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Motteditor's Realm of the Fellknight Queen (Inactive)

Game Master motteditor

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Cool, thanks for reading and your kind words. I'll try and keep an eye out if you look for Kingmaker replacements.

motteditor wrote:

Thanks for the interest, all. I think I'm going to go with Thunder Rolling, give the new guy a chance to get his feet wet on the boards. : )

I did like Aleksander a lot, though. Definitely seemed like a cool take on a priest of Cayden. I'll be adding a player or two to my Kingmaker campaign sometime soon (just have to finish up the first book, which I'm guessing will take another month or so) so please feel free to submit him again there if you haven't yet found a spot for him. (Though no guarantees, of course.)

Thunder, you're going to be intro'd shortly -- within the week, I think. I just got back from vacation and have to get caught up on all my games (which I hope to do tonight), but we should be at a good spot in this campaign almost immediately to add a player.

Awesome! Thanks for giving me the try. I'll get the crunch worked up tomorrow. Can I run a few things by you? Do you think you need the great sword damage dealing build, or the brawler control build more?

Also, is there a way to "watch" A thread on these boards so I don't have to manually check the ones I am interested in?

More to come

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Sure, feel free to run things by me, either in the discussion thread or by PM. Honestly, I'd say either build is fine -- great sword might work a hair better for the adventure but I'd say go with what you want.

If you click on the campaigns link in your profile, it should come up there. I know that's what I've got my Paizo bookmark set to, and it has all of them listed there (and then shows new posts in Gameplay/Discussion/etc.). I think that's the best way to do it, though others can feel free to correct me.

@ Thunder Rolling - the easiest way to 'watch' a thread is to post in it. Typically people will post a simple 'dotting' in the thread. Then when you select Focus in the top right of the main Paizo board it will filter your page to only show the threads youve 'dotted'.

Congrats on the selection. Looking forward to playing with you.

Even when you don't dot, but simply went watching, the 'focus' function will show it when there's new posts.

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