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Meowselsworth's Prisoner Deathmatch Extravaganza! (Inactive)

Game Master Meowselsworth

A mafia type game with killer robots.

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"Hello ladies and gentlemen!" Mittens von Meowselsworth III nearly shouts into the microphone from a booth high above the competition grounds, the tiny helmet tuxedo cat having a booming voice that is known across planets as the announcer for all kinds of zany new reality television schemes. "It is my pleasure to bring you for the first time ever on television, Meowselsworth's Prisoner Deathmatch Extravaganza! Here's how it works: Our contestants, all death row inmates, are vying for their survival for the entertainment of you, our lovely viewers! Every deathmatch round, when the bell rings, our happy contestants start a competition, the end of which decides who gets to be the Team Leader, and who gets to be Team Loser! And not just that, but some of these prisoners are not prisoners at all. Some of these prisoners are, wait for it," and indeed, here Mittens pauses before enthusiastically almost singing into the microphone, "KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLER ROOOOOOOOBOOOOOOOTS!" The crowd goes wild with applause. After the success of The Real World with Killer Robots, Killer Robot Shore and Big Killer Robot, popular demand has demanded more and more killer robots in their television. "Who could have asked for better reality television?" The opening credits start to roll showing the various roles involved, Mittens's voice played over the footage.

This is a mafia type game, where each round the players vote to lynch one person, and at night, the killer robots kill one person. The goal is to eliminate all of the killer robots and earn your life back! Here are the roles that I'm thinking of including:

"The Team Leader: Every round, the team leader is voted on by all the contestants as the one who exemplifies leadership for whatever task our darling friends are assigned! The Team Leader gets two votes and is immune to killer robot attacks! Wowee, now that's a title worth fighting for!"

"The Snitch: The snitch is good at finding things out and ratting guys out. While he or she's not popular among our contestants at any other time, since the Snitch has been estimated 75% effective at figuring out a criminal's dirtiest secret, the Snitch might be able to eat like a king rather than sleep with them fishes!"

"The Cat Burglar: Meow! You gotta love those sweet sweet felin- Wait, not actually feline?! What a crock of sh- Ahem, I mean. What a crock of lollipops, viewers! The cat burglar is stealthy as any feline, and can choose to watch someone every round. The cat burglar will see exactly who chose to use their powers on their target, but not what those powers are!"

"The Hired Muscle: This guy or gal is tough as nails, but is he or she tough enough to tangle with a KILLER ROOOOOOOOOBOOOOOOOOT!? I don't know? Maybe? If the Hired Muscle decides to protect someone else from a Killer Robot attack, though, the person under his or her protection is as good as safe! Baralabaloom!" The crowd goes wild at the buzz word coined by Mittens in other reality television shows as it's exclaimed.

"The Heisters: These people know each other from all those crazy capers that they got sent to death row for. OH YOU SILLY CONTESTANTS! Since they're buddy buddy, they are aware that neither one of them is a robot, and can speak in their secret buddy code. How neat!"

"The Itchy Trigger Finger: I've never seen such a nervous nellie in my life! If startled, the Itchy Trigger Finger will shoot you in the face with a gun until you are dead! That's right, folks, don't try to protect, examine, or even killer robot this maniac, because this person is crazy crazy crazy about making sure all you privacy invaders are filled full of looking holes!"

"And now, for what you've all been waiting for. It's time to tell you about our friends. THE KILLER ROBOTS!"

"The Scanbot 6000: This bot can give you one filthy look and know what you're up to, up to a 75% success rate. Well, 75.04% according to the manual, but who the heck is counting, am I right? This robot is a dangerous opponent WHO KNOWS WHERE YOU SLEEP!"

"The Sneakbot Model 2.0: The sneakbot can watch one person without being detected. If anyone investigates or protects the person that the sneakbot is sneaking on, SNEAKBOT WILL BLOW THEIR HEAD OFF WITH A FRIGGIN' ROCKET BARALABALOOM!"

"Deathbot: The deathbot is just your standard ho-hum run of the mill deadly robot with an arsenal of covert weapons that can take a human being apart in 4 seconds or less, money back guarantee."


