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Lucendar's Savage Tide....All aboard! (Inactive)

Game Master Lucendar

Map of Eleder

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Lucendar wrote:

What's the exact class and race?

Human bard. I haven't worked out the crunch yet.


Well heck, DM, I went ahead and finished up the sheet with everything except the trait. As always, I can change anything as you prefer!

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Lucendar: yes Ojibwe is the character I had in mind, I will tailor his background to fit the campaign and probably tweak his stats a bit.

stardust wrote:
I think he typed the url wrong. copy and paste the url. It works that way.

Probably that. It shouldn't be linking to the Paizo boards at all.

Trying again since apparently I can't edit my earlier post...

EDIT: It works now.

Erricos Gephuras wrote:
stardust wrote:
I think he typed the url wrong. copy and paste the url. It works that way.

Probably that. It shouldn't be linking to the Paizo boards at all.

Trying again since apparently I can't edit my earlier post...

EDIT: It works now.

Thanks, it is working.

my first PbP if i get in, 4th submission, only one other still in the running, reworked this char a little from another submit.

Ostarian, chelaxian human Dual cursed oracle of the Dark Tapestry

EST time zone



Ostarien was born into a noble family, somewhere between lesser and higher in chelix. In corenytn his family held a few holds, warehouses and most important several businesses that supply nautical supplies (sails, ropes and barrels). He spent his early years as any spoiled noble did, idly spending his time, or spending it sneaking away from his caretakers. His family flourished as the imperial navy relied more and more on the family’s business.
Things changed as Ostarien started to enter puberty. Ostarien himself started to get sick more and more often until he was bedridden. No one could cure his mysterious ailment, its racking cough or is mysterious sores. For several years he would get sick, grow sore sand they would heal as scars.. The sores would scar his chest and lower face and he would get better long enough to get sick again, yet each time he felt fine . He would have fever dreams and shout in a strange language that he could not remember.
While he was battling his strange illness the family was dealing with ill fortune. Their warehouses were robbed, one of their holds was attacked, and one of their two barrel makers burnt to the ground.
The family came to the conclusion that Ostarien’s sickness had brought bad luck. His father formally denounced him, stripping him of his family name, kicking him from the life he knew.
Having to find work he wandered for a while with what few possessions he had. Scaring off most with his appearance he had a hard time finding work.
His younger brother found him a week later in a bottom of the barrel inn. With his contacts he arranged for him to work with a jeweler/blacksmith. Krun made jewelry, and more importantly made masks for the inquisitors. His younger brother was on his way to join the inquisitors as the family was having even more issues. After a few months, he had found his powers and learned how to use them, scaring away cutpurses while hiding in the shadows. After a few months of boring work ostarian had decided he needed to leave. He would make his way in the world and gain the riches he needed to life an easy life.
Extorting money from his parents he caught a boat out to sargava (not directly mind you), planning to travel as far in as he can. He thinks he will feel at home yet safe from his family, and can learn more about his powers.

What ostarien doesn’t know
Ostarien is his father’s son, but not his mothers. A bastard, however on purpose. His parents had made a contract with a asmodean priest, the life of their first born in exchange for greater wealth and a better place in life. However they had a plan. Ostarian got one of his serving women pregnant after the pact was made and she was Ostarian’s actual mother. Upon birth it was made that Ostarian was the actual son, his real mother being killed to keep the secret. His mother was approached by some shadowy being and told why she was there. Knowing that there was no hope for her, and that her son would be cursed she gave up her soul, in trade her son would still suffer his curse, however he would have powers to offset it.
Loose ends
Parents – fate unknown, ostarien doesn't care about them if they gave up on him
Siblings – A younger brother and sister (both Half siblings). Both true descendants, he was not close to either as they were young and once he started getting sick he was kept away. He also has an older half-brother from his mother.

