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Misguided Lineage or Alternatively Chaniud's Armaments, a nobles sacrifice. (Inactive)

Game Master Tare

Who would have thought babysitting a noble's kid would get this complicated... they aren't paying me enough for this.

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Female Elf Druid 2

"Well, Lyra," Naiethua smiles as she sees the sorceress is prepared for travel. "You father told us you are eager to find your little cousin. Do you have anything to take care of before we leave?"

Male Half-Elf Rogue

Victor slightly nodded to greet the sorceress. The scales on Lyra's body made no impression on Victor. One of the things that life on the streets of Bazareene taught him, was that he should never judge the person based on their appearance. He met quite a few con artists in past decade. They never seem what they really are...

Male Human Cleric 1

Thaddeus notes the scales once again. I must find time to speak with her, and determine more of her character. This could get interesting.

Lyra shakes her head, her eyes drifting over each of you slowly as she seems to gauge you all.

"I am prepared. Best not to waste time as my father already has."

Female Elf Druid 2

Naiethua stands quietly while Lyra's gaze passes over her. Maybe I should spin about so she can see my backside as well. No, we'll be spending plenty of time on the road together, no need to start off annoying the girl before we leave. Then Naiethua notices something that Lyra doesn't seem to be carrying. "Going to the woods unarmed," she says raising an eyebrow. "You must be stronger than I thought."

Lyra smirks, lifting up a hand, flames flicker to life, dancing on the edge of her fingertips. "I have all the weapons I need here... nice of you to be concerned though. Let's be on our way now."

Female Elf Druid 2

"I'd heard stories of the powers of Bazareene noblewomen, but hadn't seen them myself. Yes, let's be on our way." Naiethua heads for the door.

Male Half-Elf Rogue

Victor smiles seeing sorceress little show off. I hope she can use this in more useful ways.. - he follows behind Naiethua in silence.

Male Human Monk (Master of the Four Winds) 2

Sylthain follows quietly along behind the group, his eyes scanning although they always end up back on the girl.

The trip to Khiras is surprisingly uneventful though the young sorceress insists on frequent rest stops. It is clear she is not accustom to a lot of travel. After about a weeks time of travel you come upon the tall walls of the city of Khiras, bordering the forest you can see some sections where the trees were chopped or sawed down to further the local logging activity. Despite this a few elves are seen leaving and entering the city for reasons you can only speculate. The walls and gates of the city appear to be heavily guarded.

Don't roll 3 different times please, roll once and whatever number you hit, you know that much plus lower dc's. Any Bazraeene natives can assume they know the DC 5 check.

Knowledge Geography or Local DC 5:

This city is used as a trading post between the elves and the humans, it is best known for it's logging efforts in the forest.

Knowledge Geography or Local DC 10:

This city is attacked frequently by yuan-ti and logging efforts are often sabotaged by the elves.

Knowledge Geography or Local DC 15:

The city walls are magically fortified due to it being regularly attacked.

Male Half-Elf Rogue

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4

Walls of Khiras triggered long forgotten and repressed memories of Victor's childhood. The foster home, the abuse, the lonely cold nights under bare sky, the forest.. He had to stop walking towards the gates to calm his breath leaving his party for a moment. When he managed to control the flow of this recollections he run to rejoin his fellows. With head hanging down said quietly: "Sorry - I thought I .. forgot something"

Female Elf Druid 2

Knoledge (Geography):

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11

Leaving Hazuk, Naiethua had hoped to move quickly and get to Khiras in three days. She was surprised that she hadn't lost her temper over Lyra's relaxed pace. The elf used the frequent rest stops as opportunities to "scout ahead" and was grateful for the chance to be out of sight just long enough to really enjoy the countryside and open air.

Approaching Khiras, Naiethua thought about the weird circumstances that had brought her here with these people. When she heard Victor talking about forgetting something, she felt a sudden urge to put a comforting arm on the half-elf's shoulders. You know he wouldn't like that, she thought and refrained from acting on her impulse. Instead she said, "For my part, I hope this visit to Khiras leaves more pleasant memories than the last."

Male Human Monk (Master of the Four Winds) 2

Knowledge (local):
1d20 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 1 = 17, capped at Untrained 10 but Auto 5 for being from Bazraeene.

Sylthain gazed up at the imposing walls of Khiras. He had of course heard of the city, many people used the wood from here in everything from common construction to fine works of art. He was a bit surprised by the sheer number of guards present. He knew the city was often under threat by the snake-men abominations and elven raiding parties but he hadn't realized it was to this degree.

He eased his tense muscles and quietly moved a little closer to Lyra, suddenly more aware of the danger they might be entering.

