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Monster Hill (Inactive)

Game Master lordzack

Monster Hill is a sandbox, megadungeon-based campaign using the Pathfinder rules set. It is set up so that many groups of adventurers can plumb it’s depths and the changes they make will carry over to when other groups play.

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As you enter the Green Dragon Inn the first thing you notice, before you even open the door, is the sound of the patrons. When you enter you smell the scent of pub food and alcohol. The tavern is quite busy due to a number of patrons. A good portion are armed and armored.

This is this discussion thread for Monster Hill. In addition, in character interludes between adventures an take place here.

Male Halfling Summoner 1

Through the door comes a halfling dressed in fine robes being followed by a female djinni.
"Hurry up Zendra!" He makes his way forward to the bar, followed closely by his eidolon. Zendra moves fluidly through the crowded tavern and hovers next to Alexander, "I'm coming, but if anyone asks me to grant them 3 wishes I swear I'm gonna hit them!"

Male Wood Elf Ranger (Master of the Hunt)/1

"What if i only ask for 2?" The elf in the trench coat jokingly asks the eidolon.
"Would i only get a 1/2 power hit?"

Male Halfling Summoner 1

She glares at him and vanishes in a poof.
The halfling looks up at the elf, "You'll have to pardon her, we've had a long journey." The bartender sets a drink down and he drops a couple gold on the bar.
"Names Alexander, Alexander DeMaurt, and you are?" He extends his hand.

Male Wood Elf Domain Cleric/1

Onnammeran sat down in the Green Dragon Inn and took a moment to watch the clientele. There seemed to be plenty of folks of the adventuring type. Surely he could find a few of them to head into Monster Hill with him. He raised his eyebrows as a magical creature, a djinni?, entered the inn following a Halfling. To his surprise the djinni disappeared after a fellow Wood Elf talked to them.

Onnameram stood up, ordered a few different drinks and headed to the Halfling and the Wood Elf.

"Well hello there! My name is Onnammeram the Guide, but you can call me Onnam. You look like you could use a drink, here, have some."

Onnameram poses the drinks in front of them and points out what's what.

"This is ordinary ale, certainly not the best I ever had. This here is a liquor of different fruits, quite good I must say. These two mugs contain Green Water, a drink for those who do not wish to be inabriated, not bad at all. And this one is the surpise drink, you never know what they give you, sometimes it's great, sometimes it's awful and occasionaly people wake up two weeks later after finishing it."

Male Wood Elf Ranger (Master of the Hunt)/1

"Ranorel, it's nice to meet you."

Listens to Onnammeram's speech, always appreciative of free drinks.

"I love surprises!"

Takes the surprise drink and pauses as a thought occurs to him. He turns to Onnam

"If this knocks me out, don't forget my hammer when we head out to wherever your trying to get us to go"

And in one gulp the strange drink is gone

Fort save vs strange 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5

Edit: Oh crap. :P

Male Wood Elf Domain Cleric/1

"A brave soul you are. Hades will be more than happy to receive when your time has come, be that now or later."

With admiration and a slightly surprised look Onnammeram watches Ranorel as he swallows his drink.

Male Halfling Summoner 1

"Well it is a pleasure to meet you, Master Rennel was it?" He turns and picks up the Green Water and takes a sip, then nearly spits it out and gets his ale the bartender gave him.
"What brings two fine upstanding gentlemen to Gruntal this day?

The mystery drink... definitely seems to not have agreed with Ranorel. He feels mildly sick (Nauseated). However, it should pass soon...

Male Wood Elf Ranger (Master of the Hunt)/1

"Nope, today's not a good surprise drink day."

he groggily ask the barkeep some water, hoping for some reprieve.

"I think I'm done drinking for today, I'll try again tomorrow. But for now, tell us what you are a guide to Onnam, and what we would get for coming with you."

He says knowing there is always a request accompanied with free drinks.

Male Goblin Cave Druid 1

You hear chittering as a small rodent looking animal jumps up and snatches a drink and whisks it away.

"Thanks friend!"

A dirty looking goblin says after downing the drink.

"I couldn't help but over hear. I'm Zaggle and this little fella is Honey, I want to know more also, please continue."

He says with undertones of excitement as he sits cross-legged on a chair adjacent to the group.

