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Game Master HarbinNick

Pbp set in the world of Mir
1st level, 20 point buy, APG,UM,UC allowed, standard gold, 1 racial trait 1 campaign trait

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-I'm going to start running a PbP and so I have decided to post some world/game information. I'm looking at a party of 4. At this point things are still rather tenative and I'd appreciate your feedback as much as anything else.
-I'd like to encourage first time players to apply,as well as seasoned experts.

The world is called Mir. There is a history,various ethnic groups, a pantheon, and so on. I will divide the following information into headings.

ethnic groups:
Humans are divided into the Cheloveki, the Rajul, and the Kett. Elves Dwarves and Orcs are also found in Mir.

Cheloveki are the most numerous race in Mir。 There origins are unclear,but it is agreed that thousands of years ago they migrated to the land。 The Cheloveki are a tall race, men being around 185cm on average。The language of the Cheloveki is called Yazik。 It is written in a script of its own。They are fond of drinking, and are credited with the invention of distillation。They are not skilled at smithing nor are they good merchants。 They seldom study magic, and have little aptitude for it。
The Cheloveki display great variety, and their culture is very free。 Anybody can do largely what he pleases。 That said there are three social levels in society。 The lowest,the serfs, are peasant farmers who belong to the land。They make up the majority of the rural population。 The next level, the svodboi,or free men, are the merchants and craftsmen of the town。 Career military types are also included in this class。 The next level is the boyari, they are the hereditary nobility and own the land, or serve as the mayor of a city。 The boyari elect one of their number to serve as the tsar, who rules from Tsargrad。 Tsar is not a hereditary position,and the Boyars have the real power,but some Tsars have greatly changed the land。
Cheloveki are worshippers of Dazhbog, Mafya, and Krasota。 They fear the dark triad, and those who engage in their worship will be punished。There is no tradition of druidism among the Cheloveki。 Most magic users are Clerics


The Rajul are the descendents of the lost empire of Ak-Bal。 They are minority people who live among the Cheloveki while holding on to their own culture and traditions。 Many wander from city to city, and make a living as thieves and peddlers。They have a long and proud magical tradition, and are particularly gifted at sorcery。They are shorter then the Cheloveki, averaging only 160cm for a man。 They have black hair, and red eyes。Their language is called A`qa, and is written in the old flowing script of Ak-Bal。
The Rajul are better smiths and merchants then the Cheloveki and some have settled in the cities。 Rajul usually live in their own section of the city,as there is tension with their neighbors。
Since the Rajul practice the worship of Akim, they are widely feared and hated by the Cheloveki。That said, most of them only give the Evil One lip service, as his rituals are too horrible to be performed。
Many Rajul serve as spies for the Boyars。This gives them a unique position of power,and some Rajul are believed to even blackmail the Boyars into subservient positions

The Kett
The Kett are the original inhabitants of Mir。Yet their culture is the most primitive。 They have no written language, and speak Sylvan。They average about 170cm, and have red or brown hair。The males can not grow facial hair。They decorate their bodies with spiral or circular tattoos,and wear war paint。
They practice Druidism,and live in small clans。Their society is led by druids,who are always male,and sorcerers who are always female。
The Kett have no ability to work with metal,and have only the simplest agriculture。They often live in tents and simple wooden huts。 The Kett have been nearly exterminated by their neighbors and are found in the wildest and most inaccessible places of Mir。
The Kett are the finest woodsmen, hunters, and trackers in Mir。Some make a living serving as guides,or trappers

The Dark Elves
The Dark Elves are a twisted, malevolent race which lives in caves。Little is known about them, except they occasionally raid the surface for slaves。They are worshippers of Iqbal, who they worship under the aspect of Dark Moon。They stand about 165cm tall,and have no hair and white eyes。 They are blind during the day,and so are seldom seen above ground。

The Moon Elves
The Moon Elves are the descendents of the ancient High Elf civilization。They have lost much of their former knowledge,yet are still the greatest magic users in Mir。They live among men in the cities,and often work as teachers, court mages,or sellers of magical goods。They worship the Gods under their Elvin aspects。Unlike the Rajul,which are feared, most people respect the Moon Elves。
Moon Elf women are considered very beautiful to the men of Mir。They are very graceful,and many are skilled musicians and artists。
The city of Morning Star is a Moon Elf city。The ruler of Morning Star is the only non-human to have the rank of Boyar。

The Dwarves are a strange race。They were created by the god Zhur to serve as smiths and craftsmen。They feel more at home underground,and live in settlements built below the earth。They are the best craftsmen in Mir,and invented metal working and masonry。They are a serious race and not giving to levity。They are fond of drink,which the Cheloveki supply them in great quantities。They have their own language, and write in a runic alphabet
The Dwarves do not practice arcane magic,but have many clerics。They have an enormous code of laws,which can be complicated or even impossible for a non-dwarf to understand。They have a partiluar hatred for the Dark Elves,who once had enslaved the Dwarfs before the age of man。


The Orcs
The Orcs are the creation of Battus。They are a primeval race, valuing skill at arms above all else。 Orcs live in clans,and the clans often battle each other。Orcs love war,and make suberb fighters。Orc smiths create massive weapons and vicious crossbows,all designed to take advantage of the strength of the Orcs。
Some Orcs serve as mercenaries in human lands。Such orcs are mistrusted,but respected for their ability to kill。
Orc society is ruled by the strongest。Yet,the wise woman,an old female orc,sees to it that the laws of orc society are followed。Orcs despise trickery and cunning, and their word is their bond。Orcs never surrender,always fight to the death,and are rather hard to reason with。
Orcs can be found in the northeast of Mir。



