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Game Master mathpro18

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No longer active

Rosa calls from the outside

"Ladys and gents time to go, get your things and place come and hold hands. Group hug to a new place."


Female human 16 rogue(knife master)

"Never liked these teleportation spells."

I move to follow and get this part over with.

Once everyone gathers there equipment and such you all gather together and Rosa casts her spell. You arrive in the town of Skelt. It is dark out and you would guess its about 10 in the evening. You hear the sound of the river's dwarf-crafted waterworks powering the ore-grinders and mine-lifters. You wonder how anyone can sleep with this constant noise going on but as you start searching through the small city you quickly stop noticing the sound yourself. You wonder the nearly empty streets and what people are out seem to give you a wide birth. You notice a few stop in their tracks and whisper to people they are with and point at Rosa and Lyle but you're all used to this by now. You can see the grand lodge of the pathfinder society just come into view when your stopped in the streets by a guard.

"Halt!" he orders and then puts a hand out to get you to stop. "What is your business here outsiders" he growls as he looks at Lyle and Rosa.

M Tiefling Magus

After the typical 'ZAP' of teleport travel, Lyle looks around his surroundings in interest and, pulling out some paper from his backpack, starts scribbling down a rough sketch of the town. "What? I may need to get us back here one day" he responds to any questioning looks."

Absorbed in his drawing, he doesn't bother sticking his head up to the guard and just idly calls out "Someone show him the Wayfinder, please?" with a mild sigh of exasperation.

No longer active

GM once we arrive Rosa activates her hat of Disguise
1d20 + 18 ⇒ (10) + 18 = 28 Disguise
She now just looks like a kindly old Human Mage.

Note her Aliment can not be detected v Detected evil or other Dev means
when the Guard comes she will say nothing.

Human Oracle (Heavens) 16

Jaeger smiles at the appear in the town at night. He looks up at the sky and tracks a few of the stars, like old friends. As they walk, the man is constantly glancing up at the heavens.

When the guard approaches them, Jaeger steps forward. "Please forgive my friends, they are strangers to this area. We have some business with the Pathfinder Lodge. Could you point us in the right way? They should be expecting us soon." He tries to take stock of the guard's intentions

Diplomacy, take 10: 10 + 26 = 36

Sense Motive, take 10: 10 + 26 = 36

Guiding Star gives Jaeger his CHA bonus to Wisdom skills when stars are visible.

The guard looks a little suspicious but then nods Just know that he will be watched while in town. I don't need any trouble from...his kind and I will not hesitate to take matters in my own hands to prevent problems. He then moves aside and you are able to make your way towards the lodge.

The door to the lodge is shut and there doesn't appear to be any lights on. Does anyone knock?

M Tiefling Magus

Lyle bangs his hand repeatedly against the door. "Hullo! We have business with you lot!"

No longer active

Rosa/old mage looks around to see if others are observing them.


Female human 16 rogue(knife master)

Telcia has her iron mask on at this point. She's watching for potential trouble (or opportunities.)

Human Oracle (Heavens) 16

Jaeger looks through one of the windows to see if he can see anything inside.

Perception: 1d20 + 29 ⇒ (1) + 29 = 30 Low-Light Vision too

Male Human(Taldan) Fighter(Two-Weapon) 16

What kind of people hire mercenaries and then don't meet with them?
I start knocking with Lyle.
This is odd. I may have been busy during the meeting, but didn't he say they'd meet us here, Jaeger?

After a few mintues of knocking Jaeger and Talcia notice a candle light appear in the hall and a few moments later a short dwarf comes to the door wearing only his boxers. He is holding a candle and looks rather angry. "WHAT" he says as he swings the door open. He then looks up at you and seems to calm slightly. [b]"Oh adventurers...sorry I thought it would have been that blasted town guard again...sorry what can I do for you? Do you have business with the lodge?"

Male Human Sorcerer 1

"We are looking for a guide of sorts to get us down to the Mindspin mountains. Do you know where we might find such a person?" Kalim asks.

"We would pay well for an honest type. Dishonesty leads to, well, other things." he says with a sideways glance at Rosa and a slight smile.

No longer active

Rosa as an old mage nods back
"tis true it dos"

Then she/he takes from her bag their contact and hands it to Jaeger.