Male Wood Elf Domain Cleric/1

"Ranorel, sir, that might be a very wise decision. On my guidance: I am a guide to Monster Hill and beyond. But more importantly I am a guide in life and beyond. While life is short, the afterlife in which Hades will receive us, is endless. Our decisions in life affect the afterlife. These decisions aren't always obvious. That's where I come in as a guide of Hades I can help you on the right path to a good afterlife."

Onnammeram takes a sip from the other mug with Green Water and then shifts his attention to Zaggle.

"I am pleased to meet you Zaggle, and Honey too of course. If you're interested you can join me and anyone else wishing to come, on a trip to Monster Hill. It will be worth your time. There's plenty of riches to be gained, a lot of skill to be tested and Hades will certainly approve of a successful tour through Monster Hill. What do you say?"

Male Wood Elf Ranger (Master of the Hunt)/1

"Civilized conversation between goblins and elves? A drinking rat? That Mystery drink was stronger then i thought."

He drinks his water and orders some more

"Greetings Zaggle." He says quickly, trying not to sound rude

Monster Hill? I am interested, however, I must ask about your use of successful. How many tours have gone before us?"

Male Halfling Summoner 1

I've seen much stranger than that in my day. You'd be surprised what happens in towns known to pull in adventurers."

He peers intently at Zaggle, "And what a remarkable little goblin you are. Tell me, where do you hail from little one?

Onnam knows that many adventurers have gone into the depths of Monster Hill. Some have succeeded wondrously, becoming fabulously wealthy, others have done less well. Recently a band of adventures assailed the kobolds currently inhabiting the western entrance to Monster Hill. They were defeated, captured and ransomed for an exorbitant fee.

Female Catfolk Monk

A feeline looking female enter the establishment "Excuse me but is this where people are gathering to head to that monster hill place?" she asks

Male Wood Elf Domain Cleric/1

Now who do we have here? Onnammeram thinks as he watches a female of the Catfolk race enter.

"Ranorel and Alexander, surely you see that Hades has big plans for us. What an unusual band of souls we are and look who's destiny crosses ours now?"

Onnammeram takes a slight bow to the Catfolk woman.

"This is the very place and we're the very people who do some gathering right now. I am Onnammeram but you can call me Onnam, I will be happy to guide you and sir Ranorel and Alexander DeMaurt here on a visit to Monster Hill."

"I was just telling sir Ranorel and Alexander DeMaurt here about recent successes and failures previous expeditions to Monster Hill. It's truly a test in life, one that can bring you rewards beyond imagination, both in physical form as well in more elevated form."

Male Wood Elf Ranger (Master of the Hunt)/1

"Zaggle is probably coming as well. Come, have a drink, I was about to ask about our departure time."

Male Wood Elf Domain Cleric/1

Onnammeram raises his eyebrows as if in a slight state of shock. He seems to have messed up a good first impression but is quick to repair any damage done.

"Ah yes of course Zaggle and Honey. You're as much, if not the most special, a sign of Hades' blessing on our excursion to Monster Hill. Will you all accompany me?"

Male Halfling Summoner 1

Alexander strokes his chin thoughtfully, "Who knows what sort of strange magical devices lie in wait down there.And then I could have my own story to tell just like the noble adventurers back home!" He then realizes that he is speaking these thoughts out loud and looks sheepishly around the group.
" Uh, I mean. I shall be happy to go with you and assist you in any way possible."

Male Goblin Cave Druid 1

Zaggle raises his hands in excitement.

"Not a rat! He's "Honey the Badger!" And, of course I'll accompany you! Delving into the depths of Monster Hill is what I was born for!"

He finishes his speech with his finger point exuberantly towards the ceiling.

Male Wood Elf Ranger (Master of the Hunt)/1

Honey the badger! HA!

"Well said Zaggle! Let's get started!"

Male Human Magus (Staffbound) 1

Do you mind if I come along? comes a voice from a man approaching, belonging to none other than Roakrak Skekran, of the town watch. Apparently, he had entered a while ago, and had been listening in on the conversation until now.As monsters sometimes come out to attack, I feel it imperative that I come along to help eliminate some of the creatures. Well, will you have me?

I'll be changing the profile soon. Just wanted to get this up.

Male Goblin Cave Druid 1

did you want us to roll health or max for first level?

Zaggle narrows his eyes with suspicion.

"A guard huh?"

He raises one eyebrow.

"Are you sure your captain will let you off your leash!?"

He says this with a smirk and a laugh, brushing the guard off.

