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MSI Rookie Squad One (Inactive)

Game Master Nazard

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Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

Sense Motive on Issceran: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9

Koraq is mid-bite when Issceran makes his joke. His mouth is wide open, meat falling from his jaw. He stares at the elf, even when he exclaims it was in jest.

"Sure Issceran, good one..."

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

Rasil watched the whole episode quietly, appraising everyone's reactions and unsure how to respond to Issceran's comments.

He chose not to comment, instead enjoying his stew.

Male Elf Wizard 1

"I study Divination," he explained, having found amusement in catching his companions off guard. He watched their faces and just smiled when Barin threatened him. He shrugged and sipped his wine, glancing from Koraq to Rasil. It was always fun to keep someone guessing.

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Even though she thought he was joking Simza still couldn't help leaning back in her chair away from him, watching him warily. When he laughed it off a few moments later she just frowned at him, though as usual her facial expressions were difficult to read behind her veils. "You know you can just call me Simza..." she murmured at last, trying to recover some of her composure, but some waryness remaining as she picked up her glass to sip, and found it empty.

Male Elf Wizard 1

"At this time, Ms. Caumlo," Issceran said, looking over the entire group, "I do not feel comfortable addressing you by your given name. I find family names to be far more formal and respectful, notably between those whom do not know eachother or those they cannot fully trust. A day does not make a friend, nor does it make you trustworthy." His gaze settled on Barin with his comment and he nodded, taking another sip of his wine. He polished off the glass and hailed the barkeep for another glass for Simza and himself.

What he said was meant for everyone. Giving the varied backgrounds of the group, he questioned everyone's loyalty, integrity and honor until they proved otherwise. His life amongst the younger races led him to have prejudiced beliefs. It was not to say, however, that Simza and Rasil were in good standing in his eyes but he wasn't ready to call anyone by anything but their family names.

Whatever offense his companions would take - and he was sure they may be offended - he spared no emotion for it. "Now anyways, as I said, I study Divination which as arcane art that focuses on gleaning information from that which was, which is and will be. I think its principles can be applied to this line of work successfully."

Male Dwarf Fighter 01

Barin grunts his approval, apparently unconcerned:"Surprisingly good reasoning for an elf... I agree with your assessment so I think I'll call you... elf... as a sign of good faith. I hope you appreciate it..." after saying that, the dwarf goes back to his meal as if nothing unusual happened.

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

Chuckling, the gnome said, "Well, I never asked you to trust me, just to work with me!"

Crumbling a cracker into his stew, Rasil grinned mischievously. "After all, I am a gnome!"

His smile disappeared, only to be replaced by a quizzical expression. "Of course, I've been told that I'm not a typical gnome... so take from that what you will!"

"And of course, you can all call me 'Rasil', 'Bathbone', 'Mr. Bathbone', 'Hey Gnome'--I'll answer to any of them!"

Draining his bowl, he added, "Hmm... time for more stew--and ale!"

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Simza settled back into her chair, retreating into her own thoughts, considering Issceran's words. She knew he was right, they had only known each other for a day, but that still didn't stop her from feeling a bit hurt. It must make Koraq's nickname that much worse... no wonder he didn't like it. The young girl remained quiet, just observing the others for now.

Male Elf Wizard 1

"Very well then, Mr. Orcbane," Issceran said, a touch of malice in his voice as he pushed himself to his feet. He wasn't feeling particularly thirsty all of sudden. He inclined his head to the table.

"If you'll excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to retire early so I can do some research for the investigation," he said. He produced a few coppers and left them on the table as a tip for the friendly barkeep. His mind began to head in other directions so he took his leave, already thinking over the day's events. The dinner ending up being everything he expected it to be.

Issceran would arrange for his personal belongings to be brought to his quarters at the MSI Headquarters facility. It was there he took up his spellbook, his parchment, and inkquill to create some notes for the night while he paged through some books he had arranged for.

Before the night is over, can Issceran acquire information on the artifacts mentioned during the investigations. While they may or may not be part of solving the investigation, Issceran would like to know for his personal knowledge.

Issceran arranged for some books? Where from?

Male Elf Wizard 1

His personal collection that has nothing to do with the investigation. Since Issceran was not homeless before this campaign.

Male Dwarf Fighter 01

Barin raises his head from the table one last time to adress Issceran:"Good idea, elf. I heard your kind faints if confronted with proper beverage. Better to go to bed and rest that delicate body of yours..."

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

Koraq, a good bit inebriated keeping up with Barin downing brews, gets more relaxed with the group and gets into a jovial mood unlike his persona during the day.

