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Mass Effect: Torchbearers (Inactive)

Game Master UltraFennec

A Mass Effect universe game set in the two-year interim between ME1 and ME2, with potential to go further. Using a homebrewed conversion of Star Wars SAGA Edition ruleset.

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I've got a character background and stat block ready. The stats are in rough form and I'd need to properly format them all for pretty viewing, but here it is:

California Clarke

I'll write a physical description once the chief has finalized his tweaks to the armor system.

Like Shadow says, I'm looking at tweaking the armor system. Currently up in the Conversion Doc is a tentative idea that would eliminate the need for Armor Proficiency feats and allow people to customize their armor through ugprade modules as opposed to just buying a whole "off-the-rack" suit.

It's not at all finished because I just had this idea today, so I still need to actually take the armors apart and price upgrades.

The essential idea though is that everyone would run off their level dependent defense bonuses + class bonuses, and be buying semi-permanent upgrades to their base defensive competencies instead of switching out armor suits and whatnot.

I'll be up front here and say that I'm not confident yet, at all, of the possible balance of such a system or if the game engine will even work right that way, but I think it's worth a try as a unique way of solving the armor problem SWSE has.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If I find I can't wrangle this to my satisfaction, then I'll just put everything back the way it was. No biggie.

OK, I've decided on applications. I'll be selecting four, count 'em 4 players and their characters to join me on this adventure into the ME Universe. Many thanks to everyone who applied, and if I need to pick up new or replacements players, I'll be looking here first. Consider your applications "on file" as it were.

Our lucky contestants are:
Wandslinger and his Turian Soldier!
ShadowDragon8685 and his Human Engineer!
Luke_Parry and his Quarian Infiltrator!
Sigz and his Asari Adept!

As for venue, I'd like to start with Google Docs, and see where we go from there.

My request to you guys is to give Google Docs a chance. I was skeptical too when I first started playing with it, but it work rather well IMO and gives me some options for creative GMing that I can't do with a single forum thread.

So if you already have a Google account, if you could PM me your username/address for that, I'll be able to share the IC/OOC docs with you guys as soon as they're ready.

If you don't have a Google account for something, you'll need to create one.

I still need to pick my talents, Destiny, and record down my Force Points. Hrm.....

Yay! I'm in :)

I need to re-read the conversion guide and re-stat my char I believe, re-allocate a feat and double check the number of skills to be exact.

Sending PM :)

Yeah, so that armor tweaking thing I was doing? It ain't happening in a way that I'm down with. Just ends up piling on equipment bonuses out the wazoo for everything you can imagine.

Armor is back to normal. Might do something with armor specialist when it starts to become a problem, but other than that, no change.

Still alive, working on things. Should have Docs available tomorrow.

Or I could drop whatever else I'm doing and work on Docs!

OOC and IC Docs have been shared. Please check whatever e-mail you gave me for messages with links to them! If you didn't give me an e-mail because I already had your address for whatever reason, check that!

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