He has never spent the night in the wild, he is slightly spoiled from his younger years. He wears dark clothes mostly black, a hooded cloak and try's to stay in unnoticed. He has no issues removing his mask, but considering hes lower face is a mass of scars he wears it. It is dark blue enameled steel. In combat he does ranged if he can, if not and its the only fight of teh day hell summon the shadows for armour and wade into melee.


human Dual Cursed Oracle 1
CG Medium humanoid Mystery, Dark Tapestry
<<Init >> +1 ; <<Senses>> Perception +0
<<AC>> 17, touch 12, flat-footed 15 (+3 armor, +2 shield, +1 dex, +1 dodge)
<<hp>> 9 (1d8)
<<Fort>> +0, <<Ref>> +1, <<Will>> +2
+4 save VS Disease
<<Spd>> 30 ft/x4
<<Melee>> Morningstar +2 1d8+2 20/x2
<<Melee>> Dagger, Melee +2 1d4+2 19-20/x2
<<ranged>> Sling +1 1d4+2 20/x2 50'
<<Str>> 14, <<Dex>> 13, <<Con>> 10, <<Int>> 12, <<Wis>> 10, <<Cha>> 18
<<Base Atk>> +0, <<Cmb>> +2<<Cmd>> +14
• COMBAT CASTING: You get a +4 bonus on Concentration checks made to cast a
spell or use a spell-like ability while casting on the defensive or while
grappled. (PFCR 119)

• DODGE: +1 dodge bonus to AC. If you lose your Dex bonus, you lose this
bonus too. (PFCR 122)
<<Skills>> (Rank) total
Acrobatics (0) +1
Appraise (0) +1
Bluff (0) +0
Climb (0) +2
Diplomacy (0) +0
Disguise (0) +0
Escape Artist (0) +1
Heal (1) +4
Intimidate (1) +8
Knowledge (Planes) (1) +5
Linguistics (0) +0
Perception (0) +0
Ride (0) +1
Sense Motive (1) +4
Spellcraft (1) +5
Stealth (1) +5
Survival (0) +0
Swim (0) +2
Caster Level 1, Concentration 5, +4 Defensive
Spells Known
Orisons DC 14
Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Stabilize
1st, DC 15, 4 Per Day
Divine Favor, Doom, Cure Lt. Wounds
Dual Cursed
Tongues In combat speaks and understands only Infernal.
Wasting (no Progression)-4 to Charisma based skill checks except Intimidate
<<Languages>> Common, Infernal,
<<Combat Gear>> Morningstar, Dagger x2, MW Studded Leather armour, Darkwood Heavy Wooden Shield
<<Other Gear>> 82 gold
MW backpack
Winder blanket
Flint + Steel
Healers Kit
Belt Pouch (4) one for money, one componets
Waterskin (2) one full of water, one empty
Soap (1 lb)
Travelers outfit (one worn, one spare)
Mask (Covers lower face, steel, dark blue enamel)
Wrist Sheath (2)
• Rich Parents: starting gold raised to 900G

I would like to apply with "Chez", a dual-sword wielding human fighter from Taldan.

Chez is a carefree, dashing, glory-seeking, adventurous merchant's son, looking to charm his way through life.

More details and character description is posted on his profile.

Letter to Father #1:

Hi Dad, I am leaving the splendors of Senghor today. I spent a couple more days with Kandra the coin changer's daughter. She was a lot of fun and if I'm ever back this way I will certainly look her up. Or was her name Kendra? Well hell, now I've already forgetten her name. She was already talking about me settling in there, so it was fortunate that some "business" came up.

I am boarding a ship today called the Velvet Rose. It appears to be nothing too fancy but it looks seaworthy none-the-less. I'm headed to Eleder now. I'm looking forward to setting foot on Sargava and checking out what the land has to offer. If I can find any good business contacts for you I will let you know in my next letter.

I see some of the "oddities" boarding the ship now. Looks like quite the variety of peoples. This might be a fun trip after all. Well, I have to find a decent bottle of wine and get on the ship before it leaves, so I will write more once I have arrived in Elender.

Lucendar - after sitting on it for a day and also seeing a few other bard types come forward I'm going to pull out of the running.

Thanks for answering the early questions and wish you and your players well for the game :)

Mark Sweetman wrote:

Lucendar - after sitting on it for a day and also seeing a few other bard types come forward I'm going to pull out of the running.

Thanks for answering the early questions and wish you and your players well for the game :)

Naw, dude. All bard party all the way!

Kratzee posting as Denison with a mostly complete character sheet.

Denison was trained in the art of the Arcane Duel in Oppara, Taldor at the Kitharodian Acadamy, a bardic college of high esteem. Although he took his studies seriously, he also took to living it up during this time. He managed to scandalize a number of noble families with dalliances with daughters who were sent to the school to find a husband of good blood. Upon graduation, he enrolled in the Andoran Navy, who believed that a bard would be a great boon to the crew. There they trained him the art of sailing and fighting shipboard; and he was the ship's cryer.