This roles list is tentative, and I will be balancing it according to the number of players who decide to join. No private messages will be allowed except for the Heisters, or the Killer Robots if they try to attack one another. Any violation of this rule will result in brutal dismemberment (but really, it's the honour system).

Count me in, especially if chainsaws are involved!


Huh ha huh! Dotting as well. What kind of info on our characters would you like?

dotting; shall post character soon.

Incarcerated: As one can only imagine, the criminal known as Murder Monk earned this name for crimes heinous and despicable. He is believed to be one Rekstahl Davila, born on the desert moon of Xailehc, famed for the numerous cults of forbidden gods that are frequently and inexplicably found and purged from its surface by the Intergalactic Council of Planets. If this assumption is correct, Rekstahl was born as the result of carnal rites performed and best left undescribed. Purportedly "saved" as a small child during one of the many raids on whatever cult was being exterminated at the time, Rekstahl was introduced to civilization and soon had a legacy all his own.

Strange deaths and mutilations seemed to always happen to people in the areas around where Rekstahl lived and worked as a charity relief agent. Frequently under suspicion, Rekstahl always managed to elude indictment as no tangible proof ever surfaced. Eventually, an ICP Agent named Jiminy uncovered a plan to unearth a relic buried below the city where Rekstahl lived which would summon some obscene and horrible dead god in bloody sacrifice. As Jiminy and his fellow Agents burst into the Miskatonic Charities office, Rekstahl knowing himself to be discovered initiated a device of some kind.

An unspeakable terror was unleashed and much of the city was devastated by a tenticular horror, the lives of hundreds of innocents fed to its insatiable appetite. Through the acts of many brave Agents and other citizens, the beast was destroyed or at least banished. Jiminy survived and managed to capture a creature which appeared to be wearing the garments of Rekstahl Davila, but was mutated and no longer clearly identifiable as the villain. His identity now in question, the creature was nicknamed Murder Monk by sensationalist media, and he was transferred to Tartarus a ultra-security prison built within the bowels of a dead planet long devoid of atmosphere from some catastrophe in the past.

When the call for "volunteers" for the new DeathMatch show was first announced, Murder Monk's name was mentioned quickly and often. It is suspected that even if Murder Monk wins freedom, a Killer Robot won't be far behind...

Personality: Demented, cold, and utterly calculating, Murder Monk has a sinister sneer and a penetrating gaze which intimidates many. Many suspect his dead god is pleased with his disciple and protects him. Many around the cultist suffer terrible nightmares of formless monsters who consume their souls in slow agonizing bites. He seems to revel in this inner pain and turmoil almost as if he can sense it. He knows that the game is most likely one grand double cross, but he very much plays to win none the less.

Appearance: Murder Monk wears bulky robes to hide his humped back and three vestigial mini-tentacles growing on side of his torso. He doesn't have conscious control of them as they seem to move based on nervous impulse. Fortunately they are short, and the bulky robe usually hides them well. His face has been distorted away from human, but with all the races in the galaxy, he doesn't yet look unusual enough to be distinctive. At least not his face.

"Is it time for my interview yet? Oh! Oh! I hope I'm not too late!"

Alina Malain bustles into the interview room, garbed in a rather fetching red corseted dress and matching heels, topped off with a red, lace-trimmed hat. Her makeup is immaculate, and her eyes are brilliant with excitement, her red-lipped mouth smiling wide.

She throws herself into the chair in front of the cameras and beams.

"Hello, viewers! My name is Alina, and I hope that I'm the contestant you all will be rooting for!"

She shifts in the chair, her wide, unblinking eyes flitting around.

"I'm sure you're all wondering why I'm here; well, you see, it was totally not my fault! I mean, just look at me! I'm obviously not your usual death row inmate!"

She frowns, just on the verge of pouting.

"I was just flying along in my Reliant hovercar, minding my own business, chatting with my darling friend Sierra on the vid-phone, and this car-full of thugs bumped into me! ME! Then, THEN, when we all grounded to exchange our hyper-insurance information, they yelled at me for talking on the phone! As if it was my fault!"

Miss Malain's grin suddenly returns, her wide eyes shining.

"The nerve of those fools! But the looks on their faces, well, while they still had faces that is, when I carved them all up into tiny tiny little pieces of blubbery flesh was fantastic! That's a bunch of idiots that won't hassle a poor girl all on her lonesome again!"