"Ya know Rasil, you got a good head ya shoulders... a small head, but it's a good one." He then leans towards Simza at the table, leery at her drunkedly. "And you Simza... you got a good thing going under... all that," waving his hand up and down over Varisian's evening wear. "Ya should show off those curves, or what's there. Yer pretty cute for havin' a rash." The half-orc nearly falls out of his chair lurching close to the young girl before catching himself and sitting mostly upright.

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

Rasil was disappointed by the exchange between Barin and Issceran, but realized that dwarves and elves have different world-views.

To Koraq he said, "Small? I always thought that my head was the right size, and that most other peoples' heads are too big!"

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

At that statement, Koraq starts feeling his head with a puzzled look on his face. "Naw, feels right for me. Yours though Barin..." as he reaches across the table to hand measure the dwarf's cranium.

Male Dwarf Fighter 01

Barin smiles amiably at the approaching Koraq:"Careful with those tiny little fingers of yours, half-orc. They seem a little undersized to me... maybe we should get a better look... after we cut them out, that is..."

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Simza had been picking at her stew ever since Issceran had left, her appetite once again abandoning her with the change in mood of the table. She didn't bother to join in on the conversation and in fact didn't really look up at the others until Koraq drunkenly leant over the table. When she did the look of revulsion was obvious despite her veils, the girl sitting stunned for a few moments before pushing her chair back from the table and standing up.

A few gestures and muttered words later and Koraq was being doused by a couple gallons of water as Simza stormed over to the bar, staggering part way to it, dizzy from the unfamiliar drink on an empty stomach. "Sorry for the mess Bartimus..." she murmurs to the barkeep, setting her coins down and heading for the door.

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

"Well, that certainly put a damper on things," Rasil said. He got up without even the faintest hint that the ale bothered him.

"Barin, Koraq, it's been fun, but I think it's time to call it a night." The gnome bowed to both of his companions and headed to the bar to settle his bill.

After that, Rasil headed to the MSI Barracks.

Bartimus is more than willing to set you all up with tabs (plus, it makes it easier to keep track of money if you all just decide how much you want to spend each day, week, or whatever, on food and drink, and deduct it automatically). You all also have the option of hiring a cook for HQ; a maid/butler as well if you wanted. A cook would be 1.5 gold per week, a maid one gold per week.

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Considering how poor Simza is at the moment, that's probably a good thing :p As for cook and maid we'll have to discuss that at some point I spose.

Simza eventually reaches the second floor of MSI Headquarters, her head having cleared a little bit on the short walk back. She makes a bee-line straight to the room she selected, and if possible, locks the door behind her, starting to pull of her veils and change into her nightclothes, before falling into bed. She really had expected that to go a lot better than it had...

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

Despite getting dowsed with water by the shocked and perturbed Simza, Koraq still embodies the friendly drunk and will stay at the Arms until either

a) Barin finally leaves
b) Bartimus kicks him out

Afterwards, the half-orc will stumble back to the barracks and fall asleep on his bed face-first.

Male Dwarf Fighter 01

Barin will stay and drink with Koraq until the tavern closes down. He actually doesn't seem upset at koraq's attempts at humor. His own sense of humor seems to be razor sharp...

So Barin and Koraq close out the Cenotaph Arms, and stumble their way back to their (presumably) separate beds.

It is the 4th of Rova, a gloomier day with clouds that threaten rain, though they may not deliver. The larders of the kitchen are well-stocked with breakfast-y items, but it's make your own at the moment, though Mrs. Brigglespan will have a harsh word with anybody who doesn't clean up his own mess...

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

Up early, Rasil (used to taking care of himself) fixed his own breakfast and tidied up after himself.

He then awaited the others to rouse themselves.

Well, this should be an interesting day! thought the gnome cheerfully.

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Yes, interesting... :p

Simza rises fairly early as well, none too worse for wear, with perhaps a slight headache. After washing, and dressing in fresh clothes she takes the time to unpack things a bit and write a letter for her brother. She really should have sent word to him yesterday about what had happened, but there hadn't really seemed to be time. She'd have to ask Mrs. Brigglespan to deliver it.

That done she heads down to get something for breakfast, greeting Rasil with a small smile when she finds him below.

Male Dwarf Fighter 01

Barin somehow finds the strength to wake up and limp from the floor where he slept (he apparently fell from the bed... or maybe he never found it... the details seem a bit confused in his memory) to the bathroom where he almost drowns himself with the basin of water he uses to wash. By dint of his dwarven constituition he seems to recover quickly, though: by the time he reaches the common hall he doesn't look much worse for wear than he was the previous day. He shows a ravenous appetite though...