Lucender, how do you feel about this trait? I worked it into his background.
Inner Sea Primer wrote:
Shackles Seafarer: You're familiar with the treacherous coastlines, currents, and tides of the Shackles, and can use that knowledge anywhere. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (nature) and Knowledge (geography) checks while on the ocean. You also gain a +1 trait bonus on Swim checks, and Swim is always a class skill for you.

Amended background:
Denison is a fun-loving high energy Andoran Privateer. He earned his letter of marque two yeasr ago and since then has been hunting the high seas for pirates and slavers aboard the Mermaid's Honor underneath Captain Gertie Adenbough. He had requested this particular ship after hearing of the tales about the extreme exploits of this particular captain. He soon learned that "extreme exploits" are two other words for "suicidal bravery." He relished it. As a private aboard the caravel he took part in more raids than he could count. He soon grew a small fortune from his shares in salvaged pirate and slave ships.

A year ago the the Mermaid's Honor was in hot pursuit of a slave-ship out of Katapesh to Mediogalti. Unfortunately, during a freak storm out of the Eye of Abendego, he was washed overboard and ashore on Slitherfish Island. From there, he journeyed to Ilizmagorti hiding from Merry Widows and Red Mantis trainees. From there he had to hire on with the very types of pirates he was hunting; but he made sure it at least was not a slave ship. Mostly through sheer luck he survived the pirate stronghold and passage to The Shackles, where he had to commit some minor atrocities just past the muster with the cutthroat pirates. He justifies the, what he considers, crimes to himself based on the fact that those on the receiving end were ruthless pirates, slaves, and murderers; the very same type of scum he's sent down Mermaid's plank. Of course, until then he had never participated in keelhauling anyone; an act he regrets utterly and prays to Sarenrae often.

After a year of living as a pirate based out of the Shackles, he deserted and booked passage on the first vessel leaving port, which happened to be heading to Senghor. From their he book passage again on the Velvet Rose. Eventually, he hopes to make it back to his native land of Andoran, but is not sure how. And if he does, he doesn't know if he can face is old compatriots again.

Trait is fine Kratzee.

Kratzee wrote:
Mark Sweetman wrote:

Lucendar - after sitting on it for a day and also seeing a few other bard types come forward I'm going to pull out of the running.

Thanks for answering the early questions and wish you and your players well for the game :)

Naw, dude. All bard party all the way!

And in more seriousness, I have played through the 3rd chapter and read the 4th b/c I was going to take over gming it. I'm also in 2 other pbps (one just started and one runs at an agonizing slow pace which is why I am trying to get into another) so I would hate to have my character submission be part of anyone's decision to withdraw. So in otherwords, please reconsider or I'll feel bad :(

Updated list of applicants:

Kratzee - Denison Delgado human bard(complete)
Zimmerwald - Erricos Gephuras human sorcerer (complete)
Kyle Smith - Voidson Human Inquisitor (complete)
Dukeruckley - Dalron Holricht Human Rogue Knifemaster (complete)
Stardust - Zarnethi Human Aquatic Sorceress (complete)
CorvusRed - Ajerviskanis gnome alchemist (complete)
Wakedown - Aranel elf oracle (complete)
Misroi - Kowaru half-orc monk (complete)
Gerald - Ialda Soumral, Half-elf barbarian (complete)
Dreaming Warforged - Djal dwarven barbarian (complete)
Okuthor - Ostarian human oracle (complete)
Kor - Chez Saryn human fighter (complete)

Still incomplete:
Mark Sweetman - Half-orc bard (Buccaneer) (if Kratzee convinces you to come back)
Rimrock - Ojibwe Human druid (need background to fit game)
ThunderingDawn - ranger
Michaelane - Alchemist
Lunamaria Hawke - ?
markofbane - ?
Psychicmachinery - Wizard or barbarian

Since more than enough people have applied and I thank you all for that, I am moving up the deadline for submission to 2/24 by 6pm EST.

And here is the completed version of the ranger I proposed, Auric Connacht.

Auric could only gaze on with a bit of unease at the Velvet Rose. The ship held everything for him, and yet nothing. Vested in her hull were his hopes and dreams, a chance at a fresh start. But laden in her sails were the means by which he would be leaving his entire life behind. His uneasy gaze quickly turned into a bitter grimace.