Extinct Civilizations and ancient empires
The High Elves-
The first great Empire,that of the high elves,dates from the near beginning of time。The elves skill at magic was legendary,and today many magical artifacts and places of power date from this empire。The high elves fought the great dragons using magic,and ruled the world。After this time they became obsessed with the practice of magic,and the empire began a decline。The high elves were oblivious to the threat posed by their rival, man。

The Ak-Bal
The Ak-Bal,who were living as nomads,and were considered no threat to the High Elf Empire, discovered that magic could be used by man。They were taught by the god, Akim,who would later prove to be one of the 3 evil gods,called the Dark Triad。With the new power,the Ak-Bal defeated the High Elves,and enslaved them。The Ak-Bal built many monuments to the Dark Triad,and the strength of the Dark Triad was great。It was at this time Battus created the Orcs to serve as soldiers in the war against the elves。The Ak-Bal empire fell into chaos when the last emperor of the Ak-Ba, Abdin Hamza was killed in single combat by the Orc Hero Zogtar。Zogtar felt the human empire was weak and decadent。The orcs sacked the empire,and carried off much wealth。

The Wild Elves
The Wild Elves were those elves who fled the empire‘s last days and lived in the forests。They taught the Ketts how to use magic,and the use of the bow and arrow。Many Wild Elf holy places are still protected by the Ketts。

The Giants
The Giants were a tall race 4m high,who fought both the Dragons and the Elves in the time before man。They did not create cities,but some of the highest peaks of Mir,bear strange runic carvings made by giant hands。

The Dragons
Though Dragons still exist,the great dragons are all long dead。Great dragons were creatures of unbelievable power and size, equal to entire armies in power。The great dragons created a race of lizard men to serve them,and create monuments to them。Such ancient dragon temples still exist in the hidden places of the world,and the lizard men still guard them。Some lesser dragons dream of a new age of dragons,and will study these old dragon lairs and temples。The Great Dragons were killed by elf magic in the Dragon Wars.


?BCE The Creation of Mir
8,000BCE Creation of the Elves,Dragons,and Giants
7,000-8,000BCE the Dragon Wars。Elves fight against Dragons。Giants fight everyone,go extinct。
6,500BCE the creation of the high elf empire
6,000BCE the creation of man and dwarves
5,000BCE the creation of Orcs。Orcs and Ak-Bal fight the elf empire
4,990BCE the defeat of the High Elf Empire。Elves are enslaved or flee。Ak-Bal Empire rules 900 years
4090BCE Orc Hero Zogtar kills Abdin Hamza,Orcs sack Ak-Bal Empire
4090-3000BCE The years of strife,no clear leader。Orc clans fight each other。
Circa 2500 BCE Cheloveki migrate to Mir
2000BCE 2nd Dragon Wars,lesser dragons declare war on man and elf。Races unite to fight Dragons。
1900BCE Boyar Alexi Alexandervitch slays dragon leader,elected 1st tsar。Beginning of Cheloveki dominance in Mir。
1500BCE Wood Elf Civilization extinct。
1000BCE Morning Star War。Ruler of Morning Star promoted to boyar
750BCE Dark Elves begin attacks on Dwarven holds。
550BCE Orc Civilization reunited by Zuk the Mad。Creates 5 clans。
500BCE Campaigns against the Kett。Kett retreat to the forests。
300BCE Princess Dragomirova elected Tsarina。Starts the College of Tsargrad
100BCE Orc clan Broken Shield destroyed by Orc clan Bloody Ax。Bloody axe Clan led by Kaz the Insane。 Kaz the Insane declares independence form Orc Clans
50BCE Kaz the Insane passes crown to his daughter Tessa the Half Blood
10BCE Dmitri the Lame elected Tsar。


The 9 gods are the gods of Mir。Each god may have many aspects。 Certain gods are worshipped more by certain races than others。Other gods are worshipped by certain professions。

Dazhbog is the LG god of man。 He is a sun god,and the ruler of the gods。His domains are Good,Law,Sun and Glory。 He appears as a saintly old man with a white beard。He is worshipped by the elves under the name of Anor Thalion and looks like an elf mage。In this aspect his domains are Good Sun Magic and Glory。He hates liars,evil,and the undead。His warmth causes crops to grow。

Marfya Is the NG goddess of man。 She appears as a kind motherly figure。Her domains are Community,Good,Healing and Protection。She is worshipped as the elf mother Amarwen。In this aspect she appears as a Elvin woman with a child in arms。The Dwarves worship her as Marza and she appears as a Dwarf Matron。

Krasota is the CG goddess of beauty。 She appears as an attractive maiden。Her domains are Good Darkness Charm and Trickery。She is a good natured prankster and the moon is her sign。She is known to the elves as the moon maiden Ithilelthiel。The dwarves worship her as Katza and she appears as a saucy dwarf maid with golden braids。To the Dwarves her domains are Good Earth Charm and Trickery

Zhur is the LN creator of the Dwarves。 He is worshipped by smiths human and elvish。He is the main god of the dwarves。His sign is the anvil and hammer。His domains are Artifice,Community,Law,Earth and Rune。

Lleywin is the elvish god of nature。He is true neutral as is nature。His domains are animal plant and nature。 He is worshiped by druids。The humans call him Mother Nature or the Green Man。 His names are many, and he appears as a great tree, a stag, a bear, a beautiful nymph, or a dryad。He changes his gender and appearance depending on his viewers。

Luck or Ios is a strange CN god。He seems to care little for anything,always fickle always changing。His domains are charm chaos trickery travel,and luck。 He is never still,always moving。His worshippers are gamblers, thieves, and diviners。

The following gods are the dark triad。Battus is well respected but Akim and Iqbal have few sane worshippers。

