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MSI Rookie Squad One (Inactive)

Game Master Nazard

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The flour makes the woman visible. It's pretty easy to find her, really: the large pool of blood becomes visible as it leaves her body.

She is still alive, however, and Simza's channel stabilizes her.

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Simza feels a little lightheaded as the energy passes from her this time, it seems that sleeping on the roof and been woken in the middle of the night to combat were having their effects... "Oooh. Well, I can do that once more I think, but... let's get everyone gathered up and... I'd say we need to send for some assistance to bring everyone in so we can question them." she'd never had need to call upon so much divine energy before, and certainly not in so short a period.

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

Rasil's normally cheerful demeanor was gone.

"Yes, let's hurry it up. I'd really like someone to cure my magical blindness."

As you secure your prisoners, the Copperhills, both holding loaded crossbows, cone out of their shop, followed by Rimblesnuffin a few moments later.

"Oh, I'm so glad to see you're all okay," Wilmer says, mostly to Koraq. "I saw that guy all set to run you through, but I couldn't get any kind of shot with the roof in the way. You are one tough SOB!"

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

"Yes... well it is unfortunate that things grew so hectic. We will have a number of questions for Madame Pietra when she awakens." Simza comments, looking weary. "Thank you for you help."

The veiled girl turns to Rimblesnuffin then. "I'm afraid your safe was pierced." she informs him, before looking over at her dwarven companion. "Barin were you able to tell if anything was taken?"

Male Dwarf Fighter 01

Barin grunts and nods:"Aye. The thief got us all! Best to go back to the headquarters to question the prisoners and rethink our strategy... and to cure Rasil sight problem, of course"

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

"We're going to have to find a more powerful healer I'm afraid... We should send word to the Captain about what happened tonight, and see if the watch has anyone who can help him." she said, looking at the blinded gnome.

Simza turns to Rimblesnuffin again then. "I'm very sorry that we were unable to stop Mikobar, but thankfully we were able to stop his elementals... We will inform the City Planning Office of the damage done, they should be able to look it over and advise of any repairs that need to be made, I don't think the area should be dangerous though."

Male Elf Wizard 1

The elf frowned, his attentive eyes looking around them as there was a visible look of thought on his face. "I think we can consider this a victory... There were worse possible outcomes," the wizard reasoned. He nodded sagely and walked over to the gnome. He felt sorry his companion was suffering.

"You can hold onto my coat tails until we get back to the headquarters," he offered, trying to show sympathy for his plight. He didn't want to humiliate Rasil but he was sure someone carrying the gnome would damage his ego a bit more.

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

"Harumph! Well, I guess that would be fine," replied the somewhat dejected gnome.

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

"Heh, thanks" is all Koraq can reply to Wilmer as he broods over the failure. It was taking all of his determination and willpower to not start smashing lights and pots, frustrated over the fact that Mikobar escaped with the fragment.

The half-orc moves to the blind gnome and hoists him onto his shoulders. "This is only cuz it was pretty badass holding off and escaping from the damned gypsies, being ambushed an' all." Koraq pauses for a moment and turns to the woman who saved him twice now from the grievous injuries he endured tonight. "Err, sorry Simz, no offense to ya, just meanin to Wussy, Gimpy, and Pietra there."

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

"Um, well, I guess I'm riding back," muttered Rasil, secretly relieved that he wouldn't have to stumble along hanging onto Issceran's coattails.

Male Elf Wizard 1

Issceran frowned, something that would be lost on the gnome, and glanced up to the half-orc. Well, Rasil's ego was now literally in Koraq's hands. At least on his shoulders. He shrugged and just said, "Let's get going and get these criminals locked up for questioning."

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

"And beer. We need a drink after tonight's cluster of a stakeout."

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Simza purses her lips at Koraq's use of the derogatory term, but otherwise doesn't comment. "I think we're going to need some help getting everyone back to the watch house... Do we even have any cells there? I don't remember seeing any..." she looks over at the one still conscious Varisian, and the unconscious ones as well.

