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Mortika's "Severing Ties" Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Chris Mortika

This is a PFS-legal play-by-post campaign for Scenario 4-07, "Severing Ties".

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Hey there.

My name is Chris, and I'm looking for 4-6 people who would like to play through a short Pathfinder Society scenario, the recently-released "Severing Ties". It was written by Ron Lundeen and features some fun role-playing as well as a couple of really nasty fights.

I intend to run this as a legal Pathfinder Society game, so all the characters will earn PFS Chronicles for their efforts. I ran several Play-by-posts a couple years' back, but i've just gotten my feet wet last month with running a PFS-legal PbP game, so this will be an opportunity for me to learn some things as well.

If you don't have a Society character, yet, that's fine. You're welcome to build a new PC according to the free Guide to the Pathfinder Society. (If I were to oversimplify, I would say: it's a 20-point buy, 150 starting gold. There are a handful of campaign-specific rules.)

Once I pick a team and check stats, I'll start the scenario in a week or so, with text here on the Paizo boards, and maps through Google or maybe Paizo Game Space, if it gets up and running soon. I'm expecting to get finished by the end of the year, with some breaks for Thanskgiving and Christmas. To accomplish this, I'm expecting people to be able to post daily during the work week. (More frequently is welcome, of course.)

So, what am I asking you to do here?

1) Introduce your character -- if you have one -- or your intended concept. To give PFS veterans some guidance: "Severing Ties" is a Tier 1-5 scenario and I'm guessing we'll be running at sub-tier 1-2.

2a) Experienced PFS characters: Provide two or three paragraphs, in character, explaining the greatest accomplishment, or the greatest disaster, or the greatest lesson, you've experienced during your career as a Pathfinder agent.

2b) New Pathfinder characters: According to "Seekers of Secrets" almost every Pathfinder agent endures a three-year apprenticeship program in the Grand Lodge. Provide two or three paragraphs, in character, explaining why you left home to join the Pathfinders, and what motivated you to join the secret faction that earned your affiliation.

This recruitment is not first-come, first-serve. In a day or two, I'll draw straws, looking to build a well-balanced party. I'll let you know now that I'm likely to be capricious, and I'll apologize in advance to those who won't make the cut.

I am, of course, happy to answer any questions.

Sovereign Court

Hey DM, Shel would love to take another adventure for the society. I'm not sure if she counts as experienced or not with only one mission under her belt. Her background on this profile has her information about why she is a member of the Taldor faction.


"Both my greatest disaster and accomplishment occurred in the same place...some fiery temple of Moloch. I tripped a fiery explosion which not only singed me good, but flipped my over a railing. If it wasn't for some help from my team, I'm quite sure I'd have broken my neck right there, and never made it out in one piece. That taught me how important a solid team was to an aspiring Pathfinder.

As far as the triumph goes, it'd have to be when I struck the blow that incapacitated the evil cleric of the very same place. It was just a glancing blow, but she was off guard and not expecting it. Took her right to the floor. After that it was all over!"

Grand Lodge

I'll throw my hat in. Have a character to you today, tomorrow latest.

Grand Lodge

Hey its Hawkwen, here is my bard offering. I will submit two if that's ok.

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

Only one character submission, please.

Dark Archive

I would like to Submit Coormu Djohn, I am working on turning his exploits into words.

Scarab Sages

Here he is a Second Level Universalist Wizard

Grand Lodge

Ok thanks, I'll work on that background now

Scarab Sages

Here is Coor's Background

Coormu sits down in front of his Guide in the Grand Lodge waiting to see what he is going to be doing next. He hasn't been on a mission in a while and was beginning to think they forgot about him and his abilities. Then the Guide spoke asking a series of questions that well have become the norm when they are recruiting for Pathfinders. Without a hesitation Coormu begins to speak almost before his Guide stops talking.

