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Monster Hill (Inactive)

Game Master lordzack

Monster Hill is a sandbox, megadungeon-based campaign using the Pathfinder rules set. It is set up so that many groups of adventurers can plumb it’s depths and the changes they make will carry over to when other groups play.

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Onnam notices a faint line, about the shape and size of a doorway on the far side of the room. It appears to be a secret door. He does not notice anything unusual about the chest.

Male Wood Elf Domain Cleric/1

With a crooked smile, Onnam eyes the wall where there's more than meets the eyes at first. Hades I thank you, lord of the afterlife and judge of our souls, for this opportunity and granting me a view beyond this reality..

Onnam moves towards the chest and tries to lift the lid with his morningstar.

I'll just keep on posting actions hoping the rest will join in.

Female Catfolk Monk

Scorn moves to stand next to Onnam "Want me to have a look?"

Male Human Magus (Staffbound) 1

Roakrak steps forward as well, bringing his quarterstaff in front of him and trying to help Onnam lift the lid. Let's hope it's not.

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