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Game Master HarbinNick

Pbp set in the world of Mir
1st level, 20 point buy, APG,UM,UC allowed, standard gold, 1 racial trait 1 campaign trait

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Been rather quiet?busy weekend for you all?

Female Infernal Conscriptus Outsider 11

Sorry. I'm not really sure what to add at this point and haven't been feeling well on top of that.

Also, Garesh, if you don't mind, what spells do you actually have? Your sheet is broken.

Male Human

Well, I'm kind of hoping someone will recommend a plan so we can just get started. Roh-Kai's suggestions of a frontal assault may not be the best-advised plans, but he's also not very likely to change them so there's nothing for me to say. Roh-Kai can be the one to step up and lead the way, but he's already stated what he thinks the plan should be.

Sovereign Court

Umbral Reaver wrote:

Sorry. I'm not really sure what to add at this point and haven't been feeling well on top of that.

Also, Garesh, if you don't mind, what spells do you actually have? Your sheet is broken.

Thats weird it shows for me, all my spells are under a spoiler titled spells but here you go.

Mystery(Dark Tapestry):
Revelations:Misfortune (Ex): At 1st level, as an immediate action, you can force a creature within 30 feet to reroll any one d20 roll that it has just made before the results of the roll are revealed. The creature must take the result of the reroll, even if it's worse than the original roll. Once a creature has suffered from your misfortune, it cannot be the target of this revelation again for 1 day.
Touch of Madness:You tap into the unthinkable void between the stars and cause a single living creature within 30 feet to become confused for 1 round. A successful Will save negates the effect. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect. At 7th level, the confusion lasts for a number of rounds equal to your oracle level. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

0-level Spells(DC-13):Spark, Stabilize, Create water, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Light.
1st Levels spells(4/day,DC-14):Cure Light wounds(1d8+1), Bane, and Command.

As I'm running a DM-NPC party member I try to be hands off as possible, I don't want to say "Let's roll!"until everybody has said IC what they like
here is what I'm hearing
1. Row past the boats at night...Father Isaak
2. Start a sniper war, fire pot shots from the forest, trying to kill a few sentries until a war party comes out, massacre war party repeat.
3. Swim in at night, break oil on the boats, spark it...retreat to boats...row away.
I think that is all...Roh-Kai wants number 2, I believe.

I've reviwed the thread and here is what we need to decide for sea-raid AKA Omaha Beach AKA Normandy
1.Who stay with the canoes...remember only three people fit in a canoe...
2.Who actualy swims to boats and oils the boats
3.Who actually lights the boats on fire, and steals two oars
4.Who takes down the guard or guards on the dock should/if there are any
5.What happens afterwards...but I'm thinking row like hell away from the dock?

Female Infernal Conscriptus Outsider 11

At the moment I'm not sure the party is capable of engaging the pirates in any meaningful way. Are they avoidable entirely?

Female Infernal Conscriptus Outsider 11
Roidrage wrote:
Thats weird it shows for me, all my spells are under a spoiler titled spells but here you go.

The spoiler tag doesn't open.

-However you deal with river pirates will give you XP, just some ways are more likely to kill you...That said, an attractive woman walking up to the fort, in broad daylight, might be perceived differently than a man skulking in the forest shadows...
-As I mentioned this is a low level world, and seeing an attractive woman a group of lonely men are not likely to think "hey ENCHANTMENT spells!"

Male Human

Quick question, what is your rule for crossbows as far as keeping them loaded? Since loading them is a pain in the ass I've had some DM's who let you have the first shot for free and some DM's who point out the lack of safety of carrying around a loaded crossbow. Just wanted to get your opinion.

-You can carry a loaded, drawn crossbow. You can't carry a loaded crossbow on your back. So for example, if you knew you were going to be in ranged combat, you could load up your first shot before combat time. If you are ambushed, you have an unloaded crossbow on your back.
-For example, you be approaching the fort with crossbow's ready. So you'd get that first shot off free, as you suggest.

Streamlined my character sheet. Hope it's acceptable. (I also found some numbers that were wrong i.e. too low)

-We're not in initiative time yet, so go ahead and post any action you want that invovles taking out the sentry.

Really, I just put everybody in the original canoe...Roh-Kai and Elf Oracle in one canoe, everybody else in the other.