"My Fondest story as a Pathfinder is my first Official Mission for the Society. I was sent to Ustalav to the City of Ardis to be precise to track down a killer that seemed to only attack on the nights of the full moon. I was teamed up with a group of More Experienced Pathfinders to accomplish this task. As we investigated these gruesome murders we found clues that lead us to a local pathfinder who had been bitten by a werewolf. When we finally confronted him this lead to a chase through the Ardis in which I happen to get to the Beast first and though I was knocked unconscious I held the Creature at bay until the others could show up to finish the job."

"What did I learn from that mission? I learned that sometimes you should let those who are more Experienced deal with the greater foe. But I also learned that even one who is not so experienced can find a way to help against a greater foe."

"Since then besides my personal quest for learning and of course my tasks as a Jeweler, while I stay in Absalom. I have been only on a few other missions for the Society. One took me Isger where my group and I dealt with the remains of a Cult dedicated to Urgathoa Lead by a Hobgoblin Priestess. The other just took me to the outskirts of Absalom so we could deal with a curse that had followed Skelg the Ripper from his Northern Home."

"Do you have any other questions?" Coormu smiles at the Guide waiting.

The Exchange

1) This is Andrazi. You can call him a liberator of items, and enabler of rogues. His background is in his profile.

2) "Well the greatest thing I've ever done would probably have to be when I took the fight to that b##%# Inoklar. She tried scare me off with some threat, but I stood my ground and held her off long enough for our wolf-riding halfling to spring in and impale her. That'll show her."

"Greatest failure? Well, I don't like admitting this, but getting hit right in the face with a greataxe and going down like a chump is pretty high up there. Granted it was on fire and being thrown at me, but still not one of my proudest moments."

Silver Crusade

I'd like to try this out. This character is actually level 3, but just waiting to update him.

Silver Crusade

"Not one to brag, but a few years back, it was actually my first time back to the Lodge since I got out of that place, we where asked to aid the mortals to discern who was dishonestly selling true artifacts of the heavens. I believe it was a splinter of one of Iomedae's lances, in this case, though I recieved a hold symbol blessed by The Flame herself, personally.", as he sifts through his assortment of holy symbols worn prominetly around his neck, looking for the platinum one, caressing it with a soft smile.

"Mother was happy I was able to keep this from falling to the unfaithful, and that's exactly who it turned out to be in the end. But, while we where there, we discovered that the individuals sent to attack us where actually refugees from the godless, heathen-nation, (if you might even call such a place a real nation), of Rahadoum, though thy had the divine wisdom to flee that place with thir soul and spirit still intact. Sadly, the Rahadoum natives, in their utter depravity chose to fall even further, and used these refugee's familes as a sort of blackmail, lest they attacked us. I, with the aid of my team, managed to subdue them without true harm, and discovered the truth behind their plight."

Ignatious, remebering the events sadly continues, shortly, "As The Sacred Inferno discovered so long ago, some evils, are beyond redemption. Mother wanted me to leard this bitter lesson in this place on my own, to temper my wisdom as it where. It was a victory of sorts for the crusaders, as I managed to convince the guards of Absolom to bring carts and usher out the refugees as if they where dead, letting slip such information to whoever might be listening and getting them away from that place, but in the end, we had to destroy the other Rahadoumians, which ended her chain of murders and hatred."

"Not so long after that, I was summoned by that new eastern-barbarian Venture Captain, Amara-Li, (such strange ways and names, these people), and asked to enter some tapestry for her people. We, my team and I, travelled to a secluded temple to the Empyreal Lord of peae and meditation. You know, the one Irori copied one his way up the ascended latter. While there, I called n Her aid, and reconscecrated a simple fountain for the monks there. The Empyreal Lord showd me his personal favor for such a simple act of faith, and later for saving his people and temple, by giving having this", points to the very odd lotus blossom somehow afixed to his armor, "sacred plant. I had it magically frozen in time, and placed on my shoulder to always remember that I still have much to learn, much to understand. . ."

Liberty's Edge

I've only recently joined PFS and haven't played before, but this character is a mobile fighter, Andoran faction. I still have a bit of work to do finalizing his character sheet. (Character #67750-1, btw.)

