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Mortika's "Citadel of Flame" (Inactive)

Game Master Chris Mortika

This is a PFS-legal campaign for Scenario #39, "Citadel of Flame".

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Lantern Lodge

Female Human Druid (2) Menhir Savant

"If you would like to very very securely bind this one, we could heal her and bring her into custody as well. Just make sure she is very well bound first. . . and gagged. Hard to cast spells when you are bound and gagged."

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

Through a bit of trial-and-error, you can determine that Gali is more amenable to preaching the glories and history of the cult of Moloch, and harassing the people of Qadira. Hafshi harbors a smouldering fury over your theft of the profane idol, and isn't up for cooperation.

You might consider leaving her bound in the temple or in the living quarters, and releasing Gali ner the entrance of the Citadel. By the time he releases her, you should have a good head start.


Moulini, you recover your full capabilities after about ten minutes. But your mind is still under Moloch's subtle influence until you can be released by your Chelaxian masters.


After you loot the place and turn the goods over to the Society, you earn over 550 gold apiece.

You also gain access to:

Cloak of resistance +1 (which would cost you 1,000 gp)
Feather token (whip) (500 gp)
Hand of the mage (900 gp)
+1 holy arrow (Limit: 4, 360 gp)
Scroll of flaming sphere (150 gp)
Wand of cure light wounds (750 gp)

Sovereign Court

Ranger 2, Rogue 7 | HP 66/66 | AC 26, 19 touch/21 flatfooted | Sneak Attack +4d6 F+10, R+17, W+9 | Init. +9 | Perc +15/+18* | Evasion | Trap Sense +3 | Uncanny Dodge


Sovereign Court

Human Gentleman | AC 20 FF 19 T 13 | HP 78/79 | F +15 R +13 W +13 | Init +1 | Perception +5

Maximo is strangely quiet in the aftermath of the battle. He tends to the fallen priestess, making sure she survives her wounds, and recites a few of Shelyn's prayers over her in the hopes that some might get through to her damaged soul. Removing any weapon and holy items in her possession, he leaves her with water and food enough to return to civilization.

We should leave her here. Qadira is not known for fair trials or just sentences. Let us hope she has seen at least a glimpse of the error of her ways.

The information contained in the book seems to confirm the rumors of a massacre, though he wishes he could report otherwise to his sources back in Taldor. Sarenrae has many good followers, and it is a shame that the actions of a few misguided zealots might stain her honor.

Scarab Sages

Azatoth agrees with Maximo... She's not worth the hazzle to bring here back even.

"I must say we have done quite a good job here my friends, it gave us some dire wounds but also let us practise our arts. I thank you all for being such excellent comrades"

Lantern Lodge

Female Human Druid (2) Menhir Savant

"Lets leave this one bound and gagged, then set the other free at the entrance. What Moloch does with them, or what they do with each other, is Quidera's business. I am not liking the thought of just slaughtering them both simply because we can."

Dark Archive

Female Human

i'll help but i want carry the small one also

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