Original was orc, elf, priest ;-)

Let's run with this for now.we can move them around later...

Just waiting on others to post.

For God's sake, somebody kill this guy already!

Current position Click Here!

Btw, I like your picture for the guard :)

I've got MA{TOOL which I'll use when we get into a real battle, but for now, it's more visual than anyhing else...

I felt I should mention, that although the high elf empire fell in 4990BCE, the high elf style, and high elf people never died out. They simply became the Moon Elves. Thus, until about 1000 years ago, one can find inscriptions, books, and even temples bulit in High Elf style. High Elf is the most popular of the 'dead languages' having a role similar to latin in the modern world.

Anybody remember the old age of empires game where the boars used to kill your villagers...?

Female Infernal Conscriptus Outsider 11


He might make his stealth check, otherwise initative...I think he needs a natural 20 though.

boar fight link!

Female Infernal Conscriptus Outsider 11

Can you use Google Documents? I use the spreadsheet there for maptooling.

Example: Combat Grid

It lets users edit it at will, so you can move characters and creatures around without need for posting new images.

Nick cannot get to Google from China that's why we're using Microsoft

The microsoft site has built in excel 2010 usage as well. Perhaps if we had a spreadsheet.

I'm perfectly happy to move people around as they post. I can easily post a new map every turn of combat. Not to long will the pig flesh really last?

Round 2, top of the order, I think.

How does one edit that map...? I'm not sure how.

Sorry, click on "Edit in browser" at the top first. Make your changes, then click file > close workbook. It'll update your changes automatically.

Hey sent you spider map...I won't be moving the spiders much, but the rest of you feel free to move around the map (well follow the rules please). All squares except the trail are heavy, thick undergrowth, it takes 4 squares to move off the trail...please trach your own hitpoints...

By the way...I have to do these posts sleep deprived...and sorry about spelling and typing errors... It's 23:35 here...and I woke up at 0600.

Hey everybody, I won't be around the pc until Wednesday...sorry.

So, while we're waiting. how is everyone and what do y'all do for a living?

Female Infernal Conscriptus Outsider 11

I've sold a few things to 3rd party publishers. Does that count as a job? Other than that, I'm unemployed.

I'd say it counts. Freelance?

Female Infernal Conscriptus Outsider 11

Yes. I'd like to do more, but most of the time fatigue and depression keep me down.

Male Human

I'm in the navy.

Sovereign Court

I'm a site supervisor for a security company.

And I'm the Team Lead for my IT department team. Nice to see such a broad spectrum.

What's everyone's experience with Pathfinder/3.5/4E/etc?

I started in 3E, played 3.5 for years and then played a bit of 4E but didn't like it (if I wanted to play WoW then I'd play WoW). Branched out and played some AE, d20 Modern and a few other varieties. Just started playing Pathfinder last year and I must say that it is a ton of fun :)

Sovereign Court

I've been playing role playing games for about 25 years, started with 2nd, then played 3E, 3.5E, then went to Pathfinder when it came out with its core book. I tired 4E but didn't like the feel at all.

Also played a few pallidium games, shadowrun, alpha omega, DC RPG, and a few others that elude my mind. Glad to see your enjoying Pathfinder, they actually fixed the minor stuff from 3.5 and vamped up the classes to make them a lot cooler. Did you guys hear that Wizards of the coast is working on there next edition, not even a 4.5E there redoing it. I downloaded the playtest last night to take a look and it seems really stripped down.

From what I hear, they're making it more like Pathfinder than 4E.

Male Human

I started with 3E then moved into 3.5 which I played for a couple years. I had just moved around the time 4E came out and I wasn't very interested so I stopped playing for awhile. When I found Pathfinder, I picked it up. That was a couple months ago.

Female Infernal Conscriptus Outsider 11

I could continue this exchange but I feel it's fair to hold off and let the others have a chance to post.

Garesh might put in, and Vuk is a ranger. I'm just happy to be able to use your back story for such fun...

Female Infernal Conscriptus Outsider 11

Where did everyone go?

not sure...I'm trying to get a feel for "let's run through dark-fey infested evil woods at night" vs "lets try to sleep in dark-fey infested woods at night".

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