Male Human Cleric 1

Thaddeus scrunches deeper into his cowled robe, and prepares to enter the city.

Female Elf Druid 2

Hope no one minds if I go twice in this cycle.

Looking at Lyra, Naiethua says, "If I understood right, your father said your uncle resides within the walls of Khiras. I suppose the best path from here would be straight to his home."

Walking through the gates of the city, the guards pay little attention to you. Especially given the obvious presence of Bazareene nobles in your group, Lyra nods at Naiethua before she suddenly pauses in the gateway, looking up and around before drifting to the side and placing a hang against the wall. The guards step out of her way seeming hesitant to alarm the girl but uncomfortable at her seeming curiosity.

Thaddeus only!:

Oppressing magic seems to tingle along your skin though it is nothing you cannot bear, you just simply get a vague feeling of being repelled.

Female Elf Druid 2

Now's my chance! If I start running now, I can be through the crowds and out the north gate in minutes! I'd be back in the Sura-Khiri by sunset. Back home and free! Naiethua's eyes seem to glow savagely, but the glow quickly fades. No, not really free, just running in the Forest. I'm sure Highsmith has eyes in this crowd. I still don't know how he manipulated things to pull this little band together, but I don't want to start running just to be pulled back on his short leash. And Highsmith isn't the only one with eyes in this crowd. After Lyra's little show, I'm sure Ridazair's friends will tell him about the redheaded elf in the Bazareene's entourage. As crazy and dangerous as it seems, the surest path is still following the girl.

The elf forces herself to relax then addresses Lyra, "Come along, ma'am. Your uncle's waiting for us." She walks next to the girl and puts an arm around her. Naiethua adds in a whisper, "And you can tell us about whatever got your attention when we're away from prying eyes and ears."

Lyra reluctantly lets herself be tugged along eventually walking along with the group. As your party progresses through the city there are quite a few elves present, bartering with local humans. Even a few younger half-elves running about. You reach the uncles estate, it seems to be in better condition then Lyra's home. The uncle is clearly doing better here then his brother, even as you ring at the gates you can't help but feel like you are being watched... but who wouldn't be with a group like this in a human city? A friendly blonde servant let's you into the home, nothing seem strange about her, she is even quite good natured as she greets the group and seats them, letting everyone know that the Master will come shortly. The room you all are in has is very neat and clean and a tray with glasses of water is set on a table in the center. Seeming quite comfortable Lyra herself takes a glass and sits down in one of the plush seats.

Female Elf Druid 2

Naiethua sits down and takes a glass of water. She holds the glass to the light to examine its contents. Then she sniffs the the water. Detecting no discoloration or odors, she takes the slightest sip of water. Back in town for a few minutes, she thinks. And the paranoia strikes again. Finally she makes herself relax and takes a real swallow.

"Lyra," Naiethua looks at the sorceress. "Would you mind telling us what you noticed in the gateway?"

Male Half-Elf Rogue

Victor sits in the chair and looks at Lyra. While he seemed to wait for her response to Naiethua's question, his thoughts were outside of walls of this estate - the sight of young half-elfs running happily on the streets forced him again to recollect the memories of his childhood. He reached out for a glass and took a large sip of cold water, hoping it would cleanse his troubled mind.

Male Human Cleric 1

Thaddeus with a brief prayer casts Purify Food and Drink, before taking one of the glasses of water. He then seats himself where he can keep an eye on Lyra, and still watch the door.

At Naiethua's question, he starts for a moment remembering his experience at the gate. He then watches Lyra closely for her reaction.

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19 Sense Motive

Female Elf Druid 2

Noticing Thaddeus casting, Naiethua recognizes the nature of his spell. Spellcraft Take 10 + 7 => 17 v. DC15 + Spell Level 0 And I thought I was being paranoid. Though I would have loved to see the look on my brother's face if I'd done that to the food at his party.

Male Human Monk (Master of the Four Winds) 2

Sylthain took a seat near Lyra along with a glass of water. He drank from it deeply after the long trip and it was a refreshing comfort. He watched the others in their hesitation. So early into the trip for paranoia.

If Lyra knew the spell Thaddeus cast then she made no indication of it. Instead she smiled friendly at Naithua as she answered the druids question, "You didn't feel it?... The gate... the walls... they are protected with a strong abjuration spell, actually it seemed more like a mix of spells... I couldn't tell you exactly which spells were used but it was definitely abjuration magic." She takes another drink from her glass, "Why are all of you seeming so paranoid... most of you checked your drinks before drinking them, my family... they are trustworthy people... my father and uncle will pay you all... it is so important to find my cousin... there is nothing more to it."

