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Magnimar Special Investigations Unit One (Inactive)

Game Master Nazard

A serial police drama set in Magnimar - unit One.

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Heward nods once somberly. "Bad news. Did anyone check out his old house or his family? The high priestess said these things don't usually remember their old life, but if it's not in the area then we need someplace, any place to start the search."

Heward turns to the team. "Do you guys have any ideas?"

Wizzo shakes his head. "From what you had told me about these creatures, I thought it the smarter play to stick to the graveyard and surrounding areas. If you're looking to try its old home, we'll hold the fort here and keep looking."

Does anybody have any ideas?

"OK. I guess we'll move on, Sergeant." Heward nods to the others, then turns back to Wizzo. "Mig froze two of us with his scream, and the first vargouille froze all four in Robal's gang. Now I think three isn't a big enough patrol to be totally safe. That's why we're sticking together. If you took my first advice about three in a group you might want to recall and reorganize your men."

Ideas guys?

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Do we even know where the vargouiguys old house was? - I'm not sure we got that information?

Female Halfling Bard (Archivist) 1

Laya frowns and paces a little. "I'm afraid we don't have many clues of where to start. His old home is as good as any, I suppose. We'll have to pray for luck, because otherwise, we're going to end up with a bunch more of these things spreading about the city." She pauses in her pacing. "Do we even know where his old home is?"

"At least it will be a starting point."

"I think we can find out. Records will be closed, but the Cryptmistress may be able to tell us."

Heading back to the Pharasmin cathedral?

Female Halfling Bard (Archivist) 1

That seems to be our only option at this time. My vote is for the Pharasmin cathedral.

In the interest of time, it's a pretty safe bet that others will also support that plan.

You arrive at the Cathedral, to find it far busier and noisier than normal. Several clerics, along with the Cryptmistress herself, are scattered about the grand narthex, offering comfort to the sobbing victims of the vargouille Mig. Cryptmistress Pierce tries to get up as you come in, but the young woman sobbing into her lap clings to her even more tightly, hauling the older woman back down onto the bench. Pierce waves you over.

"We have successfully removed the taint from all of them, with no turnings. Restoring their mental faculties will take another day - to prepare the required spells - and as you can see, they are all very childlike in their current states. Poor dears. Have you found more victims for us to tend to?"

Female Halfling Bard (Archivist) 1

"Not at this time, luckily," Laya says, bowing slightly to the Cryptmistress. "But we fear there may be more victims. There is one vargouille still unaccounted for."

"From Rag's End...or do you mean...Sir Mital? Of course, we cannot forget about him."

The Cryptmistress looks sad, and strokes the crying woman's hair in that way that says she's comforting herself even more than the distraught woman.

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Phil follows along in tow, keeping the gold piece turning over and dancing in his fingers as they walk. Once they reach the temple, he keeps to the background.

Before going into the cathedral, Awgin tries to make himself presentable. He runs his fingers through his hair and straightens his clothes. Inside he walks as quietly as he can and speaks respectfully in whispers. Awgin gives a donation, then after seeing the work being done, gives a larger donation. He also stops at the shrine to offer prayers to the Reaper of the Dead. He is as timid as Heward or Laya has ever seen him be.

Like Awgin and Phillip, Heward keeps to the background. He is quite content for Laya to take the lead on her turf.

M Human Wizard (Divination School Specialist)/2

Calatin too stays in the background. He's not much of a one for deity-worship and cannot recall when he last went into anyone's temple.

Female Halfling Bard (Archivist) 1

"We're unsure where Sir Mital might have gone," Laya says to the Cryptmistress. "We've had people searching the entire graveyard and the surrounding vicinity, but there's no sign of him. We know vargouilles don't usually remember much of their previous lives, but with nothing else to go on, we wondered if maybe he might have gone back to his previous home or a place special to him in life. Would you know of any such location, or anywhere else he might have gone?"

She lowers her voice. "With the repose ritual I used on him at the moment of his death, I fear it may br possible that he remembers everything. If that is the case, he was very attached to his family home in Vista."

She gives you the address.

"I'd come with you, but..." she gestures helplessly at the sobbing woman and the other victims.

Female Halfling Bard (Archivist) 1

Laya nods. "We understand. Thank you." She turns to Heward. "Shall we go?"

"Wait a moment. I can ward three of you against fear before you go. It will only last ten minutes, but that should be long enough to get you to Mital's town house if you hurry. Whom should I ward?"

Pick three of you. Those three get a +4 morale bonus versus fear effects for ten minutes.

Awgin is too scared to ask, but if he's chosen, he'll kneel to receive her blessing.

Heward ponders the question.

Cover the weakest saves or ironclad the strongest? Buffing Phillip, Laya and Calatin would almost guarantee they could act. I'd like Awgin buffed though because he could one-shot one of these things. As an aside, I can't believe I forgot to requisition a crossbow. Heward could forego the buff.

Female Halfling Bard (Archivist) 1

"I'm probably not the best choice," Laya says.

Laya's depleted of all her useful spells and pretty much useless in battle at the moment, so if she's affected by the fear, it probably won't make much difference. :)

M Human Wizard (Divination School Specialist)/2

"Don't waste one on me," said Calatin, well-knowing his own incompetence in combat situations.