Alina looks directly into the camera and puts on her most winning smile.

"So that's why I hope you'll root for me! I stand up to bullies, and if that's a crime, well then, I'm a criminal, but cute little me will be standing up to EVERY bully in this contest, and I'm gonna win!"

Ah, yes. In your introduction please include:

Why were you on death row?



Feel free, as Smashtag already has, to do it in the form of a reality television interview. In fact, I encourage it.

For those of you new to these games:

Core Wars

DougFungus' Murder Mystery Tour

Mutants on the Cold Star

Wolves of the Weirwood

Ryuko's Murder Mystery Tour

These are just some examples of ones preceding this one.

Does the cat burgler also get to see if their target used any abilities on anyone else, or only if abilities were used on their target?

Captain Lockley was tried and convicted as the ringleader of the infamous "Zelghast Incident", the massacre that horrified the Ozmorian public and sparked second the Pan-Riviuran war.

Aaron is a conniving bastard but everyone who knew him knew he was a man of his word, and he still maintains his innocence. He's a charismatic fellow who joined the military after a rough childhood on the streets and has since proven himself a natural leader.

Aaron has the slender, toned build of an elite mech pilot. He was stripped of all military rank and honors, but still wears an unadorned flight suit bearing distinctly darker colored patches where his rank and unit insignia used to be.

I don't have the time to put together a more complete writup and interveiw right now, but I'll post one here or in my profile if I find a chance to write one...

The cat burglar only sees if abilities were used on their target, and who used those abilities. If the target uses their ability on themselves, they'll see that, too.

Also, the cat burglar does not actually see what the abilities used are.

So if we pretend Mittens is the Cat Burglar, it will look something like this:

Mittens watched EvilCriminal.

Mittens receives at round's end:
Belugabreath targeted EvilCriminal
Rarmonster targeted EvilCriminal

If EvilCriminal is found dead, we know that Belugabreath or Rarmonster is a killer robot (or Itchy Trigger Finger Was Targeted), as an example for the usefulness of this role.

Also, I think Itchy Trigger Finger will be limited to one kill per round, randomly determined among those who target them.

Ms. Kevorkia settles into her interview chair, all smiles and sugar and spice.

"Oh, thank you so much for the chance to be here!" she beams at the camera, "I just know this contest was meant for me to gain freedom, everyone knows that I shouldn't be incarcerated."

She stares wide eyed at the camera, convinced of her absolute innocence.

"I'm no criminal, I help society! With so, so many people now-a-days it's necessary that we remove those that aren't fit for civilized populations. Selective Pruning is the only answer, I'm sure that I'm just misunderstood and that once people realize my good works they'll embrace the pruning program."

Beaming her smile at the producers, she addresses them, rather than the camera.

"Surely you gentlemen can attest to my good works, with all the terrible reality shows on TV it was necessary for me to prune the incompetent among your ranks. My elimination of the producers for the Krapdashians was healthy for society and reality TV, don't you agree?"

Without waiting for an answer, she turns back to the camera and continues.

"Pruning is sooo good for everyone of us. Just like it makes a shrubbery healthy, it helps society to be healthy! Shoplifters, illegal lane changers, slow walkers, inattentive parents, loud talkers, imagine how great society would be if we pruned these people from among us. No more overcrowded schools, no more traffic jams, no more reservations required, if we just pruned society we could all live in bliss!"

Batting her long eyelashes and flashing her winning smile, Ms. Kevorkia postures for the camera, eager to begin the game show.

I am in of course. This looks to be really fun and your description, as always, is brilliant Meowselsworth.

I believe I will have a Misanthropic murderer, disillusioned with humanity or which this reality television is just another example. With of course a bit a metal thrown into the background.

A cloaked figure lurked amongst the waiting contestants. It shifted subtly, suggesting a motion of looking upward. It waited.

One of the show's staff (appropriately equipped with armour and weapons to deal with unruly prisoners) approached. "Dude, you're not on the list. Who are you and what are you doing here?"

The Hollow turned and spoke,


The man shrugged and tapped a new entry on a digital device. "Suit yourself. It's not my problem if you want to get killed on TV."