"This may help him understand the severity of or task Jaeger."

Rosa then pushed passed the dwarf into the luge and down the corridor away's, as she dos her old man form says.

"Do you have a fire going, its a bit cold out? could do with warming my old bones my good dwarf."

His eyes narrow as the old mage pushes past him. "Sure...let your self in...and don't wipe your feet its not like the streets are dusty or anything..." he says kind of under his breath and then looks to the rest of you. "Well I know the area well my self...I worked in the lumber mills for years when I was younger before I found my second calling. Why don't you come in and I will start a fire...your mage is cold."

M Tiefling Magus

"Yes" Lyle says with a serious expression. "Our mage is sadly quite venerable, and feels the cold often. Frequently I wonder why I still bring him out with us, he's getting so frail and aged... and of course he is barely able to cast a cantrip. But then, he is my beloved Grandfather..." Lyle slaps the old man heavily on the back. "Aren't you, Grandpappy? Eh? Can you hear us? I said- CAN YOU HEAR US?" he calls into Rosa's disguised ears.

Great rp Lyle...on its going to be fun to see her response.

No longer active

Rosa stops and looks at the doorman, She says so all can here in the voice of an older wiser man.

"His Mother said she needed a rest, poor thing, I have tried my best for the lad, take him off her hands for a wile. But You know what children with.. 'needs' can be like. Thinking there on some kind of adventure wile running around the fields worrying sheep with a pointy stick, taking all their cloths off at the most inappropriate of times."

She/he shakes her head.

"Please don't reminds me of that time in Hightwoods Market."

She/he shudders.

"You know that kind of 'need', It was driving him mum to the hell's so it was. Some times I wonder why she ever had Children at all.

She/he grabs Lyle by the ear lobe.

"come along young Lyie, ill see if they have any nice milk and cookies for you before you go to bed and this time please try not to wet it."

She head on off to the main room letting his ear go, as she/he dos she mutters

"you know there is something to be said for 'late' contraception"

she/he starts to get the fire going saying to it.

"about 36 years bloody late."

M Tiefling Magus

Lyle makes the universal sign for 'senile old fool' to the guard as he is dragged off to the main room, and watches Rosa go to the fire with a small smile. "Definitely worth it" he mutters quietly.

Male Human Sorcerer 1

Kalim chuckles.

"Ah those two!"

Looking back at the dwarf.

"So! You worked in the lumber mills? What was it like when you were there last? A strong dwarf like you must have been a favored person in the community."

Diplomacy with a bit of flattery: 1d20 + 32 ⇒ (4) + 32 = 36


Female human 16 rogue(knife master)

Telcia shakes her head at the whole affair and follows some yards behind Lyle and "Grandpappy."

"Don't want them wandering off, as they're apt to do."

Actually going to be stealthy about it, so as to observe things before I'm involved. 1d20 + 31 ⇒ (9) + 31 = 40

Male Human(Taldan) Fighter(Two-Weapon) 16

I introduce myself to the dwarf.
Tiran Collab, sir, at your service. And who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?

DM eyes only:

Perception:1d20 + 10 ⇒ (11) + 10 = 21

The dwarf looks a little surprised at Lyle/Rosa's behavior but lets them slip off. He looks at Tiran and smiles a big toothy grin and extends a hand twoards Tiran. "Names Rumblebottom but my friends just call me Rumble." He then turns to Kalim and nods "Aye I was one of the favvored men in the entire yard. I used to be able to fell a tree in a single swing with my axe though that was years ago...strength isn't what it used to be. It was a great place to work when I was there though that was probably before your time...I've been adveturing for a while now." He will reach out and take the contract from Jaeger and read it over, pulling on his beard as he reads. "Hmmm trying to get to the moon are you...that could be dangerous. The entire lodge is out looking for our missing members...they left me behind to stand watch over the house...I honestly think they think I'm getting to old to be useful. So you want me to take you to the suposed azlanti gate? Not many people go there since the tree line ends way before that so loggers have no interest in the area but I've been there recently...didn't like what I saw either."


You slip off unnoticed by the dwarf...not sure about your fellow party members but I'm sure they will ignore it if you sneak off.

