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Megan's Curse of the Crimson Throne

Game Master Megan Robertson

Paizo's Curse of the Crimson Throne AP, running under the Pathfinder ruleset.

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Una would be so like "Told you so."


Tee hee... and welcome (back)!!!

We are looking for a 4th player at level 7th for our Crimson Throne Game. We have Healing and we have fighting power.. short on Arcane or roguish skills. We have a human-male, Paladin of IOMEDAE, a Dwarven-male, Inquisitor of GORUM, a human-male Druid.

Post proposals.. really anything would work... looking for two slots!

I'm in another of Megan's games. I'd be up for another game,a rogue sounds nice.

Cool... likely we might have to find you to maintain story continuity as we are walking into an 'actual' dungeon for holding prisoners of House Arkona in Korvosa. A Major Noble House ...apparently completely overrun by Rakshasa! Though its possible we might find you wandering the Maze trying to get out? I expect you would generate your gear based on wealth by level at 7th.

A little about me as a poster, since I know that posting rate is bound to come up. I GM three games here on the boards and I plan in about 10. Some are rapid 2-3/day post games, some like the Kingmaker game that Megan GM's , are 2-3/week post games. I'm OK with both.

Would a background as a nobleman who was an enemy of House Arkona be beneficial then? Or perhaps a burglar who got caught at the wrong place and sent down to the dungeons? I think the idea of a nobleman who can disarm traps pretty far fetched....

I'll look into it more later on.

Oh I would so love to play in one of Megan's games. So far, we've both been players once, and she played in one of mine.

I offer Edmund Gwenn, a sage-bloodlined, middle-aged, human sorcerer. Edmund owned a book store and was quite happy to read every book that went through his shop. He read several on magic and found that by doing so, he had trained himself in the arcane arts, to an extent. He would have been content to spend his remaining years with his books, but his only son went missing one day, and Edmund dusted off his magic books, closed his shop, and set out on his search. Originally, this was a motivation that led him to Rappan Athuk, but I'm sure that motivation will work a hundred times better in the chaos of mid-Crimson Throne Korvosa. I would assume his search angered done nobleman, and that's how he wound up in this dungeon.

As for his build, unlike all my other sorcerers who are built around a theme, Edmund's "theme" is "all the player's favourite spells". He uses the favoured class bonus and Expanded Arcana feats to know as many spells as possible.

He's currently level 2, and I would tweak a few things in addition to leveling him up.

We're all 8th Ashe.. Unless there supposed to come in a level behind..

Opps! My bad.. no level 8 just like our more mindful dwarf said.. my bad!

Dotting for interest. No time right now, but have a rogue/wizard from another CoT campaign.

Here is GM Niles' character. Ignore the profile, I'll update it. I recycle profiles.

Uriah Lewis, world traveler and thief:
Uriah is a Chelaxian from Korvosa. He spent his formative years as a curpurse working the merchant's district. A brush with Hellknights in his teen years sent him running from Korvosa on the first thing he could, a caravan going through Casmaron to Tien Xia. He enjoyed caravaning, and made several return trips, each time the caravan would stop in a town, he would take the opportunity to "enrich" himself at the expense of some rich merchant. His travels in Minkai led him to study several texts of Ninjutsu of the Swallowtail Clan. It was these texts which taught him how to focus his mind and body to perform tasks that he never dreamed possible. The caravan eventually stopped in Magnimar, and then Sandpoint. He got off and moved on to Korvosa when her heard that the King had died, easy money to be made stealing during all that chaos. His apprehension by the House Arkona while he was burglarizing one of their holdings was his greatest embarrassment to date. He would very much like to get out of their dungeon alive.

Uriah Lewis, personality and motivations:
Uriah is a mercenary and a coward. He knows his strengths and he likes to never be seen, if he does have to resort to combat, he prefers to stay at ranged using his Tien Chi crossbow he named "Heartseeker". His primary motivation now is getting free of the dungeon, long term his is after fame and fortune, unless someone changes his mind.

Uriah isn't a "good guy" type but more of a selfish rogue. However, he remembers his upbringing as a street waif and if the party works to make Korvosa better, he would follow along. Especially if it meant he could get his sticky fingers on some of those crown jewels...