Battus is the LE god of war and carnage。He values skill at arms and strength above all。He desires perpetual war。Though an evil God he is honest。He created the orcs to serve him and to fight the other races so there will always be war。He appears as a tall soldier in black armor and carries a great sword。He is worshipped by orcs,smiths,soldiers,and mercenaries。His domains are Evil Law Strength War and Destruction。

Akim is the NE god of death and magic。 He (or she)cares only for the knowledge of magic and the power of the soul。He gave magic to man,but only to torture him with it。He hates Battus and the two plot against each other constantly。He offers eternal life in undeath,and is worshipped by evil mages and necromancers。Many Rajul still offer him prayers,but he is not to be trusted。
His domains are Evil Death Knowledge and Magic。 He appears as a lich,or a beautiful vampire。

Iqbal is the CE goddess of Maddness。She is worshipped by the insane,the sadistic,evil monsters,and the Dark Elves。The Dark elves worship her under the aspect of the Dark Moon Goddess。Her only aim is to spread suffering and terror throughout the world。She appears as a dark shadow。

I am interested in playing playing in your campaign. How are you handling character creation.

I second interest and the question. What rule books are you allowing and how are you running creation? Point buy?

20 point buy 1st level characters. But instead of focusing on rules, think more of a playerr concept. I'll have detailed race and class changes wirtten and posted soon. For now try to get a feel of the world from what is posted. Run some chaacter concepts past me.

Have just finished reading your world description and am really excited for this. I have some better questions. Are you making Orcs a core race? It sounds like you are making some pretty big changes to the core race availabilities and the traits of those races you are keeping.
I'm still trying to get into the mindset of your world to decide best what to play.

Dotting for interest.

The main characters I would be thinking of are a Rajul sorcerer or an Orc fighter/smith. I'll put more detail into backgrounds as time permits.

Moon Elf magus blackblade/kensai. Looking to become a great master with his chosen weapon. True neutral, he views all other quests as a means to his end, a true melding between himself and the weapon that is the only clue to his heritage.

Shadow Lodge

Dotting for interest.
I'm thinking about playing a Kett Monk of the Sacred Mountain. He would be Lawful Neutral (leaning towards Lawful Evil for cruel mindset), and I'm thinking about playing him as some hermit martial-artist kind of guy. Like others of Kett origin he has strong ties to the forest and mountains and could possibly double as an unarmed Barbarian, should his mindset shift.

I'm think either a Kett or Cheloveki ranger. If Cheloveki, then a svodboi who's family has just paid off their serfdom. If Kett, then the sole survivor of his tribe after it was exterminated by one of the local orc tribes.

Racial traits


Cheloveki Racial traits
+2 to an ability of your choice. Cheloveki are a varied race
Obsessive: Cheloveki receive a +2 racial bonus on a Craft or Profession skill of their choice.

Rajul Racial traits

+2 Charisma +2 Intelligence -2 Strength Rajul are smaller and weaker on average than other humans, yet have powerful magical tendencies

Kett Racial traits

+2 Dexterity +2 Wisdom -2 Intelligence The Kett are skilled in their natural environments yet have trouble learning to do new things.
+1 to attack roles made with bows The Kett are the most skilled archers in all of Mir, keeping alive the skills they learned from the Wood Elves.

All humans receive the bonus feat and skilled traits.

Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs

Moon Elves

Moon Elf Racial Traits
+2Inteligence +2 Charisma -2 Constitution The elves are beautiful and intelligent but frail compared to man.

Hatred: Elves receive a +1 bonus on attack roles against Dragons.

All other elf racial traits apply


Stone Soul: A Dwarf can never become undead. Any effect or spell that would create a dwarf instead kills the dwarf. A dwarf can be returned to life normally, but any attempts to create Dwarf zombies, vampires, or wight fails.

Craftsman: Dwarves receive a +2 bonus to all craft checks.

All other Dwarf traits apply.

+2 Strength +2Consitution -2 Charisma The physical prowess of an orc is legendary. Its mind is not.
Darkvision: Orcs have 60 feet of darkvision
Intimidating: Orcs receive +2 on intimidate checks as benefits their reputation
Tough as nails : All Orcs receive endurance as a bonus feat
Weapon Familiarity: Orcs are proficient with any weapon that has the name ‘axe’ in its name.
Weapon Smith : Orcs receive a +2 to craft roles to make or repair any weapon.

Initial idea: Roh-Kai the Orc is a fighter who uses an Orc double axe and wears heavy armour when it is available. He was learning to be a fighter and a smith in his clan when a naive mistake was seen as an insult against the clan leader's honour. As was the custom of his clan, Roh-Kai had to face his leader in single combat. Although clearly outmatched, Roh-Kai fought and fought, sustaining a beating in the process that would have killed many of his clansmen. Impressed by his tenacity, clan wise woman ordered Roh-Kai's life spared, but he was still banished for his transgression. Today he wanders, selling his skill in battle for a place to sleep and seeking to further his skill in battle and at the forge. He hopes that if he is able to win honour for his clan and present the clan's leader with a weapon suitable for one of that station he may be able to rejoin his clan.

Roh-Kai is lawful evil. He never breaks an oath and is not prone to wanton destruction as some might think. However, he considers non-orcs beneath him and would give as much thought to ending the life of a human as you or I would to a cockroach. He worships Battus and inscribes the War God's symbol into all of his works.

Shadow Lodge

Tirawit, the Mountain's Hammer
- Age: 17.
- Race: Human (Kett).
- Class: Monk (Sacred Mountain)

A bitter youth trained in the martial arts, Tirawit grew up unlike most others his age. Whereas other boys sought to reach the ways of the forest and commune with the spirits that dwelt there, he always felt most at home with his feet digging into the soft earth, his fingers touching the hardened rock and soil. While growing with the all-around respect that his elders and family ingrained upon him, and pressured to follow the path of his father before him (a druid no less), Tirawit always sought his own path and fought to gain individuality in a tribe weighing him down with expectations other than his own.