Bluff: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13

Sense Motive Vs Bluff:

Lyra is very sure in her answer for what happened about the gate however she doesn't seem to completely trust her families intentions despite saying otherwise.

Male Half-Elf Rogue

Hearing Lyra speak highly of her family reminded Victor about the reason of his current situation. "Trustworthy.. That's not what I felt when I first saw your father.." - said in low voice while putting the empty glass back on the table. "I know I don't look like much but even I have some dignity.. and your father.." he paused for a moment to look directly at Lyra, choosing his next words very carefully "let's say that Highsmith made me an offer.. I couldn't refuse". He paused while leaning back in his chair. He took a deep breath and said with slight resentment "but don't worry sorceress.. I still have my honour so I will do.. as I've been told.."

Female Elf Druid 2

Sense Motive Roll:
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16

"Lyra," Naiethua says. "You're right, I've been feeling threatened since I met your father. I'm afraid human towns do not put me at ease. I find your choice to use confinement for defense instead of motion unsettling. But that's not the only cause of my paranoia."

Naiethua takes a deep breath and a relaxed drink of water to buy time to chose her next words. The surest way is the girl's path, she reminds herself. "I am glad you believe your family is worthy of your trust. That is as it should be, but I had the trust of family taken from me. My own brother betrayed me in the walls of this very town. Because of his betrayal, I am now joined on your quest."

Slowly, the elf finishes the last of her water. She looks at the sorceress and continues, "I have now shared a tale with you and our companions that I'd never trust to your father. I believe your desire to find your cousin is sincere. Because I trust in your sincerity, I will help you see your search through to the end."

A few moments of conversation in the room and eventually the uncle appears, unlike the neatness of the rest of the house the uncle looks rather disheveled. His clothing while seeming somewhat clean is heavily wrinkled. He appears like he hasn't shaved in weeks and his dark colored hair is even uncombed. As he walks in the room, Lyra grows quiet, seeming nervous about his presence.

He offers Lyra what seems to be a sincere smile before addressing the rest of you, "I cannot begin to thank you all enough for agreeing to come help... if there is a chance at all my little girl is out there I need her found at once... her alive and at home is more important to me then anything else right now... I am sure you all may have some questions... so I will try to provide as much information as I know on her appearances."

Female Elf Druid 2

"We're eager to help Lyra find your daughter," Naiethua tells the nobleman. "My first question is where and how did you lose her trail? Your brother Warden said your girl was last seen being carried by an orc. I can't imagine an orc with a child in his arms would be hard to track."

Grumbles... had the whole post typed up and it redirected me and went back and lost the post.

"I see I need to explain in more detail, she was spotted by my workers. When I hired a scout nothing was found as far as I was told."

He sighs, walking over to sit in a chair. "I lost her a couple years ago when my wife was returning from a trip to the capitol, they were ambushed by yuan-ti and my daughter was never found. Everyone refused to track down yuan-ti so I had all but given up hope until she was spotted just a few weeks ago in the forest, with the orc... or half-orc... those details are sketchy as my workers never got a close enough look before she ran off with him... and as I said before the other I hired to find them came back empty handed so my brother assured me he would assemble more people who may be better capable of the task.

Male Half-Elf Rogue

The story of yuan-ti attacking travellers strangely resonated with Victor. He suddenly felt strong motivation to find the girl, but he could not apprehend why. The words seemed to precede his thoughts. "I .. We should start the search right away.. Is there something else?"

Female Elf Druid 2

Comparisons of human and elven life spans start working their way through Naiethua's mind. Only a toddler when she lost her mother to the Yuan-Ti, she thinks. What did she see? Would she be old enough to know what was happening? When the abominations took my parents, I... Then the half-elf's words reach Naiethua. "Yes, Victor," she says. "You're right we should search for the girl soon. She's been away from home too long. But I have a question or two for her father. I know the first question is trivial, but I want to know."

Naiethua looks at the Bazareene and asks, "What's your daughter's name?"

Male Human Monk (Master of the Four Winds) 2

Sylthain listened intently before leaning forward. Also it might be beneficial to speak to the other man you hired to see if he managed to learn anything. While he might not have found your daughter himself, he could know something that would help speed our search. Could you provide his name?

He nods, "Of course, My daughters name is Nicca... after my grandmother." Looking over to Sylthain now, "I actually hired a woman named Ava... some wizard in Hazuk suggested her because he claimed she had exceptional skill with finding rare reagents for him... and seeing as their kind need those ingredients I assumed she could do the job... I was wrong obviously."

Female Elf Druid 2

"What kind of reagents are we talking about?" Naiethua asks. "And are the orcs using them or somebody else?"