Male Dwarf Fighter 01

"A beer is always welcome... although you are talking like you had a couple of barrels more than you can handle Koraqy... since when getting beaten bloody is badass? adds Barin, grinning

As you bind your prisoners, and prepare them for transport to HQ, two toughs arrive on the scene, identifying themselves as security enforcers from Guards and Wards. They both look to be of lots of muscle and very little brain, though one of the two does seem a bit smarter: the other one looks like he's been crying recently.

Rimblesnuffin will deal with them, however. In the meantime, Wilmer Copperhill has already gone off to summon the Watch for you. Two regular constables arrive to secure the scene and send for the city engineer.

Your group is able to make it back to HQ, using either the Koraq-horse, or the carriage. Captain Percival doesn't take long to arrive, looking for a full report.

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

"Captain Percival--oh, there you are," said the sight-impaired gnome.

"Well, we had it on good authority that a Shoanti by the name of Veristan Mikobar is responsible for the thefts. He's seeking to reassemble an artifact called The Enjoiner. Each fragment that he's stolen is part of it."

"We'd determined that Mikobar's likely target would be Mr. Rimblesnuffin's shop, so we staked it out."

"We were right! Simza, Koraq and Barin went inside, while Issceran and I stayed outside to look for Mikobar."

"Unfortunately, Madame Pietra, who supposedly has a grudge against Mikobar, showed up and blinded me."

Rasil shrugged. "That's about all I can report. What about the rest of you?" he inquired of his teammates.

Male Dwarf Fighter 01

Barin nods:"What the blind gnome said"

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Am I mistaken or didn't we file a report a couple hours before coming here? I seem to remember doing that but it was a looooong time ago :p I believe we informed the captain where we thought the fragments were, and asked him to talk to the snooty noble guy for us.

"By the time we reached the basement where the Enjoiner fragment had been kept it seems that Mikobar had already pierced Rimblesnuffin's vault and retrieved the fragment, or else he used some other manner of magic to bypass as. We were delayed in the basement by a number of earth elementals that were seeking to destabilize the cliffside, and some form of magic sealing the trapdoor behind us." Simza picks up where Rasil left off.

"When we defeated the elementals and escaped the basement, we found a number of hostile varisians and were forced to subdue them, despite identifying ourselves as members of the watch." the girl is clearly rather nervous as she makes the report, wondering what the captain would think of how they'd handled their first major incident.

Male Elf Wizard 1

The elf nods sagely in agreement of the oral report given to the captain. "What we have on our hands is nothing short of a conundrum; who we reasoned allies in our little hunt have proven to be enemies which may have very well cost us the capture of our suspect," Issceran explained with irritation evident in his voice.

"And you have no idea why these Varisians sought to hinder you?"

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

"No sir... We encountered the woman who was leading them--Madame Pietre I believe, a local fortune teller--when we were examining the collapses, she had been involved in a dispute over what we assumed at first to be the target of Mikobar's attacks, a Chelaxian text on devil summoning." Simza explains "We spoke briefly with her near the end of the conflict, she claimed to know where Mikobar was headed next--from the context the noble we informed you of yesterday--and wished to intercept him, but we don't know anything else about the nature of the relationship or her motives. It would seem she may be in competition with him to collect the Enjoiner, but I do not know the circumstances of what provoked her to attack. I heard Issceran identify us as members of the watch as we were exiting the basement, but that is all." she looks over to the elf and gnome.

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

"As I said," piped Rasil. "Madame Pietra claimed to have a grudge against Mikobar. However, the fact that she undoubtedly recognized me from our earlier conversation and yet chose to use magic to blind me makes anything that she says suspect. At least to me."

"By the way, does the Watch have someone that can cure my blindness?" he asked.

Male Elf Wizard 1

"I do believe an interrogation is in order," Issceran chimed in.

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

"I'll be up for that. I do feel like yellin' at someone after what happened." Koraq then turns to Barin and elbows him in the shoulder. "So it's gonna be a 'bad cop, bad cop' kinda interrogation?"