That chance came one day when an older dwarf monk, remiss from his days of traveling, came across their little village and sought refuge from the night's beckoning. Not one to turn aside the weary the elders brought him in, and curious as to the dwarf's strange garb Tirawit inquired of his nature. It was only a night's worth of information and the boy was only shown the basics, but it was enough; the youth watched the rippling power in the old one's strikes with fascination bordering upon greed.

At this point he practices what of the martial art he can, attempting to ingrain the principles of the dwarves into his daily life as much as possible. Having abandoned the ways of the forest for that of the mountains, he takes refuge in the caves and cavern and seeks out other masters for him to learn from. While he does not worship any particular God, he does respect Zhur far more than the others.

Racial traits(all characters will get one)

campaign racial traits:

Cheloveki Racial Bonus Trait

Svodboi: You are a free man, and have learnt a skill or profession to make your money. Add +1 to a profession of your choosing. This is always a class skill for you.

Serfborn:You were born a serf. You had a hard life and are used to pain and hunger. You receive +1 to fortitude saves against poisons and disease.

Boyarin: You are descended from the great nobility. You have received a fine education. You receive a +1 bonus to Diplomacy, Knowledge Nobility, and Ride checks.

Rajul Racial Traits

Thief: You stole and ran. Over and over again. You receive +1 to slight of hand and stealth checks.

Acoylyte of Akim: You are a true worshipper of Akim. You receive a +1 bonus to knowledge religion checks. This is always a class skill for you.

Entertainer: You are a dancer, musician, acrobat, or an actor. You receive +1 to disguise, bluff, and perform checks.

Kett Racial Trait

Archer of the Turtle : As a full round action you can make an attack with a bow while prone. Thus you receive a +4 bonus to AC against ranged attacks.

Owl Totem: The Owl is your spirit guide, and you benefit from his insight. You gain a +1 bonus to perception checks. This skill is always a class skill for you. You gain darkvision to 10 feet.

Hunter: You receive a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls against animals. This does not stack with favored enemy of the ranger class.

Elf Racial Trait

Teacher: You have worked as a teacher. Gain +1 to a knowledge skill of your choice. This skill is always a class skill for you.

Mage Apprentice: You were apprenticed as a mage. You receive an additional cantrip per day.

Half-elf: You are descended from human elf mixed stock. You receive +1 to Diplomacy and +1 to Sense motive. It is easy for you to get along with others, and hard to deceive you.

Dwarf Racial Trait
Dwarf Merc: You are a sell sword. You gain +2 to initiative rolls due to the fast paced nature of your work.

Dwarf Merchant: You have been selling and buying goods for years, and are hard to trick. You gain +1 to sense motive checks and it is always a class skill for you.

Dwarf Cleric: You were pledged to the service of one of the Dwarf gods. As such you are strong in faith. You receive +1 to will saves against enchantments or mind control effects.

Shaman apprentice: You learned from the wise woman. You receive a +1 bonus to spellcraft. This is always a class skill for you.

Smith apprentice: You were trained by a master orc smith. You receive +1 to appraise and craft checks. Chose a craft and it is always a class skill for you

Orc Bodyguard:You served as a bodyguard to a human. You have learned to understand humans. You receive +1 to bluff, diplomacy, intimidate, or sense motive checks against humans.

Good to see so much interest. Thanks for reading all the stuff. A few comments on the more flshed out character concepts.
Anglekos It's a neat character concept, except there are a few problems with in the game world. Namely that the Kett are xenophobic. They kill almost anybody they can get away with. Instead of the dwarf being taken into the clan, perhaps you can work up a story that says a young Tirawit actually hid a lost/injured dwarf from the clan. I'll try to have a more complete post about Kett Society up soon.

KingMeanderIt's solid. I will have a post up about the orc clans.There are differences among the clans,that will have an effect on your character. You'll need to choose a clan. Otherwise good.

Other posters...keep thinking of ideas, and I'll have more details up.

How the races view each other

ethnic stereotypes:

Cheloveki on the Rajul
Demon worshipping strange people, can’t understand them, don’t like them, can’t live without their talents.
Cheloveki on the Kett
The only good Kett is a dead Kett. Course he’d kill you 100 yards away before you saw him.
Cheloveki on the Elves
They are beautiful, smart, and powerful mages. Why did they ever lose an empire?
Cheloveki on Dwarves
They work too hard, and take life too seriously. Damn fine smiths though.
Cheloveki on Orcs
They are crude, uncivilized barbarians, yet their skill at arms is amazing. It’s good they can’t get along well enough to fight us.

Rajul on Everybody
Life is hard. Everyone is against us. We must take advantage of our strengths. Better to laugh, and stab a man in the back, than stick around for him to get his friends in a fair fight.

Kett on the Elves
Elves are gods. They taught us to hunt and to worship Mother Nature. Elves are immortal and can not be killed
Kett on Orcs
They are a powerful and honorable foe. Hunt with care.
Kett on Dwarves
They live in Darkness, away from Mother Nature. Why do they dishonor her so?
Kett on Cheloveki
Kill them.

Elves on Everybody
We have sinned and fallen. All power and glory was ours and it is lost forever. We live, a fraction of our former selves. Anything that preserves the past, any lost knowledge is a prize from heaven. The other races matter little. Who can understand our sorrow.
Elves on Rajul
They took our Empire. They took our land. They took our women
Elves on Orcs
Crude worms to serve as cannon fodder to evil gods.