Male Human Magus (Staffbound) 1

Roakrak meets the joke with perfect honesty, and not a smile to be found.

I don't see any reason he wouldn't be. He knows that it's a place full of dangerous monsters, and I wouldn't exactly be a huge loss. I've only been on the force for a few months, so I'm still a bit new. This would also be a way to prove my worth to the others, so I can finally have some respect.

Male Wood Elf Domain Cleric/1

Onnammeram was once more finding his eyebrows raising. He'd seen Roakrak around a few times and briefly spoken with him. He seemed like a straight fellow, no nonsense and quite like Onnammeram himself although still a guard.

"Roakrak, you know I respect you but are you sure? I mean, we could definately profit from having you around..."

Onnammeram is lost in thoughts for a few moments and moves his hand to his holy symbol.

"Well it only makes sense. We've got a well spread bunch of persons. Hades doesn't discriminate though, we're all equal in our chances of achieving a good afterlife and a well guided trip to get there."

Male Wood Elf Ranger (Master of the Hunt)/1

"Fantastic! Another adventurer is added to the ranks!

Ranorel stands up and retrieves a spiked hammer (Earthbreaker) from behind the bar.

"I am ready to begin this quest of ours."

Male Human Magus (Staffbound) 1

Onnam, I appreciate your respect, but I was speaking of my fellow guards. I'm sure the captain will understand; he sees a bit of himself in me, or so he says; the gleam that denotes a hunger for action. Even if he ends up losing a man, I believe he will understand my reasons for wanting to do so.

Roakrak had seen this Elf before, and spoken briefly with him. The elf seemed similar to himself in many ways, and although he had strange views on death, he seemed to have a decent grasp on the importance of honor in death.

I changed his alignment and age a bit to more fit how I'm seeing him. Do you mind if I use alignment tendencies?

I'm fine with alignment tendencies. I use them myself. Note, however, that you're alignment is, mechanically speaking, not effected by you're tendency. Thus you will react as a true neutral character to effects relying on alignment.

Furthermore, Gruntal, being a village, has no "City Watch". It does however have a militia and in the spirit of saying, "yes, but" I'll say that due to the recent increases in the village's size, the militia has garnered the nickname of "the guard". Note that most of the militia is probably participating in the baron's wars right now. A portion has remained to guard the village.

Male Halfling Summoner 1

Alexander downs the last of his drink and picks up his staff and bag from the ground."This is gonna be so exciting!" At this point Zendra reappears in a poof of smoke.
What have you signed us up for this time?

Female Catfolk Monk
Onnam the Guide wrote:

Now who do we have here? Onnammeram thinks as he watches a female of the Catfolk race enter.

"Ranorel and Alexander, surely you see that Hades has big plans for us. What an unusual band of souls we are and look who's destiny crosses ours now?"

Onnammeram takes a slight bow to the Catfolk woman.

"This is the very place and we're the very people who do some gathering right now. I am Onnammeram but you can call me Onnam, I will be happy to guide you and sir Ranorel and Alexander DeMaurt here on a visit to Monster Hill."

"Excellent. My name in the common tongue is Scorn. a pleasure to met you."

Male Wood Elf Ranger (Master of the Hunt)/1

"Ah! Zendra has returned. And greetings to you as well Scorn. This is promising to be an interesting trip indeed."

Male Goblin Cave Druid 1

"This was well worth the trip into town! Come Honey, let us ready ourselves!"

Honey: "Chit chit chit!"

Honey jumps onto Zaggle's head and snuggles against him as he briskly walks back to where he was sitting and grabs his things.

Male Human Magus (Staffbound) 1
Monster Master wrote:

Furthermore, Gruntal, being a village, has no "City Watch". It does however have a militia and in the spirit of saying, "yes, but" I'll say that due to the recent increases in the village's size, the militia has garnered the nickname of "the guard". Note that most of the militia is probably participating in the baron's wars right now. A portion has remained to guard the village.

Well, that complicates things a bit. I guess this is just pro-active guarding. Also, you're ruling on tendencies is how I figured it would be handled.

Yes, it does seem to be turning into quite the interesting expedition.

Male Human Rogue (knife master) 1

A rather lithe looking fellow slides into the inn, barely causing the door to move as he does. His atheltic form strapped by leather armoring, the pleasent looking human has no visible weapons on him. He glances at the gathering group for a moment as he enters, as if sizing them up, before setting into a seat. Within a moment or two, he begins to root around in his pack, moving some items about, causing a metal 'jingling' sound as he does. "Gonna need to buy some new tools...."