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

Koraq gets up shortly after dawn, showing few signs of his drunken revelry. He starts off the day with a near ritualistic set of exercises, arguably annoying any neighbors as he does pushups, squats, jumping jacks, and some katas he picked up from his travels, grunting past his hangover pains.

He doesn't remember much of the night itself, until he eyes the elf. "Issceran." is all he says when he gets to the mess hall and begins scrouging for food.

Male Elf Wizard 1

The following morning the elf woke up early to crack open his spellbook and study as he did every morning. Using my investigation list today. He paged through the book as he enjoyed the sunlight flitering in from the window where his desk sat. He collected his paperwork and stored it in a case. He proceeded to get dressed, changing into fresh attire that breathed well. He didn't wear robes (he learned during his expedition days that the desert heat didn't support thick layered clothing) but favored more mundane trappings common amongst humans. He changed into some breeches and a loose linen shirt which he rolled the sleeve up on. He tugged on a pair of boots and fingerless gloves before securing his belt.

He hauled his satchel with his spellbook over his shoulder and proceeded into the kitchen where his companions were eating breakfast. The pale haired, bright eyed elf joined them without a word as everyone seemed quiet that morning. Preparing a simple and small breakfast, he ate quietly until the half-orc finally uttered his name upon arrival.

"Mr. Silverclaw," he returned, his words simple. He soon finished his meal and inclined his head to Rasil, Simza, and Barin before taking a step outside to get some fresh air and sun. His fingers strummed his satchel as he danced with the idea of being more friendly with the rest of the MSI team. The night before had been awkward enough and he decided he didn't need to waste any courtesy on the dwarf and half-orc. The gnome and human, however, would still benefit from a positive demeanor.

"Sometimes I wonder about these younger races," he murmured.

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Simza eats in the uncomfortable silence as Barin comes down. When Issceran joins them she ponders what he'd said the night before. She knew he was only being honest but it had still hurt to have him say it so bluntly... She didn't want to let it cause a problem between them however. She was just considering what to say to him when Koraq came down and the tension increased notably. Her shoulders slumped slightly as Issceran left shortly thereafter. She felt like she should say something to break the silence, but in the end she simply got up, gave her bowl a light rinse, and headed out after Issceran.

"So... Did you manage to get any work done last night... after you left?" she asks, seeming a bit nervous bringing it up.

Male Elf Wizard 1

While he was contemplating a good pipe to settle his mind, Simza stepped outside. He glanced to the woman wrapped in veils and leaned back against the building. "Only personal study," he said simply. "Nothing particular. I'd like to spend today doing research on these artifacts we have stumbled across as our investigations allow."

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

As Simza followed Issceran outside, Rasil turned to Barin and Koraq. "Well! You two don't seem the worse for wear!"

Smiling, the gnome opened the door, so that those outside could hear him as well. "So, back to Irefoot Hall to see if Mr. Kinman is also missing a piece of this artifact?"

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Simza nods to herself. "Yes, we'll have to question Rav Kinman about the Enjoiner, and check out that auction house to see if we can find the other pieces. It was quite the coincidence about that book though if that wasn't what he after..." she observes, looking at the smoking elf from the corner of her eye.

She gulped, hesitating before bringing up last night again. "I... I hope that we can come to trust one another, and... become friends?" she says, turning to offer the elf a nervous smile.

Male Dwarf Fighter 01

Barin just shrugs at Issceran's behaviour, confirming the idea he had about him, when he leaves he just mutters:"elfs..."

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

Other than the fear-induced respectful greeting to Issceran, Koraq ignored the presence of the other members, not even paying attention to Simza's body language or the mess made by the Barin's quest for breakfast. He's silent until Rasil shattered the quiet in the room with his nasally (to a half-orc anyway) gnome speak.

"Ahhh, damn your voice is extra squeeky today...", to Rasil's greeting, the effects of last night's inebriation influencing his opinion of the gnomish accent. "And yea, still gotta get on your feet. A man who let's a few beers keep 'im in bed ain't much of a man."

Afterwards, Koraq returns to his room to don his chain shirt and signature robe and brought the hood down over his head; he'd never admit it, but despite the cloud cover it was a bit bright for his tastes right now.

Issceran, you can make a Knowledge History check concerning the enjoiner and anybody with ranks in Knowledge Religion can make a check concerning the book.