Dwarves on Humans
Humans do not take life seriously enough. They call their works smithing and crafting? They make children’s toys and call them weapons.
Dwarves on Moon Elves
They should have concentrated on working, and not magic to save them. Still they are a rather pathetic figure these days.
Dwarves on Dark Elves
Kill them all.
Dwarves on Orcs
They are a violent version of us. Not as skilled nor as subtle. An orc is an honorable opponent.

Orcs on the Kett
Crude headhunters and barbarians with no culture
Orcs on the Elves
They are weak and trusted their magic to save them
Orcs on the Dwarves
Dwarves are terrifying and worthy of respect. They make a better blade than we do
Orcs on the Cheloveki
They are good as organizing things, and fight well, yet lack the ferocity to be a true hero. They never seem to know their place
Orcs on the Rajul
Once Ak-Bal ordered us. Now they will serve us

I'm interested. It looks like it wouldn't be hard for me to adapt a favourite character of mine. Do you have room for a god-hating Rajul sorcerer (fey) with a focus on illusion and enchantment, who also despises the brainless and instinctive messes she perceives other sorcerers as making (if the int-dumped sorcerer is a stereotype here as well)? I'll write out a more detailed background if this sounds suitable.

Shadow Lodge

HarbinNick wrote:
Anglekos It's a neat character concept, except there are a few problems with in the game world. Namely that the Kett are xenophobic. They kill almost anybody they can get away with. Instead of the dwarf being taken into the clan, perhaps you can work up a story that says a young Tirawit actually hid a lost/injured dwarf from the clan. I'll try to have a more complete post about Kett Society up soon.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the Ethnic write-up, really cleared some things up. Let me write up a new background for him really quick, suiting for the tastes. :)

This will be the character sheet for my submission that I will fill out as time and further details permit.
Questions: What language do the Orcs speak? Is it one of their own or is it just a bastardization of the language of the Ak-Bal? And I'm still a little unclear. Are the Ak-Bal simply human and just the first ones who mastered magic?

Draven Manoark
- Age: 19
- Race: Human (Cheloveki)
- Subtype: Svodboi
- Class: Ranger

Draven was raised in the fields with his family working as surfs for Lord Roth Brane. A week ago, his family was able to pay off their debt and was released from his service. Now released, they made their way to a nearby village called Haven where they have settled and started a life of freedom. Draven's parents started a bakery business with help from their experience working with grains. Draven, having always been restricted in what he does, started to explore the area around Haven and has started to learn how to track animals and use a bow.

The Orcs speak Orc. Orc is characterized by the number of /z/ and /kh/ sounds. Orc has many Dwarven loans as both races value metal working and smithing.

-The Ak-Bal are humans...At some point in the past, they made a pact with Akim. This resulted in their race being cursed. Basically they are all tiefling-lite. It explains their general air of wrongess, yet their magical talents.

-I expect to have a detailed write up about language posted soon.Feel free to ask for any more information that would flesh out your character.

oh and Roanarkif you don't mind could you change the names of cities and people in your character to something more slavic. Cheloveki are modeled on pagan Slavs. For example using Boyar Brovitch rather than Lord Roth Bane. Backstory is good.

I'm loving everything so far and we haven't even started. Looking forward to what you come up with for the different orc clans.

Languages of Mir

languages of men:

Languages of Men

Ak-Bal: The language of the Ak-Bal is still used by some Rajul communities. It sounds unlike Cheloveki. It is written in a long cursive script, and is read right to left. The word ‘the’ in Ak-Bal is ‘al’.

Sylvan: A language spoken by ancient forest creatures and the Kett. The dialect of Sylvan spoken by the Kett uses many Elvish words. It is not written

Cheloveki or Yazik is the language spoken by Cheloveki. It has many consontat clusters and a complicated grammar. It is the common speech of Mir used by businessmen and travelers.

Staraya Boyari is an archaic form of Cheloveki. It is not intelligible to modern reader

languages of old:

Languages of old

Draconic: The oldrest known language, spoken by dragons, and used by many mages.

Giant: Extinct, this was the language of giants. It is carved on some giant ruins. Bears a similarity to Dwarve Runic Script

High Elf is an extinct language. It is found written in ancient elf ruins, dating from the first civilization. It does not use an alphabet but a series of non-phonetic glyphs

Evil Speech, Dark Speech, Black Speech, Chorni Yazik, are all names for the language of hell and the Dark Triad. Religious works and evil clerics as well as Demons use this speech. This language is written in characters not an alphabet. Many inscriptions in the old Ak-Bal empire are in this language.

languages of other races:

Languages of the other races

Druidic: This secret language was once used by Wood Elves. It is a mixture of Sylvan and Elvish. It is written in a pictographic form.

Orc: Orc is a strange language, sounding similar to Dwarvish. It has no writing of its own, being usually written in Dwarf Runic Script, but also in the Black Speech. Famous Orc Words are ‘Vark’ meaning to fight, to kill or to die, and ‘Akh’ meaning I. Most Orcs are illiteratre. Orc Grammar is famously simple. It has no verb conjugations. Most Orc shamans use Dark Speech for their more complex utterances.

Dwarven is the language of Dwarves. It is written in a Runic Script. Dwarf sounds like a softer version of orc. /kh/ and /z/ sounds feature prominently in the language. The runes are all angular making them easy to carve into rock.

Elvish: The language of the elves. Many /l/ and /w/ sounds. Considered very beautiful and flowing. Used by elves. The writing is well known.

Various other languages exist, such as the language of elementals, and the language of intelligent monsters. Yet few of these have written forms. In addition cults often have their own coded or secret means of writings.

