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It may have been on a lamp post, the door of a public outhouse, a tavern's bulletin board, or a passing rumour in a far off land. The Magnimar City Watch is creating a new investigative unit, dedicated to those crimes and mysteries beyond the scope of the standard City Watchman. Adventurers on retainer by the City Watch and the Lord-Mayor. Guaranteed income of 5 gold coins a week plus living expenses! Interviews begin at 9 am sharp on Oathday, the 2nd of Rova, 4710 AR at the Pediment Building in Magnimar. See Captain Ilar Percival.

So bright and early on that morning, you arrive. The Pediment Building has all the appearances of being invaded given the amount of armour and steel shown.
Captain Percival is an older gentleman, his uniform is crisp and clean, with the bright links of his chain shirt peeking out from underneath. His office is sparse and plain, a soldier's office, with simple if comfortable furniture. He quickly sizes each of you up in turn with his steely blue eyes peering from beneath bushy grey eyebrows. He asks you about your pasts, your abilities, what you think you would add to the team. Once you've talked about yourselves for awhile, he thanks you for coming, takes down your contact information, and brings in the next candidate. You head back to wherever you are staying with promises that you'll be contacted, if accepted, tomorrow morning at 7.

You wait out the evening and bright and early, as promised and hoped for, a City Watchman shows up at your residence with an invitation back to the Pediment building. You got the job!

45 minutes later, you find yourselves sitting in a small waiting area with five other individuals, the other successful applicants. An officer tells you that Captain Percival has been delayed, and he'll be with you shortly.

Feel free to get things started. Please try to only post with your character's alias. A discussion thread has also been created: post in whatever character you want there, though it's often easier to know who is talking if you use your character's alias, as we tend to start identifying each other by that profile.

Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

Dressed in his City Watch uniform as he was getting ready for work when the Watchman arrived, Krojun sits in the small waiting area looking interested at his future colleagues smiling at those who returns his stare wondering:

They sure look different from the other watchmen, I wonder if they are any good? Well the captain chose them for a reason.

Shortly after he says in a clear baritone.
"Morning folks, the name is Krojun and I'm looking towards working with you."

F Human Rog1

"Good morning, I am Lady Tracy Shannon. You can call me Lady Trace if you like." She offers her hand for a handshake. "I see you already have a uniform, promoted from within?"

She then looks around at the others and greets them with handshakes as well. "We will be a team from now on, so, what are your names?"

Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

"Lady Trace it is then." Krojun says while shaking her hand. "Spot on, I saw the poster at the barracks and thought it could be fun." After looking a bit more at Lady Trace he adds, "What made a lady like you join, it does not seam like your kind of work, if you don't mind me asking?"

Lantern Lodge

M Human Intellectual Fighter 2, Scientist 1

"I have always loved oddities, here I get to investigate oddities, help the community, and make some personal money for my magical crafting experiments. Besides, puzzles are good for sharpening one's mind"

F Human Rog1

Doh! Sorry about wrong alias, gonna have to get used to switching(changing default is bad cause of all the places I go)

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Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

"I don't remember you from Keystone, but the again I didn't know every wizard there. I hope you aren't one those wizards who forget that real people are involved."

F Human Rog1

"I am a noble first and foremost. The duty of a noble is to help and guide her people. Though I will grant you, that fact seems to have mostly been forgotten here."

She doesnt seem put off by what Krojun asked.

"Besides I only just arrived a couple of weeks ago. Are you a student there as well?"She asks as she takes a seat and looks for any more pastry dishes.

Alchemist 1, HP 11/11, CMD 15, AC16 / T12 / FF14, F +4, R +4, W +0, Init +6, Perc +5

A skinny, young and toothy half orc is occupying one of the chairs. He is writting on a small notebook and seems very absorbed with the task. His gear is brand new and beside the big backpack and a falchion he is also wearing a chainshirt above his explorer's outfit.

He looks surprised at the sound of Lady Trace's voice. He silently shakes her hand with a noble's courtesy only saying:


After a couple of seconds of hesitation and insecurity he returns to his notebook. He tries to continue to his work but can't help to over hear his new comrades conversation.

Male Elf Rogue/1

Off to one side as the new rookies were talking, a tall elf dressed also in one of the new uniforms is tugging at the collar.

"Argh if this collar was any more starched they might have just given us a noose to wear!

The elf resigned himself to the uncomfortable feeling of the uniform as he suddenly came upon the new recruits. The Elf looked somewhat embarrassed by his outburst, checking to see if he hadn't stumbled into presence of superior officers, before noting the guards were dressed as he was.