Auric Connacht was born to a seafaring Varisian captain and an herbalist's daughter in the port city of Magnimar. From an early age, Auric would learn his father's trade from the very helm of his fishing vessel, the Oaken Spear. When he wasn't spending months on the sea, Auric learned all he could from his grandfather, one of the richer herbalist's of Magnimar. This gave the young boy a healthy love of nature.

His passion for fishing quickly became a passion for hunting in general, and by the time he was ten he had already begun to train hunting dogs for that very purpose. This would be the happier times of Auric's young life.

At the age of fifthteen, he and his father had been fishing in a Varisian Gulf when pirate slavers from Riddleport attacked their vessel. Every man that resisted were gutted and cast into the sea. Auric, only being a young lad, paniced and surrendered almost immediately. His father, however, fought to the bitter end. The last glimpse of him Auric can still remember, his of his lifeless form sinking beneath the waves of the gulf.

Taken by the slavers, Auric spent the next three years of his life forced into servitude aboard various pirate vessels. He tried his best to keep his hands clean, only acting as a deckhand or harpooner. But even with the best of intentions, Auric learned the lessons of a hard embattered life.

Nearing his eighteenth year, Auric finally found himself back in Magnimar under the pretenses of business for his current 'captain'. Sneaking away under cover of darkness, Auric quickly returned home only to find it deserted. Learning from passerby's and neighbours, Auric came to the grim realization that he had no family left. Shortly after their disappearence, his mother had commited suicide out of grief. Distraught over loosing his family, the old herbalist sold his worldly possessions and left Magnimar for places unknown. WIthout a clear trail to follow, or anywhere left to call home, Auric simply returned to the pirate vessel.

Two more years would pass him by before he found himself in another part of the world, at a very fateful port. There, he had finally earned enough wages to buy his freedom from indentured service, and passage away from the pirates that had taken him so many years ago. His destination finally his own, Auric concluded that he would leave his fate up to chance. Never had any of his plans worked in the past, only random choices made by others had delievered his life into the hands of this moment. He figured, why mess with what worked.

And so, with only a few meager possessions, his grandfather's chain haubrek and his old fishing harpoon, Auric walked down along the port until he came to the very first vessel accepting passengers. The Velvet Rose...


Auric Connacht
Male Human Ranger (skirmisher) 1
CG Medium human
Init +2; Senses Perception +5
AC 18, touch 12, flat-footed 16 (+6 armor, +2 Dex)
hp 11 (1d10+1)
Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +1
Speed 30ft
Melee glaive +4 (1d10+4/x3)
Melee dagger +4 (1d4+3/19-20 x2)
Ranged javelin +3 (1d8+3/x2)
Special Attacks Favored Enemy (animals)
Str 16, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 10
Base Atk +1; CMB +4; CMD 12
Feats Power Attack, Furious Focus
Trait World Traveler
Skills Climb +2*, Handle Animal +4, Knowledge (geography) +4, Knowledge (nature) +4, Perception +5, Profession (sailing) +5, Sense Motive +2**, Survival +5, Swim +2*
Languages common
SQ track, animal empathy
Combat Gear
Other Gear "harpoon" glaive, dagger, 3 javelins, chainmail, backpack (contains 50ft hemp rope, common lantern, winter blanket, and 2 sunrods), traveler's cloths, waterskin, 2 days worth of trail rations, 6 gp and 2 sp
Auric is a young dark haired man with suntanned skin. His features, while youthful in appearance, appear cracked and weathered from years of sea life. His two dark brown eyes hold a depth of knowledge and sorrow. His physical features are well defined, a testament of a life spent on the ocean. He keeps his face shaven, and his hair kept short.
Auric always comes off as a bit aloof. Always a stranger amongst the pirates, he has become somewhat of a loner. He can always be found off in a corner to himself. While he tries his best to be friendly to those that approach him, and he does possess a kind heart, his trust in society and their laws has been somewhat splintered. Cautious to a fault, Auric takes everything with a grain of salt. The experiences of a life at sea, always searching their depths for danger, has peppered his personality with a twinge of paranoia.

*Skills affected by armor check penalities.
** Skills untrained

Here is a submission for markofbane. Coeran Medvyed is a human male witch with a rat familiar. Please see the spoilers in his profile for background and description, as well as most of the crunch.