In modern day terms
Cheloveki would have thick Slavic accents. Nikko Bellic in GTA IV
Kett never use their language with outsiders. They tend to refer to animals as brother and sister “We hunt brother bear now. “ Think stereotype Native American speech patterns.
Rajul usually speak Cheloveki. Ak-Bal sounds like Arabic
Dwarves have Scandanavian accents.
Orcs tend to favor single syllable words, as that is everyword in


Orc Clans:

olitics and Factions

Orc clans
Orcs live in holds. A hold is a settlement with watch towers and a palisade or even a stone wall. A small hold will be 50 orcs. The largest hold can be 1000. A hold has a temple or shrine, depending on size, and a smith. It’s ruler depends on which of the clans the hold belongs to. 75%of the Orcs in a hold will be capable of fighting. The rest are children and other non-combatants.

There are 4 orc clans today. The fifth clan the broken shield clan was destroyed and absorbed by the Bloody Ax clan. The clans are Clan Cracked Hammer, Clan Yellow Dog, the Bear Claw Clan, and Clan Bloody Ax. The 3 clans, Cracked Hammer, Yellow Dog, and Bear Claw have an alliance. Clan Bloody Ax is independent.

Clan Cracked Hammer LN is the most powerful and largest of the Clans. It has the most skilled Smiths. In fact in the Clan the worship of Zhir is almost as common as the worship of Battus. Clan Cracked Hammer is the most civilized and least warlike of the clans, with many orcs making a living in mining, and farming. The various clan holds rule for the clan by consensus. There is no clear leader. There is a tradition of smith clerics among clan Cracked Hammer.

Clan Yellow Dog NE is the smallest clan. The clan leads an almost feral existence, mostly by raiding, hunting, and hiring themselves out as mercenaries. They have no clan holds, and are nomadic. The clan leaders are druids, unlike the other clans. Clan Yellow Dog is feared for the skill and stealth of their woodsmen and trackers. They have been fighting with the Kett for centuries. There is much bad blood between them.

Clan Bear Claw LE is the most traditional of the clans. They live in strict military faction. Worship of Battus is central to their lives. Women have no status in Clan Bear Claw, and are treated as property. A good warrior will be rewarded with many women by the chief. The exception to this rule is the clans will have a single female shaman. She is always a cleric of battus, and must defeat any female who challenges her to the title. Clan Bear Claw makes their living through subsistence agriculture and mercenary work. They trade for weapons with Clan Cracked Hammer. They also wage war against Clan Bloody ax at any opportunity.

Clan Bloody Ax NE is the only clan to practice arcane magic and necromancy. The Bloody Ax clan is currently ruled by Tessa Half Blood, a powerful half-orc necromancer. She inherited the title of chieftain from her father, Kaz the Insane. Within the clan holds, arcane magic users hold the real power, and it is the only clan where women and men have equal opportunities. Rajul and Elves are welcomed in Bloody Ax holds, but Cheloveki and Dwarves are disliked. Clan Bloody axe also raids the other three clans for supplies, slaves, and weapons. The other clans consider clan Bloody Ax heretical, and a disgrace to Orc tradition.

Amazing. Clan Bear Claw it is.

Edit:I updated Roh-Kai's background. I had to make some assumptions about orc customs and judicial practice. If any of it needs to be altered, let me know.

I'm working on mine now. One question: Is that above racial trait in addition to the normal base two traits or instead of?

Umbral Reaver wrote:
I'm working on mine now. One question: Is that above racial trait in addition to the normal base two traits or instead of?

You must chose a racial trait, and a campaign trait. Campaign traits aren't up yet. Please make sure that if you use a program or character generator that many mistakes will be made.

Is the Tough As Nails ability for orcs supposed to replace the CRB Orc Ferocity ability?

Okay. How's this?

A girl was born to Rajul parents, a family of decent wealth as her father was a skilled master mason. She was a flighty and troublesome youth, too clever and conniving for her own good yet lacking the sense not to get into trouble. Acknowledging the budding intellect and natural knack for minor magics, her's mother attempted to guide the young girl into pursuit of a career in wizardry. The family could certainly afford the schooling.

None of this took very well. While she grasped the concepts of magical theory quickly, she was not a patient youth and frequently skipped her lessons to go and play with friends. The girl was often the centre of attention, a troublemaker and prankster whose particular talents for verbal beguilement easily misdirected blame.

Over the years the girl blossomed, growing into a young woman of unearthly beauty. She was the prize all the eligible men of her neighbourhood sought yet she rebuffed them one and all. Even in her developing maturity, she remained a manipulator at heart. At times she was not pleasant and sometimes downright cruel, toying with the emotions of others as she pleased with no thought to the consequences. She knew she was beautiful and intelligent and she used these tools to become a veritable demon, her name cursed in hushed breaths.

It was this that became her downfall. It may have been karma or perhaps nothing more than purposeful malevolence, but one more cunning than the girl and more learned in arcane ways noticed her and observed the growing signs of a fey sorcerous heritage. One day she headed to the marketplace to ply her usual trade of self-serving beguilement and deception amongst the locals. She was not seen again.

- (Details of what occurred herein will be PMed to the GM) -

A few days later a white-haired woman stumbled into a nearby town, dressed in naught but bloodstained rags and clutching a crooked dagger. The terror on her face and vicious wounds marring every inch of bare skin kept the fearful onlookers from approaching her. Indeed, those that did approach were driven back when she flashed sparks of magic.

Dragging a trail of blood behind her, the woman finally reached the steps of the local temple of Dazhbog and collapsed. The old priest came out and intoned a simple prayer to soothe her wounds. Yet, when he knelt to look at her, he saw something that turned his blood to ice. The priest sputtered curses and wards in equal parts fear and fury. The woman was confused by this outrage and simply fled.