" I think you misunderstood, she doesn't get them for orcs she got them for the wizard and he suggested her for the search for my daughter. It was just spell regents as far as I know."

Male Half-Elf Rogue

Victor was wondering why the previous mercenaries failed to complete this task..
"This Ava.. did she find out about anything?"

Sense Motive:
1d20 + 1 ⇒ (12) + 1 = 13

Female Elf Druid 2

"I'm sorry, I did misunderstand," Naiethua replies. [b]"I guess I'm not well versed in the Trade Tongue."[/b}

Male Human Monk (Master of the Four Winds) 2

Do you know where we can find this Ava? It might help to learn what she did, or in this case didn't, discover. Also it was my understanding that there were a couple of sightings of the girl. Were they predominately in one location where we could focus our efforts or more scattered and random?

"Ava... I believe she went back to Hazuk... I could be wrong but I doubt you want to go all the way back to look for her there since you are here already... one of my men could show you more specifically the area Nicca was spotted in though as I wasn't there to see first hand....

BLUFF:1d20 + 10 ⇒ (13) + 10 = 23 = DC

sense motive:

He is definitely lying where Ava is concerned.

Female Elf Druid 2

Sense Motive:
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8
"I guess going back to Hazuk would be pointless," Naiethua says. "Maybe you could take us to where you saw Nicca last."

"As I told you before it was my men who saw her, I will direct you to them to further your search, I rarely travel myself and even if I had saw her I am not sure I would be able to lead you to the same spot as I am not familiar with the forest."
He turns to the stand near him and writes out a bit of information on the paper before passing it to Lyra, "This should let them know you were sent by me if the appearance of Lyra is not enough."

Male Human Monk (Master of the Four Winds) 2

Sylthain rises as the directions are handed over, the meeting clearly at an end. You have most helpful, mi'lord. Hopefully we will have the matter resolved as soon as possible. With a bow of the head, he follows Lyra back through the house.

Posting the above under the assumption that we're all set. If other people want to continue planning, please temporarily disregard and assume I do this after other discussions are done.

Female Elf Druid 2

"Thank you, sir," Naiethua says while standing. "I thought your brother told us you'd claimed to see the child. I guess I misunderstood him. As I said, I haven't had much practice with the Trade Tongue." She stands up and follows Sylthain out of the room. Lying fool. I know Warden told us his brother claimed to see the child. Doesn't he want her found?

You are all led to another building in the city which appears to be a workers "house" so to speak, many laborers can be found entering and leaving it seems this is where they get pay and assignments. From the information you know you are looking for a man named Nathan who seemed to have the best information to lead you finding the girl.

"Hello there... is... is there something I can help you with... need a worker?" He asks his eyes drifting from Lyra to Sylthain before assessing the rest of the group.

Female Elf Druid 2

Why doesn't Lyra say anything? Naiethua wonders. Oh, of course. A mere pay clerk would be beneath her notice. May as well play by their silly Bazareene rules. "Lady Lyra here," the druid says while nodding towards the sorceress. "Desires to speak to a man who worked for her uncle. Please fetch her the one called Nathan."

The man nods slightly shuffling though a few papers, "Mmmm Nathan... yea... good workin' fellow there... I think he is out on an assignment right now but I can give you directions where he has been working, yea?"

Part of the reason Lyra doesn't talk is I am trying to keep as much of the rp in your hands as possible Lyra was suppose to have a player and she hasn't answered my attempts to contact her for 3 weeks now... Lyra can go without one I just hoped to get someone to play her is all.

Female Elf Druid 2

"We'd appreciate that. Thank you." Naiethua takes the directions and heads to where Nathan is supposed to be working.

Yeah, I figured you were waiting to see if your friend would join us before having Lyra be more active. I'm also having Nai rationalize, at least for herself, why she's speaking on behalf of the party in a setting where she feels she is a second class citizen. I'm sure elves get along much better in Khiras than she imagines. Coming of age in an anti-human terrorist organization would warp her viewpoint.

Travelling now to the forest and likely just feeling on an extended chase now having been redirected several times you finally find the site where Nathan is working. A few muscular humans are here with saws and they bring down a tree while another armored man stands guard. The armored man steps forward attempting to prevent you from walking forward. "Pardon... this is a work area if you haven't noticed you may wish to travel around."

Female Elf Druid 2

Trying to avoid watching what the workers are doing to the tree, Naiethua stares straight into the man's eyes. "Yes, a work area, good," she says. "We're looking for a worker, so this should be the right place. We need to talk to Nathan who worked for Master Highsmith. Is he here?"

Male Human Cleric 1

Sorry guys. Lost the dot for some reason. I'll try to get caught up, and be more involved.

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