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Meowselsworth's Prisoner Deathmatch Extravaganza! (Inactive)

Game Master Meowselsworth

A mafia type game with killer robots.

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I'm in too, background interview soon.

Treppa: Charlene F. Oftenseen
pinvendor: Murder Monk
Smashtag: Alina Malain
loimprevisto: Aaron Lockley
Bombadil: Ms. Kevorkia
DSXMachina: Brynjard 'Ihsahn' Silenoz
Umbral Reaver: The Hollow
DougFungus: Hamish Cunningham
Mahorfeus: Alexander Maxerson
Chainmail: Wowbagger tIP
Finwa: Finwa
Octavian42: Prof. Tinkerton
Xzaral: Eldon Gorski
biscuitWizard: Velval/Stephano
The Most Righteous Overlord: Cardon Mars the Four
Ryuko: James Herecea
Freddy Honeycutt: Duke Leto Atredies
moretiger: TBD
Leoian Mousekewitz: Leoian Mousekewitz

19 players. :O

When I wake up tomorrow, recruitment is closed. One more! Night Owls, convince your Night Owl friends, we are close to 20!

Leoian walks into the interview room seeming a bit unsure, he spots the camera and smiles.

“Oh hi there, they didn't mention a camera, what's this about? Great place you've got here.”

He looks pensively at the camera for a moment then starts laughing

“Ha ha, incarcerated? No no you've got the wrong idea. I'm on vacation. Mittens invited me to some sorta extravaganza... or gala... I forget the specific phrasing, it's been a wonderful time so far. I'll tell you I was really surprised I hadn't heard a peep out of that crazy cat in years, then out of the blue WHAM! An invitation to this paid vacation I feel like I won a cruise. And here I was starting to think The Mitts didn't like me.”

Leoian frowns, though looks more confused than upset, but he quickly recovers his smile.

"Crimes? Don't be silly I haven't committed any crimes... well that was a misunderstanding... Hey that wasn't me! Yeah well your grandmother shouldn't have been mouthing off like that. Oh come on that orphanage was going to burn down anyway, letter bombs make perfectly good Christmas gifts, some of my best friends send letter bombs."

He waves his hand dismissing any further interview questions he is supposed to answer.

"I'm just here for the vacation I don't really care that much about reality TV. I'll say one thing about the Meowselsworths though, they sure know how to throw a party. Love ya Meowsie! Now how do I get to the pool?”

As he stands Leoian starts to wander off in a seemingly random direction apparently looking for the pool, the guards quickly moving to herd him out of the room.

Fabulous, 19 players! Welcome all, this'll be a great game.

Recruitment is now closed. I will be sending out roles this evening, now opening the discussion thread.

"What? Interview? Nobody told me about an interview. For TV? TV is stupid. YOU'RE stupid!" A diminutive girl points at the camera, flicking the lens with her finger. She wears wire frame glasses, with a pair of thick black welding goggles pushed up on top of her head like a hairband.

"Don't do that." A man sighs in the background, "Come on Mattie, just give the interview."

"Fine!" the teenage, who wears a labcoat covered in interesting different chemical burns, shouts in a bratty manner, plopping down on the chair in the center of the room.

"Them them what it is you did, please," the man says patiently, adjusting the camera and zooming it in.

"What do you mean what I did? I've done lots of things. Just today, I had scrambled eggs for breakfast."

"You know what I mean. To your home planet? The one that doesn't exist anymore?" the man coughs.

"Oh. THAT thing. Whatever. It wasn't a big deal. It was just an accident, really, it isn't MY fault they sent in a team of incompetent goons to try to shut down my anti-matter reactor! Especially while I was off planet with my grandpa for vacation! Totally their fault. I even put a big do-not-touch sign on it!" The girl rolls her eyes, taking some sort of mechanical device out of her pocket and fiddling with it.

"Perfect! That's just fine - wait, what is that," the man says nervously, as there's the sound of a blast door somewhere being slid shut hurriedly. "WHERE DID SHE GET THAT? YOU GUYS KNOW SHE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO-"

Soon followed by, "Hey, wanna see what happens when we reverse the polarity?"

The camera fizzles out after being knocked back against the wall violently, briefly panning around a large laboratory that seems to double as some kind of prison cell.

"How did I end up here? I never hea411rd of lethal assault by insult."

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