I am in the PST time zone (Paizo Standard Time). Thanks!

Kratzee wrote:
I'm also in 2 other pbps (one just started and one runs at an agonizing slow pace which is why I am trying to get into another) so I would hate to have my character submission be part of anyone's decision to withdraw. So in otherwords, please reconsider or I'll feel bad :(

Kratzee - heh, I'm DMing six games and playing in 17 others so don't feel like you're depriving me of anything :)

Basically I like the concept of the character, but it didn't gel enough for me in my head while sitting on it for 24 hours - so I'm more than happy to pass up on the opportunity and let others with a stronger connection to their proposed characters play on.

Shadow Lodge

Dotting for interest, i have been wanting to play Savage Tide for a looong time.

Submiting Zook Baran, gnome, heavens oracle with haunted curse, sailor by trade. The Velvet Rose's navigator.
I will post later on a more detailed sheet.

EDIT: After reviewing the other applications I am withdrawing Zook, there is already an oracle with a similar concept, I will think about something else.

Updated list of applicants:

Kratzee - Denison Delgado human bard(complete)
Zimmerwald - Erricos Gephuras human sorcerer (complete)
Kyle Smith - Voidson Human Inquisitor (complete)
Dukeruckley - Dalron Holricht Human Rogue Knifemaster (complete)
Stardust - Zarnethi Human Aquatic Sorceress (complete)
CorvusRed - Ajerviskanis gnome alchemist (complete)
Wakedown - Aranel elf oracle (complete)
Misroi - Kowaru half-orc monk (complete)
Gerald - Ialda Soumral, Half-elf barbarian (complete)
Dreaming Warforged - Djal dwarven barbarian (complete)
Okuthor - Ostarian human oracle (complete)
Kor - Chez Saryn human fighter (complete)
Thundering Dawn - Auric Connacht human ranger (complete)
Markofbane - Coeran Medvyed human witch (complete)

Still incomplete:

Rimrock - Ojibwe Human druid (need background to fit game)
Michaelane - Alchemist
Psychicmachinery - Wizard or barbarian
Merck - ?

Pretty much getting to the end, so advancing the deadline again to 2/24 at 12 noon EST. Going to be pretty difficult to narrow these down. Thank you all for your submissions.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Wow, so many applicants. Since I am already in 4 other PbP games, I'll go ahead and withdraw my application. Good luck everyone!

Lantern Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I'm going to withdraw too. Good luck everyone!

Shadow Lodge

Running multiple ideas in my mind I couldn't figure out a good one so I came up with an evil instead.

Hatchet the Vicious

Str 17, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 15

History and Personality:


The childhood dream of Morvius Krupt was shared by all his friends in the upper class district of Eledar. To join the Sargavan navy, sail all over the world and defend his home. The difference was that Morvius pursued his while his friends settle for a life of city dwelling. The young Krupt could never picture himself managing the family farms and spending the rest of his live among livestock or sitting at a desk in Eledar watching the sun rise and set through a window. Gellius and Gollor, his young brothers, could very well take care of that. For him life was only worth it if he could be with his true love, the sea.

Craving the waves of the open sea he devised a plan. Using his family influence with the temple of Iomedae he applied for a paladinhood. That got a light censure from Rutilus and Eleonor Krupt, his parents. While they were pious people they expected their oldest soon to take care of the family business. When he then used his apprentice status to get an officer position at the sargavan navy his outraged parents flat out kicked him out. But he didn't care anymore, he felt like the happiest man in Sargava.

He served aboard the Baron's Fist for almost an year until on one of the periodic power struggles between the government and the free captains his warship got sunk. He was captured and send to Port Peril where he spend months as a prisoner and then years as a slave in the pirate ships.

Morvius Krupt is no more. Hatchet the Vicious hardly remembers the name and the bleached memories that seem to belong to somebody else. As the years went by he crawled his way to a first mate position in the "free" ship The Hook earning a reputation as a ruthless knave that usually killed everything he couldn't sweet talk. His enormous axe inspired fear at the hearts of his shipmates. But not everything of Morvius died, the pirate kept a twisted sense of honor and strong attachment to his given word. When the Hatchet promises something, it gets done!