Hamish the Goat cowers in the shadow of what they call The Hollow.

He is not ready for this.

So far:

Treppa: TBD
pinvendor: Murder Monk
Smashtag: Alina Malain
Ioimprevisto: Aaron Lockley
Bombadil: Ms. Kevorkia
DSXMachina: TBD
Umbral Reaver: The Hollow
DougFungus: Hamish Cunningham
Mahorfeus: TBD

Count me in.


Treppa: TBD
pinvendor: Murder Monk
Smashtag: Alina Malain
Ioimprevisto: Aaron Lockley
Bombadil: Ms. Kevorkia
DSXMachina: TBD
Umbral Reaver: The Hollow
DougFungus: Hamish Cunningham
Mahorfeus: TBD
Chainmail: Wowbagger tIP

10 so far, let's see if we can get to 20!

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Has anyone played the video game Borderlands? I am picturing Meowselsworth III like Moxxxi in the Underdome. When playing, you can actually see Moxxxi with her top hat and megaphone on every board standing on this really high platform in the middle of the arena. I can really see a certain cat dancing excitedly at all the bloodsport, and hope she won't be particularly quiet, heh heh. :3

In fact, given the nature of this game, I almost wish I had skills to roll against to see how my character fares. Almost. :P

"Hwagh! So what if those giant arctic bears were an endangered species? With tusks as big as those, they had no excuse to lose against me!" he says in a loud voice, practically a shout, "Well, asides from the fact that I'm utterly unstoppable, of course. I suppose it wasn't their fault - the dinosaurs couldn't do anything about that big-ass rock, after all."

Pausing, the incredibly tall, muscular man takes a moment to admire his bulging right arm, making sure that the camera captures the image in all its majestic glory.

"But to execute me for it? Oh, come on! What happened to man versus nature? Survival of the fittest? Charles @#$%ing Darwin?! It was my natural right to prove that I was stronger than all them, and yet the 'authorities' called me an 'ecoterrorist,' whatever the hell that is! You know whose fault it was? All those damned activists and hippies, with their flowers and their peace signs!"

The look of utter disgust on Alexander's face is palpable, though seeing the need to emphasize his point further, he leans over and spits on the ground, before wiping his mouth with one of his fur bracers.

"And now this damn cat wants me to fight robots! Robots! Fake men! Fake! If she thinks that they can kill me simply because they're made of metal, then she has another thing coming!"

At this point Alexander is on his feet, holding the cameraman's shoulders in an iron death grip and shaking him as he continues to shout at the camera.


A dozen or so guards promptly interrupt, dogpiling Alexander and beating him into submission with billy clubs. The video closes with a splendid view of the ceiling.

"Wowee, death threats already," says Mittens to the camera people in the booth in a small voice, before seeming quite pleased. "RATINGS GOLD!"

Join, people, Join! These games are great fun, see the links above. Everyone is welcome, 20 players makes it better. Don't be shy, give it a try!

The small being sits upon a chair, calmly looking at all the guards as they aim weapons larger than her at her cat like head, her ears flicking around slowly at the sounds of their hearts and steady breaths. A paltry grin crosses her maw.

"Tell them the answer to the question." One guard growls.

"Why am I here on Death Row?" It says in a gentle tone, almost musical in it's accent but it does not move but for her ears and tail, "If I told you it may be unseemly."

"Tell them."

"Very well. You see, my race was never clever beings and even the view of their most idiotic upon skewers did not elevate their intelligence. What was I to do with this whole travesty of humanoids? They could not understand the need for the eugenics program or the sterilization of their most offensive progeny. They did not heed the warnings to neutralize their destructive behaviour. They rebelled. They paid."

She sat back, ever so calmly dipping a cloth in a water dish and wiping behind her ears like a cat would lick her paw and do the same.

"Hey buddy your on"
A Steely Machine takes the stage.


The machine turns to the audience


He looks at the floor in shame and the audience let's out a collective Awwwww


He turns to the camera, and squares himself. Showing a fully mechanized death machine.


The machine reaches out to the stage crew worker who showed him on stage.


And promptly throws him into the camera.