"Uriah Lewis
Male Human Rogue 8
N medium humanoid
Init +9 Senses Normal Vision Perception +14
AC 20, touch 15, flat-footed 15
hp 59
Fort 4 Reflex 11 Will 5
Speed 30 ft
Melee +1 Mithral Dagger +8 / +3 (1d4+2/19-20/x2)
Ranged +1 Seeking Crossbow, light +12 / +7 (1d8+1/19-20/x2)
Special Attacks Sneak Attack
Space 5 Reach 5
STR 12 DEX 21 CON 14 INT 12 WIS 16 CHA 12
BAB 6 CMB 7 CMD 22
Feats Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Improved Initiative, Rapid Reload (Light), Deadly Aim
Skills Acrobatics 16, Appraise 6, Bluff 10, Climb 7, Diplomacy 1, Disable Device 18, Disguise 1, Escape Artist 16, Fly 5, Heal 3, Intimidate 1, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 5, Knowledge (local) 12, Linguistics 7, Perception 14, Burglar 10, Ride 5, Sense Motive 12, Sleight of Hand 14, Stealth 21, Survival 3, Swim 5, Use Magic Device 6
Languages Common, Tien, Elven, Vudrani, Varisian
Gear +1 Mithral Dagger, +1 Seeking Crossbow - light, Bolts - crossbow (20), Bolt - Tangle (5), +1 Shadow Mithral Chain Shirt, 1200GP (Plan on grabbing some scrolls with the GP.)
Human Traits (Core 27)

• Bonus Feat (Core 27): You gain 1 bonus feat at 1st level*.

• Skilled (Core 27): You gain 1 additional skill rank at

each level*.

Favorite Class Options

• You gain 1 bonus rogue talents.


• World Traveler (Sense Motive) (APG 332): You gain a +1

trait bonus on Sense Motive* and it is always a class skill

for you*.

• Fast-Talker (APG 330): You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff

checks*, and Bluff is always a class skill for you*.

Class Features

• Archetype(s): Burglar

• Armor Proficiency: You are proficient in Light Armor. *

• Weapon Proficiency: You are proficient with all Simple

weapons. Additionally you are proficient with the following

weapons: Crossbow, hand; Rapier; Sap; Shortbow; Sword,


• Sneak Attack (Core 68): If your target would be denied its

Dexterity bonus or you are flanking the target, on a

successful hit you deal an additional 4d6 points of


• Trapfinding (Core 68): You add +4 to Perception skill

checks made to locate traps and to Disable Device skill

checks*. You can use Disable Device to disarm magic traps.

• Evasion (Core 68): If you make a successful Reflex saving

throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on

a successful save, you take no damage. A helpless character

does not gain the benefit of evasion.

• Rogue Talents (Core 68): You have acquired new skills.

Only one talent can be applied to any one attack.

• Fast Getaway (Ex) (APG 130): After successfully

making a sneak attack or Sleight of Hand check, you can

spend a move action to take the withdraw action.

• Fast Stealth (Ex) (Core 68): You can move at full

speed using the Stealth skill without penalty.

• Ki Pool (Ex) (UC 69): You gain a small ki pool. This

ki pool is similar to a ninja’s ki pool, but your ki pool

does not grant any extra attacks. You gain 3 ki points a


• Ninja Trick (Ex) (UC 70): You have selected the

following Ninja Trick(s):

• Vanishing Trick (Su) (UC 16): You can disappear

for 8 rounds. This ability functions as invisibility and

uses up 1 ki point.

• Darkvision (Su) (UC 15): You gain darkvision (60

feet) for 1 hour. This costs 1 ki point.

• Trap Sense (Ex) (Core 69): You get a +2 bonus to Reflex

save to avoid traps and a +2 Dodge Bonus to Armor Class on

attacks made by traps

• Careful Disarm (Ex) (APG 132): Whenever you attempt to

disarm a trap using Disable Device, you does not spring the

trap unless you fail by 10 or more. If you do set off a

trap you were attempting to disarm, you add double your

trap sense bonus to avoid the trap.

• Distraction (Ex) (APG 132): Whenever you are detected

while using Stealth, you can immediately attempt a Bluff

skill check opposed by the Sense Motive skill of the

creature that spotted you If this check succeeds, the

target assumes that the noise was something innocent and

disregards the detection.


