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Navior's Jade Regent (Inactive)

Game Master Navior

Current Characters

Patrissa Vrakes
Corinna Valdemar

Female Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (conjuration) 2

played by Joana (619 posts)
Belfor Vittanis
Gilfroy Fezziwig

AC 11/11/11; Max HP 20; Current HP 12 Effects:

played by Nazard (517 posts)
Tulrin Endessell

played by Dax Thura (339 posts)
Thassilonian Ambassador
Melon Sash

played by LoreKeeper (418 posts)
Nhatin Sunseeker

played by LoreKeeper (12 posts)
Villamar Koth

Half Elf Spirit Ranger / 2

played by Wander Weir (283 posts)

Current NPCs

Tongue of Rebuke

(4,957 posts)
Almah Rovshki
Ameiko Kaijitsu aka Navior

played by Navior (60 posts)
Captain Josper Creesy
Bevelek Dalmuvian aka Navior

played by Navior (3 posts)
Koya Mvashti aka Navior

played by Navior (20 posts)
Count Lucinean Galdana
Sandru Vhiski aka Navior

played by Navior (63 posts)
Shalelu Andosana
Shalelu Andosana aka Navior

played by Navior (22 posts)
Spivey aka Navior

played by Navior (6 posts)
Tweiford Shenk
Vankor aka Navior

played by Navior (1 post)

Previous Characters

Grand Lodge Dax Thura

(1,999 posts)
Divine Crusader

(9,346 posts)
Darius Finch

(4,074 posts)

(5,270 posts)
Cayden Cailean
"The Blue Rajah"

Male Human Warpriest 4

played by Javell DeLeon (270 posts)

played by Dax Thura (49 posts)
The Rake
Aago Belwas

played by Wander Weir (169 posts)
Chiggo Firelungs

played by Nazard (71 posts)
Old Foofelah

Female Goblin Sorcerer (elemental: fire) 1

played by Joana (93 posts)
Katapesh Merchant
Reta Bigbad

Female Goblin

played by Javell DeLeon (285 posts)
Son of Mercy

Inquisitor (Milani) 1| HP 13/13| AC 18 T 12 FF 16| Fo +4 Re +2 Wi +5| Spells Lvl 1 2/2; Cantrip: at will

played by Dax Thura (152 posts)

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