And I'm back! Sorry for the silence :)

"The Watch doesn't have anyone on staff who can do such a thing, but we have a standing deal with the church of Abadar for such needs. I will give you a writ that you can take there, and they will help you. Have no fear. You have all done excellent work, even if the scoundrel managed to escape. From what you tell me, this was the work of a careful plan and considerably more resources than we had even suspected before. I'm certain that next time, you will be even more prepared and successful. If that building had fallen over the cliff, hundreds of lives would have been lost. Again, excellent work. If you can get confirmation out of your prisoner that Mikobar is heading towards Lord Millis next, that should elicit you at least a little bit of cooperation from the man."

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

"Thank you, Captain Percival," replied Rasil.

"Both for the writ and the praise!"

His face falling, the gnome added, "Especially since I didn't feel particularly helpful."

Turning to where he last heard the half-orc's voice, Rasil said, "Looks like that interrogation is on, Koraq."

Male Elf Wizard 1

"I think we should attempt to get some rest and arrange a cell for our prisoners until we're ready for a line of questioning," Issceran spoke up. "Do you think he will attack again...? Even he needs time to rest and prepare for his next move."

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

"Well, now that he knows we're on his trail an' experienced his tricks, he's gonna have to come up with a good plan to succeed next time."

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

"Well, getting my sight back and then a good night's rest sounds good to me!" Rasil said emphatically.

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Simza smiles in relief when the captain praises their work, relieved to have performed well in the first major incident with her fellows. She looks over them now with a sense of accomplishment.

"I think locking her up and interrogating her in the morning would be best. I should bind her wounds once we get back to headquarters however."

Alright, I think I'm ready to skip to the morning.

Obviously, she became visible shortly after you captured her (the spell wore off).

You lock Madame Pietra up in a cell at HQ, while Rasil (and somebody, presumably) heads to the temple of Abadar with the writ from Captain Percival. It would seem that the writ is good, and soon enough Rasil is led into a back room where a cleric comes and casts remove blindness to restore Rasil's sight. He cautions him not to look at any bright lights for a day or so, but that he'll soon be good as new.

The rest of you get some shut eye and awaken the next morning to the smell of breakfast. Mrs. Brigglespan has a hearty table laid out for you when you make your way down.

Male Elf Wizard 1

"I fear my appetite is larger than my eyes," the elf murmured early that morning when he awoke and stumbled across the breakfast table. The smell was enough to draw his attention, notably after their long night waiting for their Shoanti friend. He licked his lips and murmured and promptly took a seat. He wasn't one to have a voracious appetite however he felt his work had turned his stomach into a hungering maw you'd see on some otherworldly creature. Nothing good would come out of this, at least in regards to left overs.

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

"I'msogladthatIcanseeagainwowthatfoodlooksgreatI'mfamishedtoday'sgoingtobe betterthanyesterdayareyougonnaeatthat!?!?" said the gnome as he bounced into a chair and started piling food on a plate.

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Heal check for Madame Pietra: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8
No extra healing for Madame Pietra

Simza binds Madame Pietra's wounds after she is locked up, and then accompanies Rasil to the temple, waiting outside while she is healed, watching the comings and goings in the temple with some interest. She'd not been to a structure of the city god before, not being a diety that her people paid much attention to. She falls wearily into bed, and wakes later than she normally would the next morning, worn out by the previous night's events.

The scent from the dining room draws her below like the others, and she settles down with a smile at Rasil's enthusiasm, before loading her plate up and digging in, though she paces herself so as not to overindulge.

"So... we need to question Madame Pietra and her men. We are still trusting the Captain to talk to Mr Millis... do we have anything else we need to do after last night?" she asks once everyone has settled in and sated at least their initial appetite.

"I'm so glad the Abadarans were able to help you out, Mr. Bathbone," Mrs. Brigglespan says kindly. "Fighting so many foes unable to see must have been horrifying!"

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

As he ate, Rasil regained his normal demeanor and manner of speech. "He made it sound as if we needed more substantial evidence so that the high and mighty Lord Millis will take the threat seriously."

