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MSI Rookie Squad Two (Inactive)

Game Master Nazard


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Grand Lodge

M Human Urban Ranger 1

He has a natural bite attack:
Toothy: Some Half-orcs’ vestigial tusks are massive and sharp, granting a bite attack. This is a primary natural attack that deals 1d4 points of piercing damage. This racial trait replaces the orc ferocity racial trait.

Shadow Lodge

Mook lvl 12

Still posting from phone :(
But should have my internet sorted out this weekend.
And yep, natural attacks ftw.

Grand Lodge

M Human Urban Ranger 1

If I can't fit all my listed Round 5 actions into a single round, can I possibly make an addendum to my Round 4 action? Forgot I was carrying the lantern or I would have sheathed my scimitar as I ran toward the edge of the cliff.

Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

Grappling without feats or size is difficult, it is descriebed on pages 199-200 in the core book.

In short as a std. action you can initiate a grapple provoking an AoO. If you win you both gain the grappled condition. The target can try and break free on its own initiative should it not succeed, you can try and maintain on your own turn if you do you get some extra options as part of the std. action to maintain the grapple.

Se pages 567 for the grapple condition. (-4dex, -2 to attack rolls, no 2hand action, concentration check to cast spells, no stealth)

Lady Trace wrote:

I was expecting to get an attack at least, though I now think I may have been mistaken about 2 things there (I thought you got AOOs on who you are grappling with and that the grappling would have been part of my attack) but it seems not so.

I will have to remember that, grapple with an enemy so I don't need to cast defensively (which has higher DC), oh, make it touch spells that obviously auto hit since I'm already touching the enemy, cool new character concept.

and I was hopeing to get him FF too

Normally, he would have gotten an AoO against you, but given the pure shock of what you just did, I waved that away. As Krojun pointed out, grappling is a standard action, so you can't grapple and attack in one round. I left the "attack" in as fluff, but assumed you would never forgo the grapple in favour of a single attack, as without the grapple, you just plummet down for 20d6 points of damage). If you had lasted another round, you could have attacked with a light weapon (like a short sword) and yes, I would have given him a flat-footed condition, given the circumstances.

Since grappling is a standard action, you won't be able to grapple and cast a touch spell unless you quicken the spell (otherwise, it sounds like a really neat idea).

F Human Rog1

Yep I reread after I saw the post, I was under the impression got one of the options of being grappled on the first turn, until I reread the rules. As for me getting an AOO on my grapple opp, I think that must have been a houserule of a past GM.

The spell only needs quicken the first turn, after I'm grappled I just need still spell, I roll a concentration check but my DC is likely to be lower then rolling for defensive casting.

Maintaining a grapple is a standard action now as well, so you'll need to keep quickening (and stilling) your spells. It's a neat idea, though.

Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

I am bit lost atm are we in round 8 or 6?

8. You posted as round six twice, so I took the second one as your round seven.

Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

Ahh Fine by me.

Shadow Lodge

Mook lvl 12

Srry i havent been around much guys. Latetly I have been overwhelm by work and its been hard to keep up with my pbps. I am holping things will get better soon.

Alchemist 1, HP 11/11, CMD 15, AC16 / T12 / FF14, F +4, R +4, W +0, Init +6, Perc +5

I am currently out of town until tuesday on work. Posting from my phone which makes long posts hard but i will try to stay around.

Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

I am bit lost was Tracy written out of the story when she took her big dive?

F Human Rog1

That's for me to know and you to discover! :P

Grand Lodge

M Human Urban Ranger 1

This might come in handy for interrogating our prisoners:

Creating a Psychological Hold:
Creating a psychological hold over someone forces them to treat you as helpful, just like using a charm person, though with much longer and stronger results. Naturally, it is much more difficult to effect, and takes time.
Creating a psychological hold over another person takes 2d6 days plus 1 day per the target’s hit dice. It does not require constant contact with the target, but it does need daily and significant interaction. To create the hold, each day you must first succeed at a normal Intimidate check against the target, and then, while they are still at a helpful attitude, succeed at a Diplomacy check (same DC as the Intimidate). If you succeed by 5 or more on both the Intimidate and Diplomacy checks on the same day, they count for two days’ worth of progress. The person attempting to create a hold receives a bonus on the Intimidate check equal to any non-lethal damage inflicted (or twice any lethal damage inflicted) and an equal penalty to the Diplomacy check.
More than one person can participate in the creation of a psychological hold, but only one person can be the “creator”. The creator makes the checks, while others make Aid Another checks. A target can only have one psychological hold on them at one time, but the possessor of that hold can designate other individuals to also have control over the target.
Psychological holds have several advantages over magical charms. They cannot be dispelled with remove curse, dispel magic, or break enchantment spells, they are permanent as long as they are maintained by contact once per week, and they increase the difficulty of turning the target against the possessor significantly. In order to “break” somebody who has a hold in place, the DC is the same as the holder’s most recent Intimidate result, or the standard DC for Intimidate, whichever is higher.

Breaking a Psychological Hold:
Breaking a hold uses much the same mechanic as creating one, but it is much more difficult to achieve. This is different from simply “breaking” an individual (i.e. getting him to “talk”). Simply forcing a person to go against the psychological hold requires an Intimidate result equal to the hold possessor’s most recent Intimidate result, or the standard DC for Intimidate, whichever is higher. However, this does not remove the underlying hold, merely suppresses it temporarily. To actually break the hold so the victim no longer feels the overwhelming sense of fear and twisted loyalties to the hold’s creator requires another person to essentially create a hold of their own, removing the previous one. This new person may create an actual hold, or allow the victim to go free. The creation process of this hold is identical to the original hold, save that the DCs are all 5 higher. If the victim is allowed to go free, weekly contact is not required to maintain the removal.

Alchemist 1, HP 11/11, CMD 15, AC16 / T12 / FF14, F +4, R +4, W +0, Init +6, Perc +5

Srry folks, its been a busy week and I didnt have the time to organize my thoughts into a big post as I would have liked to.


What I was thinking for the list was to give every one of us tree one liter bottle full of blue paint. We can toss it in general area where the invisible person is likely to be as a splash weapon. If it gets the person we will see him, if he walks on the paint after he will leave footprints and we will be able to see his feet also.

Also a good quantity of grinded color chalk. Same principle as the paint except we can toss in the air around us and it will give away the enemy if he is close by. Same ideia as Grigory´s flour i think. We could use some pieces of thin cloth to do tennis ball sized grenades of it. Just pick it up, rip it and spread it in the air. Three of those for each one of us also.

From our past experience I think every one of us should also have 2 pairs of manacles, a filled hooded lantern and a backpack to carry all this stuff if anyone does not have it. Do you guys think if we had City Watch Uniforms it would make our life easier?

Lantern Lodge

M Human Intellectual Fighter 2, Scientist 1

Neither powder nor paint will make people visible, anything they are wearing is invisible, the paint on the ground leaving footprints would work, and if there is a light smoke or powder cloud then you could see the vacancy of the invisible person but it would still be difficult.

Actually, I do allow powder on an invisible person to make their outline visible, though if they recast, it would become invisible. I rule that stuff needs to be hidden inside clothes to become invisible.

That being said, you have to either target them with the powder and get past miss chance, or target their square and allow them a DC 11 Reflex save to avoid the powder - neither option is an instant win. Invisibility is a 2nd-level spell, and shouldn't be auto-beaten by a handful of flour.

Grand Lodge

M Human Urban Ranger 1

With my tracking skill, I was primarily counting on the sand/flour spread on the ground to provide me with tracks to follow.
The potion of see invisibility will help out immensely when trying to actually attack the invisible summoner.

Alchemist 1, HP 11/11, CMD 15, AC16 / T12 / FF14, F +4, R +4, W +0, Init +6, Perc +5

Dm nazard, would you consider the one liter paint bottles a splash weapon? So it would paint a square and splash in the adjacent ones?

F Human Rog1

Interesting, I just discovered that Blindness/Deafness is dismissable.

Hi all.

Sorry things have been so slow of late. Please check out this post in the other MSI discussion thread. Everything I said about that game and group goes for this one as well.

F Human Rog1

I hope you find your motivation soon, good luck with everything that's going on in your life. It will get better. :)

Male Human (Shoanti/Varisian) Fighter/1

Fine by me, good luck finding your motivation.

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