticed why you are here and is moving over to Walthus. "Warden Proudfoot, yes?" He bends down by the halfling.

"Proudstump, yes," Walthus corrects him.

"Proudstump, my apologies. What has happened?" Father Zantus begins to examine Walthus.

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

"A faceless stalker from the marsh nearly blood-sucked him to death before we arrived. It got me, too, but I had back-up, so it wasn't as bad. We're hoping you have the magic needed to get him back on his feet quickly." A smile flashes across his face. "I'm sure Lord Valdemar would be willing to make the appropriate donation so that we may better able do the work necessary to secure his home against further goblin attacks."


Aago smiles and shakes the Sheriff Hemlock's hand. "It's been a momentous day. We reached the warden -- Walthus -- without much trouble, aside from a minor encounter with a few goblins who shot fireworks at us. Most of them ended up fleeing us after we fought them, though I did throw one into the river."

The lightness of his tone gives way to graveness as he goes on. "At the warden's house we encountered something that looked exactly like the warden but was not. He -- it -- tried to send us away but it was clear that something was wrong. When we did refused to leave it abandoned the pretense and revealed itself to be something unnatural. Walthus calls it a Faceless Stalker. It feeds on people's blood."

"Walthus came out of his house after we slew the beast and explained that he'd been attacked by it and forced into hiding. He has been gravely injured so we brought him back to Sandpoint for the ministrations of Father Zantus. Assuming that the Father can restore him, we'll be departing again tomorrow for the goblin village, with Walthus as our guide."

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2
Gilfroy Fezziwig wrote:
"A faceless stalker from the marsh nearly blood-sucked him to death before we arrived. It got me, too, but I had back-up, so it wasn't as bad. We're hoping you have the magic needed to get him back on his feet quickly." A smile flashes across his face. "I'm sure Lord Valdemar would be willing to make the appropriate donation so that we may better able do the work necessary to secure his home against further goblin attacks."

*koff* Bluff check? You must not know Corinna's uncle very well. ;)

Corinna's face burns at Alil being part of the judgment being passed upon her. "Well, Uncle," she replies, trying to put a positive sheen on the day's affair, "we did find some goblins -- with fireworks -- but they weren't the ones who took the dogs, I don't think. The Sheriff sent us to Warden Proudstump who was to guide us, but the Warden had been attacked by another sort of creature -- a faceless stalker, he said it was -- and was too weak to lead us into the swamp so we brought him back to Sandpoint to receive some attention from a healer. And, well, I'm afraid that's really all we were able to do today. Most of our time was spent in traveling there and back. I must admit, there's really very little hope of recovering the dogs alive, even if we had found the goblins right away. So ... I'm not really clear on what you wanted us to do exactly, if we did find them...." She trails off.

Male Human Warpriest 4

Rajah shoots Gilfroy a stern look for that last bit he threw out there. Turning his attention back to Father Zantus, "What the good Warden needs, Father, is restorative healing. As Gil said, the creature nearly drained him to the point of death." Looking to the weakened halfling then back to Father Zantus, "Can you help him, Father?"

"Monster dogs? That one is new, I haven't heard of that one," Melon entertains the thoughts of mostly any of the wild rumors; but then settles in to explain - once somebody offers to buy her a drink - "We've run into one of their groups, along one of the bridges on the new fishing trail. They definitely had some of those weird fire cracker things - good thing they know as much as I about how to use those, which is to say, not much. I got this scar from that fight, look here."

"After that we pushed on to the Warden's cottage. And we found Walthus there - except not. Some strange rare creature had stolen Walthus' appearance and was parading as him. Was only luck really that it showed its true colors when we tried to help it out. Was a tough one that, nearly took out the little gnome that was with us. Gilfred Fuzzywig."

"We did find the real Walthus afterwards, nearly bled to death days before from when the thing initially ambushed him. We helped him back here first, he should be with the clerics by now, here in Sandpoint. We decided to come back for today, and go again tomorrow - armed with more knowledge of where to go and what to watch out for."

Once Father Zanthus begins to administer to Walthus, Malan excuses himself and goes to the Rusty Dragon.