PFS Interview:
The young Andoren enters the room and makes a plain bow of greeting before taking his seat, his ramrod posture mute testimony to years of martial discipline. "Thank you for taking the time to interview me, honored ladies and gentlemen. Before you ask--yes, my father is a senior executive of House Vaylen. No, he was not married to my mother. Yes, he acknowledged me--just over a year ago. No, that gives me no particular advantage in trying to find work inside the House." He smiles a little ruefully. "In fact, it puts me on the horns of a dilemma: not to use my father's name would be an insult to him and by extension his House, while using it has made it all but impossible to serve the nation of my birth in the manner for which I was trained."

He spreads his hands on the table and leans forward slightly. "The mercenary's path isn't for me...I'm not that self-serving. If I can't serve my country, I can at least serve another great and noble cause." Smiling again, he continues, "Pardon me; I don't mean to imply that I'd be settling for second best by attempting to join the Pathfinder Society. You probably know that one of my mother's aunts was a Pathfinder, and when I was younger I dreamed of following in her footsteps. As for what I bring, I have a certain level of martial skill, I know my way around a ship, and I know when to keep my mouth shut and listen." With that, he stops and looks expectantly at the board.

Dark Archive

Argh, I just finished setting up the character's profile and forgot to hit copy first so of course the Paizo Forum Demons ate it. I will re-add stat details either tonight or tomorrow. Chun Hei is a level 2 "Paladin" of Yaezhing though.

Even though Chun Hei is level 2, I found it much easier to write about her introduction to the Pathfinder Society

Having been bred to fight demons by her Naga Masters, Chun Hei has been granted 10 years to better her self before being called for duty. What better organization than the Pathfinders she thought.

Having accomplished her training in the Dragon Empires she has only recently transferred to the Grand Lodge in Absalom, thanks to the new spirit of friendship between the Grand Lodge and the Lantern Lodge. Although she has not been entirely happy with her initial assignments (being sent right back to the Dragon Empire as a guide was unpleasant) she has been pleased to meet so many fellow knowledge seekers.

Chun Hei has been quite pleased by the Pathfinder's new focus on Varasia. Seeing it as a treasure trove of ancient knowledge and artifacts that may one day help Chun Hei in her eventual duty.

Sovereign Court

James Younger at your service, I really enjoyed my first PbP game and would love to adventure with Shel the Halfling again, all stats would carry over from citadel.

Shel wrote:

Both my greatest disaster and accomplishment occurred in the same place...some fiery temple of Moloch. I tripped a fiery explosion which not only singed me good, but flipped my over a railing. If it wasn't for some help from my team, I'm quite sure I'd have broken my neck right there, and never made it out in one piece. That taught me how important a solid team was to an aspiring Pathfinder.

As far as the triumph goes, it'd have to be when I struck the blow that incapacitated the evil cleric of the very same place. It was just a glancing blow, but she was off guard and not expecting it. Took her right to the floor. After that it was all over

My greatest achievement happened when I shot the aforementioned cleric enabling Shel to finish her off. I then passed out from accumulated damage.

This character is an Urban Ranger concept I've had for quite a while now...I'll post his stats tomorrow.

Kensington Marlowe:

"It is with great pride that, so soon after the completion of my training, that I am chosen to undertake such an important mission." Thanks to those who pulled all those strings on my behalf. "Seeking out valuable relics and powerful artifacts and returning them to the Lodge is a sacred duty that should not be taken lightly." Unless someone with a fatter purse happens by...but that's only common sense!

"As I'm sure you are well aware, my younger brother has recently completed his training as well, and is currently out on his first mission. I was a bit envious of him being chosen first, but of course I realize that different missions call for Pathfinders with different skills." Plus I doubt that there's much gold to be had escorting goblins across the frozen wastes...serves the little bugger right!

"Needless to say having two Pathfinders come from the same family is quite unusual; and becoming Pathfinders has been a childhood dream come true for my brother and I." Ever since we began stealing valuable objects from our neighbors and selling them to unscrupulous dealers! "Although my brother and I have had our disagreements from time to time, as all brothers do, I'm certain he would agree with me when I tell you that we will not let you down" Well...not all the time anyway!

