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Motteditor's Witchwar Legacy PBP (Inactive)

Game Master motteditor

Current Characters


Male Human
(11,923 posts)


played by Sunset (1,368 posts)
Demon Slayer
Krokod Firetongue

Male Human (Varisian) Oracle (Flame) -3

played by Ridge (335 posts)
Latharien "Lefty" Setiva

M Elf Rog 1/Wiz 4/Trickster 1: Init +9; Perception +11; AC 16 (20), 14 () T, 13 (17) FF /hp 44/44, Saves F +3, R +8, W +6; +2 vs. enchantment

played by Dave Young 992 (541 posts)
Raulzig Turfoodle II

played by flykiller (50 posts)
Ryarg Gravemaker

played by Nazard (140 posts)

Previous Characters

Guard Captain Blacklock
Silver Crusade Saint Germaine

HP: 65/65 - AC: 23, FF: 22, T: 11, CMD: 20 - F:+8, R:+3, W:+11, (+2 vs Evil) - 30ft Move, Init +5, Perc +5 (darkvision, Auto Dispel Darkness of 5th or lower), Fervor: 9/9, Common (Taldan) & Celestial, LG Male Archon-Blooded Aasimar Warpriest 8.2 PFS 5,274-12, Bastard Sword: +11/+6, 1d10+7 19x2, <+9, 2d10+13>

played by Beckett (226 posts)

Previous NPCs

Sheyln (Symbol)
Aurelian Fache

Male Human Wizard 9
(91 posts)

GM Goblin King

King of Goblins *MAP*
(2,333 posts)

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