Blue Rajah, Gilfroy, Malan:
Father Zantus looks quizzically at Gilfroy, then frowns. "Lord Valdemar? Ethram can barely get out of bed, and even if he could, he's never been one to donate money to the cathedral unless all the other families donate an identical amount. No, my friend, if you want my help, all you need do is ask, but I don't appreciate an attempt to pass on debt to someone else, even if you disapprove of that person's way of life. I doubt you've even met Ethram Valdemar, so why so quick to bear him ill-will?"

Turning to Rajah, he says, "I can help. I will make him comfortable for the evening and will see to it that I have the proper spells prepared for tomorrow so that I can speed up his recovery." He turns to Walthus. "If that is okay with you, of course, Warden."

Walthus nods. "Thank you, father."

Malan excuses himself and heads off.

Sheriff Hemlock eyes widen at the talk of blood-sucking monsters. "I'm glad that Walthus has survived," he says. "He's a good man, if a little strange at times. You'll do well to have him as your guide tomorrow. I fear it's likely too late for the dogs, but hopefully you can find out what the goblins are up to. Thank you for taking this risk on behalf of Sandpoint. We are in your debt." He shakes Aago's hand again. "Get yourself a good rest tonight."

Does Aago head back to the Rusty Dragon next?

"I wasn't actually expecting you to do anything," Belven says tersely. "I was expecting Shalelu to. However, she apparently has something more important to deal with, something that has nothing to do with Sandpoint, of course. So much for our protector." He shakes his head and frowns. "Then she compounds it by sending a group of amateur adventurers in her place."

He looks over Corinna. "And just what do you think you're doing accepting such a charge from her? A muddy marsh is no place for a Valdemar!"

"He has a point, Corinna," Alil says, with an infuriating smile. "Just look at your clothes. They're filthy. You really should change into something cleaner. I'll have one of the servants bring you some dinner to your room, if you like."

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

Corinna flushes with embarrassment as she twitches her bedraggled hems to cover her muddy shoes. What a day not to have prepared prestidigitation! She had thought she was done with traveling dust when the carriage arrived in Sandpoint.

"To be fair, Uncle," she cajoles, "it's not as if Sandpoint pays Shalelu for her protection. We all merely sit back and wait for her to save the day. And she did send her apprentice. He seemed quite competent. I believe he would have gone on to take care of the goblins all by himself if he hadn't been concerned about seeing the rest of us back to town safely with the injured Warden. I'm sure he'll make quick work of the goblins tomorrow. And you oughtn't to blame Shalelu for conscripting me. It's just ... everyone seemed to assume that I was coming along. It was all a misunderstanding, but I'm back safe now." She offers him a hopeful smile.

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

"Actually, I was referring to Corinna's uncle Belvin, and if you don't bear such a man ill will, apparently you haven't met him. Wouldn't know a good painting if it bit him in the...well, it's neither here nor there. If you're one of the decent folks of the cloth who don't only help people in need when they're also in gold, then I apologize and thank you for your help."

Aago bids the sheriff good night and makes his way off to the Rusty Dragon.

Blue Rajah, Gilfroy:
"Ah, Belven," Zanthus says with a nod. "He is hardly Lord Valdemar. I understand a bit better now. However, my point remains. Attempting to pass on debt to someone whose ways you disapprove of is merely sinking to their level, and I do not appreciate it, even in jest. As for that debt, however, there are forms of payment other than gold. Warden Proudstump here has provided many services for Sandpoint over the years. He has more than paid his debt to me."

He stands up. "If you'll follow me, Warden, I'll show you to a place you can rest for the night." Walthus nods and Zantus turns to Gilfroy and the Blue Rajah. "Good night, gentleman. You did the right thing bringing the warden here. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours tomorrow." He shakes their hands and then leads Walthus out of the room.

Back to the Rusty Dragon?

Belven frowns. "A misunderstanding." He throws his hands up in exasperation. "A misunderstanding you apparently did nothing to correct! You couldn't just say, sorry, you're mistaken? Instead, you just wander along with them because they mistakenly believe you're going with them? Did they actually teach you anything at that school you've been attending? I thought you had to have brains to get in there!"