"Morning..." The elf said some what sheepishly as he waved a hand to cover his awkwardness. "So I guess you're also new recruits? I'm Dublaine, new to the city and the watch. Any of you know this place and what we might be getting ourselves into?"

Dublaine sat down leaned back and looked more relaxed as he waited to see what he could learn about his knewly adopted home city.


Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

"No ma'am, I just patrolled there." Krojun answers Lady Trace thinking She sure is a noble.

Krojun stares at Eudonius while concentrating then askes "You look familiar, do I know you from somewhere?"

He then chuckles and looks at Dublaine "You will get use to the collars and it will soften with time. I worked with the Watch before and lived in the city all my life. To answer your question, I guess, we will be getting all the cases the others are told to drop."

F Human Rog1

"Well, I wonder when they are give us uniforms and stuff."

She pulls out her spellbook from her bag and starts studying it.

Alchemist 1, HP 11/11, CMD 15, AC16 / T12 / FF14, F +4, R +4, W +0, Init +6, Perc +5

With some hesitation Eudonius decides to put away his notebook for good.

Very unlikely officer. I have recently immigrated from Korvosa. Dr. Eudonius Lynch at your service he says with a small bow.

He looks without any enthusiasm to the new and unpratical uniform the elf seems to be struggling with.

I wonder if they can make those with more pockets...

Male Elf Rogue/1

Dublaine nods appreciatively to Krojun a grateful look upon his face. It was evident to anyone who looked that Dublaine looked like a newcomer to the city, let alone to the watch.

Looking across to the Lady, he politely enquired, "So...,not to sound to obvious, but you're a mage or something? I thought they only came in one size?"


Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

"Sorry Doc, must have mistaken you for another." Krojun says shrugging his shoulder.

A half orc, this is going to get interesting, they usually care more about drinking and fighting, well this one might be different

"What have you all done before coming here?" He askes no one in particular.

F Human Rog1

She looks at Dublaine, "And what size might that be?"

Then deciding she might not want an answer she took Krojun's change of subject. "Courts, disputes, contracts, raids, event organizing... general town welfare stuff. And those ladies from the Marble Cloth and Tailor shop, now those old ladies would would give a demon a heart attack." She rolls her eyes in exasperation at the thought of those ladies.

Alchemist 1, HP 11/11, CMD 15, AC16 / T12 / FF14, F +4, R +4, W +0, Init +6, Perc +5

No problem officer. I have been told we all look the same. The half orc says while adjusting some random piece of his armor.

Before this?!
I...hum...err...well, I dedicated my time to my research.
I am a naturalist you see. A man of science by trade.

Listening to Lady Shannon replay.
Yes, yes. I quite agree. Old ladies can be...troublesome. By the doctor's serious expression you realise this is not an attempt at humor.

Lady Tracy Shannon wrote:

She looks at Dublaine, "And what size might that be?"

Then deciding she might not want an answer she took Krojun's change of subject.

Dublaine looked shocked at the way the Lady responded, before looking noticeably calmer after she'd turned to the reply to Krojun. Still unfamiliar with some of the finer points of city life, Dublaine looked thoughtful as the Lady responded to Krojun's question.

As the Half Orc commented on his profession, he saw their eyes fall naturally to him. "Erm, this and that, casual work mainly. What about you?"

Dublaine said to Krojun, seeking to divert attention away from himself.


F Human Rog1

"Science you say? Like alchemy or more as a broad spectrum of things, like inventing?"

Male Elf Rogue/1

Dublaine looked over to Eudonius interested in what it was he researched. He certainly didn't look like your typical half orc, what other surprises did he hold?


Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

"Well I worked at the docks and after that in Lowcleft before the Watch." Krojun answered Dublaine's question."You did anything exciting before coming here?"

"No harm ment, Doc." Damn he must be some sort of a mind reader, gotta watch myself. "What did you research, nature?"

"Lady Trace, I didn't catch where you were from?"

Before Lady Trace can reply, the hallway door opens again to admit Captain Ilar Percival, followed by a younger man carrying an armful of scrolls. He takes note of your presence and nods. "Ah, good, you're all here." Turning back to the younger man, he says, "Timmins, ha-"

"Have the Watchmen secure the scene. Nobody goes in or out of that building until they arrive," the younger man says in perfect time with the Captain. "Right away, sir," Timmins adds, then ducks out after depositing the scrolls onto a table.