Stealing clothing from a line, the woman wrapped herself to hide the scars and set out for another town in search of refuge. She was able to persuade travellers to part with food and water to sustain her on the way with little difficulty. Even so, this lifestyle of begging could not last. She had to find some means of income. As destitute as she was, she still had her ego.

Upon reaching Varsov, the next settlement, her desperate need for coin to support herself brought her to present herself as a travelling witch, a mysterious outsider selling folk wisdom and fanciful remedies. Mostly, she sold little more than hopeful lies with a touch of prestidigitation and a healthy dose of placebo. The coin of the easily fooled soon made its way into her purse, and over time her humble appearance was transformed.

She remade herself as Xenarchy Malzash, the Witch of Varsov, a dark and mysterious stranger of unknown origin and unknown power. Her new manner of dress covered her from head to toe save her face, always as black as stormclouds at midnight and styled as elaborately as that of the boyars.

Breaking free from the timidity weighed upon her by her traumatic past, her deceptions became more bold. Her ego and vanity pushed her to seek greater and greater glory amongst the people of Varsov. She revelled in the fruits of her meddling. As in her youth, she went too far and set loose rumours of supposed power and majesty far in excess of what she truly possessed.

This came to an abrupt end when her sorcerous heritage spontaneously became more overt. Whatever ancestry empowered her must have still retained some malevolent whimsy, as the powerful fey blood gifted her with pronounced fangs and an unearthly pallor. While her knowledge of the arcane could easily say these traits reflected the divine pale flesh of the nymph and the sharp teeth of the river naiad, she knew there was only one thing the people of Varsov would think: Vampire.

Cunning and conniving, Xenarchy could be called, but she was never wise. She became a recluse, fearful of what the people would think if they saw her. This plan was anything but helpful. Darker rumours about her spread, the rumours growing ever more sinister with each day that she did not show her face. Finally, some foolhardy teenage boys snuck into her house to find out what had become of her, and in her utter folly she faced them with a furious screech and deathly glare.

Xenarchy knew what she had done immediately. The boys fled before she could stop and explain. In mere moments the town was in alarm, the priests gathering the people to come with fire and steel. In her vainglory she had built up more reputation than she could manage and now that very reputation told the town she was a dangerous monster. She knew they would descend upon her with terrible force. No words from her lips would dissuade them.

Gathering a few important belongings and a satchel of food, the Witch of Varsov left in secrecy and silence. She sought a new life, perhaps somewhere where she had not already stained the populace with her deceptions.


Xenarchy is a sorcerer with great skill in the arts of enchantment and illusion. She is a strong believer in self-determination and self-reliance and while she rarely speaks of it except in trusted company, she despises the hold the gods have over mortality. She is prone to letting her vanity and ego get the better of her at times and sometimes forgets to consider the consequences of her self-aggrandisement.

Xenarchy does not consider herself a 'common sorcerer'. She'll more often refer to herself as a witch and despite her spontaneous method of spellcasting, considers the art of magic something that can only be appreciated if it is understood in detail. Even so, she both loves and hates her fey heritage. It is the source of her power and something that makes her feel greater than common folk, yet at the same time it mocks her with its flighty urges and the manifestations it presents upon her form.

Her motivation for adventure is made up of many parts. She enjoys being the centre of attention and will soak up praise like a sponge. She also has something of a grudge against divinity and will take eagerly to opportunities to oust evil priests and - hypocritically - others who would raise cults for their own glory. When pushed, she may even admit that she does not like to see people suffer and knows she may have the ability to help.

Race: Human (Rajul)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Racial Trait: Entertainer (Close enough to the 'Charlatan' concept)
Deity: None

I am not trying to get into the game, but putting all of your ideas into into google docs/other online file or at least one post and having each section spoilered makes it more organized.

Nice stuff umbral... only if i could write that well.

Roanark wrote:

Vuk Mänork

- Age: 19
- Race: Human (Cheloveki)
- Subtype: Svodboi
- Class: Ranger

Vuk was raised in the fields with his family working as surfs for Lord Roth Margeer. A week ago, his family was able to pay off their debt and was released from his service. Now released, they made their way to a nearby village called Bor where they have settled and started a life of freedom. Vuk's parents started a bakery business with help from their experience working with grains. Vuk, having always been restricted in what he does, started to explore the area around Haven and has started to learn how to track animals and use a bow.

How's that?

Sovereign Court

I was thinking of making a Kett possesed oracle by a dwarven spirit or a dwarven cleric. Will post a background later tonight.

When it's all written up, I will try to rearrange the documents into a more easily accessed fashion.

Yes Tough as Nails is instead of ferocity. I felt as Orcs are lawful ferocity seemed rather out of character.

campaign traits

camapign traits:

Wild One You spent your childhood in the countryside or the forest. You receive a +1 bonus to survival and handle animal checks. Survival is always a class skill for you.

City Child You were born in a human city, or grew up in a dwarf mountain fortress. You are used to city life. You learned early people are not to be trusted. You receive a +1 bonus to sense motive and knowledge nobility checks. Sense motive is always a class skill for you.

Cloistered You were raised as an orphan by the temple. You receive a +1 bonus to Knowledge religion and it is always a class skill for you.

Insane Whether by tragedy or injury, your mind is dangerously unhinged. You receive +4 on will saves against fear spells. People find your lack of self-preservation alarming.

Godless You were raised, or your experiences made you lose faith in the gods. You are not so susceptible to suggestions as your fellow men. You receive a +1 bonus to saves against all divine spells. You can not take this trait as a divine caster.

Mage hater You have a fear and loathing of magic. You do an extra point of damage each time you attack and hit an arcane caster.