Alil places a hand on Belven's shoulder. "Belven, go easy on her. You're just distraught from the day's events. I'm sure Corinna realizes her mistake, right Corinna? She'll go get cleaned up and nobody will the wiser."

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

"And I don't appreciate people who are too stuck up to have a sense of humour and feel it necessary to point out what they perceive as other people's character flaws, but I don't like to point out other people's character flaws, so I just won't say anything," Gilfroy says after Father Zantus has left.

"Let's get out of here," he says to Rajah quite huffily and stomps out of the office.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

"I'm not 'attending' any more. I'm on staff now; I'm...." She gives up. She knows there is no discussion with her uncle once he has made up his mind about a situation. "I'm sorry, Uncle ... and Aunt," she says tightly. "You're quite right. A muddy marsh is no place for a Valdemar. And I certainly don't want to cause any more disruption than I already have. I'll be quite content to dine in my room." The one you used to be happy to visit when you were pretending to be my friend, she finishes in her mind with a spiteful glance at Alil.

Everyone except Corinna:
The crowd continue to pester Melon with question until Malan shows up sometime later, at which point they pester him as well. Aago is next to arrive, and then Gilfroy and the Blue Rajah. For the most part, the crowd seems supportive of your actions, although a few express annoyance that the goblins have yet been brought to justice.

Ameiko brings you all a round of drinks and some stew. "On the house," she says. "Least I can do to repay your efforts today."

Alil nods and smiles. "I'll have your dinner brought up right away. Come on, Belven, let's leave Corinna to tidy up." She drags Corinna's uncle away.

It seems that Alil's definition of "right away" is a bit non-standard as it takes nearly an hour before the food actually does show up. However, that gives Corinna time to clean up a bit and settle in her room.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

Corinna starts up the stairs, wearily, a dull throb of a headache starting behind her temples. She'd felt better in the swamp with that collection of strangers than here in her own home. As she reaches the top of the flight, she pauses a moment and looks down over the railing. Ten years ago, she had been hiding here to eavesdrop on the conversation among the family below, her face puffy and tear-streaked after Uncle had dragged her home from the alleyway outside the Rusty Dragon. She'd heard his angry raised voice, her mother's tears, and one low, terse statement that had seemed to end all debate, that no one, not even her mother, had an answer for, a phrase that had stayed in her mind all those years: Blood will out.

"A muddy marsh is no place for a Valdemar," he'd said. But I'm not really a Valdemar, am I, Uncle? Not completely. And you've waited all these years for my father's shoe to drop.

She pushes open the door to her room and speaks a light cantrip. Even as quickly as the arcane light begins to glow, she still barks her shin on a rocking horse and sits down to rub the ache away as she strikes a tindertwig to fire the oil lamp. The room is cluttered with old toys. As the youngest child in the house, all the cast-off playthings had been put into her room. It had been thrilling when she was young, like living in a toy store, but as she had grown up, there had been no younger Valdemars in the house to pass them down to, and they had simply stayed. A few of her aunts had married and had children, but they were out of the manor and in their husband's homes. Perhaps if Alil has a child, they'll take some of these things out, she thinks, but quickly dismisses the idea. Any child of Alil and Belven will warrant brand new toys, not Corinna's castoffs.

She shoves aside a dollhouse to make room to open her bag and pull out clean robes. Examining the grime on the ones she has taken off, she decides not to put them out for the servants to wash; it will be quicker to simply learn prestidigitation in the morning and clean them herself. She drapes them over the rocking horse, runs a brush through her hair to get out the tangles and any lingering twigs, and sits down on the narrow bed to look out the window. Across the harbor, she can see the twinkling lights of Sandpoint. She wonders how the little Warden is doing and if the near-giant -- Aago -- remembered to tell the Sheriff about the threat posed by the faceless stalkers. She wonders if everyone is sitting around the Rusty Dragon, laughing and having a good time. She wonders if Alil will remember to send her dinner up or if she'll have to sneak down to the kitchen to scrounge for a sandwich.

After thanking Ameiko for the drink and the stew, Aago laughingly holds court in a corner of the tavern, embellishing the story of the firework wielding goblins and the mysterious face stealer, making the tale quite a bit larger than life but in a friendly manner, praising his each of his companions in the telling.

