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Meowselsworth's Prisoner Deathmatch Extravaganza! (Inactive)

Game Master Meowselsworth

A mafia type game with killer robots.

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Ice Cream Man

The cow clips Eldon in the shoulder, spinning him around. His left arm hangs useless at his side, a grimace of pain on Eldon's face. "You're gonna die, big man!" A laser strikes where Eldon was standing as he runs at the big man, swinging his right arm in a fist at Alexander.

The dark, cloaked figure lingers near the battle, seemingly unfazed by the violence. It looms, watching them silently.

Several minutes into the fight, the Hollow speaks,



As Alexander sees the fist closing in, he steps forward to meet it with his own.

"Take this!

The force of the collision sends Alexander reeling back, nearly putting him right in the path of a laser. He quickly ducks down, gritting his teeth as the scorching beam grazes his arm.

Female Helmet Cat

"With things heating up, will we be able to make out a clear victor before our show gets cancelled?" cries Mittens, "I SURE HOPE SO!" She fires another blast, cutting a path of melted stone through the arena.

Female Helmet Cat

"I don't need to cut to a commercial to tell you what happened this round: NOTHING. If nothing happens this next round EVERYBODY DIES! GAME BLOOPING OVER! BARALABOOOOOOOOM!" The feline cuts a pit through the field.

Round ended. If there is no team leader elected, no team loser slain, no itchy trigger finger shooting, or no robot zapping, everyone dies, and this is a null game. Tick tock. Next round begin.

"Final round, eh? I guess I can't afford to hold back anymore!"

Ducking under Meowselsworth's sweeping laser, Alexander dives towards Eldon, readying an uppercut.

Alexander votes for Eldon

Ice Cream Man

Eldon feels a tooth go flying as Alexander's blow connects. The force spins him around, but he comes at him with a strike of his own. "One of us ain't walkin' away from here! You beat me, you got my support!"

Eldon votes Alexander team loser. And Team Leader. Hey, he's going through this toe to toe, might as well.

The Hollow drifts about, and comments,


Whatever that means, the Hollow votes Eldon Team Loser and Alexander Team Leader.

Female Helmet Cat

"EVERYONE BURN!!!" Mittens is apparently in a foul mood, and still tearing up the field with laserbeams. Be careful out there!

Ice Cream Man

"Damn cat! Damn whatever you are!" Eldon avoids a swing from Alexander, only to feel a laser beam sear down his backside. "And will you just SHUT UP! I'll beat this guy myself, my vote goes to that thing!"

Eldon votes The Hollow Team Loser.
Eldon votes Alexander Team Leader.

Female Helmet Cat

As Eldon and Alexander fight, the Hollow seems to appear in a blur of speed, reaching towards Alexander's throat, to which Alexander reflexively punches a hole through its chest. It's enough to give one pause, as there are sparks and fire coming out of its chest. It seems the robot is discovered...

"THIS IS IT!" says Mittens, turning the lasers to Eldon Gorski, turning the ice cream man to ashes, leaving only one competitor on the field...

The Hollow was killed by the Itchy Trigger Finger. The Hollow was a Deathbot.
Eldon Gorski was Team Loser. Eldon Gorski was the Heister.
Alexander Maxerson has survived the Deathmatch. He is the Itchy Trigger Finger.

Congratulations Criminals!

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