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Lucendar's Savage Tide....All aboard! (Inactive)

Game Master Lucendar

Map of Eleder

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F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

Aeronniell smiles to herself in guilty amusement as she takes in Baolo's thick accent.

What a wonderful cant he has to his speech!

The elf woman stands mostly silent while listening Kowaru ask the questions, and admires the colorful fletching of his various arrows.

Although she stands across the room, her hands strays forward as if to touch them.

"Baolo? Perhaps we can fill you in about what is happening with Lavinia's brother? That is assuming Miss Vanderboren has no issue with him filling in for his friend?"

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

She actually left the room before Kora brought Baolo to the room (I think). Check the Livinia post above.

He nods, braids dipping low and clicking again, "Ya mon, Baolo. Ya mus be Aeronniell? Anudda fish. But maybe dis fish ca fly. Tell mi o' dis bredda. Xarethi speaky o' Lavinia, but no bredda."

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Correct, Baolo knows nothing about your search for the brother unless you tell him.

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

Got my post updated!

"Yes, that's me." Aeronniell nods and bows slightly to Baolo while it's clear her brow furrows as she puts in great effort to decipher the man's words.

He seems to like fish. Is he asking if Lavinia's bread is good?

Aeronniell replays the words in her own mind. Bred. Da.

"Oh. Brother! Yes, Lavinia seems to think her brother has run off with quite a bit of her family fortune. We were considering going to see if we could figure out where he may have went."

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

Baolo grins widely, revealing a mouth full of surprisingly good teeth, then frowns as Aeronniell goes on, "Hmm, her bredda a samfi? 'Ow do you say...a con man? Baolo will help find 'im. Where dis bredda?"

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

Chez attempts his best to size up the man, but shrugs as his appraisal of him is about as scattered as the dark man's common speech.

In a hushed tone, Chez whispers to Kowaru, "My friend, you may no longer be the oddest man I have met."

Chez steps forward to greet Baolo. "Greetings, I am Chesley Saryn, but please call me Chez. Any friend of Xarethi's is most certainly welcome here. Your assistance in our further tasks would certainly be appreciated and most likely needed."

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Baolo. If you want to help us, you are very welcome to do so. Xarethi's friends are friends of ours."

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

Baolo continues to nod, seeming in timing with the lilt of his speech, "All right den mon. Chez..." He seems to be trying out the taste of the name on his tongue and smiles more broadly. "Di ladies mon. Xarethi tell me 'bout you...she thinky you cute...too baad Shimye-Magalla gotta odda plans. An' Ialda...di green ooman. Well, we gonna catch dis baad bwoy."

"I echo the sentiment!" says Lavinia, as she enters the library, with Kora at her heels with Baolo's drink. The blonde aristocrat smiles, "A pleasure to meet you, Baolo. Lavinia Vanderboren at your service. Welcome to my abode and I hope to consider you one day as dear a friend as I consider those here present. I hope you can help them with the search for my brother, Vanthus. You will all be financially rewarded for your efforts as well. Now, unless there's anything else, I need to take full advantage of this morning. Much to do. Winnington?" The middle aged butler comes quickly, "Yes, ma'am." "Bring the carriage around, we need to go pay debts and speak with some merchants on regarding these IOUs. It is time to collect on my family's loans. Excuse me, all."

If you have any further questions or comments for Lavinia, now is the time.

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"Good luck on your trip this morning, ma'am. I think we are about ready to head out as well," Ialda nods, ready to start the search for the scoundrel.

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

In the meantime, have you decided where to start your search: Portside or Lower Harbor?

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

No one else has chimed in other than Chez, so I say we go with his opinion, and let him see if he can find a lady in Portside to charm.

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

Portside works for Aeronniell.

As Chez begins to find a suitable tavern wench or woman of ill repute in which to inquire about Vark, Aeronniell begins her own reconnaissance, meeting and greeting with various merchants and tradesmen, describing Vanthus as she saw in the picture.