Malan does not give much information to the questioning crowd. He refers them to whatever Melon has already told them. Once Aago makes his entrance, Malan fades into the background and observes.

At the Rusty Dragon, the crowds do eventually stop their ever-continuing questioning once you've denied all the various rumours (the most creative one is that this is just the first step in a goblin plan to starve the residents of Sandpoint by removing all their feed animals; however, the goblins are too stupid to realize that dogs are not feed animals). At last, things begin to quieten down, and the townsfolk slowly return to their homes. Ameiko offers any of you who don't have anywhere else to stay a room for the night on the house.

At the Valedmar Manor, Corinna settles down to sleep, no one else from her family coming to visit her.


The morning is bright and sunny. The sky is clear and blue, with only a hint of cloud to the south. Those of you who stayed at the rusty dragon find a hot meal waiting for you when you come downstairs.

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

Those at the Rusty Dragon are awoken early (dawn has just broken) by high-pitched whooping and hollaring, as well as light-weight galloping in the hallways. Incessant pounding begins on Rajah's door. RAJAH! OPEN UP!!"

Rajah (or whoever opens their door first) sees Gilfroy, half-dressed and face red with excitment practically bouncing off the walls. He rushes over, pointing vehemently at his head.

"Look! LOOK!! Look at it!" he shouts, holding a few strands of hair in his hand. "It's BLUE again! I'm not dying anymore!! Yippee!!!" and he throws himself up at whoever it is in a huge bear hug.

Aago wakes to the uproar in the hallway, looks around wildly for the trouble and then, recognizing the gnome's voice, flops back down onto his bed.

He lies that way for several minutes before sighing, throwing back the covers and swinging his legs off the bed, dressing slowly with a number of bonecracking yawns.

Delaying as long as he can, Aago waits until the sound in the hallways dies down before leaving his room and heading downstairs to the common room to break his fast.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

Corinna wakes early, studies her spells, and uses prestidigitation to clean her robes and muddy shoes from the previous day. Between getting settled back into the house when she arrived and the excitement of the previous day, she hasn't yet had a chance to talk to her mother about the reason for her visit and the decision she is trying to make. Perhaps she can catch her before everyone goes down for breakfast. She walks quietly down the hallway and knocks quietly at her mother's bedroom door. "Mother? It's Corinna. May I come in?"

Malan opens the door to his room in response to Gilfroys clamor. He's wearing a silk shirt and comfortable britches from last night as if he hasn't slept. He is about to shut the door when Gilfroy notices him and runs up to Malan saying something about blue hair. "Yes. It is marvelous. Now I am.." Malan staggers backwards as Gilfroy jumps up and gives him an excited hug. He looks for someone to help. His relief at seeing Aago poke his head out flattens when Aago quickly shuts his door again. Gilfroy continues on without note to Malan's discomfort for what seems an eternity to the young elf. Eventually, though, he does convince the short fellow that it is time for breakfast and they should go to the common room.

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

Going to assume her mother is in and not lying dead in her bed murdered by goblins or something. It's not my intention to make a lot of extra work for you, playing all the Valdemars; I just wanted her to talk to her mother before the party heads back into the swamp and didn't have time to type the whole thing this morning. It was more of a placeholder.

Corinna lets herself in and smiles at her mother's reflection in the mirror where she is sitting pinning up her hair and finishing her toilette. She drapes herself over the foot of the bed and rests her chin on her hands, looking around the room. If Corinna's room is stuck in permanent childhood mode, her mother's is no less frozen in time, albeit at a later stage of development. The frilly pillows trimmed with lace and ribbon and delicate glass and china figurines belong to the teenaged girl whose evolution into a respectable and prosperous wife ended suddenly twenty-seven years ago when she conceived a child without a husband. As a girl, Corinna had thought her mother's room glamorous; now that she has been out on her own, she finds it unutterably sad, especially when she considers her own unintentional part in her mother's tragedy.