"Please note for the purposes of this competition, not all robots who kill are necessarily considered killer robots!" explains Mittens upon the camera's scrambling from being struck by one of the workers and then suddenly seems to remember product placement. "The killer robots used in this competition are manufactured and provided by Innards to Outards Robotics Solutions Inc."

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Tales Subscriber
Meowselsworth wrote:
"The killer robots used in this competition are manufactured and provided by Innards to Outards Robotics Solutions Inc."[/b]

Owned and operated by Baron Eichorn von Ryuko, right? :P

Of course. He might have been responsible for my mother's death, but advertisers are advertisers.

Von Ryuko is like the Saturday morning cartoon villain. So you can blame pretty much everything on him, just expect him to get away with it. :P

He rubbed his stubby chin, a soft stubble dark against his honeyed skin. The sound rasps softly throughout the empty pale room, institutional green upon the walls producing a sickly green glow - in contrast the the vibrant figure.

Looking through red-rimmed eyes, straight into the camera and into the viewers souls, as if they were not there.

”Explain, why I am here?” he laughs, a harsh statacco burst that seems strangely hypnotic. "Like you really care, viewers?"

The strong-features defined just enough to give the effect of a finished statue, a masterpiece of passion. Full lips quirked into an unsettlingly handsome cruel smile, parting just slightly he seems to smoulder with a masculine presence. A raw charisma, capable of turning the heads and hearts.

"Alright watchers, I'll tell you who I am. I'll give you that pleasure; a small release from the mundanity of your existence. You can observe me the great Brynjard 'Ihsahn' Silenoz."

His words are intense. "You know my crimes - Acting outside a system that enslaves you, self-imposed restrictions and those placed of the idiots of the government. They are FOOLS; either you know that and are too lazy or corrupt to stop them, or you're too in awe of them. They are just humans! Stand with me throw off the SHACKLES!"

***********INTERRUPTION TO BROADCAST*******************

The picture breaks up before returning, he is sat in a different room. One without a table, a dark bruise upon his face but looking defiant.

He stands slowly unfurling to his full height; "Or you can watch me be ripped apart by robots for my 'crimes'. That of not conforming to your imagined pathetic rules, the proprietary and hypocrisy with which you act disgust even me."

Shaking his head a soft mane of raven lock flick over his countenance; "I will be your hero, your anti-hero. I will do those things you only fantasise about, but would never do... look into your vile putrid imaginations and I do that which you would never dare."

Piercing azure eyes flicker with intellect, "Reality TV?!? This is no reality, it is your sordid nightmares. The visceral excitement you crave I will bring you; with my other competitors; we will be Gladiators for your entertainment."

Advancing upon the camera his face takes up the whole frame as he rips it away from the wall positioning it so he is the only one in shot. "Hiding and alone in your homes, watching the flicker of the screen....act don't sit there. Create don't stagnate. Experience don't be afraid. The world is out there....act, don't abide by their RULES! Break the chains."

He turns and drops the camera; a line of static fizzles across the picture as he walks from the room. Unescorted, unfettered.

Dotting. For now.

The mousy-looking woman in a tailored business suit and glasses sits primly in the interview chair, staring calmly at the camera.

"Quite frankly, this is ridiculous. I may manage those idiots, but that does not make me responsible for deaths resulting from the laser malfunction at their last concert. Every attendee signed a waiver of liability holding all of us, wholly and severally, harmless for damages incurred as a result of their reckless spectating."

Her head cocks thoughtfully. "Not that this is bad for publicity. I estimate 2 billion viewers for the first rounds, more later if charismatic competitors come to the fore. With the standard advertising rates, I estimate a gross of... *there is an obvious edit and the video skips to an entirely new section of the interview* "I will certainly do my best to ensure high ratings, particularly if it also involves my coming out of this alive. Our next concerts should be the biggest yet. I do not wish to miss that."

She stares impassively into the camera until somebody stops the feed.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The camera focuses on Eldon's face for a moment. He sits in a chair, a single light shining down from above. He is dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit, hands shackled in front of him.

A voice off screen speaks. "Tell us why you're here Eldon."

Eldon doesn't look up. "You know why."

"Please, humor me. Let's get the story of that day from you."

Eldon gives a chuckle. "My story? Fine. No one else cares. But I'll tell ya. I was doing my ice cream route. That's right, ice cream. It's what I do. Well did."

