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Motteditor's Kingmaker campaign (Inactive)

Game Master motteditor


Rupert Hentzau

Male Human Rogue 3 (Swashbuckler)
(341 posts)


Baron Hannis Drelev
Jon Surtova

Male Human Paladin 4 (HP 30/30)
(187 posts)

James Martin

Enga Keckvia

HP 63/63, AC 21, T 14, FF 18, F+4, R+6, W+7, Perc +11
(1,421 posts)

John Hathaway


m kobold cavalier (beast rider) 9 / mammoth rider 2 - Inventory Log
(1,202 posts)


Agnar Hrolfson

Male Human (Ulfen) Cleric 10
(1,111 posts)

Vanulf Wulfson

Beltias Kreun
Orin Ro

Male Half elf Spell-less Ranger 7
Character Information:
[HP: 62]; [Armor Class: 24; Touch: 16; Flat Footed: 22]; [BAB: +7; CMB: +11; CMD: 27]; [Saves: Fortitude: +6; Reflex: +7; Will: +3]; [Initiative: +2]; [Perception: +16]

(904 posts)
Vanulf WulfsonGM WulfsonMarik Whiterose

Previous Players

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