Criminal You have a criminal past, and spent much time in prison. You receive a +1 bonus to escape artist checks and disable device checks. Disable device is always a class skill for you.

Charming You have a way with words, and are of striking appearance. You receive a +1 bonus to bluff and diplomacy checks made to influence people who would find you sexually attractive.You receive a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of any language-dependent spell you cast on such characters or creature

Terrifying You have learned to strike feat into the hearts of enemies, giving you an extra second to take advantage. You gain a +2 bonus to initiative checks.

Haunted Whether by curse of race, bad luck, or divine justice, you are haunted by the past. You receive a +1 bonus to fortitude saves, as your life experiences have made you stronger.

edited for mistakes, Godless is supposed to be to all saves against divince casters, not only will saves.

Damnit. More than one of those would apply. Hmm... I suppose there's always the 'extra traits' feat.

Classes in Mir


Classes in Mir

Barbarians: Barbarians are found among the Kett, and the Orcs. The Orcs generally call Barbarians Berserkers. The Dwarves also have a tradition of Battle Ragers, or slayers, depending on the translation one prefers. Barbarains are rare among the Cheloveki. Elves shun the tradition

Bards: Bards are common in Mir. They can be found among all the races. The Rajul have a long tradition as entertainers.

Clerics: Clerics are common except among the Kett, who follow a Druidic tradition. Clerics of the Dark Triad are rare, except among the Orc Tribes. Dwarf Clerics are usually smiths as well.

Fighter: Fighters are common especially among the Orcs and Dwarven nations. Elf fighters are rare.

Monk: Monks are rare in Mir. Some Dwarves and some elves are drawn to the practice of martial arts. The ancient Ak-Bal had a monastic tradition but it died out.

Paladin: Cheloveki Paladin’s of Dazhbog are a common sight. Tsar Dimitri the Lame is a Paladin of Dazhbog. There are also Paladin orders of the Dwarf God Zhur.

Rangers: Most Kett warriors are rangers. There are Dwarf Rangers known as cavers. Many Cheloveki in the remotest areas maybe rangers.

Rogue: The Rajul have a reputation for all being thieves. It isn’t entirely true.

Sorcerer: The Rajul have magic in their blood. Some Kett are known to be Sorcerers, especially of the fey bloodline. Elves also have a tradition.

Wizard: Wizards are usually elves. Some humans have been taught magic by Elves.

Other Classes

Alchemist: Alchemists are rare in Mir. It is mostly a lost art.

Cavalier: Many Cheloveki Boyari have armies of knights. Cavaliers are common in Mir, among the nobility.

Inquisitor: Few of the temples in Mir have Inquisitors. A handful of professional monster hunters do exist.

Oracle: Oracles are rare in Mir. Oracles are recorded among all the races. They are mistrusted, but feared and respected at the same time. Oddly, some orc tribes have oracles serving as shamans.

Summoner: Summoners are poorly understood, and rare in Mir. The tradition is seen as another ancient lost magic, such as that of alchemy.

Witch: Witches are common in Mir. Among humans, many Rajul have become witches. The Kett and Orcs also practice witchcraft. Dwarf and Elf witches are rare, almost unheard of. Witch burning is a popular pastime in more remote areas of Mir.

Are there clan dependent traits for orcs? Just curious.

Xenarchy's starting traits: Entertainer, Charming
Level 1 feat: Additional Traits (Godless, Insane)

She's not so much insane as both troubled and jaded. Little can frighten her in comparison to the torment she has already endured.

Starting traits terrifying and Orc smith (if there aren't clan traits).

No clan traits...the orc traits reflect it...I figure the smith trait works for the more civilized tribe, and the shaman apprentice works for the more savage tribes. I've reposted all the information in a campaign information thread. It may be easier for you to use in that format.

-Ok at this point I believe we have enough information for you to understand the game world. I'd like to start seeing character submissions presented as an alias. Characters are 20 point buy, 1 racial trait, 1 campaign trait, normal starting gold. Only the races mentioned are allowed, obviously. No CE characters please. Books allowed are UC and UM and APG. This is not a kill-evil-characters-on-sight world, but rather a kill-threatening-or-insanely-violent-people world.
-Also try to answer the following questions about your character concept

questions for new characters:

1) Is Magic good or bad? How do you feel about it? Remember attitudes in Mir range from witch burning to outright worship of mages
2) How educated are you? Much of the history and lore of Mir is lost. Is finding an old book, or relic from the past worth as much as a gold coin now?
3) Law or Morality? The Dwarves consider Law to be stronger than moral concepts. The Cheloveki consider Good to be more important than law (with exceptions). Elves value beauty as much as morality. Orcs consider every insult, no matter how slight, to be paid for in blood.
4) Mir is a low level world. Expect access to spell casters and magical services to be below high fantasy levels. Yet remember that ancient empires once flourished in Mir. Expect valuable antiques to be found in greater than average numbers. How will this change your style?
5) Crime. Mir is a high crime world. Banditry and River Piracy are major problems in Mir. Caravan guards, and river boat hands are paid very well. Perhaps you have some experience in this line of work
6)Profession. Most people in Mir have a profession. It is a good idea to have one. Few people people in Mir are full time adventurerers.

HarbinNick, if the above background is acceptable, I'll PM you the secret bit of the background.

Umbral Reaver wrote:
HarbinNick, if the above background is acceptable, I'll PM you the secret bit of the background.

Yeah, I was meaning more for other players, you've kind of written the Hamlet of 1st level back stories. I'd appreciate that PM, though.

Thanks, assuming the Hamlet thing was a compliment. ;)

Message sent.

I've got some of an alias created. Will try and finish it off today.

I have a character sheet up for Vuk. I can PM you the answers to the questions and any additional information I come up with.

Vuk Mänork

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