"So I'm on my route when this guy runs up, says his name is John Bowyer or somethin'. Says it's gonna be a long day and he needs to commandeer my truck. Gotta stop a bomb or somesuch. He had a badge, who am I to argue. But 'fore I get out, some guys start shootin' at us. So I take off, this Bowyer guy taking shots behinds us. What the hell, I'm sayin'."

"We end up losin' 'em, but John took a bullet. Has me drive while he sews himself up. I figure why not, he's the good guy, right? Well we head down to a warehouse down by the docks. This point, I'm thinkin' I'm just droppin' him off. But no, he says wait for him. So I do. What happens? Warehouse blows up."

"So I'm sittin' there, watching this place burn, snacking on a Bomb Pop oddly enough. Time to leave, 'course. But as I start drivin', I hear somethin' land on the roof. It's that Bowyer guy again, yells at me an address. We take off, him on top. What's he doing? He's got another guy up there, sawing his arms off. Apparently someone's gonna blow up the city, and this guy knows how."

"By this time I realize I'm headin' towards City Hall. Bowyer's ditched the other guy and climbed inside. Tells me to ram the front doors, says the place has been taken over. Throws a gun down next to me, tells me I'm gonna have to back him up. I've never fired a gun in my life, I tell him that. Says it's time to learn."

"So we ram the door, Bowyer gets out and starts shootin' guys left and right. I'm followin' behind, no idea what I'm doin'. I take like two shots, don't hit a thing. He keeps movin' forward, heads to the mayor's office."

"We head inside only to have this guy holdin' a gun to the mayor's head. Bowyer and him start doin' one of those standoffs you see in movies. Place is on fire at this point, smoke all over. No idea how it got started. So while these two are doin' some dramatic talkin' crap, I try to sneak out. Only I can't see, so I end up right next to this bad guy. He looks down, goes to shoot me and Bowyer puts one right in his head. What a mess."

"And that's what happened?"

"Well, yea. What more do you want?"

"What happened with you and this Bowyer guy."

"Well, he did save my life, so as we're leavin', I offer him a free ice cream. Least I can do."

"And did he take the ice cream."

"Nope, says he didn't like ice cream."

"So how did this make you feel?"

"Feel? What kind of man doesn't like ice cream? I beat him to death right there."

The video ends at this point.

Alright, I would like to get this show on the road Friday, I think. I will be having Friday and Monday cutoffs like in Core Wars, at 6:00pm paizo time. While I am sometimes out later on Friday, I will be not accepting any votes or pms after 6:00. In order that we have complete information about how the roles work:
Scanbot and the Snitch: when they succeed in a scan, it will give the exact role. If they fail a scan, I will assign all living players (except for the one being scanned and the one scanning) a number, and choose a number at random in order to determine what they are scanned as. A killer robot scanned improperly may still show up as a different sort of killer robot, for example.
Cat burglar: The cat burglar will get a full list of anyone using powers on their target, but not what powers were used.
Hired Muscle: Upon a successful protection, the hired muscle will not determine who made the attack, but both the hired muscle and the killer robot(s) targeting the protected will both be informed that there was a successful protection.
Itchy Trigger Finger: If more than one person activates the Itchy Trigger Finger's powers, then the extra death is chosen randomly. This character can kill a maximum of one person per round.
Sneakbot: The killer robots only get one kill per round, and if the sneakbot's powers are activated, then this is the robot kill for the round. If more than one player activates the sneakbot's abilities, a death is chosen randomly.
If there is a tie for lynching, nobody dies.
If there is a tie for Team Leader, the Team Leader remains from the previous round. If there was no Team Leader for the previous round (first round, or the Team Leader somehow died, as they are not protected from lynching), there is no Team Leader.
If there is a tie for Robot killing, the death is determined randomly among the characters who have the highest number of votes against them.
First round: The game will start on Friday, and I want one week for the characters to get to know each other, for the first round is a bit special: The Team Leader is determined on the Monday by vote, and the round's actual end will be the Friday after.