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Phil should survive with his +8 - I'd say Heward, Awgin and Khismia?

The sergeant looks at the rest of the team.

Joana seems set that Khismia's not with us. Phil's +8 is pretty good, but with +4 more he'd be almost a lock to act. Calatin's burning hands could come in handy, if he prepped it. Heward's javelins were unimpressive last time. I nominate Awgin, Phil and either Calatin or Heward.

So shall we say those three, then? Calatin seems to think there's no point in putting it on himself, so Awgin, Phillip, and Heward. The three come over to the Cryptmistress, and she quickly lays her hand on each of you in quick succession, then dismisses you with a super-quick blessing, so you can get the most out of the ten minutes of buff you just received.

You bolt for your carriage (maybe giving Calatin and Laya a head start), and drive quickly to the given address. You'll arrive with just under three minutes of time on the buff to spare. I'll describe the scene for you, but feel free to discuss strategies/plans/tactics en route.

The Cobbers townhouse (now the Tarrigan townhouse according to the name plate at the front gate) is the fourth of a row of five two-storey, marble units. The sloped roof is tiled in slate, and seven chimneys poke towards the sky. Tall graceful windows would let plenty of light into the interior, if it were day time and the thick curtains were not all drawn. A light flickers in the downstairs right window. A marble staircase leads up to elegant double doors in the front.

remove fear - 26 rounds remaining


I'm trying something new with the maps. This link will take you to the Battle Map page on the website. Listed are maps for each PC present, showing their individual view points. They pretty much look the same at this point, as you're all standing together, but please only look at your own. As the party moves about, they may end up seeing different things.

Male Halfling Inquisitor of Calistria (Heretic archetype)

Phil rests a hand on the heavy hilt of his cutlass before following Heward up the stairs to the front door.

Awgin has his flail in hand and is the first through the door.

Female Halfling Bard (Archivist) 1

"Well, the place is definitely occupied," Laya says, indicating the light from the window. As Awgin heads for the door, she adds, "Of course, a vargouille doesn't have need of light. Presumably his family still reside here, so we shouldn't go barging in, Awgin. The vargouille may not even be here."

Lest I be accused again of denying you all time to discuss things, role-play, and plan, I'll ask again if you want to take the time during the carriage ride to the townhouse to come up with a plan of investigation/attack. Otherwise, I'll go to resolve your knock (or knock down) on the door.

In the carriage: Heward says, "We should stick together when we get there so we can protect anyone of us who gets frozen. If the vargouille does scream, what do you say to all pretending to be frozen to lure him in?"

At the scene: "Laya's right. Knock first."

"I would say that it's stupid to give him the initiative. We should rush in and take him down fast. Don't give it time to catch its bearing."
Awgin 'knocks' on the door by trying to kick it in 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (12) + 3 = 15.

The door shudders and groans (and now has Awgin's boot print on its clean paint), but it is well-made and doesn't yield to his kick.

You hear a man's cry of fright from inside.

"Wait, Awgin! We should make sure the windows and other doors are closed first!"

Just occurred to me that vargie might just fly away if we corner him. We should make sure he's trapped inside before going after him. If he's there at all.

By this post I assert my desire to continue playing with you guys. Glad to be back too.

"On it boss!" Phillip says and heads off along the grass to head around to the rear of the building.

The windows on the front of the house seem to all be closed.

At the cry from inside, Heward frowns thinking of citizen complaints to Percival. We might be in trouble here.

Waiting to see what happens.

Nazard, how far from the Memeorial gardens to the Cobber's McMansion? Is it reasonable that Mital could have flown there before dawn?

He could easily have flown that far.

DAx, is Awgin continuing the assault on the door?

So sorry. I thought I had posted here.
Awgin stops and looks at Heward like he doesn't understand what was said before backing from the door slowly.

"Who--who--who's there?" the man's voice calls out. "Go away, or...or I'll call for the Watch!"

M Human Wizard (Divination School Specialist)/2

"We are the Watch!" calls Calatin, in an authoritative tone you haven't heard him use before. "Open up!"

Female Halfling Bard (Archivist) 1

Laya sighs and just hangs her head as Awgin rushes the door.

"Oh!!" the voice calls from inside. "In that case, everything's fine here. Thank you for coming! Bye now."

That didn't sound right.

Heward looks at Awgin, lowers his halberd to horizontal and jerks his head toward the door.

I think crashing the door was the right call, Dax.

Awgin returns to bashing in the door, though this time he uses his flail rather than his foot.

to hit 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9 damage 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

We really do need a skills guy in this know, someone with a lock pick.

Awgin gives a mighty swing at the door, but in his efforts to smash it hard, mgsses completely.

In a face to face game, I'd let you continue to flail (literally) at the door, but here I don't mind letting you know the break DC is only 20, and two of you can work together to break it down.

M Human Wizard (Divination School Specialist)/2

"Sir, we need you to open the door now!" says Calatin, who has apparently been practising his 'official' voice. He raises his fist to knock, but thinks better of it when Awgin winds up with the flail.

I have my lock pick in hand or should I call it a lock flail? Actually, I do have disable device. I just didn't think to use it.

So what are you going to use then, Awgin? Disable Device with the lock picks, DC 20 Strength check to force it open, or flail to smash through hardness?

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