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Monster of the Week: Nexus Nixes

Game Master Darkfire142

One would think the small City of Yorkton in the middle of Canada would be a boring place to live. But when a city is built on a Nexus of ley lines it becomes a place rife with supernatural activity, it is the citizens of the city that are caught in the crossfire. But there are some that make a stand against the troubles and seek to both protect the city from that which threatens it and face down the ambitious powers who wish to use the Nexus for their own end. You are those people.

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Charm +2 Cool +0 Sharp -1 Tough +1 Weird +1 | Moves: Opps!, Let's Get Out of Here, The Power of Heart

"Joe? Like the sketchy Fortune Teller Joe?"

Edgard chuckles and nods while on the phone.

The Professional

When Agent Silver sees the news in the morning, he grips his forehead tightly and sighs. Wiping his hand down his face, he begins calling Joe. He reaches Joe's voicemail.

I'm making this assumption since it makes it easier for me to write this post.

"Hi, Maxwell speaking," Silver says in a slow, more casual tone, like that of a friendly old man. "Joe, remember that hike we'd planned? Let's go ahead and do that today. I'll meet you down at that coffee place, the one with the donuts. Seven o'clock sharp, alright? Seven in the morning. Oh, and remind the others; I never wrote down their numbers. See you then."

Maxwell ends the call with a swish of his finger and sighs. It's going to be a long day, and he knows it. He starts gathering his things - including a certain guitar case, which he still hasn't opened since yesterday.

Silver puts on hiking clothes: sweat pants, jacket, beanie. He also grabs some utilities: binoculars, the camera, rope to throw in the back of the truck, and... Silver pauses. He notices the old Bible sitting on his bookshelf.

Silver stares at the Bible, then sets it down on its side. He heads into the kitchen, grabs a few bottles of water and a few energy bars, and heads out to the truck.

It was time to meet with the others, share information, and then plunge into the woods before another damned person died.

Silver Crusade

So what is your next move? where are you going to do your search?

The Professional

Agent Silver plans to investigate things in the woods, hence the talk of a 'hike' on the phone. He figures that if anyone ever wiretaps the phone, he'll need a good cover reason for why they're where they're going. Paranoid, I know. Anyway, his plan is to go to the general area the hiker's body was found and work from there, hoping to find clues. He figures that location should be easy enough to find, what with all the police vehicles that would've left their mark and people that he can probably ask about that.

Silver Crusade

Agent Silver is able to go to the campsite where the body was found. The area has mainly been cleared out of camping supplies by the police although there is some remains of some police tape but there is still a lingering bloodstain on the ground of where the body was found. If you want to dig around for clues that will be an Investigate a mystery roll.

The Professional

Oh. I meant to meet everyone at the previously mentioned coffee place in my far older post first, so we could all go as a group instead. But then we can go to the same campsite?

Silver Crusade

I don't see a problem with that. You could all meet up first before going to the Campsite.

Average Fit Human Male The Flake

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think we are waiting on Joe to respond to his voicemail and gather the group. Or whatever else our wizarding friend chooses to do after he hears from Silver.

I think so. Also to answer my call, but we can say that I too hit his voicemail.

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