Human Oracle (Heavens) 16

Jaeger reaches out to shake the dwarf's hand too. "Jaeger Frunte. Pleased to meet you, Rumble. Have you heard about any activity at the gate? Anything which would indicate the area more active than usual? We've also heard rumors of giant birds. Seen any of those things in the area?"

No longer active

Rosa /old man takes a seat buy the fire and looks to the world as if he/she has gonr to sleep. but here ears are open to all thats being said

M Tiefling Magus

"Lyle Rihannsu" the tiefling says, raising his hand in greeting. He doesn't even bother to look around wondering where Telcia went; She's always disappearing at odd times.

No longer active

Rosa as old man just says "call me Pappy" and looks around for some thing hard to drink.

No longer active

Rosa (old mage) gets up and looks around.
having a close look at the Little dwarf who let them in, she just has a feeling some is not right with his story.

"You got a privet young-en my water works are not what they used to be"

Once in the privet she cast zone Of Truth 16mins then comes back.

"So tell us again where is every one, and who are you again, Im a but deaf you see young-en."


Female human 16 rogue(knife master)

kinda keeping my eyes out for useful items in the lodge, like potions, poisons, small things that wouldn't be missed and would come in handy. perception: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (13) + 22 = 35

No longer active

gm? 5 days no-show, not a good sign

Male Human Sorcerer 1
Rosa.Luminass wrote:
gm? 5 days no-show, not a good sign

He'll be back. A new job can take a lot of time. I do a lot of travel so I am not always around during the day. He also stated that he had a funeral to go to yesterday and would not be back until today or tomorrow.

No longer active

3ed game death this week, looks like Im looking for new games to wast time making a PC for

Human Oracle (Heavens) 16

He said he wouldn't be back until Wednesday or Thursday. Still a lot of time left in Thursday. I'm willing to give him some extra time too. Plus, I have faith he'll be back. This is Mathpro, he's a regular on the boards.

No longer active

here hoping


Female human 16 rogue(knife master)

yeah I wouldn't get anxious about it. this isn't the kind of game where people should be in a hurry, anyway. give it time.

I'm back guys and will get a post up soon. Sorry work has been sapping all my free time lately.

DM Eyes only:

Will Save:1d20 + 27 ⇒ (14) + 27 = 41
Perception check:1d20 + 23 ⇒ (7) + 23 = 30
Bluff check:1d20 + 42 ⇒ (12) + 42 = 54

The dwarf smiles warmly before responding "My name is Rumblebottom and the other members of the lodge are off looking for the missing people...fools think they will be able to find them" he says and then tugs at his beard a little. He seems a little more agitated than a moment ago.


Something seems a bit odd...make me a sense motive check.


You are able to find a few potions of cure serious wounds laying around. While your off poking around though I need you to make me a perception check.

Just on an off note can anyone in the party detect aura's?

Male Human(Taldan) Fighter(Two-Weapon) 16

Fools, eh? Of course they are, they don't have Rumblebottom, dwarf extraordinaire, to assist them. Isn't that right, Rumble? I say with a hearty chuckle.

No longer active

for GM:

1d20 + 10 ⇒ (1) + 10 = 11

Well wow a 1, well I should just believe him then

but this is where evil comes in, Most good PCs would stop there but Rosa the Evil &**&^ she takes someone being utily believable as a sign somes being a sneaky bugger and is up to something, lol nothing is ever that good.

Also Rosa has her spell zone of truth running and I think little old dwarf here just let the cat out the bag.

Rosa/old man gets up from the fire side and slowly walks over to the old dwarf.

"You know Sonny, you sound almost to good to be true, a helpful old dwarf here all on his lonesome, wile the others are all out looking for the lost, you all happy and helpful, with a face impossible not to believe. That's what had me for a moment but then I thought IF I was a cunning sneaky evil ^&£^£* &^£*£ what would I do, say if was doing evil here about's. Why, I the 1st thing I would do in taking over an area is to infiltrate the local powers that be with believable replacements working for me, nice and corrupted one with faces any one would believe.
They would look just right and sound just right, perfect in form and shape, So that if any one came looking into what I was doing they could lead them a marry dance. Just before I had them killed for sport."