Dark Archive

Alright, I got Chun Hei's page set up here on Paizo. Let me know if you have any questions.

Sovereign Court

"Greatest disaster, you ask? Pfah!" Maximo sips his wine and leans back in his chair with a look on his face as if to say such a thing is inconceivable to him.

He is a handsome and distinguished man in his middle years with dark hair and beard just starting to show gray. He wears scale armor and a well maintained military uniform common to officers in Taldor, though it is without emblem or rank and is about ten years out of style. At his side he carries a warhammer while across his back hangs an antique greatsword and a kite shield bearing the symbol of the goddess Shelyn.

"My greatest achievement would be an easier task to recount, if I didn't have so many to choose from. Hah! Sometimes I feel like I have forgotten more than I remember. Like the time I defeated the Sultan's harem guards with nothing more than a silver wine pitcher and snack tray! That nearly turned to disaster, as hygiene and exercise are about as rare among the Sultan's wives as an honest man is in Qadira!" He chuckles and takes another sip.

"I suppose you could say the day I took my vow of chastity in the name of Shelyn was a disaster, though it was one suffered by the ladies of the world, and not myself." He winks across the room at a plump and homely serving wench, who giggles and flashes a gap-toothed brown smile.

"However, there was one time that I was accused of wearing perfume on the battlefield..." The frown on his face is like a thunderstorm on the horizon. "Which, of course, is ridiculous! A gentleman of Taldor wears cologne!"

Liberty's Edge

Let me toss my hat into the ring. I'll look to get a background up.

Silver Crusade

Sad Rock sits on a bench outside the Grand Lodge, awaiting another call.

He looks at every Venture Captain and courtier who leaves by the majestic halls like a cat awaiting his supper dish to be filled, a low wail of askance escapes his lips each time.

My time now? His throaty whine seems to ask.

When each one passes that does not look for his aid, Sad Rock goes back to using a whetstone to de-sharpen and bluntify some of the rough edges of his club.

Too pointy.

Occasionally, Sad will shift his bulk a bit from one side to another which tends to leave a grinding sound on the bench, but he doesn't mind that too much as long as blood flows back to his stubby legs.

After a few hours of prime time waiting (usually in the dead of night...aka tea time), Sad will return to his bunk and await the next day of Pathfinder training....and waiting.

More notes about Sad Rock on in his alias.

Grand Lodge

I will post something within the next day. All experienced characters will have a link to chronicles

Dark Archive

Luccinus stands stiffly in the waiting room of the Grand Lodge, somewhat a mix between 'At Ease' and 'Formal stance while awaiting Introduction to a social equal at Court'.

His manners are polished but forced, robbed of any warmth by his cold demeanor. While the conversation ebbs and flows around him, he offers his own accounts, as this is part of the social convention.

My greatest success within the pathfinder society? Hmmm. I have not had long in its service but earning the acknowledgement and albeit temporary favour of Paracountess Dralneen for a minor service would stand high in the few accomplishments I have had.

As for failures? I have known only success. His haughtiness slips in a rare moment of personal vulnerability. I do regret not understanding my fathers plans insofar as why I have been sent to Absalom and why my elder brothers either serve or prepare to serve among the ranks of the Hellknights. The Society has much to offer in terms of training and experience, it is true but it is far different than how I thought my life would be when I was younger.

Grand Lodge

Ill be submitting this character when I have access to a computer. Dwarf alchemist.

One question though. What do I do with the extra bombs feat if I don't have bombs?

Grand Lodge

I see that option is no longer allowed!

Grand Lodge

Withdrawing Luccinus - he was just accepted to another PFS game. Will submit a new one shortly.

The Exchange

A short man, dressed in the clothes common to those of the desert ambles in, a long and impressive looking matchlock rifle slung over one shoulder, allowing the tall Chellish warrior to leave.

Greetings, he says with a broad grin. This is where pathfinders come to drink the coffee and pass time?.

He seats himself but takes time and care make sure his musket is propped gently against his shoulder and not against a wall.

So, we are passing the wind? Yes?