If possible, she'd target merchants or tradesmen that Vanthus may likely have used - wainwrights or renters of carriages or wagons, moneychangers, tattoo artists, shipwrights, suppliers of foodstuffs, etc.

Diplomacy (Gather Information, expending Guidance): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

Baolo's eyes brighten as Lavinia arrives, "Ah, di beeg lady. Tanks for di watah." He takes a deep drink. "In di bay, Shimye-Magalla gives an' takes. In Eledah, yu strong money help. Portside? Mek wi dweet."

Baolo heads out with the rest, clearly enjoying being outside and on the move whatever the weather. He nods and greets many people along the way. You're not sure if he actually knows them or is just being friendly.

Mek wi dweet = let's do it

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Portside is the heart of Eleder's economy, housing most of the city's merchant and middle class. As you walk through its streets in the warm tropical climate, you notice that the population of this district consists entirely of colonials, so Ialda and especially Baolo, get many dirty looks. In fact, when Baolo tries to greet them, he is greeted with many racial insults, "Get yer ass back to the Slums, Zenj!" and "Go back to the sugar cane fields!" The armed city militia also eye the party, hands on the scabbards of their swords.

The district is full of Colonial residential homes, as well warehouses, shipyards, storefronts, and trading company offices. The highlights of the district are the jewel markets, the Sargava Club (Ialda visited here before), the shipyards, and the Smelting House. Aeronniell's efforts take about 1d4 ⇒ 1 hours, but the only information she receives regarding Vanthus is "Sorry, haven't seen him around. Now take your Zenj brothers back to where they belong!"

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

Baolo keeps smiling in spite of the abuse, "Wa’ppun mon!" and "All fruits ripe, eh!" To the rest of the group he confides, "Ah, po' collies. Dey donna see dere time here is short. Shimye-Magalla goin' blow dem back to di sea one day. An' canna tell de difference 'tween Zenj an' Ijo? Dat saad." He shakes his head. "No bwoy in Portside? Lowah Harbor?"

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"You all go ask about the girl. She is the one who might know Vnthus's whereabouts. Baolo and I will stay out here...I think the rest of you will do better asking aroundwithout us creating such a distraction. Check the Sargava Club, as they seem relatively pleasant in there."

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

Kowaru frowns as the citizens hurl insults towards their newest member, but is surprised at the ease Baolo laughs them off. "I expected to find bigotry when I arrived in Eleder, brother. I never expected to find it directed at someone other than myself. It shames me that these people find a half-breed such as myself more a man than you. Perhaps, one day, they might find that all creatures share the same soul. Though I expect such enlightenment will not happen until long after we are no more than dust."

An hour later, they have questioned many people in Portside, but have come up empty-handed. "Perhaps we should split up, brothers and sisters. Some of us could stay here and try to keep working this neighborhood, while others could head to the Lower Harbor and see if we can find this girl Vanthus was close to."

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

Baolo puts his arm around Kowaru and agrees, "Lowah Harbor mebbe betta for me, Kowaru. Wi ca check di bartah an' fish mahkets. Mebbe lunch too. De white people in Lowah Harbor na so facety. Wi looka for ooman dere."

facety = bad-mannered

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"I'm with you, Baolo. Kowaru, want to head to the Lower Harbour with us? I think the other two would have much more luck here, if we were not sullying their reputation, so to speak. You might have to keep a brawl from breaking out as well...I hear the Harbour can get kind of feisty" Ialda mentions, almost with glee in her voice at the thought.

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

"Certainly, sister." He turns to Aeron and Chez. "Let us meet at Lavinia's estate just after two bells to exchange what we have learned." If there are no other amendments to the plan, the monk follows Ialda and Baolo out to the Lower Harbor.