"It's good to see all of you, though we're missing one" the Captain continues once Timmins has left. He pours himself a cup of coffee, reaches for a pastry, but seeing the trays empty, merely shrugs and wanders over to a chair. "I assume this means you all accept the position. Hopefully, your fifth man will catch up. The desk sarge will tell him where to find us. I'm sure you have tons of questions, and I'll try to answer as many as I can. I wasn't planning on having you start until Sunday, but there's a bit of a situation brewing which is exactly for what this division was created, so we can't afford to wait. I'll take you over to see the old garrison building that we've refitted for your unit, where you'll be staying and taking your meals, and then it'll be straight into the field."

"We do have a few minutes for your questions, however, so fire away."

Alchemist 1, HP 11/11, CMD 15, AC16 / T12 / FF14, F +4, R +4, W +0, Init +6, Perc +5

In aswer to Lady Trace inquiry the Eudonius say:
Yes, alchemy too. As a naturalist my main focus is the origin and the workings of life in all its forms. I belive...

The half orc gets interrupted by the entrance of Cap Percival in the room. He quiclky compose himself and awaits for his supperior instructions.

Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

"We might as well get our feet wet." Krojun said shrugging his shoulders. "What happened Captain?"

Turning to Dublaine he said: "Time to get that collar softened."

Male Elf Rogue/1
Captain Ilar Percival wrote:
"I wasn't planning on having you start until Sunday, but there's a bit of a situation brewing..."

"Situation Sir, what kind of a situation?" Dublaine offered a keen look in his face. Clearly he was a man less suited to standing around and more to action.


F Human Rog1

She puts the spellbook away and listens intently as everyone asks the same question she no longer needs to ask.

"First, let me show you your facilities. You will need some of the equipment we have provided you there, and will need to know what resources you have available and what you will need me or your secretary to provide for you. Your missing colleague may yet arrive, and can find us there. Shall we?" He gestures for the door.

Assuming you consent to leave, he leads the way out, pausing to stop at the front desk to let the sergeant there know where you will be, should your fifth arrive relatively soon.

As you walk the short distance to your new building, he tells you a bit about what's happened.

"Perhaps you are aware of the collapse of the West Naos Market? It was a building which housed several upscale businesses that inexplicably collapsed in the wee hours of the morning several days ago. It was a newish building, less than fifty years old, so a good deal of mystery surrounds its collapse. The Office of City Planners launched an investigation, but as no one was hurt, the City Watch has stayed out of it."

Knowledge - Local DC 15 to have heard about the collapse, It's in District B so any bonuses or penalties you have for that region from Prestige are applied to your roll.

"That would be the end of it, except early this morning, another building collapsed - Irefoot Hall - again, a collection of upscale businesses, and this time, a man was killed. The businesses of Irefoot Hall had contracted the services of Guards and Wards, a private security firm, and one of those services was the presence of a night guard, who was killed in the collapse. With the death, the City Watch automatically gets on the case, and because of the suspicious nature of the collapse, compared with the other one three days previous, well, that's the kind of thing for which this Unit was created. Your first assignment is to figure out what caused these collapses, if they are related, and ensure that there are no more. Questions?"

F Human Rog1

"Any known connections between the market and the hall? And a list of other such buildings would be nice,as well. Though I figure we will have to run that footwork, unless we have people to run the minor simple tasks?

"No known connections that we're aware of. West Naos Market was owned by the Coucil of Ushers, Irespan Hall by the business owners it housed. None of the businesses are owned by the same person, neither building was built by the same company or designed by the same architect."

"As for people to run the small tasks, yes and no. You do have your secretary Mrs. Brigglespan, who can request files for you and send runners, but she's only one person."

F Human Rog1

"What kind of cleanup has occured at the market? or do the City Planners have it sectioned off for now?"

Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

Just rolling to see what Krojun knows before posting

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

"I believe the Chief Building Inspector, Thora Rumblemountain, is currently on the scene at the West Naos Market, still investigating, though the merchants have been given permission this morning to begin sifting through the rubble, at their own risk, or course."

Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

A little surprised Krojun says: "How could two buildings just collapse?"

Looking first at Eudonius."Do you have a suggestion Doc?"

Then looking at Captain Percival. "It sure would be nice to see what the City Planners' investigation turned up, is that possible? And can we get a look at the other potential crime scene?"

Krojun looks at his colleagues. "Well a great place to start is always why. Some of the classics are money, love, jealousy and hate. In this case the how might give us the why, so anyone good with houses?"

"Officer Hora, you can have a look at pretty much whatever you want. Here." Percival hands everybody a leather wallet, inside of each are metal badges stamped with MSI. "Those will get you most places in Magnimar. Maybe not the Lord-Mayor's privvy, but most others. Certainly it gets you into a crime scene to talk to the investigator."