Ahhhh - stories of victories and defeats? It is well we talk of such. The learned can gain much from this and the wise can discern the Hand of Desna, at this he raises his hand ritualistically to the sky, and our own paths.

Success? I have recently returned from the far lands of the Icy north - colder than the stares a mother gives a troublesome suitor! I near froze to death. We helped recover a missing pathfinders records and at the same time smote a team of false pathfinders to the dust! I myself counted for one with my friend here. At that he strokes his musket.

Failures? I am still young and though I have travelled far in such a short time I am, sadly, lacking in experience.

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

Helaman wrote:
Withdrawing Luccinus - he was just accepted to another PFS game. Will submit a new one shortly.

Congratulations. (I admit, I was looking forward to any repartee between Luccinus and Maximo. Hopefully the two of you will meet in the future.)

The Exchange

"Hallo, uh... friends. Companions." Brik fidgets, as though he were giving a speech to an audience. "My name is, uh, it's Brik. Or people call me that." he pauses to adjust his armor. "That is, uh, ya see, I'm a pretty good arm with a hammer. Oh, and, ya might say I can handle a fair few hits in a brawl, if uh, it should--" he pauses suddenly to flatten down his beard. "If it should come up, that is."

"Why be a pathfinder? Well ya see, good as I am with a hammer, I never could do much with a forge... I'm better with an axe, ya see. What I mean is, uh, I got it in me to fight, and bein' some stationed guard just don't sound appealing. And I was hearin' these pathfinders had plenty a fightin' to do, and plenty a gold to show fer it. So I figure, if I can't dig gold out a the ground, I could pry some out a the claws of whatever beast I lay to rest for the society, if ya get me."

"Qadira? Well this fella, he comes to me an' he says, 'Dwarf like you could help us out.' I say 'Sorry, I'm workin' towards being a pathfinder!' he says to me, 'Sure, sure, just keep us in mind in your travels.' so I says 'Who're you?' and he hands me this letter, all fancy with a seal and such. I read about it and it sounded like somethin' I could handle. Figure this Prince guy sounds alright. Guess I didn't think about it too much."

Not a new player, just a new character. Though I've never had a character higher than level 2 (and don't have any higher than 1 now, thanks to a certain TPK...)

We'll be cutting off new applications in about an hour. If you posted an interest and you want to fill out your responses, that's fine. I'll make my decision tonight. and we'll get started tomorrow.

Scarab Sages

Human, level 1, lore warden (fighter archtype), going for trip/disarm/sunder expert. Single tier 1 scenario completed.

Why Pathfinders? Well, isn't obvious?
Look you, it is the only logical choice. Who else is making an effort to be sure our knowledge is not lost? I get to travel to interesting places, expand my knowledge and training, make a living, and get the support of a powerful organization. All while accomplishing something good and noble.
Where else could I get a chance like this?

Just as an example, I've barely managed to get started with the pathfinders and already I've accomplished quite a bit. I've helped stop a drug dealer, organize a relief caravan, and aquire the cure for a man's afflicted daughter.
have you accomplished more in the first week with some other organization? I think not!

Edit: I'm having trouble getting it to save the details of the character sheet for some reason. I will let you know when it is all in there.

A lot of new PFS players interested in this one...I'll withdraw my entry in the hopes that one of them is chosen. Best of luck to all.

Grand Lodge

Chris Mortika wrote:
Helaman wrote:
Withdrawing Luccinus - he was just accepted to another PFS game. Will submit a new one shortly.
Congratulations. (I admit, I was looking forward to any repartee between Luccinus and Maximo. Hopefully the two of you will meet in the future.)

Would have been fun. Will keep an eye out for him.

Badr is a worthy replacement and should have the link to his single chronicle included on the character page.

Grand Lodge

decision made?

Lantern Lodge

Hello! I would like to submit Hadassah!

"My greatest personal accomplishment ... that is a tough one. I would have to say that the closest is the successful raid on the the temple of Moloch in the deserts of Osirion. I managed to keep our group alive through a fierce battle with the help a a wand, lent to me by a kindly paladin named Maximo."