"So, interrogations first, then reporting to the Captain sounds like the plan for this morning."

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

Fort check:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19

Despite escorting Rasil to the church to get his eyes taken care of and then drinking with Barin, Koraq still gets up in the morning, if not a bit groggy from staying up so late in their stakeout antics. Wearing only some loose fitting canvas pants, the half-orc yawns and scratches his side as he sits at the table before shoveling food in his mouth.

"Mrn'ng" is roughly what he says with half a biscuit still in his toothy maw.

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Simza frowns disapprovingly at Koraq as he comes down to breakfast wearing almost nothing, but given the mood she doesn't spoil things by harassing him about it.

She sighs slightly as Rasil reminds her of Lord Millis. "Yes. You'd think two collapsed buildings, an attempt on a third, and a murder would be enough for anybody." she observes, feeling some of the previous day's weariness settle on her again.

"Yes, it was quite brave of him." she agrees with Mrs Brigglespan. "and thank you for breakfast. I think it is just what we all needed after the last few days."

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

"Mmmm... yes, just what we needed!" replied Rasil as he finished off his breakfast.

"As for Lord Millis--he's the type that's so sure that nothing bad can happen to him!"

Male Elf Wizard 1

"I'm sure that for as how much it may be amusing to stand by and watch the enevitable transpire, we have a civic responsibility to intervene. And for that, we should go ahead and get our day started," Issceran said promptly, wiping his mouth with a napkin before standing. "Should we be leaving for the estate after the interrogation? Regardless, I need to look over my notes..."

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

"Think that'll be the plan Isscey", Koraq proclaims, still a bit too drowsy to care about calling the elf by his full name. "Oh, and Raz, what'er the rules on interrogations here?", the half-orc finishing the question with a cruel smirk.

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

"Why are you asking me?" inquired the gnome, sated from his meal.

"It's not like I have ever interrogated anyone before!"

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

"As much as it seems Lord Millis could afford to be taken down a few notches, we cannot allow Mikobar to retrieve the final fragment. By all accounts the completed Enjoiner could cause some serious damage to the city." Simza observes as she finishes her meal. When Koraq smirks like that he earns another disapproving look, though she does glance at Rasil to see if he has any reply.

"I do not know either, but I doubt that the Captain would permit additional harm to come to her."

"Who is to say what state she was in when she arrived? From what I saw, she was very injured, covered in all sorts of bruises, cuts, and scrapes," Mrs. Brigglespan says casually.

"I forgot to count her fingers..." she adds as she carries a tray out the door and disappears down the hallway.

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

Rasil stared after Mrs. Brigglespan with mouth agape.

"Um... did she just say what I thought she did?"

Male Elf Wizard 1

"Koraq, go talk to her," Issceran said promptly, just as caught off guard from Mrs. BRigglespan's words as Rasil was. It amused him, however, which stirred a smirk on his lips.

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

Dang it, Messageboard didn't show the new posts!

Finishing stuffing his mouth with food (and slipping a couple of biscuits into his pocket for later), Koraq gets up, a few crumbs escaping his maw before swallowing the mass of sustenance.

"Well Simz, I'll go in and 'talk' to her, though think she may open up to another Varisian. Yer all like 'family', right?"

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Simza outright glares at Koraq as he speaks up again, though she's more than a little shook up by Mrs. Birgglespan's comment.

"I will come in to check her wounds and bandages, but I am not going to stay around if you intend to mistreat her." she says stiffly.

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

"Well that's Plan B. Any hunter knows ya gotta give yourself a familiar scent to relax yer quarry before going in fer the pounce. Figure you could be that scent and help loosen Pietra's lips first."

Koraq pauses for a moment contemplating something before continuing, "...and it don't seem that the gypsy's the one to so easily submit to straight yelling and physical threats. We'll need answers quick if that bastard Mikobar is close to his goal and can't waste time if Barin and I keep on knockin' her in an' out of consciousness."

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