But greed was his downfall, after a failed mutiny attempt he got send to Eledar in chains to be hanged for piracy, a sick joke from Hans One-Hand, his old captain. Aboard the Velvet Rose as a prisoner Hatchet is desperate, he will do anything to secure his freedom and avoid the noose.


I imagine Hatchet as a cross over between Jack Sparrow and Han Solo with the Frenzied Berserker PrC from 3.5 d&d. He is a loud, selfish and sometimes funny pirate who has a slippery personality with a scoundrel's charm.

Crunch Notes

I got two ideas for his crunch, the first one is the one that i think would be funnier but it's a little tricky. It's the antipaladin alternate class from APG and that would require some gm ruling. The requirement for this class is to be chaotic evil, in my experience its near impossible to play a character with this alignment, so I would like to play him Lawfull or neutral evil. He would be more a brute type of frontliner. But i can understand if the whole thing would seem like too much.

That's why i came up with the second idea: Bard, archeologist archetype, chaotic neutral. This archetype trades my group buff for an improved self one and gives me some roguish abilities, he could make a good duo even with another bard. This guy would be more like the swashbuckler/skillmonkey roguish type.

I will post some guidelines for both of them and you can tell me which one you think would fit the campaign the most. If I get selected I will create a full alias.

First Crunch:

NE, Antipaladin
Carefully Hidden trait (+1 will saves and +2 versus divination effects)
Power Attack and Cleave feats

Second Crunch:

Half Elf, ancestral arms: "Great Axe"
CN, Bard, Archeologist Archetype.
Desperate Focus trait (+2 on concentration checks)
Arcane Strike feat

My timezone is GMT -3

Dwarf zen archer - hoping for action

Well, the deadline has come and gone, so it's selection time. I have to thank you again for your submissions, many of them were great and jumped off the computer screen with how flavorful, intricate, and detailed they were, so it was hard to narrow them down (I debated them while writing this post), even though I increased the party group to five. But alas, I had to go with my gut, so without further ado, here are the five selections:

Stardust - Zarnethi Human Aquatic Sorceress
Wakedown - Aranel elf oracle
Gerald - Ialda Soumral Half-elf barbarian
Kor - Chesley Saryn human fighter
Misroi - Kowaru Half-orc monk

To those selected, please report here: Discussion Thread

To those not selected, I will keep you in mind should someone drop out.


im 0 for 3, with 2 left, i must suck with backgrouns/rp. Oh well, another chance tonight, then a week or so. GL all


After a brief hiatus, I am taking this Savage Tide PbP up again. Party is currently 4th level on its way to 5th and is running a side trek adventure. They are currently on a riverboat up the Vanji river.

Party consists of:
Mwangi Human inquisitor
Half-elf barbarian/sorcerer
Gnome sorcerer
Half-orc fighter/cleric

I want to recruit 1-2 players, if there is any interest.
20 point buy, 2 traits (one of which must be regional)
HP: 1/2+1 or you take my roll
Gold: Standard wealth
No gunslingers or summoners. Other classes ok.
Give me description (physical) and your motivation for adventuring. A big plus also if you can explain who you came to be in the Mwangi jungle/swamp.
Any questions, let me know.

Call me interested!

Spinnaker Jon is a craggy faced man, his skin burned brown by wind and weather. His sandy hair and sideburns are hidden under a wide brimmed hat. He wears threadbare courtiers outfit.
He is a sailor man born, his feet and eye set to wander. He has an easy smile and a ready wit; his favorite activity is to tell stories of his (or other peoples) travels, the story suitably punched up for entertainment value. He smokes a pipe.

"So, ye'd like ta know how I ended up in this here jungle eh? Well..."
He pauses to laboriously pack and light his pipe.
"That be a long tale. Best pick a seat and gather in.
"It all started when I was a maintopman aboard the Flying Crab, a three masted schooner out of Korvosa. We had just passed the Eye and thought ourselves home free! We were making good time for Eleder..."

To make an epic story short, his ship wrecked while evading pirates. In poverty on the streets of Eledar, he signed up with a rich fool and his followers for a treasure hunting expedition because he knew Polyglot and could talk to the porters. While following the map (which he now suspects was bogus) his companions were picked off one by one by unfriendly locals, wild beasts and Treasure of the Sierra Madre like infighting. He now finds himself the sole survivor (that he knows of), trying to survive and find his way back to Eledar and the next ship out of here.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Would this character be starting at level 1, or higher?