Any questions about roles can be asked whenever they come up: If you PM me for information about a role, I will answer the question on the Discussion page, so everyone has the same information, but I won't say who asked the question or even post the exact syntax of the query, so that writing style analysis will not be usable. I will send PMs to all previous players to let them know that last call is here. Thank you everyone, and I hope you enjoy the Extravaganza!

Treppa: Charlene F. Oftenseen
pinvendor: Murder Monk
Smashtag: Alina Malain
Ioimprevisto: Aaron Lockley
Bombadil: Ms. Kevorkia
DSXMachina: Brynjard 'Ihsahn' Silenoz
Umbral Reaver: The Hollow
DougFungus: Hamish Cunningham
Mahorfeus: Alexander Maxerson
Chainmail: Wowbagger tIP
Finwa: Finwa
Octavian42: Prof. Tinkerton
Xzaral: Eldon Gorski

13 players so far. 7 more days, 7 more players to reach our goal! :3

"What? No! This is Stephano! Don't you know? It's the sorcery, and it all calls to me!"

"No, Stephano. No. I mean. Just. No. No. No, I don't. No. Stephano, no. No. Okay? No. Yes. No. I said no. I did not say yes, why would I even say yes? I did not say yes twice! Now you're just being ridiculous, no. Stephano, you're embarrassing me. Ssh."

The camera pans downward from the ceiling to focus on a fellow that has a plague doctor's wardrobe on -- staff, robes, and bird-beaked mask. Attached to the top of the staff is a puppet, and this is what Velval is speaking to.

In the background, someone seems to say, "Where did he get that staff? Who let him have that staff back?!"

In response, Velval snaps towards the camera, watching it while speaking with a high pitched voice, almost excited, "It comes to me! It comes to me! Stephano would never let Velval down. The dark magic, it calls! That's why they all had to burn! Hahahahaha! We're watching, kitty-kitty-kitty cat! Purr purr purr."

Ooohhh dotting. Thinking an anarcho-punk, burn-it-all-down type. Definitely have to be english and quite the whily psychopath. Details to come.

"vhy this looks ta be the most fun I've had in years, how vonderful." Cardon Mars the Four exclaims jumping up and down in his chair like a small school girl on the first day of school.

I need to dot in before the deadline but I don't have the time to post his whole story, I will post tomorrow probably, if that is ok?

Yeah, great more fresh meat....sorry players.

Great to have you aboard The Most Righteous Overlord & BiscuitWizard.

Yep, so long as you dot and have a brief outline before next friday - welcome.

"Please state why you were incarcerated."

James sits with a huge s+*+-eating grin under the powerful studio lights. "Mate it'd be easier to say why I wasn't... I mean I've done it all, had the fun you pussies couldn't believe. I ran the triads off of Majoris Minor just because I scared 'em too bad to keep operatin' there. There was this one bloke I got mad at, so I waited until he stopped in an alley, blocked his car doors with a dumpster, poked a hole in the top with a drill bit and then poured kerosene in. His screams were sweet as honey all 'no... James... stop... please'." His smile grows larger. "So I tells him... 'Shouldn't have parked in my spot Tommy. That's my spot... you know that.' Then I throw in the match. Shame his girl was in the car though, wouldn't have minded a taste o' that piece of work afterward, but ya just can't let people disrespect you like that."

"And that's why you are incarcerated?"

James' big brown eyes light up. "What that? Nah... nobody ever knew about that. Bet Jimmy's family is surprised to find out who did it. I got caught for stealing."



"And put on death row for it?"

"I guess the crime was technically 'Violating and Assault of a Royal Personage of the planet Arcturus Prime' but I just intended to take her damn jewels. Not my fault she kept 'em so close to her t#&%. And not my fault her boytoy was all 'You will not violate my lady sir.' You believe these blue-blood wankers? So I slapped the crap out of him." James scratches his stubble with a long fingernail. "With a bit of pipe."

"Well that makes sense you'd be on death row then."

"Nah, that got me life. I'm on death row for what I did to my cellmate."

"Your cellmate?"

"Deaf bastard just wouldn't turn his damn music down. So I eviscerated him... with a Q-Tip."

"You're joking."

"You think?"

Ryuko here, checking in.

The camera turns back on, focusing on the Stephano, a lifeless doll perched on top of a staff.