Male Wood Elf Ranger (Master of the Hunt)/1

"Well if no one has any other questions, lets get started."

Ranorel raises his voice trying to lure more people into the party

Lots of treasure and glory to be had!"

Male Halfling Summoner 1

As he hears Lan's comment, Alexander pops open his bag as well. "Tools you say? What do you need my boy?"

Male Human Rogue (knife master) 1

The man glances up from his pack, rather annoyed by the disturbance. "Tools of the trade. Nothing I would expect you to understand." With that he quickly shuffled his pack around once more before sitting it down beside his chair. However, before he can, the contents can easily be seen, and the 'tools' he spoke of appeared to be a set of thieves tools. Various picks and skeleton keys attached to a metal hoop. A quick glance makes it seem they appear to be worn and heavily used.

Male Halfling Summoner 1

"Oh, most interesting." Alexander moves closer to look at the assorted items."Perhaps I could, uh, enhance or modify them for you. I am very good at tinkering." Zendra rolls her eyes at this comment and says nothing.

Male Wood Elf Ranger (Master of the Hunt)/1

"Oh, sneaky tools. I like sneaky people."

Male Human Magus (Staffbound) 1

As little as I favor your particular apparent skillset, it will be invaluable in a dungeon, I'd imagine. It would appear that no-one else opposes, so welcome aboard.

Roakrak doesn't seem very opposed to your presence, but at the same time, he in no way appears to support your particular lifestyle, or his perception of it, at least.

Male Human Rogue (knife master) 1

The man seems less than thrilled by the paticulars of his inclusion. Eyeing the group rather coldly, "Am I to understand your collection of misfits intend to undertake some 'adventure' and wish to include me solely because I possess a few... tinker tools?"

The fellow leans back into his chair, "Let's just say for a moment, that I am skilled in the use of these tools. What's in it for me?"

Male Goblin Cave Druid 1

"You get the thrill of a life time and most likely a share of things we find in the hill! But mostly the life experience of venturing with people who you know nothing about!"

It's hard to tell if Zaggle is joking or not, but there seems to be an obscure wise-ness to what he is saying.

Male Wood Elf Domain Cleric/1

This time Onnam only raises a single eyebrow as he's being called a misfit by someone who would be described by most as an actual misfit.

"We wish not to include you for that reason. If you actually possess any skill using those tools that would be a reason for us to consider taking you with us. It's a matter of perspective but I understand your confusion."

Onnam offers the young man a cup with fruit liquor before he continues.

"As what there's in for you. First of all you'll get a chance to please Hades by making sure those deserving a horrible afterlife get there as soon as possible. Second you would ensure a better, if not good, afterlife for yourself by again pleasing the Lord of the Afterlife, who also is responsible for deciding who's rich and poor in life. So that's a double win for you don't you think?. If those aren't good enough reasons there's always our company which I think fits pretty good with anyone."

He smiles in anticipation of a response from the leather-clad young man.

Male Human Rogue (knife master) 1

Lan raises a geniune eyebrow at Onnam. "The hells you say! An actual afterlife worth living? I'd never considered...". He swigs heavily from the cup Onnam had set before him, chuckling to himself before setting it back down against his table with a loud bang. A moment later he peers down at the goblin, "For someone I'd never have expected to be accepted in a town so overran and infested with constant monstrous invasions, you're the one thats speaking my language!"

Finishing the cup Onnam had sat in front of him, Lan stands and retrieves his pack. "Tell you what. I've an interest in 'sharing' whatever bounty might be found in this infamous hill." He bows, "Call me Lan. I'll be your trap specialist for this evening. Do remember to place all tips in the pouch on my left, when our excursion has finished."

Male Wood Elf Ranger (Master of the Hunt)/1

"Treasure of course. who doesn't like treasure."

Ranorel's eyes narrow slightly "What kind of sneaky doesn't like treasure hunting?"

whoops late to the party

Male Human Magus (Staffbound) 1

Welcome aboard, Lan. I'm sure you'll gather enough tips for yourself, though.

IC thread is up. If you want you can finish up here before you post there.

Female Catfolk Monk

"I'm ready to go."

Male Human Magus (Staffbound) 1

Well then, let's get a move on.

Edit: Wrong tags. Now fixed.

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