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm thinking about coming up with a Ranger or Rogue. Let's see what inspiration hits me. Advanced Class Guide, Advanced Race Guide???

Sovereign Court

I'm interested. Will post my background as my intended alias, Kilarian, Elf Wizard, in the next couple of hours.


Would you allow a vigilante warlock?

No playtest classes. Advanced class guide and Race Guide ok.

I have a witch i can level to 4th. Is standard gold standard for 4th? Which is 4000 i think. I will have to double check that though.

EDIT 6000gp is what i found on the prd. So unless otherwise stated thats what i will go with.

Might I present Silent Magni then... Still some shopping and cleaning up to do, but mostly presentable.

Magni is a large female Nagaji, with dark brown scales, and piercing amber eyes. She usually paints both her skin, and her chain armor with enough colors to make her more difficult to spot in the wilderness. She doesn't talk much.

Magni was captured at a young age, and served aboard a sailing vessel. She ended up escaping at one of the many ports, and served as a guard for a while, but discovered that she doesn't like crowds of people that much, so she moved into the swamps of the area, and finds them more amicable to her sensibilities. She makes a living gathering rare herbs, and plants, and occasionally serving as a guide through the swamps to well paying clients. She needs some more stuff now, so it would be helpful to find a benevolent employer.

This is Vahanians submission Yonda the sea witch.

I'm gonna create a new character for this - an archeologist bard to fill the skill monkey shaped hole.
And I haven't played a bard in ages so there is that :)

Update: Well propably have to withdraw my not even started application. Might have overestimated the free time I have :/

Thrynn is a tall, solidly built, sour faced man with hard, steel gray eyes. He tries to hide his partly elven ancestry, usually under a hood or helmet.

To those few who know Thrynn's history, it is easy to see that he was touched by Gorum. His mother died giving birth to him during a battle.

Thrynn's early days were difficult. His mother died giving birth to him during a battle. It was said that he was born with a taste for blood. As a half-human in elven lands, he was tolerated at best. He had to struggle for everything he had. Then, when it was discovered that he had been blessed by the wrong god, he was ostracized. A young Thrynn gathered what little he had and left to make his way in the world.
At first, Thrynn rebelled against his gifts, but in time,the harsh realities of the world taught him to embrace them. He sold his services as a mercenary. He was soon noticed by a wealthy Chelaxian who hired him as a bodyguard. The noble brought Thrynn to Sargava.
Thrynn recently broke his contract over a difference of opinion with his employer. While searching the Mwangi jungle for one of any number of famed lost cities of gold, they came upon a child who 'refused to answer' Thrynn's employer. He told Thrynn to kill the boy as punishment. Instead, Thrynn slew his employer his other guards. Thrynn's decision turned out to be wise. The tribesmen hiding in the jungle allowed him to return rather than kill him.

Silver Crusade

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Probably too late but if we play nice with the party would an Antipaladin be allowed?

Rysky wrote:
play nice
Rysky wrote:

*Head explodes*

Anyroad, looks like a Druid would fit nicely into the campaign - and provide a good explanation for being in the jungle - while providing a divine caster for the group. That said, I'm also considering a more heal-focused character, such as a Cleric or Life Oracle.

EDIT: Oh! Also, when is the deadline for character submission? I can get one rolled up quite quickly if need be, but I usually like a bit of time to munch on how I want to flavor the character up.

Applicants thus far:
Spinnaker Jon - Human bard (seasinger)
Yondala - Human witch
Thrynn - Half-elf oracle

Scranford - how does your character get around requirement that shahepshifter archetype must take natural weapon combat style at 2nd level and not thrown weapons, as listed on sheet?

Rysky - given that main big baddie of Savage Tide turns out to be an antipaladin, going to say no to that.

Deadline for submission of characters - Monday, July 6, 7:00pm EST.

Silver Crusade

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That'd be even more reason to play one! Antipaladins don't get along with each other :3

Hmm, what to play then, maybe Barbarian or Bloodrager...

Ok, my two selections are:
Spinnaker Jon

You can report to the Discussion Thread: Thread

Thank you for your interest to all who participated.

Yes! On the way!

Woohoo! Thanks.

Shadow Lodge

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Oof. I love Savage Tide - I can't believe I found this thread two days late!

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