The room is dark, with only emergency lights on, as though the entire filming room is closed. Nothing happens, just Stephano staring lifelessly into the camera.

It's evident that this is after hours. No one is here except for Stephano and the camera.

After thirty or so seconds, the camera turns back off.

Treppa: Charlene F. Oftenseen
pinvendor: Murder Monk
Smashtag: Alina Malain
Ioimprevisto: Aaron Lockley
Bombadil: Ms. Kevorkia
DSXMachina: Brynjard 'Ihsahn' Silenoz
Umbral Reaver: The Hollow
DougFungus: Hamish Cunningham
Mahorfeus: Alexander Maxerson
Chainmail: Wowbagger tIP
Finwa: Finwa
Octavian42: Prof. Tinkerton
Xzaral: Eldon Gorski
biscuitWizard: Velval/Stephano
The Most Righteous Overlord: Cardon Mars the Four
Ryuko: James Herecea

Yay! 16!

(Oh, also in my complete rules description, I will need to add that you cannot vote for yourself for Team Leader. A vote for yourself is considered a null vote.)

The screen is black as the sounds of manic laughter echo through the speakers.

"I'm only going to ask you one more time to sit down and put on your restraints before I am forced to use force, don't make my count to five" Says an authoritative, male voice over the laughter. Though when he says he's going to count to five he almost sounds like he's pleading instead of commanding.

The laughter stalls as a black shape moves away from the camera, causing it to unfocus and temporally be blinded by light. Cardon's face appears in the camera with a large distorted smile on his face due to so close to the lens.

"Vey, is is dis thing on," He begins giggleing to himself.

"I'm glad you find it amusing, now sit down!" A large man in a dark suit appears on camera and pulls Cardon back to a chair with eight different buckles.

"Vhy must you do zat? I vas only curious." Cardon says looking up to the man.

"Cardon behave your self, now tell the nice people why your hear,"

"My plea for inzanity vas denied" He begins laughing hysterical, again.

"BZZZZZZZZZ". The lights flicker as Cardon convulses, when it's over he slumps down in his chair. Held upright only by the seven buckles on him.

"Now answer the question Mr. Mars I'm done playing games,"

"Vine, I vas convicted of a vew very minor accidents that veren't really my fault." He says tiredly and out of breath, with six buckles holding him up.

"The pile of ashes that DNA matched that of so human remains found in the ally along with you?'

"Self-Denfense" Five buckles, still buckled.

"So why did that city bus explode into flames? The one that happened to have the ambassador on it?"

"Self-Denfense vor my client" Four buckles still buckled.

"Right... So do you have anything else to say?"

"Vny yes, you see all those tings I did, I did wid electricity and zuch. He begins giggling and laughing again. Three buckles buckled "And you 'ave just given me a veapon again."

"Quiet! BZZZZZZZ", Two buckles left

Cardon slumps in his chair held up by one strap, still laughing quietly. The finale strap fell away as the lights went out.

"BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" A large arch of light flashed across the screen.

The lights flickered back on, Cardon's face the only thing to be seen. The alarm started going off. The screen went dark with manic laughing the only thing to be heard.

The Exchange

The former ruler of an empire....

Diposed from rulership and on death row for treason and crimes against the new ruler......

Another bump!

Last-ish chance to join!

After running some mock scenarios, I'm going to tweak the Team Leader role a bit for balance. If there is a tie, there is no Team Leader. A character cannot be Team Leader two rounds in a row.

Treppa: Charlene F. Oftenseen
pinvendor: Murder Monk
Smashtag: Alina Malain
loimprevisto: Aaron Lockley
Bombadil: Ms. Kevorkia
DSXMachina: Brynjard 'Ihsahn' Silenoz
Umbral Reaver: The Hollow
DougFungus: Hamish Cunningham
Mahorfeus: Alexander Maxerson
Chainmail: Wowbagger tIP
Finwa: Finwa
Octavian42: Prof. Tinkerton
Xzaral: Eldon Gorski
biscuitWizard: Velval/Stephano
The Most Righteous Overlord: Cardon Mars the Four
Ryuko: James Herecea
Freddy Honeycutt: Duke Leto Atredies

17 players, this is truly last call!

Posting to say I'm joining. :3 Background to come in a bit.

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