"I am an oracle devoted to life. Unfortunately, I am dually cursed. It makes things harder sometimes, but I have come to grips with my deficiencies. I think I could be very helpful!"

Grand Lodge

Hi All

For those who DON'T make the cut, I am willing to run either 'We Be Goblins' or 'Master of the Fallen Fortress'. My preference is MotFF.

I've played First Steps three times now but could be pushed to run it IF you guys really really wanted it.

I move fast as a GM, generally I aim to wrap up a PFS game in 4-5 weeks. Anyways - will let Chris announce first.

Grand Lodge

Helaman wrote:

Hi All

For those who DON'T make the cut, I am willing to run either 'We Be Goblins' or 'Master of the Fallen Fortress'. My preference is MotFF.

I've played First Steps three times now but could be pushed to run it IF you guys really really wanted it.

I move fast as a GM, generally I aim to wrap up a PFS game in 4-5 weeks. Anyways - will let Chris announce first.

Helaman you know I'd play what ever. Though I would like to get a First Steps in.

All right. Here are my picks. Again, this is sort of arbitrary.

Chun Hei
Sad Rock

Please make your way over to
the discussion thread and the campaign thread.


Helaman, Scott Young, Venture Captain of Winnepeg, has also offered to take people through "Severing Ties". Between the two of you, you've got to choose among:

Hadassah (a great player, a fun character, applied after my decision was made)

Grand Lodge

Thanks for the chance. Didn't have the time to develop my character

Grand Lodge

Hey folks, I'm happy to run another "table" of "Severing Ties". Helaman has offered to run "Master of the Fallen Fortress" (preferred) or "We Be Goblins".

Please post listing what scenario you want to play, and we'll split the group that way. Once I hear from everyone here, I'll start a new thread to open up any remaining spots to new characters.

A bit about me: I've been playing Pathfinder since 2008, after 20+ years of RPGs. I started and help organize the Pathfinder Society games in my area, the province of Manitoba in Canada. Was appointed as Venture-Captain in 2011, and have had the chance to write one of the quests for the Grand Convocation at PaizoCon 2012. I have run play-by-post games before, and I tend to use maps and tokens to keep combat straight. I like to see daily posts wherever possible, so we can maintain the pace of the game. I like long walks on the beach and my favorite colour is blue.

Looking forward to this!

The Exchange

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would like to play "Severing Ties" if that's possible. I've already played MoFF and I've ran WBG. I hate long walks on the beach, and I like the color red.

The Exchange

I'd like to play in any of those. I'm not picky. I only have fresh level 1s though, if that's an issue.

I submitted Brik for this one, btw.

Grand Lodge

Andrazi - welcome aboard! D-Kal - either one will work, although Fallen Fortress is designed for new characters. We'll see which group needs the help.

Scarab Sages

I have also not been in any of those 3 modules. So I am game for which ever has openings.

Though if I understand correctly in We Be Goblins you don't actually run your character anyway. You run one of the pregen goblins then apply the chronicle info to a level 1 character.

I have heard that WBG is alot of fun. Especially since you don't really have to worry about whether or not your real character dies.

Grand Lodge

Jorin - WBG is great fun! Although, I prefer it in person just because funny voices don't translate well for me online... it is a great scenario.

The Exchange

Yeah, I'd probably want to do WBG in person. It sounds like a blast.
Lamp - you can check out my aliases for Brik, Danyn, and Raul, depending on what role needs filling.

Scarab Sages

Severing Ties or Fallen Fortress, i have run WBG a few times recently

Grand Lodge

I'd gladly play either or both with new characters in each.

Grand Lodge

This character would be my other offering (Flinders)

Lantern Lodge

I like first steps, just because its greatest value is at level 1. I have not played the others and am just happy to be along for the ride.

Grand Lodge

At this point, I'll have to stick with Fallen Fortress. Lock yourselves in and I'll give the VC the first pick of the players.

Good to be working with a VC. Who'd have thunk my first efforts with a VC would be a guy from Winnipeg and not Al from Sydney

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