• Point-Blank Shot (Core 131): You get a +1 bonus on attack

and damage rolls with ranged weapons at ranges of up to 30


• Precise Shot (Core 131): You can shoot or throw ranged

weapons at an opponent engaged in melee without taking the

standard –4 penalty on your attack roll.

• Improved Initiative (Core 127): You get a +4 bonus on

initiative checks.*

• Rapid Reload (Light) (Core 132): The time required for you

to reload a light crossbow is reduced to a free


• Deadly Aim (Core 121): You can choose to take a –2 penalty

on all ranged attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to

gain a +4 to your damage roll.

• Armor Proficiency, Light (Core 118): You are proficient

wearing light armor.

Magic Items

• +1 Shadow Mithral Chain shirt (Core 150): Shadow: +5 on

stealth checksSpell failure decreased by 10%*, Max Dex

Bonus +2*, ACP -3*

• Belt of Physical Might +2 (DEX/CON) (Core 502): You

receive a +2 enhancement bonus to dexterity and


• Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 (Core 516): The headband

grants the wearer an enhancement bonus to Wisdom of +2.*

In the process of updating Edmund to 8th level. Should finish tomorrow.

Here is Tirion's submission.

May I present Aerieth Deventis. She was in another CoT campaign, which eventually had the posting drop to the point where I had no clue what was happening or what her personality was. (In the first 200 days of this year, there were just under 200 posts, total.) I withdrew from the campaign as it had become more work trying to figure out what was happening when a new post would appear every week or two.

Aerieth is currently Rogue 2/Wizard(Air Elementalist) 3 -- most likely when I level her to level 8, she would be Rogue 3/Wizard 5. Then my intention is to go straight Arcane Trickster thereafter. If the party is level 7, then she would be Wizard 5/Rogue 2.

As an air elementalist, she is lacking some of the nice earth spells like Glitterdust, but has lots of fun spells, both buffing and attack spells. Eventually, her sneak attack will make her very effective for fighting and will also boost her attack spells.

As far as her background goes, Aerieth had a bit of a habit when young to borrow items from others, and forget to return them. Her parents had influence and her, indiscretions, were generally overlooked. However, one day her parents were ambushed in eastern Cheliax. After this, the people of her small elvish village became less willing to overlook her borrowing of items. Eventually, she was told by the elders of her elvish community that she could no longer live there. She ended up in Westcrown where she was recruited by the rebels.

I played through most of the second book in the AP with her. Never played the 1st or other CoT books.

Ok.. my vote is for Aerieth and Edmund... I just like their stories! :) Not that the other submission was not good.. I just like those two the most.

But mine is not the only decision! :)

Edmund is updated. I tweaked his backstory to fit Crimson Throne.

Hey Edmund - how did you escape from Rappan Athuk? I played the party's frog . . , er, grippli.

Will try to get Aerieth updated to level 8 this evening.

Aerieth Deventis wrote:

Hey Edmund - how did you escape from Rappan Athuk? I played the party's frog . . , er, grippli.

Will try to get Aerieth updated to level 8 this evening.

He opened one more random door in that place and it activated a portal into an alternate reality which he fell through and ended up here. The portal had no purpose, like almost everything else in that dungeon, but hey, it came in handy!

As an aside, I thought I'd point out that this is a Curse of the Crimson Throne game you're applying to. Everything in your application suggests Council of Thieves...

Lol - yeh, I just noticed that this morning. Although, all things considered the background and location for the two are not that disparate. I always mix up CoT and CoCT.

In the CoCT, I have sort of played parts of the 3rd and 4th books. Not sure how much I know as that campaign seemed to really have cut things and is currently running at a very slow snails pace.


Megan seems pretty popular around here. Is there more space in any of her games. I have always wanted to play curse.

Hmmm... two more applicants - Uriah & Cardboard...

We have three players, most AP's are designed for 4.. but we're going with 5. I'm not sure if Megan would want 6. I'll ask... she may not care.

For now Recruitment is closed while we consider our applicants.

Cardboard.. you need to post or update your profile so we have a character to consider! Thank you all!

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