Along the way, he falls in step with Ialda. "A moment, if I may, sister. I do not wish to offend, but we are searching for Lavinia's brother. Should violence become inevitable, I would caution you - she wants her brother brought back to the manor unharmed. I have seen the power your anger brings you, and cannot deny that it has likely saved us twice thus far. I...know a bit about anger. It was not easy, growing up in a monastery. I could feel my savage father's ferocity burning through my veins. I was taught how to master it, how to rule it, rather than letting it rule me. Perhaps, if we spend long enough together, I might share some of my insights with you. For now, however, we must try to stay our hands against Vanthus - or, at least, attempt to waylay him, not kill him."

As the two converse, Kowaru asks around in the Harbor about Vanthus, as well as this woman from Portside - someone like her would surely stick out in that crowd.


Diplomacy (Gather Info!): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Your trip to Lower Harbor is like stepping into a new world. It is a much more ethnically mixed district, its inhabitants including Zenj, Bonuwat, and Bekyar, as well as more liberal colonial Sargavans. It is a much friendlier place in general and Baolo and Ialda get nods and greetings from their tribal folk. Even the Colonials greet you in the street and do not show the disdain seen in Portside. As can be imagined, most of the businesses in this area cater to the fishing industry, like the barter, fish, and pearl markets.

Kowaru asks around for 1d4 ⇒ 1 hours but an hour later, has learned nothing new as to the whereabouts of either person, though here the responses were "Sorry, we couldn't help you, we'll keep an eye out."

It is now 11 am.

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

Knowledge Local 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10

Ialda is much more relaxed in this part of the town. She agrees with the monk that she must stay her hand, if Vanthus is located. "You are correct, Kowaru. I will do my best to keep my temper if we find the fellow. I've been struggling with my temper lately, as you can tell."

The green skinned half elf tries to determine where would be the best place here to ask about a cad such as Vanthus.

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

You know smugglers and cutthroats often interact with the various markets to sell their goods.

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

While Kowaru discusses the need for a restrained hand, Baolo nods "Ya mon, I keepa mi bow on mi shoulda too. Baolo ca' case Ialda muss get rough." If possible, his spirits seem even lighter as the group continues through Lower Harbor. "Hmm, dey haad to find. Need to go deepah? Mebbe offer strong money?"

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

"Let's hit the market. I'd wager if there is anything to be known about him, someone will be peddling that information there. If you have some silver on you, I'd expect to have to spend a bit of it to find what we want as well."

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

The monk nods sagely to Ialda. "Perhaps when we have a moment, I can show you some of the breathing techniques my masters taught me. 'Exhale the anger, inhale tranquility,'" he intones, a toothy grin coming to his face. He follows her into the market, speaking with the urchins and merchants alike, rewarding useful tips with silver.


Diplomacy (throwing money at the problem!): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Another 1d4 ⇒ 3 hours pass and having spent 2gp later, Kowaru receives conflicting reports about Vanthus, what he looks like, if he was really ever seen, when he was seen, etc. By 2:00 pm, he is just as lost as to Vanthus' location as when the day started so you head off and and meet up with Aero and Chez.

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

Aeronniell smiles and chuckles at the thought that she would have better luck than the others in Portside, and their comfort within Lower Harbor.

"As you wish, but I have been among all sorts in the past few decades, rowdy sailors do not scare me."

Bowing curtly, she gestures to Chesley to lead the way as she continues her inquiries at various merchants within Portside.

Will give Chesley a chance to roll a Gather Information. This time Aeronniell will simply assist him to give him a +2 bonus on his roll.

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

Baolo shakes his head as he walks back to Livinia's with Ialda and Kowaru, "Dis Vanthus an' oooman haad to find. I hope Aero an' Chez hab bettah luck." He begins scanning the street for signs of Aeronniell and Chez.

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

Chez suggests that he and Aeronniell visit some taverns where he can chat up the local serving wenches and try to ascertain either information on Vanthus and/or on who his lady friend might be. If that doesn't pan out, then he will move onto some of the pretty merchant girls in the market areas.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 7 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 7 + 2 = 19

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Chez and Aero get many leads as to the name and location of Vanthus' love interest. Unfortunately, all of them do not pan out and after 1d4 ⇒ 3 hours, the pair realizes the leads they were given by the locals were more of an excuse to talk to both of them and that they're running around in circles and give up.

