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Motteditor's Kingmaker campaign (Inactive)

Game Master motteditor

Current Characters

Agnar Hrolfson

Male Human (Ulfen) Cleric 7

played by Shadowborn (912 posts)
Baron Hannis Drelev
Jon Surtova

Male Human Paladin 4 (HP 30/30)

played by illuminar (187 posts)
Enga Keckvia

HP 30/43, AC 20, T 14, FF 17, F+3, R+5, W+6, Perc +9

played by James Martin (1,051 posts)
Beltias Kreun
Orin Ro

Male Half elf Spell-less Ranger 7
Character Information:
[HP: 62]; [Armor Class: 24; Touch: 16; Flat Footed: 22]; [CMB: +11; CMD: 27 (25 Flat Footed)]; [Saves: Fortitude: +6; Reflex: +7; Will: +3]; [Initiative: +2]; [Perception: +16]

played by Vanulf Wulfson (892 posts)

m kobold cavalier (beast rider) 7

played by John Hathaway (822 posts)
Rupert Hentzau

Male Human Rogue 3 (Swashbuckler)

played by garabbott (341 posts)

played by Patrik Ström (908 posts)

Current NPCs


Male Human
(9,012 posts)

Previous Characters

Killian Paltreth

Male Wandering Nomad 3
(563 posts)
Spectral Dragon

Male Human
(77 posts)
Patrik Ström

(1,006 posts)
The Exchange Shadowborn

Male Human(ish) Level 3 RPG Monkey
(8,704 posts)

(3,570 posts)
Villamar Koth
Vanulf Wulfson

Male Human Dad/6
(451 posts)


(285 posts)
British Diver
Liberty's Edge Wandslinger

Male Human Nerd 5/Expert 1
(515 posts)
Sable Company Elite Marine
Brand Tarren

Male Human, Chelaxian Ranger 1

played by Von Doom (27 posts)
Desh Arrowstorm

played by Rolukk Earbiter (6 posts)
Danse Macabre
DM Aron Marczylo

Master of Gaming and Grognardia

played by overfiend_87 (4,828 posts)
Draelen Wolfkin

played by Ioun Cloud (74 posts)
Edrukk Igmar

Male Dwarf Bard (savage skald) 3

played by sunshadow21 (398 posts)
GM Wulfson

played by Vanulf Wulfson (835 posts)
Elven Wizard
Lirisial Starsong

Female Elf Cleric (Desna) 1

played by Wandslinger (40 posts)
Darius Finch
Dark Archive Marik Whiterose

Male Human (Chelaxian) Wizard (Diviner)/1

played by Vanulf Wulfson (579 posts)
Market Patron
Sigurd Mjornson

Male Human (Ulfen) Inquisitor 1

played by martinaj (63 posts)
The Voice of Wisdom

played by sunshadow21 (1,493 posts)

played by Vistarius (5 posts)

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