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Lucendar's Survival PbP - Welcome to the Slaughter!

Game Master Lucendar

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but then for that reason, I am LE... cleric of Zon-Kuthon :) sacrifices are my hobby hehe

Varos looking back at Menas and sneers. Focusing on his own stuff and preparing for the upcoming trials, Varos close his eye and sends his thoughts to the Dark one and praying for his blessing

Well, let the trials begin so we can get over with this

Liberty's Edge

Filsgerit wrote:
The dwarven woman, noble and savage, stands silently in her cell and glowers at any who look at her.

Justified returns Filsgerit's glower with a friendly and confident smile, but does not maintain eye contact long enough for it to seem a threat.

As the appointed hour draws near, Kwin steps to the center of his small cell. He puts his dagger between his teeth and watches around him, scanning all directions including up and down. Remember, he chides himself, you're dealing with wizards now. It may come from the door you expect, but it just as easy could come from anywhere else...

Morgthar goes through a series of quick exercises designed to limber up his muscles in preparation for whatever test lies ahead. He has noted at least two followers of the Midnight Lord who could be counted as potential allies.

Baron Darkstrom interrupts the silence. "Well, it appears the bloodshed will be put off till later, if necessary. The time is growing near, final preparations are almost done, and everyone is packing into the arena. Please try and put on a good show, eh chaps? Your lives depend on it." He smiles as he spins so all can see him. "Now, when the time is right, I will make the introductions of the prisoners to allow the betting public a better look at you so they can make an informed decision on their wagers. It's all part of the spectacle. After that, I will make a few comments, reiterate the no fighting rules within Tournament Grounds, give you some advice on the challenges ahead, and then leave, releasing you all and putting your fate in your hands. Understood? Good."

Recruitment closes in less than 2 hours.

Updated Summmary:
Salu - CG human fighter (obsidian scimitar)
Menas - CN human barbarian (heavy wooden shield)
Emilian - LN human fighter (heavy wooden shield)
Othrik - NE Half-orc ranger (cestus)
Kwin - NE halfling rogue (small dagger)
Bug - NE goblin fighter (small dogslicer)
Kazmuk - NE dwarf druid (battleaxe)
Morgthar - LE Half-elf Hungry Ghost Monk
Varos - LE Human cleric of Zon-Kuthon (double-chained kama)
Kor - LN Half-Orc monk of Four Winds
Catelyn - NE female Tiefling rogue (spear)
Filsgerit - CG female Dwarf Barbarian (halberd)
Justified - CG Human Polearm Fighter (glaive)
Cirnos Duval - LE Human Cavalier Order of Cockatrice (lance)
Gaza - LN female Tiefling Cleric (?)

We may have 1 more applicant who PMed me, which would bring the total to 16. Gaza, need a weapon choice. Only one weapon is allowed. If you want a dart, you will get one dart so choose wisely.

Kor stands and moves towards the front of his cell. Still overcome with a look of calm, he prepares himself for whatever might happen once the doors go up.

If possible, I would like to be using total defense on the first round the doors open.

No antipaladin? Gah, how often does one get a chance to play one!!!

I know it, surprised me too, Cirnos. Yes, Kor, that is possible.

One last addition, an Oread ranger with a guisarme, full character sheet in the alias

In one of the last cells, a big man covered in scars with a skin as grey as stone finally arises.
"Well, there is not much you can do to me. I died 15 years ago. But I'll still take my chance with one of those big weapons with that hook at the end," he says, pointing to a guisarme.

The voice sounds deep and rumbling at the start but ends up to high for the appearance as if the user was not used to speaking aloud.


I would like to join in with my Human Ranger. Weapon, sling. Crime: Cannibalism

You're in, Hollander, just in the nick of time! Just choose a pic for your character.

Recruitment is closed! And the best part?? I don't have to reject anyone! You are all in! Good luck! Link to Main Thread; Link to Discussion Thread

Finally - Haterivet uploaded ;-) Will update background very soon.

Haterivet was one of the people who PMed me, so he's in.

If anyone hasn't checked in yet, the gameplay and discussion threads are both up, running and quite lively! If you check the top of the page, there are tabs for the Gameplay and Discussion threads. Come on in, the drama and tension are fine!

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game Subscriber

My gods, just read this, the game and discussion threads. Really wish I hadn't been late to the party on this one. Hope you run something with a similarly chaotic/fun beginning in the future :)

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