As she move to him talking she starts to change, as the last words fall show is Towering above the dwarf and smile at him a cold smile that has no hope or warmth in it at all. Her sword comes to her side and hark flames flick around her.

"Your sin was hubris, your mistake was making yourself to good to be true, to believable. So I ask you, WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!"

1d20 + 21 ⇒ (15) + 21 = 36 Intimidate

Rosa has her smite on, and this is why you have an evil **&^ with you, she just thinks to herself "now what would I do given this situation" and 9/10 that's just what the bad guys are doing, Maniacal Laughter, Maniacal Laughter, Maniacal Laughter


Female human 16 rogue(knife master)

perception 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (11) + 22 = 33 and how many's a few? 3? Also, -IF- I notice the exchange between "rosa" and the dwarf, I have a MW dagger from my belt ready in hand.

M Tiefling Magus

Perking up as Rosa begins one of her monologues, Lyle moves beside her and draws his nasty metal-threaded whip, lightly coiling it in his hand as he gives the dwarf his best 'I AM DEMONSPAWN, FEAR ME MORTAL' glare. He makes a curt gesture, scanning for magic.

Detect Magic, looking for any magical traps or items of uncommon magical power (you know, that we aren't actually carrying.)

Human Oracle (Heavens) 16

Jaeger's eyes go wide as Rosa transforms back to herself and accuses the dwarf of treachery. It wasn't that he hadn't seen her do it before, it's just that he wasn't expecting it now.

"Well, that cat's out of the bag," he mumbles. He watches the dwarf for any hostile movements, ready to counter any magic the Rumble might have.

Ready a Greater Dispel Magic to counterspell anything he tries to cast.

Male Human(Taldan) Fighter(Two-Weapon) 16

Perfidious dwarf! No one takes advantage of my hospitality! Take up your arms, sir, that we may settle this!
I draw my weapons, hoping Rosa hasn't lost it.


Init:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27

The dwarf smiles and claps his hands. "Very good for a bunch of mortals...much more clever than those in this pathetic society. They were far so easy to fool into trusting me. Now is not the time to reveal who I am but we will see what you are made of." the dwarf then holds out a hand and a very large bastard sword floats over to his hand. He cracks his neck as he takes a defensive stance and waves on the attacks from the group.


As you find five potions of cure serious wounds you hear a loud thump. You can't place it right away but you're pretty sure it came from behind the wall. Just as you lean in to explore further you hear things break down in the living quarters. You can either spend 1 round getting back to the group or you can decide to sit this fight out and explore what the thump was. If you want to explore the thump I ask that we might move it to PM's as to not disturb the fight that's going on.

everyone needs to roll init for me and then post two possible actions for your round. If you get more than one attack/round please roll all attacks in your post. If you cast a spell please link to the spell description for me. I will be rolling saves for you, if needed, to keep things moving along. You do not need to post in init order and once everyone has posted I will write up a summary of the round as well as what the dwarf does.

Just out of curiosity is anyone here good aligned?

No longer active

Init 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23

Male Human Sorcerer 1

Initiative: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (10) + 11 = 21

Human Oracle (Heavens) 16

Initiative: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18

Option 1:

If Jaegar beats the dwarf on initiative, he will cast Euphoric Tranquility and move up to touch him. (Touch Attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10) He stops acting violent, moves at half speed, and his now Helpful. If attacked, he gets a Will save. Jaegar will then ask the dwarf to help him get to the moon to find his father.

Option 2:

If Jaegar goes after the dwarf, he back away and cast Boneshatter on him. Fort Save DC 24. 16d6 damage and exhausted. On a save, hald damage and fatigued.

M Tiefling Magus

Init1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11

Swift Action: Arcane Pool. Spend 2 points to buff weapon with Brilliant Energy
Full-Round-Action: Spell Combat, cast Haste and then make my full-attacks, trying to trip the dwarf with each one. 1d20 + 27 ⇒ (15) + 27 = 42 1d20 + 27 ⇒ (11) + 27 = 38 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (20) + 22 = 42 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (18) + 17 = 35
Crit confirm 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (18) + 22 = 40
If I trip him and have attacks leftover, I'll use the rest of the attacks to disarm him, and if I have more leftover after that my damage is 1d6+15

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