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

Taverns? Why didn't I think of that?

Aeronniell nods at Chez's suggestion of searching for leads about Vanthus within taverns, unsure whether it's a brilliant suggestion that Lavinia's brother would fraternize there, or rather if it's Chez's goal to find attractive wenches.

Once in the nearest establishment, she does her best to encourage the girls with which Chez is speaking to be loose with their tongues.

"Well, we shouldn't have expected this to be easy, it's like trying to find a gnomish needle in a hill giant haystack."

4 hours total? How many hours can we spend per day? 8?

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

It is 1:00pm for Aero and Chez. Keep trying or go back to Lavinia's? Per Ialda, you were going to meet back at the manor at 2:00 pm to exchange info.

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

Aero, there is no hour limit to your Gather Info checks, as long as people are around.

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

Ah if we are set to meet back with the others at 2pm, we'll do so.

Aeronniell gestures to get Chez's attention away from a particularly busty waitress and subsequently points at the sun's position in the sky.

"Well, it seems like we're almost out of time if we still want to meet Ialda and the others. Perhaps the sorts who would know of Vanthus come out at night, and we're best off returning later when the night life of Portside comes out?"

*Jovial voice: You just want to come back out when the moon's up.*

Yes, that's exactly what I'd like. Eleder by moonlight.

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

"Yes, checking out the night life later would be a great idea. Chez says a little too enthusiastically. Before leaving the merchant area, Chez will find a place to buy a fine bottle of wine in preperation for the evenings festivities he has planned.

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

After the group meets up, Ialda discusses the leads, or lack of leads they came up with in the afternoon. "I hope you had more luck than us. We couldn't find a solid lead at all. We could always go back, and check again later, but today was a waste."

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

Baolo listens as Chez and Aero share their lack of success, "Don' get down mon. Dis guy an' ooman jus haad to find. Mebbe we check tonight. Or if dis bwoy is baad as di stoosh ooman say, we check wit di rude bwoy bizness. Black Circle, Lotus Dragons...dis town is full o' dem."

stoosh = rich
rude bwoy bizness = criminals

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

When and if you decide to go out again, just tell me the District and post your Diplomacy roll.

HP: 45/45 (49/49 raging), AC 16/16/15; F +6, R+2, W+4 Init. +1; Perception +10

If I am advancing too much, just slow me down...

After the group met and did their business around Lady Lavinia's compound for the afternoon and early evening, Ialda began to pace, ready to go looking for more information. As dusk began to fall, she turns to the group, "I think its time to go asking around again. Like baolo said, the merchants are night are a different breed, much easier to ply with coins and drink. Anyone want to accompany me to the Harbour?"

After making her intentions known, she pack her equipment, and heads out with any others who wish to join her.

Know. Local 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7

Diplomacy 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (7) + 2 = 9

Edit:LOL, Ialda is just walking around in circles, yelling at random people.

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

I will assume you are talking to the players. It's fine with me.

1d4 ⇒ 3 hours later, after walking by the shipyards and talking to enough homeless people, Ialda is more than a little frustrated that she comes up with no solid leads.

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

"Of course, sister. Lavinia did say that her brother held court with some unsavory people. They would likely come out once the sun goes down." On that sound bit of logic, Kowaru heads with her to the Lower Harbor and asks around about Vanthus.


OK, one last time - Diplomacy: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

Baolo grins, "Ya mon, dis mebbe interesting dis time. I go wit ya." Baolo joins Kowaru and Ialda and helps to ask around about both Vanthus and the girl.

Diplomacy (Assist) 1d20 ⇒ 10

HP 12; AC 19/15/14; F +3, R +4, W +0; Init +4; Perception +0; 2-W Fighter 1

After returning to the manor, Chez breaks open his wine and invites anyone else in the dining room to join him.

Once the time to head back to Lower Harbour has arrived, Chez will make sure that the wine does not go to waste and will finish any that is left.