F Human Rog1

"We should hurry then to see what we can find before the merchants mess things up too badly. And ask if anyone was a real pain about getting onto the scene before anyone else.

She takes the badge from the Captain, "Thank you."

Rolls k, Arcana too see if she thinks of a possible spell like stone shape or something. 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10

Male Elf Rogue/1

OOC: [sorry not sure how we do out of character chat here, but question re: "Knowledge - Local DC 15 to have heard about the collapse, It's in District B so any bonuses or penalties you have for that region from Prestige are applied to your roll."

Ok not sure how to get penalties or bonus from prestige - sorry I know nothing about how PF works, I've never understood prestige class or anything like that, so please assume I'm hard of thinking here - thanks!

Captain Ilar Percival wrote:
Percival hands everybody a leather wallet, inside of each are metal badges stamped with MSI. "Those will get you most places in Magnimar. Maybe not the Lord-Mayor's privvy, but most others. Certainly it gets you into a crime scene to talk to the investigator."

Dublaine laughed, the captain was the sort of man he'd never come across before. "Thank you, sir." The last word was said as if a little unfamiliar, but Dublaine's smile helped pass off any awkwardness.

"We'd better get a look at this place, no sense gassing." He offered. A concerned look had replaced the smile as he like the others wondered what was behind all this.


Alchemist 1, HP 11/11, CMD 15, AC16 / T12 / FF14, F +4, R +4, W +0, Init +6, Perc +5

Unfortunatly engeneering is not among my fields of study, officer Hora. But I dont believe in coincidences.

Eudonius is surprised by the new badges. He keeps looking at his with a silly smile on his face. After a couple of moments Lady Trace's voice returns his mind to the real world.

Yes, thank you Captain. still smiling.
Can't wait to see the rest of the facilities. he mumbles almost to himself.

After a few more paces he returns to the conversation with a question for Cpt Pecival.
Were both buildings in the same district?
This could very well be sabotage, I would like to examine the body of the night watcher. Maybe it would pay off interview the people who live near by, check if they noticed anything out of the ordinary on the nights of the collapses...

"Well then, Dr. Lynch, have a look. We've arrived."

You arrive at a square, two-storey garrison building, with the MSI logo above the main door, and enter into a small reception area. Behind the desk, you see a matronly, grandmotherly woman, her white hair pulled back in a tight bun. She looks up and smiles. "Why Ilar. Good morning to you. These must be our new recruits."

"Indeed. Good morning, Mrs. Brigglespan."

Turning to the others, he says, "This building has been outfitted specifically for your unit. Upstairs, you'll find sleeping chambers. On the main floor are offices, a conference room, a kitchen, a fully-stocked alchemy lab, and a corpse examining room kept magically chilled to aid in preservation. Use them as you see fit."

Maps of the HQ, as well as Magnimar itself, have been uploaded to the campaign website. If you want a peek, you gotta send me your e-mail address!:)

Answering Eudonius' questions, Percival says, "Both were not. The West Naos Market is in Naos district, obviously the west end of it, and Irefoot Hall is in Bridgeward, about a five minute walk from here. The body is still at the scene, but you have a carriage for your use. There's a cargo platform underneath for transporting bodies - we figured it would come up sooner or later. Interview whomever you need."

Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

"Wow, big house Captain." Krojun says obviously impressed.

Nodding at mrs. Brigglespan as they enter: "Hello mrs. Brigglespan."

Addressing the group: "What should we do next? I think the doctor has a good point. We could head over to Irefoot Hall, pick up the body, take a look a the place and ask some questions. Perhaps we should also consider visiting the West Naos Market as it is getting released to the merchant and if we are lucky we might catch the Chief Building Inspector"

F Human Rog1

As she enters, "Hello Mrs. Brigglespan"

After Krojun's Questions,
"We could split up. Two can take the West Naos Market while the other two can take the Irefoot Hall. Dublaine and Eudonius can deal the body and ask questions around the hall, while Krojun and I question the inspector, merchants, and the locals at the market."

Grand Lodge

M Human Urban Ranger 1

Knowledge Local check: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

The squad's mystery fifth member strides through the door just in time to throw a wrench in Lady Shannon's plan.

"Morning everyone, sorry I'm a bit late. I'm Grigory Reinhold. I just missed you -- and the pastries -- at the Watch building where I assume we all interviewed yesterday, but the desk sergeant filled me in on the details and where to find you. I had heard some rumors about the West Naos Market collapse, but if it's all the same to everyone, I'd like to be in the group to take a look at Irefoot Hall. My hope is that there may be some fresh tracks on the scene that would be long gone at the West Naos site. I'm a tracker by trade, suppose I should have mentioned that right off the bat, eh?"