Male Dwarf Fighter 01

Bah... of course I'm no worse for wear! Who do you think you are talking to? Yeasterday's was just us having fun... it was nothing like serious drinking!", just as he finishes his speech Barin overhears Simza and Issceran's exchange:"I don't think Kinman will respond well to another questioning, so soon... but maybe you and the elf could go talking with him instead of us and we'll handle the auction house"

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

"A bunch of classist snobs spending more gold on useless crap than alotta folks ever see in their lives... no thanks. 'sides, someone's gotta watch over the scrawny folks, even if Kinman's goin' to be more of a bother than a threat."

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7

Rasil's Kn-Religion check: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14

"I'm fine with that, Barin," Rasil replied cheerfully.

Male Dwarf Fighter 01

"Well, if you put it that way... but consider you just described Kinman too... and someone else I won't name, I might add..." Barin erupts in a raucus laugh after uttering te last sentence

Male Elf Wizard 1

Knowledge: History 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (13) + 10 = 23

Issceran isn't smoking currently but he's thinking about it.

"We should stop by a smoke shop on our way there," he suggested. While Koraq and Barin bantered, he managed a smile for Rasil and Simza. It ws almost forced, but sincere. "Friendship... All in good time." He inclined his head and pondered over the Enjoiner, trying to recall any information from his peronal studies.

"And a library, I'd like to request some books," he murmured.

Can Issceran arrange for some books on artifacts to possibly find out more information about this Enjoiner and the Asmodeon books?

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Simza sighed to herself, though this time out of annoyance as she could hear Barin exacerbating things. To Issceran she just nodded again. "Mmm, if it doesn't take too long that should be fine." she agreed. "If the Summoner knows where the rest of the pieces are though, then we really need to get to them first before he can do more damage."

Issceran would be able to gain access to the library of the Stone of Seers, Magnimar's wizarding college, quite eaisly, but it's not a lending library. It would probably easier to get the Stone to give a graduation diploma to Koraq than it would be to get them to send you their books.

As you enjoy your breakfasts, Mrs. Brigglespan pops in to let you know that no building collapses were reported this morning.

So Koraq, Simza, and Issceran to Irefoot Hall, and Barin and Rasil to Meisner's?

Male Elf Wizard 1

Issceran will be visiting the college in the near future. The group breakup looks fine to me.

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

Yeah I guess so :)

Male Gnome Archaeologist Bard 1; AC 16, flat-footed 14, touch 13; HP 10/10; Init +2; Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3; Perception +7


Rasil and Barin head off to Meisner's Auction House. As they headed there, Rasil said to Barin, "They're probably going to be snooty at this auction house."

"Hopefully they'll be able to look past that and answer our questions."

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |
Nazard wrote:

It would probably easier to get the Stone to give a graduation diploma to Koraq than it would be to get them to send you their books.

I'll take an honorary doctorate in kinetic dentistry, please.

Issceran wrote:
The group breakup looks fine to me.

Will the breakup end up like this?

Male Dwarf Fighter 01

Barin shrugs and waves away:"Who cares? We are here to solve a crime, not to waste money one fancy stuff the action house probably bought from thieves and bandits. No matter what they think, they aren't worth the soles of the shoes they put on their feet. They may be snooty all they want, but in the end they'll have to answer, or pay the price. It's that simple, really"

Male Elf Wizard 1

Issceran and Koraq need to be friends first. But I think you're right, Koraq would cry and be dramatic about it.

"Back to Irefoot," the elf said, heading out with Koraq and Simza. "I think it will end up being another long day... Hopefully I'll have the time to visit a library..."

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle of Life (Seer) 1

"Well, let's hope not too long..." she murmured, though she had a feel Issceran was probably right. With only the three days between one attack and the next, she felt like they were on a time limit now... "I'll be ready in a few minutes." she excused herself, heading upstairs to pull on her armor, and grab the letter for her brother, taking it down to Mrs Brigglespan and asking her to see it was delivered to her brother, giving the secretary her former address and thanks, before heading to meet up with Issceran and Koraq. "I guess we're on foot this time then..."

Male Half-orc Martial Artist 1 | AC 17 T 17 FF 13 | HP 10/10 | F +4 R +5 X +5 | Init +3 | Perc +7 |

@Issceran: Oh snap! Aren't you planning on being the heartbreaker? :P

"Heh, I'll walk slowly so you two can keep up!" In actuality, he alternates between moving ahead of his two smarter and likeable companions then moving behind, jogging to put himself back in pace, probably out of a mix between boredom and physical training.

"So, other than he's as stubborn as a jackass, did Barin an' the gnome mention much else 'bout their previous chat with this Kinman fella?"

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