Upon arriving in Lower Harbour, Chez will suggest that he will meet up with the others in about an hour's time.

Chez will then return to the taverns, where hopefully a new shift of serving wenches have started. He will begin chatting them up, overpaying for wine, inqiring about Vanthus. If any of them seem overly friendly towards him though, he will be open to making other plans with them for the evening.

Diplomacy check: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17

Your bloodthirsty Master of Ceremonies

The night's inquiries bear more fruit for the party than the day. Kowaru and Baolo spend much coin in the District(subtract 3 gp each) before they run into a familiar face: Kern, who is freely spending his newly acquired coin in the Gray Eel inn. As soon as he sees him, Kern, a little tipsy, invites Kowaru over. "My grey brother, how's it going?" After a few more drinks paid by Kern and some questioning later, Kern opens up about Vanthus, "Yeah, I heard of him. He's scary that one. Ya know, not all loud, like Vark, but ya know, in a quiet way, ya can tell by his eyes. Last I heard he was involved in some pearl smuggling operation with this bloke named Penkus, who's known down here in the Harbor for being a violent angry drunk. I ain't seen him in the last couple of days come to think of it. But ya find Penkus, ya find yer man." That inquiry took 1d4 ⇒ 3 hours.

Chez spends 1d4 ⇒ 4 hours but no solid leads but many offers for companionship and even gets some action in the backrooms. Subtract 4 gp for all the drinks bought.

HP 10/10, AC 16/16/16, F +3, R +4 W +5, Init +2, Per +3

Kowaru's mood brightens as he chances upon Kern. "Quite well, brother, quite well. You know Ialda, of course, but this is Baolo. Places his faith in Shimye-Magalla. A long friend of Xarethi's, and a fast friend of ours."

The half-orc spends his time listening to Kern and paying for his drinks - his ears perk up as Kern mentions Vanthus' involvement with Penkus. "Thank you, brother - that is exactly the sort of information we are looking for. One more thing, if I may - I am also looking for another man, possibly related to this, possibly not. Another mongrel, much as myself, though of a fairer lineage than my own. Zan Oldavin is his name. I would be very interested in finding and...speaking with this man." Kowaru pats his lightening belt pouch as he finishes as extra motivation for Kern.

After speaking with their informant, Kowaru leaves the inn with the others in tow. "We should find Chez, so we can all search the Lower Harbor for this Penkus as one."

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

The rum goes down easy at the Gray Eel and Baolo is feeling pretty happy when conversation turns to Vanthus and Penkus. Before leaving the inn, he asks, "Ya mon, Vark aright fa di bald man. So, wi a look fa dis Penkus first. Any idea who Penkus likes to flex wit 'sides Vanthus?"

When we leave the inn, he smiles and teases Kowaru, "C'mon mon, dis our bly to shine. Wi got the beeg lead. Chez prolly jookin' wit di gal. Wi catch Vanthus an' back before Chez got 'im hose back in 'im pickney."


bald man= white man = no braids
flex = hang out
bly = chance
jookin' = well, you get the idea from his post :)
pickney = pants

F HP30/30 AC18 T12 FF13 F3 R4 W4/6 Init+3 Perc+9/+11 Oracle 4 (Stargazer)

I'm starting to wonder if Chez is even trying to find the whereabouts of Lavinia's brother...

Aeronniell watches from across the common room, her eyes fixed on Chez as the man's arms wrap around two buxom wenches, a permanent smile upon his face.

Sighing, she relaxes a little and scans the room for someone whom she thinks might've done business with Vanthus.

One last check before we group back up with the others.

Blessed Dreamer, help guide me as a star guides a traveler...

Diplomacy (Gather Info, expending Guidance): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27

HP 28/28, AC 20/14/16, F +5 R +5 W +7, Init +6, Per +9

Wow, if there are any other leads, I think you found them. I'm not sure whether you guys went to Portside or Lower Harbor though. I think yours said Portside and Chez said Lower Harbor. He was probably just excited about the girls.

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