"Mother," she begins, "there's a reason I came back -- other than to see you, of course. I've been thinking about ... making a change. The Academae's been wonderful; I couldn't have gotten a better education, but Korvosa ... it's not like Sandpoint. A lot of the people there -- people in the Conjuration school...," she trails off, not knowing how to explain to her mother the sorts of devil-summoning and pursuit of power that she had grown used to without shocking her. "I'm just not sure I want to stay there," she amends.

"There's another school, in Magnimar. They're not as good, not near as good in conjuration, but I think I could get on there quite easily, with an Academae education, probably with more responsibilities and a higher rate of pay. And I was thinking...," she pauses timidly, "perhaps after I got settled, you could come and stay with me. They say Magnimar is lovely; they call it the City of Monuments, you know. You could ... we could both have a fresh start there."

She sees her mother start to reply and breaks out again nervously. "Mother, I don't say a word against Uncle. You know I couldn't; he's been so generous to me ... to both of us. But you've lived your whole life here -- not even in Sandpoint, which is confined enough, but in this house! And I know," she lowers her voice cautiously so as not to be overheard by anyone outside in the hallway, "it must grate on you to see that little social climber Alil, who used to curtsey and call you ma'am, made head of this household and take precedence over you at family occasions. I know you've," she lowers her eyes to the bedspread as she makes even a veiled reference to her own birth, "made mistakes, but after twenty-seven years, surely your penance has been paid. I can't promise you anything like this house, but we could get along nicely in a little flat, couldn't we? There's a lovely garden right by the school for walking in. I know you've never intended to leave Sandpoint, but please at least tell me you'll think about it."

Male Human Warpriest 4

Already having awokened at dawn, Rajah is startled by Gilfroy's antics. Quickly rushing to the door, opening it, and stepping out into the hallway, "Gilfroy! What in The Dawnflower's name...," he stops as he notices Gilfroy hugging Malan. Raising an eyebrow and then chuckling, "I must confess; this is a scene I truly believed I would have never lived to see!" He says with a smile.

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

"Yeah, you wish," Gilfroy replies good-naturally as he descends the elf. Wait, that just made it worse!

"All the excitement yesterday, I need some more. We have to get to the goblin village. Let's get moving!"

No worries about the family stuff! I actually really enjoy these kinds of things. :)

Corinna's mother looks at her with sad eyes, but smiles broadly. "Of course I'll think about it," she says. "Indeed, I've often though of Magnimar and what it might be like to live there." She looks away suddenly, back at her mirror, her smile vanishing. "Your uncle wouldn't approve though," she says sadly.

Before Corinna can say anything about her uncle, her mother looks at Corinna's reflection. "Now don't say anything about your uncle. He has a lot on his plate, and many things to consider. No doubt, he would secretly love to be rid of me--and you as well--but that, in itself, could cause scandal, and he won't let that happen to the family. They are things of such little consequence, really, but he is so caught up in them. You should feel sorry for him."

She begins to make tiny adjustments to her hair, all of them completely unnecessary and clearly done out of nervous habit. "As for Alil...well...she achieved what she set out for, I suppose, didn't she? Must give her some credit there." She frowns and begins unpinning her hair entirely. "She's wilier than she pretends. I am glad your education has gone well, Corinna. You have a chance to make more of yourself than any of your family, even though they will never realize or acknowledge it. We can at least take comfort in that."

Everyone except Corinna:
After Gilfroy thoroughly embarrasses Malan, you all gradually make your way down for breakfast.

"What's all the noise?" Ameiko asks as Malan first arrives. She doesn't give him a chance to reply before she passes by and into a back room, only to re-emerge moments later with a basket of bread. She moves about full of energy, as if she's been up for hours, although if she has, you have to wonder when she found the time to sleep!

She carries the basket to a man standing across the room. He's a tall, Varisian man with a goatee, large earrings, and several gold necklaces. He wears fine travelling clothes and carries a sword on his belt. "Don't eat it all at once," Ameiko tells him as she hands him the basket.

He laughs. "Oh, it'll be eaten all at once," he says and gives her a light kiss on the forehead. "You know they'll devour it in a flash. I'll be lucky to get a piece."

Ameiko turns to Malan and the others who are now arriving behind him. "Malan, have you met my old friend Sandru Vhiski?"

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