F Human Rog1

"Ah, the fifth person. Grigory my name is Lady Tracy Shannon, though you may call me Lady Trace. Go ahead with them to the hall."

Gesturing to the secretary,
"This Mrs. Brigglespan by the way."

Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

After glancing at the captain to see his response to the stranger Krojun says: "Better late than never, welcome Grigory, I'm Krojun Hora." smiling at the stranger.

"I think it is a good plan Lady Trace and Grigory's suggestion fits nicely in. Lets hope he can find something at the Irefoot scene."

Male Elf Rogue/1
Krojun Hora wrote:
"I think it is a good plan Lady Trace and Grigory's suggestion fits nicely in. Lets hope he can find something at the Irefoot scene."

Dublaine nodded with Krojun as he spoke to the lady, "I agree lets get what we can and we can compare what we find when we return." Then nodded politely to Reinhold, intrigued to see what they could learn.


Captain Percival doesn't look best pleased at Reinhold's tardiness, but says nothing, other than a, "Well, I guess I shall let you get to work. Keep me in the loop with what you find," and he departs.

"Will you be wanting the carriage?" Mrs. Brigglespan asks. "We don't have a driver, but perhaps one of you could handle the reins?"

The HQ has a fully equipped alchemy lab, enough to grant a +2 circumstance bonus to Craft (Alchemy) checks, and a well-equipped exam room, enough to grant a similar bonus to Heal and Perception checks to examine bodies for cause of death and other clues. Please have a look at the investigation mechanics in the Players' Notes document on the website, as it contains information about how to use Perception to find clues, and bonuses and penalties that can apply, as well as use of "helping" skills.

It takes just a few minutes to deposit your gear in upstairs rooms of your choice. When you come back down, Mrs. Brigglespan has two small baskets of sandwiches prepared, one for each group, "Since you missed the pastries," she adds to Grigory with a grandmotherly smile.

F Human Rog1

"Alright, We can play kids in a sweet shop later, let us head out."

She grabs a lunch basket then looks at Krojun, "Your town, lead the way." and she gestures at the door. Looking back to Mrs. Grigglespan "Thank you."

If he leaves she follows.

Any time she's out she actively pays attention to learn her way around the city.

wow ninjaed edited to include lunch

Missed one thing...Captain Percival would have explained when he handed out the badges that you've all been given a rank of "Inspector" which is a new designation specifically for you. It falls above "constable", which in turn is above Krojun's old rank of simple "Officer", but below "Sergeant".

Male Elf Rogue/1
Lady Tracy Shannon wrote:
She grabs a lunch basket then looks at Krojun, "Your town, lead the way." and she gestures at the door. Looking back to Mrs. Grigglespan "Thank you."

Dublaine, took a look at the food. His puzzled expression was difficult to read, but he took any food that was left, eating some and carefully putting others away within his pack. Anyone looking on would wonder if he hadn't eaten for a week.

With a nod toward Mrs Brigglespan of gratitude, he followed the lady out.

Gotcha, didn't see that there was a specific tag for OOC chat. Glad I realised what the colour writing was for. Sorry bit slow here ;-)

Anyway DM please equally assume that in an unfamiliar location, Dublaine would actively bee seeking to take on both the sites and sounds of the city but also be acutely aware of anything that might link to the case at hand.


Lady Trace & Krojun - West Naos Market - District B - 10h15 - Rova 3, 4710 AR

You have an easy time through the mid-morning traffic and arrive at the address given to you by Captain Percival. There, you behold a scene of curious devastation. A polished bronze sign welcomes you to the West Naos Market, and the plaque beneath it advertises all the businesses it once housed. The building itself used to be a two-storey stone structure, faced in white granite, with a gently-sloping roof of red clay tiles. Now, only one corner still stands mostly intact, while their opposite walls have collapsed outwards into the alleyways beside and behind the building, and the ground floor is now littered with broken tiles and flooring from the second storey.

Several people pick their way through the rubble, sifting out merchandise or scroll records that are salvageable, while a perimeter of bored-looking City Watchmen stand guard against looters.

The West Naos Market housed the following businesses: Precious Stones (a jewelery shop owned by Ira Mellisor), Mulinar Prest (Attorney at Law), Gallery Lucas (an art gallery dedicated to sculpture owned by Meritoni Lucas), Triffan’s Antiques and Finery (owned by Triffan Marblecutter), Garrus Minkmartin (Attorney at Law), and Folio Five (a book shop owned by Thill Merryfoot).

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